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Debbie lay back trying to muffle her groans of pleasure as Jake's hand sent her rising towards an orgasm. Through partially closed eyes she saw Tim looking at her, the realisation that her son could see her dripping pussy pushed her over the edge into a body shaking orgasm. As her body recovered she lifted her face to look directly at her son and then as he watched she lifted her husband's pussy juice coated hand and licked it clean. She smiled as she saw Tim turn away, his face flushed with a mixture of arousal and guilt. Turning her face up she kissed Jake deeply before snuggling up against him and relaxing. It took almost an hour to reach the island where the Marks family would be spending the next three weeks. A hire car was waiting for them at the small grass strip where the plane touched down. They stopped in the small village to buy groceries before heading across the island to the house they had rented. The house stood surrounded by trees in a secluded, private cove, a beautiful white beach stretched from the porch to the deep blue sea that lapped in gently waves upon the sand. After unpacking the groceries and luggage; Debbie stood in the main bedroom and looked out on the picturesque view. "What are you thinking?" asked Jake as he slipped his arms around his wife. "Just thinking how quiet it seems" "It should be, our nearest neighbours are three miles along the coast" "Let's go for a swim" Pulling away from her husband Debbie allowed her dress to fall from her shoulders, as Jake watched she removed her bra freeing her firm breasts topped with large nipples to his lust filled gaze, her pussy was already naked, her panties left on the plane Jake quickly undressed thoughts of swimming the furthest thing from his mind as he gazed at the goddess figure before him. Naked he moved towards her; his erect cock bouncing with each step, the cock-head already glistening with precum. Pulling her close they kissed, tongues entwining as their bodies pressed together. "I thought we were going for a swim" "Later" answered Jake. "We can't do it now lover, the kids might walk in any time" "Fuck the kids, I need you" "Is that first part a suggestion," Debbie asked with a lust filled gaze "What?" "Nothing lover, come here" Debbie pressed her body against Jake's feeling her cock slide over her stomach leaving a snail trail of precum on her.

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  Kissing she sucked his tongue into her mouth and gently bit it, her mouth filling with warm air as Jake moaned in desire. A cough from the doorway made them pull apart, Jake moved to stand behind Debbie as they looked towards the door, trying to hide his erection from his daughter Sarah who stood in the doorway. "What is it honey?" asked Debbie "Tim and I are going for a swim" "OK baby, your dad and I will join you soon" "Have you got mine and Tim's swimsuits in your bags, cause we can't find them" "No honey, are you sure you can't find them" "No mom, I thought I packed it but:. " "It's OK baby," said Debbie walking over to her daughter "We'll all just have to go for an all over tan" Jake tried to hide his erection as Debbie moved away from him; he could feel Sarah's eyes burning into him. For some reason the thought of his daughter seeing his hard cock sent sparks of arousal through his body and so, as though in a dream, he dropped his hands. As Debbie hugged their daughter he wrapped a hand around his cock and started to stroke it, on each up stroke he moved his thumb over his cock-head, smearing it with precum. "Now why don't you and Tim go for a swim and your dad and I'll join you in a moment" As Sarah left the room Debbie turned, her eyes widened at the sight of Jake slowly masturbating. "God you look horny," she said as she moved over to lie back on the bed, her parted legs hanging over the end. Jake moved over and knelt between her parted thighs, teasingly he rubbed his cock-head over Debbie's swollen pussy lips before slowly pushing the head into her cuntal opening. As he pushed deep into her womb Debbie lifted her legs to wrap them around his back and draw him balls deep into her. All finesse was forgotten as lust and desire burnt through their bodies, Jake thrust his cock deep and hard into Debbie's fuck tunnel as she lifted her hips met him, their bodies slapping together in sexual pleasure. "Harder o yes fuck me harder, ram your cock in me fill me with cum, o god yes fuck me" "O baby that feels so good o yes baby fuck yes" Their bodies burning with arousal they pushed each other towards the point of release. Jake felt his cock jerk as his balls fired his sperm into it and in the next thrust he felt it pump deep into his wife's hot womb. He cried in pleasure as he was rocked by an amazingly intense orgasm, his seed pumping into Debbie's body. Debbie's orgasm followed quickly after Jake's as her body responded to the deep heat of the hot jism that flooded into her.

