It's OK Now I'm an Adult


I've always been pretty wild. I can't tell you how many have bedded me. At 18 I was no longer a virgin, and I have my older brother to thank for that. My younger brother was a virgin until I offered to let him see what he had been learning about in sex ed class at 13, and told him he could put his finger in there, and then, well, you get the picture. My sophomore college roomie, Jen, taught me the pleasures of our two bodies together.
So now, I've graduated. Jen and I got back from our trip to Italy and Greece. She's back in Chicago and here I am in Rhode Island. I'm staying with my folks for the summer. Bored. Boys and sex surprisingly scarce after the wild things Jen and I did abroad. Those four boys in Santorini!! There arose an ancient longing, longing, longing, . . .
It was Monday, Dad's day off but not Mom's. Breakfast.

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   Late. The two of us.
"Dad, can I ask you a silly question?"
"Sure, hon. "
"You don't have to answer if you don't want to. "
"Go ahead. "
"Dad? Dad? I don't know how to ask. "
"Dad? Did you, you know, did you ever, you know, look at me?"
"What do you mean?"
"You know, sexually? Did you think I was sexy? Did you wonder?" 
"Laura!! You're my daughter!!"
"I know, I know. I shouldn't have asked. But you didn't answer. "
"Let's talk about something else. "
I was wearing short white shorts and a little skimpy blue blouse, shaking.
"Dad! Please! I've always had those thoughts, too. Tell me. "
"Oh God, Laura. Yes of course.

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   You are very pretty. But it would have been wrong to even think. "
Tears were welling up in my eyes.
"Dad. It wouldn't be the same now. Not taking advantage of me. I'm an adult now. Oh, Dad. I'm so sinful. " 
I got up from the table and came round to his side. I was shaking. He stood up awkwardly, not sure what to do.
"Laura . . .

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  . " His voice was hoarse. He had trouble talking.
I threw myself into his arms. Pressed myself against him. Kissed him. Deeply. His growing manhood between us, my panties cool with moisture.
I realized he was kissing me back, squeezing me too him. Now he was the one shaking.
I led him by the fingers to the master bedroom, where I'd peeked in at him and Mom more than a few times.
I turned to face him.
"Laura, it's not ri. . .

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  . " I silenced him with myfingers.
He was looking into my eyes. Nervous. But he found the top button on my little blouse. He opened it. Then another and another. He still hadn't touched me. Not really. My blouse dropped to the floor.
I had on a little cammie under. Not a bra. He tried to lower it then pulled it up. "Oh Laurie. Laurie.

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He found the button on my shorts, and then the zipper. I kicked off my shoes, crossed my arms momentarily across my breasts - a moment of shyness as my shorts were pulled down.
Then his hands slid down my hips, catching my panties, sliding them down down and off.
I turned and pulled down the covers. I turned back and laid on the sheet face up so he could see me. All of me. My legs were parted slightly for him. My upper arms pushing my breasts up. It had been a few months since I had shaved myself down there.
"Oh Laurie, Laurie, you're, you're so beautiful. "
He was still treating me like a china doll; a museum piece. Never touching any of my special places. Awed nonetheless.
"Dad. Dad.

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   Don't be afraid. I want you so much. "
He unbuttoned his shirt. Took off his undershirt. Let his pants down. And his undershorts. He was so handsome. So muscular, even at 53.
Even though there had been no foreplay, a wet spot had formed under me and my insides were swollen with the need for him. My knees pulled up slightly and I know we could both take in the aroma of my desire. He was also aroused.
"Oh god," he said, as he climbed over me, the weight of his body against me.
"I know this is wrong," he said. I helped him find me. He pushed up deep inside me as I let out a slight moan; god how I wanted this; for a hundred years I wanted this; when I was 18 and my period came I had wanted him to be my lover.

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   "Oh Laura. "
He was still afraid. He moved his cock in and out maddeningly slowly. But now we were kissing, and he had his hands on my breasts. Spasms were quaking inside me. The crown of his organ was teasing my insides back and forth back and forth.
I think he could feel himself finishing because, all of a sudden, his pace quickened. He stopped kissing me, just pushing his face into my neck, pumping pumping harder. He was hurting my nipples. Oh god oh god oh god, my orgasm erupted. It felt like I was peeing. That didn't happen often, but I knew there would be even more of a puddle. I felt the first ejaculation -- then another and another -- and the change in the juices inside me. My father's semen in me in me in me, my legs wrapped around him, my hips pushing back with every stroke. He didn't stop when his cum was spent, only when nature took over and his limp cock fell out of me.

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We lay there, on our sides, kissing stroking, murmering. At last his hand found its way between my legs.
"It's a terrible mess down there," I said. I felt his fingers opening me. Entering me. More spasms, more groans. He was sucking on my nipples as his fingers pumped up up inside me. Then his face was just below my pussy. "Laura, Laura, you are wonderful," and I felt his tongue start to touch and probe. My orgasm ripped through me again as his mouth surrounded my mound and his tongue and fingers excited my clit and my special place inside. I never imagined he was such a good lover.
I hadn't noticed either that he was hard again. He pulled out his fingers part way, holding me open for his reawakened cock. My third and fourth orgasms crashed over me as his hard fucking seemed to last forever and I finally felt him let go inside me once more. Then we slept.

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When we awoke I found a single sheet over us both. He was snoring lightly, still naked. I slid under the sheet til i could see and smell his cock. Smell and taste us both as I took the limp organ in my mouth, drinking everything there. I licked around his balls, too. The shaft was getting stiffer, hard now, and I took it all in my mouth. He must have awoken somewhere in there because he started moaning and calling out, "Laura, Laura. " I pushed the sheet away and kneeled across him, stroking his cock with my hand in front of me. Then I had to have him one more time.
I positioned myself over him and dropped down. He watched my whole body slide down and up over his cock. Watched it slide in and out of me. Watched my boobs rock gently up and down. I knew how to make a man cum in 30 seconds in this position or make him last. My orgasms were gentler now and we carried on for 18 minutes.

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   Once more I felt my fathers semen coursing up inside me. I was getting sore and it was time to just be happy.
We took a shower together, changed the sheets -- I hid them in my room until I could launder them secretly. I remembered I had to take my pill. This was not a time to forget that.
There have been three more wonderful Mondays and now, I have to go off to grad school. I don't know if there is another man that will be like Dad.
PS. Margo, I promised I would tell you all about how this happened. Did you like it? It was so much fun chatting with you the other.