Innocent Incest?


My relief crept away from and I realized that somehow I was actually going to follow these rules. I was generally a good kid. It hurt my sex life a little too. Ok, it hurt it a lot. The farthest I had ever gotten was "feeling her up. " So I masterbated regularly. I masterbated over anything. Girls at school, girls at church, girls at French Club. Even my own mother and sister! Kelsey came downstairs from her room. I guess she could tell something was wrong. She asked me, "What is it now William?" I could barely reply, "Mom says we can't go anywhere or have anyone over 'till they get back. " "Shit," she burst, "I don't even have to get into trouble to get punished. " With that she stormed to her room. I went about the day normally. Ate breakfast and showered. Watched a little T.

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  V. until lunch. Kelsey made macaroni & cheese for us. I basically did nothing until dinner. I then got the pleasure of ordering a large pepperoni pizza. What a thrill I thought, bored out of my mind. The pizza came about eight o'clock. After dinner Kelsey went to bed. She said she was gonna, "Sleep through the rest of this god-forsaken week. " I stayed up to watch a movie then went to bed. As I headed upstairs to my room, I noticed that my sister left her door open. Thinking of her loud snoring, I went to shut it. I was instantly aroused at the sight of my sister sleeping nude. No shirt. No panties.

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   I crept closer inside of her room to catch a glimpse of her ass. It was beautiful. She had a slight tan and had long silky-blond hair that was partially covering her ass. I stepped closer to get another look when I was immediately stunned, a floor board creeked. I looked over and to my surprise, she had turned onto her side. I stepped across the room to get a glimpse. There it was. Her slit seemed to radiate golden beams of sheer sexual arousal. I couldn't help it. My cock was getting hard and I had to start stroking it. I moved to get a better view of her tight pussy. I was beating my meat vigorously now. Nothing could stop me. I knew I was going to cum but it was too late. I squirted hot juice all over her bed, luckily not on her.

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   She turned over again! This time to an even sexier position. I just stared at this wonder. Suddenly I felt my cock getting hard, yet again! I decided not to push the limits by heading in my room. I still masterbated until I eventually fell aleep. ******** Kelsey had been awake every minute of it.
    She moved to take the still hot white cream into her hand. She was very curious. She rubbed her handstogether, spreading the white goodness onto both hands. one hand went for her wet slit. The other went for her mouth. She loved the taste of it! Just the touch of her moistend hand to her slit made her moan. She sucked on her hand and fingered herself until she came. And she did cum. It was one of her most exhillerating orgasms matched only by her vibrating dildo!She wanted more. She decided to let her brother masterbate on her the next night too.

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       She thought of this nightly routine as just "innocent fun" and quite enjoyed it herself. She dozed into a sound slumber, dreaming of hard cocks and cum stained sheets. The games continued for the rest of the spring break. They both loved this game so much they continued when their parents came home. Kelsey never told William that she was awake, this would ruin the fun. Besides, she was too horny to do anything that would mess up her chance of getting to taste that white cum of her brothers. It was the next weekend after spring break that went terribly wrong. It was about 12:30 and William went into Kelsey's room. She gave him a good picture this time. Really somthing to jack-off about. William almost came when he heard a knock on the door. He fumbled desperately to put his cock back in his pants. But he was too mixed up. As the door opened he knew he would be grounded. .

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      . or worse. .