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  As they groaned and grunted on the bed they turned their heads and saw Tim and Sarah standing naked in the doorway, Tim was pulling on his hard cock as he watched them, while Sarah stood beside him a hand between her thighs. Both kids were lost in their own worlds of pleasure; their eyes closed as they approached their orgasms. Jake and Debbie watched as Tim's hand pounded up and down his cock until with a low moan sperm fired from it to splatter over the floor and open door. Almost at the same time Sarah seemed to sag and lean against the doorframe as she also orgasmed. Jake and Debbie watched in pleasure as their kids came, turning away before they opened their eyes and realised they had been spotted. Finally as Jake's softening cock slipped from Debbie's pussy they both stood and looked towards the door. It was empty, Debbie walked over to it and bending down she ran a finger over the floor. As she lifted them Jake saw they were covered in sticky white cum, the only evidence of their children's pleasure. He watched mesmerised as she licked them clean before wiping more of her son's spunk up. As Jake knelt beside her she offered him her cum coated fingers, slowly he licked them clean, tasting his son's salty sperm. The only other jism he'd tasted had been his own after Debbie had sucked him off or when he licked her pussy after they had fucked. He savoured the salty taste as Debbie wiped cum from the door, this last load they shared licking it from her hand. Tim and Sarah had quickly moved from their parent's bedroom door after they had orgasmed. They looked at each other; unsure whether to feel embarrassed or not by what had happened, Tim very aware that his cock still throbbed with arousal, the head slick with his cum. On the veranda they stopped, Sarah looked at her brother's hard cock, she felt a warm flush surge through her body, it seemed to start at her pussy and move outwards.

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   "Can I touch it," she asked looking at Tim's cock Tim nodded unable to talk, he moaned as Sarah's warm slim hand wrapped around his cock-shaft. Tim stepped closer to her and gently pushed a hand between her naked thighs, feeling her wet pussy. Finding her opening he eased a finger into her cuntal passage bringing a cry of pleasure to Sarah's lips. Fingering each other they fell to the floor, Tim pulled his cock from Sarah's hand and moved lower until he found himself looking at her teenage pussy. Tentatively he licked at the moisture that covered her swollen labia, bringing a groan of pleasure from his sister. He lapped at her pussy, running his tongue along her dripping slit so that it lapped over her swollen clitoris. "Oooo Tim that feels soooo good, o yes lick me o yes there just there" Sarah was amazed at the feelings that coursed through her body as Tim licked and sucked her pussy. However another need was filling her, a need to feel Tim's hard cock in her virginal cunt. Reaching down she pulled Tim's head from her pussy and pulled him up her body. "Fuck me Tim, please fuck me" Tim didn't need asking twice, lifting his hips he tried to find her cuntal opening with his throbbing cock. Unable to stand the wait any longer Sarah reached down and guided the head to her pussy. As the head pushed into her tight pussy she cried aloud in pleasure. As Tim felt his cock ease into his sister's cunt he thrust forward, for a moment he felt something resist his penetration, pulling back he thrust again and felt his cock burst through Sarah's hymen. Sarah cried in shock as Tim's cock pierced her maidenhead, her pleasure turning to pain. Tim held still at his sister's scream of pain his cock buried fully in her.


