Jack's Niece


Jack was uncertain as to why his brother had asked him to baby-sit his niece Renee since she was almost sixteen and hardly in need of a sitter. When he mentioned this to Frank on the phone his brother merely sighed and explained that his daughter was grounded and required adult supervision so as to make sure she didn’t do anything she wasn’t supposed to. Jack agreed to it as he had nothing else do to that night and he owed his brother a few favors.

On the way over to Frank’s house Jack wondered what Renee had done to get herself in such trouble. She always seemed to be a good kid to him. However, he reminded himself, she was getting to that age. She was a real cute girl, too. Jack remembered the last time he’d seen Renee. It’d been about two months ago during a barbeque Frank was having. She’d been swimming with some of the other kids in their pool and Jack couldn’t help but notice how she was filling out the bikini she wore. He felt guilty thinking that way about his niece and suppressed the thought.