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When I saw him I felt an instant connection, like my soul had finally found the other half to make it whole. He was so beautiful to behold. I watched as a well toned arm lifted to push his renegade chestnut bangs back exposing his piercing green eyes. I’d seen him on several occasions. I made it a part of my routine to stop at the bookstore he worked at just to catch a glimpse at him. I’d never once spoken to him or allowed him to see me. I was invisible to him. I would tell my one life-long friend about my recent viewings of him and he would always say the same thing, “You realize you’re a stalker, don’t you?” Hell. Maybe I was stalking him but I couldn’t seem to pull myself away. There was something about him that made it seem like I’d found the missing piece to my disaster of a life. You see my birth mother was 18 when she had me. There wasn’t much information that she had authorized to be released, but the caseworker I talked to said she kept me for a year, adding that my mother thought I would be fun like a little doll, but soon after my first birthday my father, a 20 year old college student, and grandparents grew tired of being burdened by her. Having pretty much no alternative, she gave me up for adoption. Although it was with good intentions that she did this, I can not forgive her. She abandoned me and because of her decision I spent the next 18 years of my life in and out of foster care homes. Though several people initially wanted to adopt, after I was placed with them they would change their minds.

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   Needless to say, this messed me up in the head a little.
As I stood their lost in my own thoughts the man of my idolization had noticed my stare and stood right next to me.
“You know it is not polite to stare. ” He said to me.
“Ahhh! Oh my god!” I screamed bewildered that someone was next to me. I immediately flushed red when I realized it was the man I stalked.
“Lost in thought?” He mused. His words were like cherubs singing in the heavens to me. I stood mesmerized. He towered over me by a good 7 or 8 inches making it easy to avoid his gaze.   When I didn’t answer he said, “You know you come in here everyday, and I’ve been told by my co-workers they only see you when I’m working. I think I have a stalker or an admirer. ” A smirk lit up on his face that made his eyes sparkle.
Damn. I’d been caught.

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   I thought I had been so sneaky but he, and others apparently, had noticed my reoccurring presence. This was an unusual situation for me. So instead of facing him I turned away quickly and started to run. Although it seemed like a good plan, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was running to and the second I turned around I smack right into a display knocking it and myself over. I was in tears, partly because I was in pain, but mostly because I was embarrassed.
“Are you ok?” He said as I felt his strong hand touch my shoulders. An electric spark of sorts shot through my body at his touch.
“I’m fine. ” I managed to stutter. It was like I was cursed or something. As he held out his hand to help me, I took it. He pulled me a little too hard however and I landed with a thud against his chest. He lifted my chin gently with his hands and wiped my tears away. I could feel his heart beating and hear his breath as the air went to his lungs.
We held each other’s gaze for several seconds before we realized we were still standing in a very intimate way.

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   I pulled away first, this time paying attention to where I was going, and ran toward the nearest exit. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Though my brain wanted me to run away, my heart wanted me to run back to his arms. He had felt the sparks too, and this scared me.
As I made my way down the street toward my apartment I thought I heard him yelling for me to come back. I couldn’t face him. I was too embarrassed, so I ignored him. Turning into an alley and hiding behind a dumpster was my last tactic to be rid of him. I waited 18 minutes there just to be sure he wasn’t nearby. 5 minutes later I climbed the stairs to my apartment. As I reached to grab my keys I realized why he had been yelling for me to come, I had lost my purse in the tumble. I silently cursed my stupidity. I was about to knock on my neighbor, and best friends, door when I heard someone behind me. As I quickly turned around I gasped.
“Looking for this?” He had the most amused smile on his face as he stood there dangling my purse.

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“Umm…Yes. Thank you. I didn’t realize I’d left it. Goodbye. ” I snatched it from his hands and quickly unlocked my door.   Something, however, was blocking me from shutting it.
“Wait! Aren’t you going to invite me in? I mean you stalk me; I help you after you knock books over, and then I bring you your purse after you’ve run off on me. Don’t I at least get some coffee or something?” He was playing on my guilt. As stood there trying to think of an answer I finally noticed his name tag, Gabriel. I smiled to myself. It was fitting considering how I felt about him.
“No. ” Was all I managed to say as I tried pushing the door shut again only to be met with an even greater force of it being pushed open again.
“You have to be the weirdest stalker ever. ” Gabriel muttered.

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“I’m not a stalker. ” I cried in my own defense.
“Well what do you call it when you actually go out of your way to see someone everyday and you have no idea who they are?” I was speechless. “That’s right, you call them a stalker. Now can I come in and have a cup off coffee?”
“Fine but my place is…. . well, it’s messy. ” I said suddenly embarrassed again. I opened the door completely and let him in.
 “What are you talking about? This place isn’t messy. You must be a neat freak or something. This place makes mine look like a pig pen. ” He said astonished at my definition of dirty.
“I like organization. ” I said suddenly feeling the urge to defend myself.

