Innocence Lost - Ch5: Happy Birthday!


Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1 - Ch4"

As luck would have it Pat and Gwen could not get together as her friend had relatives visiting and was assigned as the full time baby sitter. Pat was cool with it because it was a way to show her Mom why she deserved the extra allowance.

This gave Gwen time to edit the two video recordings into one knockout home porno. She had trouble finishing as reliving those erotic moments scuttled her ability to focus. With persistence she was finished by the time Pat's relatives left.

Pat made one short call announcing "I'm coming over, now!". In ten minutes Gwen let Pat in and up to her room. She could tell right away that Pat was tense so asked "What's up?". Pat replied "For one thing, I haven't had any cuddle time with Daddy. Second I have been dying to see your video. "

Gwen smiled and showed her an already burned DVD. Pat grabbed the disc and put it in her purse. Gwen said give me a few minutes and left the room. She soon returned saying "Great news, my parents just left to do the weekly shopping and woun't be back for a few hours. " The look on Pat's face was that of a kid in a candy store. All she said was "Lets play!"

While masturbating the girl's barely got through two loops of Gwen's video.

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   Pat said "Please stop or I'll not be able to walk home. Gwen your Dad is a god! You looked like a marionette dancing on his fingers tips. I am not sure how many times he made you come but you could have hung upside down from the rafters with those curled toes. " Gwen laughed and said "Yeah, my muscles hurt for days. The man is a beast, thank goodness. "

Pat's face changed to a more serious demeanour then she said "Gwen you know the only way I can top that cuddling is if I lost my virginity and that goes for you too. " Gwen nodded in agreement. Pat continued "Well that is all fine and good for you but I don't want my Dad to take mine. I don't mind playing around with him but I want the first time to be with someone I have the hots for, like your Dad. "

Gwen immediately tensed but before she could respond Pat said "It'll be my birthday in a few weeks and what better present could you give me? I'll promise to never ask to share your Father again. Remember you can get special cuddles any time your Moms away. " Even though Gwen didn't want to share, she thought maybe Daddy would enjoy deflowering two teens.

Gwen reluctantly said "Well I'll think about it but it maybe tricky convincing him to include you in our cuddling. " As she raised her shirt Pat responded "I have confidence in you. Besides what man would not want a piece of this?" that broke them up.

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Gwen invited Pat to stay for supper but Pat's Mom only agreed if Gwen's Dad drove her home that evening. After supper Gwen's Mom said her goodbyes and went off to work. The girls cleaned up the dishes then joined Gwen's Dad to watch TV. Of course Dad was not wearing his usual bath robe with a guest around.

With Pat sitting beside her, Gwen immediately snuggled up to Daddy pulling his arm around her. During a commercial break he ask the girls if they wanted anything to drink and they both said yes. He went to the kitchen returning with a beer for himself and sodas for the girls. When he came back the girls had changed seats so the only place for him to sit was between them.

Gwen piped up "I didn't think it was fair that Pat doesn't have a loving arm wrapped around her. " Her Dad smiled and shook his head but sat down and the two best friends snuggled up. He said "God I live a blessed life sitting between two hotties. " Of course the girls laughed with Gwen poking him in the ribs.

They continued to watch TV when Pat lifted her arm placing it over his effectively pressing his hand onto her beast. Both girls felt Gwen's Dad tense but said nothing.

After a while he seemed to relax but then Pat pressed his hand a little harder onto her breast.

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   He knew this was no accident. Daddy started to cup and release Pat's breast, with his thumb strummed her nipple. She could not suppress a small moan as he played with her.

This continued until the end of the show when he announced "Pat, its time I drove you home. " As he was getting up he ran fingers up Pat's skirt until he touch the elastic of her thin panties. The next second his hand was gone. Gwen never saw any of their interaction but Pat almost swooned.

He gave Pat the keys and said "Hop in the car. I need a moment with Gwen. " When Pat was out of ear shot he turned to his daughter saying "You know that Pat forced my hand to touch her breast? Did you arrange that?" Gwen replied "It doesn't surprise me she has the hots for you big time. Our girl friends voted you their favourite FILF. You know the gender opposite of a MILF. " Daddy was taken back but chuckled despite himself.

