Innocent Discovery


I had never thought I would find myself in such a predicament.   I had always been curious after visiting sites and running across movies portraying older men seducing and having sex with under aged girls.   I thought this would remain just a hidden desire that I would never act upon much less enter into with my own cousin.   I had found myself in a situation where I was strapped for cash after being laid off at my job due to the company going under.   There was only one way I had found to solve my problem at the time, I had an aunt who lived a few hundred miles from where I was that was in the restaurant business.   She needed help getting her restaurant going, so I figured if I had to start over might as well help my family out and it also meant a free place to stay.   So I moved into my aunt’s house, started working for a lot less money but at least I had a place to stay and money coming in.   I also found out I would become a babysitter for my cousin’s kids which turned out to be a buried treasure or the key to my downfall depending on how you looked at it. My cousin had only one daughter and she was cute as a button and was already starting to develop at such a young age.   She had long black hair, nice perky tits that were just starting to develop and a nice little bubble butt that you couldn’t help but stare at as she bounced around the house, and her legs were so smooth actually her entire skin was so silky smooth as I would soon come to find out. Well I was alone with the kids once again and had decided to let them play video games so I could catch a few winks of sleep.   I mean the oldest son was 18 and so I figured they would be alright.   As anyone who has spent time looking after children you probably already realize this was not going to happen.   While laying on the bed my lil angel, we’ll call her V, had climbed up on the bed with me and had straddled me while watching the boys play games.   She kept moving around dancing to whatever she was listening to on her ipod.   It was the middle of summer so she had on her new bikini she was so excited her mom had bought and practically never took it off she was so proud of it.

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    So I have this young attractive girl with only her flimsy bikini bottom and me with some nylon shorts and no boxers on underneath separating me from her young soft silky lips.   Now all this moving around was beginning to give me a hard on, and was trying to figure out how I was going to straighten myself out without her asking what I was doing.   Well it was her turn to play and she leaned forward as she started playing whatever game was on and when she did this I quickly adjusted myself.   Now the only problem I had was that she was now rubbing directly on the sensitive part of my dick since it was laying against my stomach.   I was in heaven and hell at the same time as I tried to keep from taking this innocent young thing and having my way with her.   Now apparently I wasn’t the only one enjoying this innocent yet erotic attention.   V was starting to adjust herself to where her virgin lips were beginning to wrap around the head of my dick as much as they could considering how young and tiny her body was compared to my adult self.
   So imagine my surprise when she said her brother could finish playing for her because she didn’t feel like playing anymore.   I thought great she’s going to want to go and do something else leaving me all worked up and no way of finishing myself off.   Luckily for me she put her earphones back in and sat back and made herself comfortable on my very hard dick.   I think it was the fact I knew this was so wrong that had me so hard.   She started rubbing herself on me in different ways I guess trying to figure out exactly what felt best.   I saw her begin to turn around so I closed my eyes so hopefully she wouldn’t stop if she thought I was asleep.   It must have made her feel safe when she thought I was asleep because I heard her say I’m gonna take a nap like uncle louie.   She got up and I was afraid the fun was over once again when I realized she had turned around to face me so she could lay down facing me while still laying on top with her legs on either side still.

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    She grabbed the blanket I had folded on the bed and spread it over us and once again began situating herself on top of me till she apparently thought it felt best.   So here I am, eyes closed while my lil angel lays against me resting her head on my chest and proceeds to grind herself against me.   I was in heaven as I started to push up against her as I lost myself to the lust that was taking over.   I started to get a lil bold and slowly started to put my arms on her back as tho I was jus huggin her.   When she got comfortable realizing she wasn’t in trouble and started really grinding against my dick I slowly slid my hands down her exposed back to her scantily bikini clad ass.   I started grabbing a hold of it and forcing her down against me even Now I had forgotten all about the boys in my room when I felt someone else climb on the bed.   We both froze and I heard V tell one of the twins that we were both trying to sleep and that they needed to stay on the floor while they played or they would wake me and she wouldn’t be able to sleep.   Naturally they argued for a lil while during which she kept grinding her pussy right on the head of me while she was sitting up arguing with her younger brother. Now I was beginning to get bolder well ok hornier to be honest and all I could think was there were too many clothes between us. So I pretended to wake up upset and pushed V down a lil bit so I could tell her brother either they stayed down there and played or they had to go watch tv in the living room instead while me and his sis took a nap.   Now while I was telling him this I had pulled the front of my shorts below my balls so when I grabbed V and laid her on top of me again the only thing between us was he lil bikini bottoms.   This felt so much better and the other kids were so engrossed in their video games that they didn’t notice the obvious moments under the blanket.   Now either she was feeling too good from her first discovery of the way she could feel between her I couldn’t help myself any longer I just had to feel her naked young pussy on my dick even if it might be too much and scare her away.   So I grabbed her hips with one hand as I slid my finger under her bikini bottom touching her virgin pussy for the first time.   She froze and at first I thought damn I had gone too far.

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    Yet she didn’t get off and never stopped me from pulling her bikini bottom to the side as I placed the head of my dick against her bare virgin silky smooth pussy.   It felt so damn good, so warm and soft as silk. She really started grinding against me fast and making a lil too much noise considering who was in the room.   I had to hold her tight and slow her movements so her brothers wouldn’t get curious to what was going on, on top of my bed.   Now as I held her close to me controlling how much she moved I grabbed her ass with one hand while holding on to her back with the other.   I started to be the one pushing into her while I slowly moved her hips in a circular motion till she figured out what I wanted her to do.   Finally I was able to put both hands on her ass enjoying the feel of grabbing such a young tight firm one.   Her pussy lips were slowly starting to split around my dick and moisten jus enough that rubbing against her was not so dry.   Now I could tell there was no way I could push myself into her like I really wanted to but I could feel where her opening was.   It wasn’t soaked but u could tell she had slight signs of being wet.   I could feel myself getting close to cumming and I wanted to so bad since I knew from the way my cousin talked she still hadn’t had her first period. So I could cum safely while the head of my dick was still enjoying the feel of her opening against it as I dry humped this sweet delicious young virgin.   I whispered in her ear that she was going to feel something wet and not to get scared it just meant she was making me happy.   Now I had no idea what she thought was going on or what to call what we were doing but she just shook her ok and started moving back against me.   Now at this point I didn’t care what the boys thought or if they even heard I could care about was cumming while felt this hot young thing rubbing her pussy against my dick not knowing she was helping to cum all over her pussy.

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    I grabbed her ass tighter as I really started to get myself off grinding against her small tight slightly wet pussy.   It felt so damn good and I felt my cum start boiling up getting ready to cum out all over her naked pussy. I held her close to me as I came all over her pussy and between her virgin lips.   I had never had such a great orgasm.   Now apparently she wasn’t done with her new toy b/c she sat up and told her brothers that they needed to go to the living room b/c I needed to get some sleep. They began to protest when I told them yes they needed to listen to her and that I would take them to the park later if they would behave and let us take a quick nap. Then I really began to wander down this forbidden path of pleasure but that’s a story I’ll continue later depnding on how much interest there is for more…….



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