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“Hmmm. . . That’s cool. I’m more laid back. I like things clean but if something’s out of place I don’t panic about. So what’s your name anyway?” He said as he plopped down onto my fluffy grey sofa.
“My name…didn’t you look at my license to find this place?” I inquired.
“Yeah but I was just looking for the address not the name. Besides it’s the best conversation starter there is. ” He smiled at me and asked, “So what’s your name?”
“It’s Amelia. ” I muttered as I handed him a cup of coffee.
“Sounds very familiar but I’m sure I haven’t met you or anyone else with that name before. ” He mused as he sipped the piping hot coffee. “So how’s life treating you?”
Before I could think about what I was saying I began blurting out my life story.

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   I was in tears as I he held me close to his body and I told him of the great void in my life.
“Why did she give me up? Why wasn’t I adopted? Was I an ugly child?” I sobbed into his muscular shoulder. “Oh god! Now I’ve probably got you thinking I’m some sort of crazy woman. You should go. ” I said as I pulled away from him. I was surprised to be pulled back down into his arms.
“No I don’t think you’re crazy. I can kind of relate. I was given up for adoption when I was a baby but my parents adopted me. I don’t feel bad that I was adopted but I hate that they won’t give me any details. It seems like their trying to hide something. ” He said heartfully as he gave me a squeeze. “You know you’re really beautiful. Your strawberry blonde hair and porcelain skin highlight your blue eyes. And we both know how sexy your body is.

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I had to admit I did work out and my C breasts were something to be proud of.  “Thank you. You can go now if you want. ”
I looked into those emerald eyes as he looked into mine. We both began to lean in and before we knew our lips melted into the most amazing kiss. His soft lips were caressing mine as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth massaging my tongue. Every nerve in my body was on fire. I felt the soft cotton of the shirt I was wearing rise up and slip over my head before being thrown to the floor. My delicate pink nipples stood on end under the arousing assault of his hands. I could feel the bulge in his pants and found myself grinding into it. As he pulled his shirt off my hands found the button to his jeans. My hand slid easily in as though it belonged there and found his throbbing member. I had never touched a penis before and found it to be veiny, soft, and hard all at once. As I stroked my hand up and down a groan escaped from his mouth.
“Lia squeeze it a little and go faster.

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  ” He said with his eyes closed.
This was meant to be. He knew the name only my friends called me and I’d never told him. It was time to give him what I’d been saving.
I slid to my knees and engulfed his large member in my mouth. The salty taste of precum hit my taste buds.
“Mmmm…Man cream. ” I said before I slipped my mouth back over his member. My tongue quickly found his sensitive spot. My tongue quickly massaged it to the pleased moans of Gabriel. I stopped and slid him all the way into my mouth before quickly pulling back up and then returning him all the way in.
“God! Not many women can deep throat. I think I just feel in love with you. ” He said as his hand found its way to the back of my head forcing me to go up and faster. I kept up my pace until I felt his hips thrusting.

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   He was going to come if I didn’t stop and I didn’t want to waste it in my mouth.
“No. Come to bed with me. ” I ordered as I stood and pulled him along with me. I shred the last of my clothing as laid on the bed and his fell to the floor just as quickly. He slowly climbed toward me and I soon felt the sensation of his member floating dangerously close to my opening.
“Wait. Are you sure you want to be doing this? I mean, don’t get me wrong or anything, I think you’re beautiful and as you can tell I want nothing more than to stick my friend here in you, but we barely know each other. I have a fiancée and I have no intention of leaving her. Are you ok with that?” He questioned.
I didn’t answer him. I looked in his eyes and guided him into me with no barrier to hinder our union. I saw the look of sheer happiness as he felt him self be surrounded in the warm wetness of my vagina.
“Oh man. You’re so tight like a virgin.


  ” He pushed a little in and was surprised to find my hymen still intact. “You’re on the pill right? I don’t do condoms or pulling out. ”
“I am. ” I lied to him.
Maybe it was the wrong thing to do but I needed this more than anything. He was soul mate and my body finally felt whole again. He answered my lie by quickly breaking my hymen. I could feel the swollen mushroom spread my lips wide as he thrust in and out. His position was perfect. Each time he slid in he rubbed against my throbbing clit causing sensations of pure bliss to shudder through my body. I could hear the squishing sounds as my I lifted my legs to wrap around his back. I wanted him to go deeper into me.
“Faster! Oh I’m so close! Do it hard and fast!” I screamed at him.
His pace quickened and I felt him bottoming out. I could feel the dampness accumulating below as our passions heightened.

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   His member seemed to swell inside me and I knew he was going to come soon.
“Last chance to back out Lia! I’m going to cumm…” He stated.
Before I could even answer him I felt him pull almost completely out before slamming in as hard as he could. My nails dug into his back as I pulled him in closer. I could feel his cock convulsing inside of me releasing his potent seed. His hips gave a few more small thrusts before he collapsed on top of me. He quickly rolled off of me and began putting his clothes on. I laid on the bed taking in the wonderful new experience I had just had. When I looked up he was already heading to the door.
“Wait! Where are you going?” I hollered at him as I jumped out of bed causing the cumm to leak from my vagina.
“Look, I shouldn’t have done this. I’m getting married in 2 days. I have a great life and the last thing I need is for it to get screwed up because I couldn’t think with my big head. I don’t know what came over me, but I can’t…I just can’t. I’m sorry.

