Innocence Lost - Ch1: The Beginning


Gwen and Pat had been best friends since kindergarten. Their Mothers even worked the same late shift at the local factory. Gwen's Mom was shift supervisor while Pat's worked on the assembly line. Now at the age of 18 the girls knew each other's most intimate secrets and no topic was taboo. Their usual chats were dominated by boys they liked and how far they would go given the chance. One night Pat mentioned "I think your Dad is the sexiest out of all our friend's Fathers. In fact I was talking to the other girls and we voted him our favourite FILF. " More than a little shocked, Gwen felt a twinge of jealousy mixed with pride. Next Pat whispered "Gwen, have you ever done anything sexy with your Dad, like flashing your panties or rub up against him?" Gwen replied "No! Have you?"Pat admitted "Not intentionally, but the other night I was cuddling on his lap. I was not comfortable so I squirmed my butt around. Next thing I know something was poking my ass. After a while I realized it was Daddy's cock. "Gwen asked "What did he do?" Pat responded "He just hugged me a bit tighter and told me to stop fidgeting. I have to admit it made me feel sexy that I could've had that effect on a man even if its my Dad. You should try to see if your Dad thinks your sexy too. " Gwen replied "I don't know, at night he usually watches TV in just his robe and boxers.

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  " Pat exclaimed "That's even better because my Dad was wearing pants I couldn't get a real good feel of his stiffy. "That night Gwen thought about Pat's experience and wondered if she could get the same reaction out of her Dad. Despite herself, Gwen started to get the tingling she usually experienced when she had a crush on a boy. Her hand slid into her panties scratching her itch. Visions of her butt wiggling on Daddy's lap getting him hard, replaced any thoughts of school boys. By the time Gwen fell into a blissful sleep she had decided to do as Pat suggested. After school the girls were over at Gwen's house. She told Pat that she was going to take up the Daddy stiffy challenge. For both of them the opportunity was there any work day as their moms left right after supper and did not return until the wee hours of the morning. A brutal shift but a job is a job in this economy. After Pat left, Gwen thought about what she would wear. She realized that it could not be too different than normal so she opted for her usual mid-knee night shirt but no bra. Gwen tried on several until she found one that was not too tight but thin enough to allow a hint of her brown nipples to show. Before supper she changed back to her regular after school cloths. When supper was over Gwen's Mom left for work.

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   She did the dishes while Dad mowing the lawn. Gwen was doing homework when he finished then took a quick shower. That was good as there was no doubt he would watch TV in a robe and boxers. If the plan worked she would get a much better impression of her Dad's package than Pat. Gwen completed her home work, changed into her nightie and spent the next 18 minutes worrying over how she looked. This was suppose to be a test to make Daddy hot but it was having a big effect on her. Finally she heard the TV turn on and went down stairs. Just as she hoped Daddy was sitting on the couch dressed in a robe. Gwen walked over to him and said "Daddy I need a cuddle. " Her Dad smiled and opened his arms inviting his angel to sit on his lap. Always considerate, he asked "Is everything alright honey?" Gwen replied "I just want to be held by my favourite man. " With that said Gwen buried her face into his robe getting a snoot full of his manly aroma. Even though this was Daddy's stiffy test she was dam sure he was one sexy man. Gwen pulled his arms around her placing one hand on her stomach. After a bit she slowly started to move her bottom.

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   Her mental focus was way to close to Gwen's tingling pussy and she knew her panties were getting wet. At first Gwen was disappointed as her slow rhythm didn't have the desired effect. She kept at it and things started to change as she felt something swell down the side of his leg. As he lengthened Gwen's excitement increased. Daddy finally whispered "You're a squirmy worm tonight. " Gwen replied "Yeah I'm a bit restless, do you mind?"In an unexpected move he lifted her just off his lap, shifted his hips and then lowered her back down. He oddly replied "It's OK as long as you enjoy yourself. " When Gwen was back sitting down she had no doubt that Daddy had risen to the occasion. It was like he had an extra leg. Gwen quietly moaned into his robe and continued moving her hips. Daddy's hand rubbed circles on her stomach in rhythm to her butt. Gwen's heart was beating much faster than Daddy's. After several more minutes Gwen realized if this kept up Daddy would see his angel come. Before that could occur she stopped moving, sat up and announced she was go to bed. He did not blink, just opened his arms.

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   As she was getting off his lap she looked down and saw the outline of that fat tuber running down the leg of his boxers. Her feet flew up the stairs to her room. No sooner was the bedroom door locked when she flung herself face down on the bed. Fingers greedily massaged her quim and her little ass rapidly rising and falling. With the essence of Daddy still in her nostrils and thoughts of the very naughty thing she'd done, Gwen soon screamed "Daddy" into her pillow coming harder than any other time in her short life. Wave after wave of pleasure pulsed from clit to nipples and toes. She would have passed out for the night but minutes later her phone buzzed. In Gwen's climatic haze it took two swats until she grabbed the phone. Of course it was Pat asking "Well did you give him a woody?" With pride Gwen replied "It was more like a marble column. " Pat laughed "Naughty slut, I'm so proud of you. Now tell me all the dirty details. I have my fingers ready to play along. "Gwen giggled and described the evenings escapades ending in her recount of a very Daddy caused climax. By that time Pat was panting and exclaimed "Your Dad just made me come too. I'm going to have to do something special to top that story.

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  " Both girls giggled, naively horny and happy without a care where their flirtations may lead. .



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