   "Are are you OK Sarah" "I I think so," she said fighting back the tears "Just hold still for a sec OK" Slowly Sarah felt the pain ease as her pussy stretched to accept the invading cock, as she lay beneath her brother she turned her head and their mouths met in a lovers kiss. As her arousal returned she started to move her hips and taking it as a single Tim started to slowly thrust into her. Unbeknown to Tim and Sarah they now had an audience, standing in the open doorway Debbie and Jake watched their children make love. At first Debbie wanted to run and pull her children apart and stop them from continuing their incestuous pleasure. However another part was burning with hidden thoughts of sexual desire as she watched Tim's cock slid in and out of his sister's pussy. She slipped a hand to her burning crotch as she watched them make love. "O fuck yes Tim, fuck me harder o yes harder" Tim was slamming his cock hard into Sarah's willing, hot cunt as their bodies writhed together. Suddenly Sarah's mouth closed on his shoulder as she tried to stifle a scream of pleasure as she orgasmed. He felt her body shake beneath him as her pussy gripped his pounding cock in a vice like hold. As Sarah orgasmed she looked over her brother's shoulder, her eyes widened in shock as she saw her parent's watching them. The sight of her mom and dad standing there masturbating seemed to increase the power of her orgasm and she threw her head back and screamed in pleasure. Moments later she felt Tim's hot cum flood into her womb, sending her into another orgasm. Jake watched as his son rolled of Sarah, when he saw his parent's standing in the doorway he froze, looking guilty. Sarah lay still her legs apart as Tim's cum ran from her pussy, some of it was stained pink from the blood of her broken hymen. Kneeling down Jake lapped at his daughter's dripping pussy, tasting the mixture of cum and blood, a moan from Tim made him look round.


   His wife knelt in front of their son; her mouth closing over his flagging cock had caused the moan. As she licked Tim's cock she continued to frig her hot, wet pussy. Jake returned to his daughter's dripping pussy, closing his mouth over it he sucked at the juices drawing them from her cuntal opening as he plunged his tongue in to scoop them out. Sarah couldn't believe how good her dad's tongue felt as it lapped at her pussy, she groaned in disappointment as the mouth left her. Jake moved up his daughter's body until he was crouched above her and then reaching down he pushed his cock head between her swollen, cum coated labia. He moaned in desire as he pushed deep into her teenage body. Sarah moaned in pleasure as she felt her dad's cock push into her, lifting her legs she wrapped them around his back, drawing there bodies together as her arms entwined around his neck and her mouth found his. The hairs of his chest rubbed against her sensitive nipples increasing her arousal and pleasure. Jake savoured the tight feel of his daughter's pussy as their bodies moved together in mutual pleasure. He turned his head in time to see his wife guiding Tim's once more hard cock to her pussy, before looking back at his daughter. Her eyes were closed and her face and body flushed with sexual pleasure as her hips lifted to meet his plunging cock. Her head shook with pleasure, a continual low moan of sexual need escaping from her lips as they made love, her body rocking to orgasm after orgasm, each building towards a higher peak. Jake felt his balls tighten and as his cum rose up his cock shaft he plunged his cock deep into Sarah's womb, feeling the head push against her cervix as sperm flooded into her orgasming body. Sarah moaned as her father's cock pushed into her deepest reaches before pumping his incestuous cum into her body. The sensations pushed her into a wild orgasm that seemed to explode through her body; the sensations were increased by the thought that the sperm flooding into her body could easily start a new life in her teenage womb.

