Innocent Offer Becomes a Dream Come True


My mother and father divorced when I was fourteen years old. When my father left my sister went with him. This made sense since she was in reality my stepsister, but she was in my mind my sister. For the first few months I really missed her because she was the only girl I had ever seen naked; not by her choice of course. I had become quite a peeping tom.   I had learned her daily routine and had a peephole drilled in my closet which to my luck went into her closet and to my luck she spent plenty of time in her closet trying to decide what to wear and most of this time she was nude.
Sometimes I thought she knew I was spying on her because it seemed like she was putting on a show for me, but she never ever acted like she knew. Well maybe it was wishful thinking. You can’t imagine how it felt to watch her strip naked at night, crawl into bed and leave the lamp on by her bed. She would rub herself for what seemed like hours sometimes and I would sit there in my closet and watch her rub herself into a violent orgasm. I would masturbate until I would shoot my load into a towel and then I would go to bed and dream what it would feel like to touch her moist pussy and kiss her 36 B tits. Yes I knew what size they were. I had looked in the dirty clothes hamper, smelling her soiled panties, looking at her bra and day dreaming about her.
But now she is gone and all I have is my memory and a pair of her panties that I took before she left and hid under my bed so I could lay in the bed at night sniffing and masturbating on them. Now I am seventeen and I have been on a few dates, but not by choice. I’m still a virgin.

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   I’ve tried to make it with a girl but I am so shy I don’t know what to do when I’m with a girl. I am so dumfounded all I can think about is my sister.  
I’m in my senior year in high school and in a month I’ll be going to my senior prom. I really don’t want to go, but my mom insists that I go. Oh I should tell you about my mom. She is a wonderful person. She is the most understanding person I know. Since she divorced my father she has spent most of her time on her job. After my father left. My mom had to go to work. What little my father sent was hardly enough for us to live on. She got a job at a law firm answering the phones and she has worked her way up to personal assistant for the senior partner in the firm. The job pays a lot, but she has to work a lot of overtime so I have become the man of the house.
I’m not ashamed a to tell you I have become quite a good cook. Ok I’ll tell you I’m a good housekeeper so now you know.

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   I’m not ashamed of it. My mom works hard and she deserves all the help I can give her. After all she has raised me by herself for almost four years now. I should tell you what my mom looks like. She is about five foot five and I’ll guess about one hundred twenty five pounds. She has light brown shoulder length hair. She has a wonderful figure and not an ounce of fat on her body; at least what I have seen.
On the weekends she dresses sometimes in shorts and a halter-top. She has a nice set of tits that don’t appear to sag at all under her tube tops with nipples about the size of the tip of my little finger. She also has a real nicely shaped sack, but I’ve never seen her naked and I haven’t even thought about it since she is my mom. Ok maybe a few late night wet dreams.
Well I went to my senior prom and it went over like a lead balloon. The girl I asked to the prom was in my second period algebra class. I thought she was the one that was going to take my virginity, but as luck would have it she started her monthly about halfway through the prom and she wanted to go home early. So I took her home.

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   I couldn’t decide what to do with the hotel room I had already paid for so I decided to just go home and call it a night.
When I got home my mom was still up and sitting on the couch reading a book. She was dressed in a silk robe that showed a lot of thigh and even more cleavage, which I might add, didn’t help the feeling I had deep inside the pit of my stomach. I must have surprised her when I came in as she jumped when I walked in.
She asked, “What are you doing home so early? I really didn’t expect you home till sometime in the morning. ”
“My date got sick and I took her home early,” I said.
She didn’t say anything, but she could see the disappointment in my eyes. “Would you want me to make you some hot chocolate?”
“Sure, mom that would be nice,” I replied.
What I really wanted was a rum and coke. When she returned she had two rum and cokes and she handed me one saying, “I hope it’s the way you like and before you say anything I know you’ve been sneaking a drink or two out of the bar for quiet some time. ”
So I took the drink and smiled at her taking a drink. After two drinks my mom decided she was tired and was going to bed. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As she leaned over her robe came open a little more than usual and I saw her tits up close and personal. I reached around her and pulled her close and told her I loved her.

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   She hugged me tight and with my head buried between her breasts I thought of her for the first time in a sexual way.
I held her for as long as she would stand there. She finally pulled herself from my grip and she stood up and looked at me in a very curious way. Then she started smiling and went to bed. I finished my drink and went to bed. also. I was tired and thought I would go to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, but that didn’t happen. I started thinking about my mom and the sight and feel of her breasts and almost instantly I got a raging hard on.  
I reached under my bed and got a bottle of lotion I kept under there for just that reason. I must have started making a lot of noise because all of the sudden the door opened and there was my mom standing there asking me if I was alright. She said I was calling her name and then both of us at the same time noticed I was laying there holding my nine inch cock in my hand. I jerked the covers over me and told her I was alright. She closed the door and went back to bed. Now I’m trying to figure out how in the hell I’m going to explain this.
The next morning I could hear my mom in the kitchen.