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  ” He said as he reached for the door knob.
“You don’t have to leave her and she doesn’t have to know. I don’t know why but I need you. ” I began crying and lowered my head. “I can’t go on alone. I’ll…. I’ll be your mistress if you want. Just please come and see me again. ” I threw my arms around him and captured him in a passionate kiss.
“Oh, Lia. ”  He cradled me in his arms before pushing me away. “I’m sorry. I can’t do that to Jen. ” He opened the door and walked out of my life.
2 months later…
I’d love to say that Gabriel came to his senses and returned to me, but he didn’t.

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   I still go by the store occasionally and watch him from afar. My heart aches every time I see him and I usually leave in tears. I actually became so desperate to see him I drove past his house. I was hoping to see him miserable but he looked happy. I watched as they made love in their backyard under the stars. As I began sobbing I held my stomach. I had come hoping to tell him I had become pregnant from our tryst, but after I had witnessed the love making I had vomited and ran away in tears. The one slight bright light is that my birth mother finally authorized the release of most of my birth records. It turns out I had a twin. The agency is still working on tracking them down but hopefully I’ll be able to reunite with my only family soon.
5 months later…
I’m 7 months pregnant with twins now and Gabriel hasn’t returned to me and doesn’t know. I make a promise to them everyday to never separate them or abandon them. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I’m going to meet my twin!
As I sat waiting at the local Starbucks I couldn’t help but wonder if I was finally going to have a family. Before I had much time to think on it I saw the caseworker arrive with a tall man in tow.

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   As she drew nearer the man began to look very familiar.
“Amelia I’d like to introduce you to your biological twin brother…” She pleasantly said.
“Gabriel. . . ” I muttered interrupting her before she could finish.
“Lia?” He stared at me shocked and then looked at my bulging middle. “You’re pregnant!? It’s not…It’s not…you know. ” He stammered embarrassed.
“Thanks for bringing him but we need some alone time. ” I commanded as I shooed her off. We both sat at the table and I reached for his hand only to be rejected.
“This can’t be happening. Oh god! You told me you were on the pill! Please tell me it’s not mine!” He pleaded becoming more panicked as time passed.
“Do you want the truth?” I asked dismissively.

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   He managed a slight nod. “Yes. THEY’RE yours. ”
“They’re mine? You mean you’re pregnant with twins?” His hand reached out for my swollen belly. I slapped it away angrily.
“Don’t you dare!" You left me alone. I’ve been hurting all this time and I know you saw me. My god I was so desperate to see you I went by your house and had my heart broken worse when I saw you making love to your wife!” I angrily shouted in a hushed whisper.
“You think you’re the only one who’s been miserable? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you! And now…we’re twins. I had sex and impregnated my own fucking sister!” He said as his fist slammed down onto the table. “Why did this happen? My wife can’t have kids and I thought it was me but I guess I proved that wrong. I just want to die!” He said as began to sob.
“This is meant to be. You’re supposed to be with me! We can have kids together! Be married. Nobody has to know we’re related.

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  ” I desperately begged him.
15 minutes later I had him on my bed again with his penis snugly stuffed up into vagina as I rode him hard.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this again. ” Gabriel muttered in-between groans.
“Shhh! Your penis belongs in your sister’s vagina. Look at her belly it’s all swollen with your babies. ” I gleefully said to him.
“Oh fuck me sister! Fuck me!” he groaned as he neared his climax.
“That’s right brother cumm for sister! Put your baby juice in me where it belongs!” I slid him all the way into me as I felt his hot semen burst into me for the first time in 7 months.
Everything’s great now. He divorced his wife and married me. We enjoy the added kink that being twins brings to our relationship. A few of our closet friends know that we are twins but they can see how happy we are together and couldn’t imagine us with other people. I gave birth to our twins shortly after we married. We had identical twin boys.

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   They’re healthy as can be. We later gave them 4 sisters. 18 years after our last one was born we had a little too much to drink one night; we’re now pregnant with our second set of twins a boy and a girl. We raised our kids like any other and let them know, as soon as they were old enough to fully understand, that we are siblings. We never pressured them into acceptance. Just the other day Gabriel and our 19 year old daughter announced that they were going to have a baby. We have a sneaking suspicion our twins are more than just brothers and have made themselves a child to raise in 18 year old Nina, but we’re not pressing. All in all life turned out great.
Well this is my second attempt at a story. Any and all criticism is welcome. I feel I'm struggling with the whole sex description so defintely offer up any advice you have. As always, I do not condone unprotected sex or incest. This is a fantasy story and in no way represents reality.




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