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   Slowly Jake climbed off his daughter and gazed down at her as she lay beneath him, bending forward he kissed her, before slowly licking his way over her body. Tasting the sweat of spent passion, before licking at the juices that flowed freely from her gaping pussy. He caught the odour of her anus and couldn't resist from gently tonguing the puckered opening. At the sound of movement beside him he sat up in time to see Tim climb of his wife's spread body. They smiled at each other in post-orgasmic pleasure as all four of them relaxed. "Time for that swim," said Debbie as she looked at her husband and kids. Later as they sat on the beach Debbie looked at her family, she couldn't believe what had happened, part of her mind was disgusted by what she had allowed to happen, but another part was still revelling in the memory of her son's cock. "Are you OK honey, no regrets?" she asked as she looked at Sarah "Only that I wished it had happened sooner, how about you?" "I don't know, I guess I feel guilty about what your father and I have done" "You did enjoy it didn't you?" "O god yes baby I loved it" "Well then why feel regrets, you didn't force Tim and I to do anything and we love each other and isn't sex just another way of expressing our love for each other?" "I guess so" Debbie hugged her daughter; she was surprised at Sarah's very accurate expressing of what had occurred. "I think we should all head in, we don't want to burn on our first day" With that Debbie stood up and with her husband and kids beside her walked back up the beach to the house. Later standing under the shower, the spray of hot water cascading over her body she thought about her daughter's words. She wasn't fool enough to believe other people would understand, but she knew the door that had been opened couldn't easily be shut, even if she wanted it to be, and she admitted that she didn't. Turning at the sound of the bathroom door she moved slightly to make room for her husband and kids. "This isn't going to work," she said with a laugh "we can't all fit in here" "Sarah and I'll let you and dad go first," said Tim "I think we should let Sarah and your mom go first," replied Jake " after all they do say ladies first" With that he stepped from the shower and pulling Tim with him led him from the bathroom. As she stood under the hot water beside her teenage daughter Debbie was shocked to realise that she was become aroused. "I'll wash you back mom," said Sarah Without waiting for an answer Sarah started to soap her mom's back, her hands sliding lightly down over Debbie's shoulders and back to slide across her buttocks.

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   Debbie would never have thought that the idea of another woman would excite her, but as Sarah's hands slid over her body she found herself becoming more and more turned on. "Here I'll do your back" As her hands slipped over her daughter's back she found she couldn't fight her desires anymore and so she slid her hands around Sarah's body and cupped and squeezed her pert teenage breasts. Sarah moaned in pleasure as her mom's hands pulled at her engorged nipples, as though in a dream she turned to face her mom and as their bodies pressed together she lifted her lips to press them against her mom's. Their hands explored each other's bodies as they continued to kiss; slowly they slid to the floor, as their legs entwined and pussy pressed tight against pussy. Hips lifted rubbing engorged clitoris against dripping pussy until in surprisingly short time their moans of pleasure turned to cries of release. Standing on shaking legs they finished their shower and leaving the bathroom they headed to the master bedroom. Jake and Tim watched Debbie and Sarah vanish into the main bedroom, standing in the doorway they watched in wonder as mother and daughter explored each other's bodies with mouths, tongues and hands. As they looked on Debbie and Sarah slipped into a 69 position, their first tentative tasting of each other quickly turned into lust filled oral pleasure. Jake and Tim watched as mother and daughter drove each other to orgasmic pleasure with their tongue's and mouths. Finally as mother and daughter rested in each other's arms Jake turned away, "Shower time" "Can I shower with you"? Jake looked at his son in surprise, "Sure" As they stood together under the hot water Jake found himself looking at his son's erect cock and firm body. "Dad?" Jake shook his head to clear his thoughts, but his son's next words almost blew his mind. "Can I touch your cock"? He couldn't help moaning in pleasure as Tim's hands closed around his throbbing fuck-rod. In a dream he watched as Tim knelt and slowly milked his cock, rubbing the free flowing precum over the glistening head. "Would you like to suck it," asked Jake with strange desires filling his body. "Can I" Without waiting for a reply Tim lapped at Jake's cock-head, licking the precum from it.