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   It sounded like she was washing dishes or something. I just lay there.   I was not looking forward to facing her this morning. I thought about staying in my room until Monday morning when my mom left for work. All of the sudden there was a knock on my door and my mom said through the door that breakfast was ready. I told her ok. I thought to myself, ‘Now she decides to knock on the door. ’
I got up, dressed and swallowing my pride I went into the kitchen to face my mom. She was standing by the sink so I sat down. “Good morning mom. ”
Turning around she smiled and said, “Good morning son. ” She sat down and we began to eat. Luckily for me she didn’t say anything about last night, so possibly she didn’t see anything. I was so relieved.
Saturday went by as usual.

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   Mom went out and worked in the flower beds and I mowed the lawn and washed her car. Then I told her I was going to take a shower and then go play tennis if she didn’t have anything else for me to do.
“No sweetie, have a good time. ”
I showered and got ready to leave. As I was walking down the drive to get into my car she asked me if I had plans for tonight or would I be home for supper. I told her I didn’t have any plans and I would be home early. She said she would fix me a good supper.
I played a couple of sets of tennis with a couple friends from school. Then we went to the refreshment stand to get something to drink and just hung out for a while. But when they started talking about how they scored with all these different girls I figured it was time for me to leave. I didn’t have anything to offer into this conversation and I couldn’t lie about it. I didn’t know what to say that would sound like I knew what I was talking about.
When I got home my mom was still in the kitchen. “Run up and take a shower and we can eat when you’re done,” she called out to me.
When I came back down and went into the dining room the table was set and mom had cooked a great looking meal.

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   “Wow mom, it looks great. I’m about starving,” I laughed.
We ate about half our meal in silence and then finally mom spoke up, “We need to talk. ”
I liked to have choked when she said that. “Ok,” I said, “about what?”. . . . as if I didn’t already have a good idea what was coming next.
She said, “It’s about last night. Don’t worry I’m not mad. I just think we need to get something out in the open. I saw you masturbation the other night and I’m sorry I just walked in on you. I should have knocked, but to tell you the truth I masturbate myself and if anyone says they don’t they are probably lying. It’s a natural thing to do so don’t feel bad.

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   I admit sometimes I think about you. Sometimes at night by myself you remind me so much of your dad in so many ways. But when I got a good look at the size of your cock it looked a whole lot larger than your dad’s. ”
I sat there in total shock and didn’t no what to say and I’m not sure any words would have come out of my mouth if I knew what to say. My mom called my name several times and when I finally heard her she asked, “Are you in shock? You are old enough to talk to me like this don’t you think?”
“Yeah I do need someone to talk to with dad being gone, but I have a hard time talking to you looking you in the eyes like this mom. ”
Mom said, “I have felt the bugle in your jeans when you hug me and I’ve seen your solider standing at attention under your shorts several times when we are watching TV. I see you look at me when you think I’m not looking and I have to admit it gets me wet just thinking that I can do that to you. So now that we have had this talk do you feel better?”
“Yes mom, I’m glad I don’t have to hide my feelings toward you. . Do you think I’m weird or something is wrong with me to feel this way about you?”
“Of course not,” she said, “I‘m sure there are plenty of young men and moms who feel the same way about each other even though it is incest to react towards these feelings. But just feeling and having thoughts like this can’t hurt I don’t think. I know I’m going to continue having my thoughts are you?”
I could feel my face turn about three shades of red and I was having a hard time trying to think of what to say. Finally I said, “Mom I’m glad we had this talk. I can’t stop feeling this way and to be honest with you I really need to go take a cold shower because I am so turned on I think I’m going to bust. ”
“Ok son, but never feel like you can’t talk to me about anything.

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   I’ll always be here to talk to you. Ok go take your shower and I’ll to wash clothes so you’ll have plenty of water to take care of your problem,”she said giggling.
I walked bent over a little so as not to show my raging hard on. I got in the shower and was thinking about the ‘talk’ I just had with my mom and could not believe my cock was as hard as it was. I swear it looked bigger than usual. So I turned on the water, got the soap and started stroking my cock. I had my eyes closed and was thinking of my mom, wondering what she looked liked naked, how soft her breasts were and how the aroma of her pussy juices would smell. I was deep into thought and I didn’t notice that the shower curtain was open and my mom was standing there nude.
She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I felt like I needed a shower to. Can I join you?”
So where in the hell am I’m going hide in a shower?  I looked at my mom and my god she was beautiful.
    She looked like a goddess. I was still holding my cock in my hand and she reached down and said, “Let me help you with that,” and she put her hand on my cock.
    She couldn’t wrap her hand all the way around it and she said, “You are quite a bit bigger than your dad. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen one this big. ”
    She looked up into my eyes and said, “I think we have crossed the line and there is no turning back now.