A while after Gwen's Dad returned, Pat phoned her "You'll never guess what happened on the drive home!" Before hearing a reply she continued "Your Daddy ran his hand up my thigh and fingered me to a mind blowing orgasm. He had me bouncing around so much it was a good thing I was wearing a seat belt.

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   That orgasm was so good I surprised my Dad with a BJ just to unwind. Don't know if I like the taste of cum right from the tap but I swallowed anyway". Gwen responded "You super slut! He told me what you did with his hand so I told him that you had the hots for him. " Both girls knew that getting Gwen's Dad to fuck Pat had gotten a whole lot easier.

Over the next week the girls developed a plan. It so happened that Gwen's Mom was going to a management conference the week before Pat's birthday. Her trip started on Saturday afternoon and she would return the following Thursday night.

Step one was to arrange for an extended sleep over at Gwen's house. That was easily done. Step two was to get Gwen's Dad comfortable with his strategic role in the festivities. To do that Gwen waited for her Mom to go to work and joined Dad while he watched TV. Gwen walked into the room with her cuddle costume on. It never ceased to exciting her when his lustful gaze tracked slow up and down her body.

She walked over to the DVD player and popped in a disk. When she was standing directly in front of him, Gwen said "Daddy I want to practise giving a blow job, pretty please.

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  " The man had his robe open and boxers off by the time Gwen knelt between his legs. She looked up and said "You may like this DVD" then clicked the remote to start the player.

Her mouth engulfed his stiffening cock as she heard Pat's voice saying "Well at least my homework is finally done". Gwen had Daddy by the balls so to speak when he realized what he was viewing. Gwen gave her very best BJ timing things perfectly as he blew his load just as Pat's Dad came all over her.

Gwen gave her Father a little time to catch his breath while massaging his balls and giving his semi licks and kisses. His face looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She continued to massage and lick then said "Daddy, Pat's birthday is coming up and I would like to give her a very special present. " She pause noting his cock was stiffening. Gwen continued "Daddy she wants you to take her virginity and I want the same. Will you help us out?"

Before he could reply she opened wide and took him deeper than every before. The man groaned and swelled to full length, surely imagining what it would be like playing with two nubile vixens. Gwen mixed deep throats with her other blossoming BJ skills until Daddy came again. As she cleaned his dick off Gwen heard Daddy agree to her request.

After a satisfying oral reward of her own, Gwen went to her room and called Pat to say "Happy birthday bitch.

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   We're a go!" Pat squealed her excitement swearing "You'll go down in history as the best girl friend eeevvver. "

For the next week the girls were in a constant state of arousal. Pat said "My Dad is getting worried as I'm so randy all the time. " Gwen replied "Same here. He has cut me off for these last few days saying he needs to be fully charged to help fulfil his commitment. Oh and by the way you must call him Daddy while you are here. " Pat just laughed "Fine by me sis. "

Finally the big day arrived. Gwen and Daddy took Mom to the airport. On the way home Gwen called Pat to come over. When Pat arrived the door was barely opened when she shot past Gwen making a bee line for "Birthday Dad". He asked "How's the birthday girl?" Pat jumped into his arms, wrapped her legs around his waist and gave him a tongue laden kiss then said "Daddy this is going to be the best birthday ever. " Gwen noticed that Daddy supported her with both hands firmly cupping Pat's ass.

He announced "Today its every girls birthday, you need to be pampered. What do you think of starting with a hot oil massage?".

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   Gwen graciously said "Pat can go first". Daddy said "If you check the far corner of the basement you will find a portable massage table. Get it while I heat the massage oil. " The girls ran to the basement. By the time the oil was ready the girls had the table set up.

Daddy told them to get naked. While they complied he did the same. No sooner than his boxers dropped Pat was on her knees saying "I've been practising for you. " Then tried to give her birthday Daddy the best BJ she could. Gwen watched and felt she could do better.

Dad did not let her finish him off, pulling away saying "Patty lie on you stomach. " He poured oil over her butt and start a massage more geared to making her come than to relax her muscles. Pat, never shy was soon bouncing around and coming. There was no way Daddy was about to stop, as her teased the birthday daughter through two more orgasms.