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  Jake watched in pleasure as his cock-head slipped between his son's lips, he was surprised as how good his son was at giving head. He could only moan in appreciation as he felt his cock push at Tim's throat and then to his surprise and it slid further in until Tim was deep throating him. Reaching down Jake grabbed Tim's head and started fuck his cock into his son's mouth. He groaned in appreciation as a finger rubbed against his anus before pushing into his arse. The sensation pushed his body to the limit and he felt his cock jerk and soon it was firing hot cum into his son's stomach. Finally as his orgasm subsided he felt Tim's finger slip form his arse and moments later his cock slipped from Tim's mouth. As Tim stood up he pressed against Jake and before he could refuse, pressed his mouth to his father's. Jake tasted his own jism as Tim kissed him with passion, it was the first time he'd kissed another man, but he knew it wouldn't be the last. Pulling apart Jake looked down at Tim's throbbing cock, "Looks like you could do with some relief" Dropping to his knees he tentatively licked his son's hard cock before allowing it to slip between his lips. Using the knowledge of what pleased him he slowly licked and sucked his son's cock, savouring the taste of his precum. Reaching back he eased a finger into Tim's teenage arse and pushing it deep in he massaged the youngsters prostate. "O fuck dad, that feels so good, I don't think I can last long" With a loud groan of pleasure Tim started to pump his cum into his dad's sucking mouth. The first shot caught Jake by surprise and he almost chocked, somehow he managed to swallow it and as more cum flooded his mouth he drank it down, before finally releasing Tim's softening cock. By the time they had cleaned up and dried they were both once more sporting erections, smiling they headed down to join Debbie and Sarah in bed. Sarah and Debbie were resting on the bed, their bodies glowing in post orgasmic pleasure.

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   They turned to look at Jake and Tim as they entered the bedroom; Debbie smiled with appreciation at the sight of the two hard cocks. "Well hello you two" She sat up as Tim and Jake climbed onto the bed, reaching out she closed her hands over the two throbbing cocks and squeezed them. "I'm afraid I'll have to take care of these for you, Sarah's pussy's feeling a little sore" Laying back she allowed her thighs to fall open, her pussy unfolding like a flower to reveal its pink centre. She moaned in pleasure as Tim and Sarah kissed and sucked at her breasts while Jake's tongue lapped at her open pussy. She savoured the feel of tongues and mouths exploring her body for a few moments before pushing everyone away. She wanted and needed a cock in her pussy and so pulling her son down onto her she guided his erection to her cuntal opening and lifting her hips she buried his entire length in her pussy. "Oh yes Timmy that feels so good, but I think daddy could do with some relief" Reaching across Debbie opened the draw of the bedside cabinet and removed a tube of lubricant. "I think daddy should fuck your tight little arse, what do you think Tim" "O fuck yes please daddy, fuck my arse" Jake was surprised at his son's willingness to be arse fucked, he was also surprised at how much the idea turned him on. Reaching down he eased Tim's arse cheeks apart and squeezed cream onto his anus; he then rubbed it in easing a finger into his son's arse. When the hole was well lubricated he coated his cock in the cream before climbing behind his son and gently pushing his swollen cock-head to the tight puckered opening. He watched as the head slowly sank in, soon followed by the rest of his cock, the only response from Tim was a groan of pleasure as his bowels were filled with cock meat. "O fuck Tim that's so fucking tight" After a few false starts they soon found a rhythm that allowed all three of them to enjoy the fuck. Meanwhile not wanting to be left out Sarah had moved up the bed to straddle her mom's face, her cries now joined those of the rest of her families as Debbie's tongue explored her pussy. Tim was the first to orgasm as the feel of his mom's pussy wrapped around his cock and his bowels filled with hard cock meat stimulated his body. "O fuck mom I'm cumimg o fuck yes yessssssss" Jake's cock was suddenly gripped tightly as Tim anus clamped around it as he orgasmed, the sensation was too much for Jake and he groaned in pleasure as he felt his hot cum flood into his son's bowels.

