Innocence Lost - Ch3: More show than tell


Please first read "Innocence Lost - Ch1 and Ch2"

That night Gwen was much too tired to call Pat and turned her phone off. Frankly she was a little hesitant in telling Pat the whole story as a line between Daddy and Daughter had been crossed. Any illusion of her innocence in this sexy play had evaporated. The next day, on the way to school, Gwen reasoned that she actually needed to share what happened or would go crazy. Anyway Pat had already said that her Dad had likely caught on to the game.

Pat gave her a pissed-off look when they next met. Gwen apologized saying "I was just too tired to call last night. " Pat replied "Well your story better be good as I stayed up for hours waiting. " Gwen said "Let's go to your place after school and I'll tell all. "

Later when they were at Pat's house Gwen noticed her Dad checking them both out. When they got some pop from the kitchen, he even gave Pat's butt a lingering whack telling her not to spoil supper. Pat giggled and gave him a playful punch on the chest.

When securely in Pat's room Gwen said "Your Dad seems to be more touchy feely than usual. " Pat laughed "Yeah, I figure he knows what we're up to. " Gwen replied "My Dad definitely knows. " Pat said "Cool now spill everything, in detail!"

Before Gwen started her account, Pat slipped off her panties, lay on the bed and started playing with herself.

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   This didn't shock Gwen as they had masturbated in front of each other many times. As Gwen got into the story she also had her fingers strategically placed. Just like Gwen the night before, Pat came hard when they got to the part where Gwen had skin to skin, pussy to shaft contact.

When the story was done Pat exclaimed "That was the sexiest story I have every heard. He knows, you came on his cock and everything is OK between you. You are the luckiest Daddy's girl in the world. I am going to have to think long and hard to top that. " Of course the two little vixens laugh fits at Pat's pun.

Pat said "Gwen do you know what blue balls are?" Gwen just gave her a puzzled look. "Well I overheard an older girl say that its what a guy has when a girl gets him all hot and bothered but he doesn't cum. If you left your Dad's cock pointing at the ceiling he had blue balls. I guess my Dad also had them. It doesn't seem fair considering how nice they are being. " Gwen nodded her head realizing how inconsiderate she had been to her favourite man.

During the few days before Pat found inspiration, both girls spent time cuddled up to Daddy but with no "special" contact.

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   During one of those nights Gwen asked "Dad did you have blue balls after our cuddles?" Daddy laughed and said "Well after the last time, I almost attacked your Mother when she got home from work. When we were done she asked what got into me. I told her I watched a porno before she arrived. She laughed and said you needed to see that porno every weekend. " Gwen thought it was neat that her mother enjoyed the sex she had inspired.

She asked Dad "Is it OK that your're helping me explore?" He smiled and replied "Gwen its probably safer than with some inexperienced school boy. We can stop anytime or go as far as you want. I don't want you having any regrets or breaking up my marriage so I hope you're being discrete. " Gwen lied and said "I wouldn't tell anyone Daddy. "

The next day Pat said "Let's do a video chat tonight". At the prearranged time Gwen connected with Pat. Instead of Pat's bedroom her laptop appeared to be in the living room. In the background Gwen could clearly see Pat's Dad sitting in an easy chair watching TV. Suddenly a text message popped up on Gwen's screen "Turn off your mic and start recording. "

As soon as Gwen's microphone was off and the video was recording she removed her cloths.

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   Gwen sat back in her computer chair placing a leg on either side of her computer waiting for the action to begin.

She heard Pat say "Well at least my homework is finally done" then she got up and walked over to her Dad. Pat ask "Daddy I need some cuddling. " The lustful look on the man's face said he was more than willing to help his daughter. She asked "Please take your pants off as the zipper scratched me the last time.
    " Gwen cracked up, even though everyone knew what was going on, Pat the temptress, still played innocent.

    Daddy stood while Pat went to her knees gazing up saying "Let me help. " She unfastened his belt and tugged his pants down, helping him step out of them. As she did the top of her head bumping into his obvious erection. Gwen was knocked out by Pat's sexy imagination. This was going to be a tough act to follow.

    When Daddy was out of his pants, Pat stood up and pushed him back into the chair. In an innocent voice Pat said "Daddy will you teach me how to give a sexy kiss?" Before the man could reply Pat straddled his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him for all she was worth. It was easy to see Pat was also rubbing her pussy on Daddy's stiff cock.

    When the kiss broke Pat took it up notch saying "Daddy, do you really need to have your underwear on?" Quick as lightning Daddy's underwear was around his knees.

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       Pat lifted up to give him room to kick them off. As he did she gabbed hold of her nightie and deftly pulled it off revealing her naked body.

    She sat back down to rub a very wet pussy on slick cock while Daddy lick and suck her nipples. His hands grabbed her butt grinding her on his cock. Soon Pat was undulating for all she was worth, yelling "Daddy" over and over again.

    After several minutes of this Daddy-Daughter lap dance, Pat screamed "Daddy, I'm CCCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG. " As Daddy watched his wild child climaxed, Pat's back arched and Gwen saw a gap between them. Suddenly Daddy moaned and cum shot like a fountain all the way to the tip of Pat's nose with the rest and subsequent spurts splashing over Pat's breasts and torso. When Pat looked at what she made her Dad do, Gwen was sure Pat's body did another pleasure tremble.

    That was too much for Gwen as she came to the first live sex act she'd ever seen. Daddy scooped up some of his cum and Pat licked it off his fingers. With his help Pat cleaned up the rest. Gwen finally stopped recording when Daddy and Daughter were kissing and cuddling in each others arms. .