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    She kissed me on the lips and then she stuck her tongue in my mouth and really kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before. My dream was finally coming together as I hoped it would. I’m standing in the shower with my mom and she is stroking my cock, but I can’t get up enough courage to reach out and touch my mom’s beautiful body. My mom was so busy with my cock she didn’t even notice I was just standing there. Then with very little warning I started shooting my load and my mom put her mouth around my cock and sucked me dry.
    When she stood up she said I think we should finish taking our shower and go to my room and let me teach you a few things. We dried off and went to my mom’s room and she dropped her towel and patted the bed beside her and I got in the bed with her.
    She said, “I know why you didn’t even touch me in the shower. It’s because you don’t know how to treat a woman but now we are going to have a lesson in the art of foreplay. Now give me your hand and let me guide you. Do as I say and we will have a night we will never forget. Your dad got my cherry and now I’m going get your cherry. ”
    She reached down and taking my hand laid it on her breast and slowly started rubbing her tit with my hand. She told me to take her nipple in between my two fingers gently rub it between my fingers. She told me to put my mouth on her other nipple and to start sucking on it and to roll it around in my mouth with my tongue.


    My mom started moaning and quivering and she said, “Oh god baby you’re going to make me cum. ”
    She grabbed my already rock hard cock and started stroking as fast as she could saying, “I want us to cum together!”
    I started shooting my load and my mom was moving around so fast and moaning so loud I lost the grip I had on her breast. She arched her back and screamed. Then she just went limp on the bed and she said that was the first time in a long time that she came like that. She put her arms around me and held me saying, “I know what we are doing is wrong but I love you so much I can’t help myself. ”
    I hugged her real tight and said, “I love you to mom so much and I don’t care how wrong it is because it feels so right. ”
    We lay there for a while just holding each other and then she took hold of my hand and starting rubbing her breasts and then slowly down her stomach. I started to feel her pubic hair and she had a real thick bush. I had only seen one other pussy before and that was my sister’s and it was bald. I guess I thought that all women shaved their pussies.
    She moved my hand down to her pussy lips and it was so wet from when she had that massive orgasm. She took her hand away from my hand and said, “I’ll show you what to do. ”
    She took her hand and spread her lips and inserted her finger in her pussy and started go in and out. She would make a circle motion and she said do you see this at the top of my pussy? I looked at where she was pointing and it looked like a small head of a cock. She said that is my clitoris I want you to take your middle finger and stick it all the way in me and curl upwards and you will find my g-spot and then take your thumb and put it on my clitoris and start finger fucking me.

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    I did as I was told and she went wild. I could barely keep up with her. She reached for my rock hard cock and started to stroke me and before I could tell her that I was going to cum it was over. She just screamed and started to licking my hot cum off her hand. Then she started to cum a hot sticky liquid in seemed like bucketfuls and then she just went limp and smiled.
    I held my mom for a couple of minutes and I started to rub her pussy again and she opened her legs and arched her back. I started kissing her stomach and then down to her inner thigh I could smell the sweet musk from her pussy. I wanted to taste it so I started kissing and licking her pussy and she went wild again. I didn’t want to stop but all the pubic hair was more than I could stand. She asked me what was the matter I told her I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t want to tell her about the hair. I got on top of her and stuck my dick in her and started pumping in and out real fast. She grabbed my hips and told me to slow down. I wasn’t going to get all of it so slow down and enjoy it. We fucked a few minutes and I started cumming and when I finished I started to roll off and she held me and said lay still she wanted to feel me inside her.

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    We lay there for a few minutes and then she said, “Let’s take a shower. ”
    We got in the shower and started to wash each other. She said, “I have to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth. When you were eating my pussy you didn’t act like you liked it. Was there something wrong?”
    ”Well mom, I liked it but the hair was getting in my mouth and I didn’t like that. I did; however, like eating your pussy. ”
    “Ok honey, I’m glad you were honest with me. I was afraid there was something wrong with me. ”
    We finished showering, got out and dried off. I went to my room and slipped on my boxers. My mom called me and said, “Come here honey. ”
    I went to her room and she was laying on the bed on a towel and beside her was a pair of scissors a razor and some shaving cream. . .
    More to come if you would like.

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