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  Debbie orgasmed at almost the same time as her husband as Tim's cum flooded into her womb, as she came she lashed at Sarah's clit with her tongue. Opening her mouth to welcome her daughter's pussy juices as they flooded from her orgasming pussy. Finally they all pulled apart to fall in an entangled heap on the bed, relaxing they allowed sleep to claim them. It was much later when Jake awoke, his family lay around him sleeping, carefully he climbed off the bed and headed to the bathroom to urinate. Afterwards he washed his cock, cleaning the evidence of the family's sexual fun from it before heading to the kitchen for a drink. He was standing at the sink when a floorboard creaked behind him, turning he saw Sarah standing looking at him. "Are you OK baby?" "Yes thirsty that's all" "Here," he said as he offered her a glass of water. Jake watched as Sarah drained the glass, a few drops spilling to run over her pert breasts, as he watched them Jake felt his cock stir into life. Sarah lowered the glass and glanced at her dad's rapidly growing cock. "Fuck me daddy, please" "You're not too sore?" "O no daddy, I want, no need to feel your hot sperm flood into my womb, to think that it could start a new life in me" "Sarah, you mean you're not on the pill?" Even as he spoke Jake realised he didn't care, the thought of his daughter carrying his child was turning him on. "O fuck come here baby" Jake lifted Sarah onto the table and kneeling down before her he feasted on her waiting pussy. Savouring the taste of her clean teenage pussy as he lapped at her labia and tongued her cunt. Sarah didn't want a tongue what she wanted and needed was her father's cock, reaching down she pulled him up and onto her body, her legs wrapped around his back as he sank into her pussy. "O yes daddy that's it fuck me fuck me hard. Ram your cock into me teenage pussy, flood my womb with your hot baby making cum" Sarah kissed her father, her tongue exploring his mouth before she pushed his face to her aching breasts and crying in pleasure as he sucked on her nipples.


   Her hips lifted to meet each of his thrusts, driving his cock into her womb, unwrapping her legs she lifted them over his shoulders, allowing him to push even deeper into her already orgasming pussy. She cried allowed in pleasure as she felt her dad's cock push through her cervix and deep into her womb. "O fuck harder harder, fuck me deep fill me with hot cum" Tim's ears filled with his daughter's moan's and cries, the feel of his cock-head pushing through her cervix sent waves of pleasure coursing through his body and seconds later he felt his jism flood into her deepest reaches. They lay still for a few moments as they recovered from their sexual release, before pulling apart and heading back to bed. As they climbed on the bed Debbie turned to look at her daughter and kissed her. "Don't worry baby, we've got three weeks before we have to go home, I'm sure your daddy can flood your pussy with enough cum to make you pregnant in that time, and who knows maybe Tim can do the same to me" With a further smile she rolled over and soon the whole family was once more asleep. Jake's last conscious thought was of the idea of his wife and daughter becoming pregnant from the family frolics, he knew the next three weeks would be fun. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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Professionalism and dependability are also hallmarks of Singapore's escort services. The escorts never fail to show there promptly and on time. They put forth an impression of neatness and elegance in their appearance. Whether you're heading out for the night or to a formal business event, your escort will represent you in the best possible light.Make sure to thoroughly study any agency or independent service you choose for your Singapore escort before making your decision. Be on the lookout for service providers who place a high priority on safety, confidentiality, and professionalism, and who have a history of providing excellent service.

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In conclusion, hiring an escort lady in Singapore is a great idea if you want to have an exciting and memorable time with attractive and refined ladies. You will have a fantastic time with them because of their attractiveness, humour, and competence. So there's no need to hold off. Find an escort lady right now and treat yourself to the greatest company you deserve.It is crucial to do your homework and hire a reliable escort service in Singapore. Find companies who have a history of protecting client privacy while keeping good service standards. Making sure you have the best possible experience also requires being clear about what you need and what you expect.
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Using the internet to discover escorts in Singapore is a great option. Finding the right escort is easier than ever thanks to the proliferation of escort-matching websites and directories. SG Escort Babe, SG Escorts, and SG VIP Escorts are just a few of the most well-known escort websites in Singapore.Hiring an escort lady in Singapore also allows you more personal space and secrecy. You can trust that these women will respect your privacy and not share any details about you with anybody else. You two may spend time together without fear of anybody finding out.

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Discretion and personal space are two additional benefits of using the services of an escort lady in Singapore. These ladies are experts who know how crucial it is to protect the privacy of their clients. You two may spend time together without fear of anybody finding out.Singapore is a thriving metropolis that draws in millions of tourists annually. Singapore is an always impressive vacation spot thanks to its exciting nightlife, high-end retail malls, and breathtaking sights. Hiring a local escort, on the other hand, can provide a far more private and tailored encounter.