Daddy moved Pat until she was bent over the table.

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       He got between her legs spreading them a bit then rubbed the tip of his cock down her butt crack and over her pussy lips. As soon as the big head was slick he asked "Pat do you wanted to be fucked". Looking back Pat smiled and said "Treat me like a slut Daddy!"

    Daddy placed a hand on her back then push into to her, rocking back and forth slowly working his lengthy shaft deeper until he hit her hymen. As Pat grunted and moaned, you could tell she was under considerable stress adjusting to his thick member. Finally Daddy thrust through and Pat yelp as he broke that thin membrane.

    Daddy waited a bit before Pat said "I'm OK. " He pulled slowly back then forward working the last of himself into the prone girl. He bottomed out then started pumping at a medium pace. Pat's little butt was trying to anticipate his forward thrust. Daddy said "Patty you're a natural. " She moaned, oohed and aahed as he gave the young girl a steady fucking.

    Daddy moved a little further up over her butt changing the angle of his thrusts. Pat reacted instantly with a very loud moan and her first "Fuck me Daddy!". Daddy chuckled telling her "It seems you like a gspot tickle". From that point on Daddy changed pace with slow back strokes and hard deep thrusts.

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       Daddy command her to come and Pat did as bid.

    From the back Gwen could see Pat's pussy contracting around Daddy's cock as her pleasure cries echoed around the room. He did not stop, if anything he fucked her harder. Having never seen vigorous intercourse before Gwen was a bit overwhelming. He was so large and powerful and she was so young and small. Soon enough Pat was back demanding that he fuck her faster.

    This went on for at least 18 more minutes until you could tell Pat was too tired to do anything but lay there and be fucked. Daddy stopped pumping and pulled out. Copious pussy juice dribbled out of her stretched love canal down her inner thighs. Dad gave her ass a swat and said "You can definitely swear you're not innocent anymore. "

    He looked over at Gwen, noting her shocked look and then winked. His still stiff glistening cock waved back and forth as he went to the kitchen for a drink of water. When Daddy returned he came straight for Gwen pulling her to her feet motioning towards the couch. He sat down and told Gwen to straddled him.

    Daddy dipped two fingers in the massage oil and pushed them into Gwen.

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       Soon he had her dancing around wet and randy. He positioned his cock and told her to sit on it. Gwen wrapped her arms around his neck then started to take a shafting. As she adjusted to his phallus Daddy kissed her neck, sucked her nipples and rubbed her clit.

    Lost in sensation Gwen did what comes naturally by bouncing up and down on her welcome intruder. Slow at first but soon faster raising up and then slamming down. Daddy was talking to her as she used his rhythm stick "Who's inside you Gwen? Who do you want to come for? Who are you fucking princess?" As Gwen bounced faster she yelled the right answer, "Daddy" over and over.

    When he sensed she was ready he grabbed her hips and drove her down demanded "Come for Daddy Gwen. " His little angel shook, spasmed and her pussy clamped around his cock like a vise as she scream a long loud "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh DDDDDDAAAAAADDDDDDYYYYYY".

    Still buried deep inside, he stood up, pulled out and bent her face down over the arm of the couch. The side of her face was planted onto the cushion. She opened her eyes to see Pat watching the two of them. Daddy positioned his dick at her stretched love canal and hilted himself driving the air from her lungs.

    If Gwen thought Daddy defined the meaning of the word "Fucked" with Pat he redefined it with her. Even Pat seemed to be in shock as Daddy drove into his daughter changing speed and angles to entice his daughter to come repeatedly, shutter and shake around his manhood.



    Finally Daddy hips drove into his baby girl faster and faster until he yelled "IIIII'MMMMM CCCCCUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG". With Daddy hilted, Pat saw his ball sack raise and lower as he emptied their contents inside Gwen. Finally he collapsed over his daughter only pulling out after several minutes passed. Gwen for her part did not budge only able to blow way the strands of hair that had fallen over her face. Pat wondered if Gwen's silly grin would be permanently etched on her face.

    Daddy passed out on the couch where the two well fucked teens eventually joined him.

    (This chapter concludes the "Innocence Lost" series. As the girls surely had no more innocence to loose. ).


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