Initiating Interacial Incest


Initiating   Interracial   Incest
      Background:  Daddy's little “Kitten” always loved her big ‘Pa-Pa’.   While growing up, (affectionate & effeminate) girl believed inherited mother's marriage vows, to love, care, and provide for each other, as best they can.   He's away more often than Ma-Ma (both work), so she cherishes time together.   Now as young adult (practically same size as mom), she yearns to fully physically fill in when mother missed for days duration (or longing hours); although she’s unsure how to convince him to accept her as such.   She didn't want to sneak into parent's bed while he's sleeping temporarily alone (not to deceive and fear shame of misdirected mating); she wanted receptive parents to explicitly acknowledge her rightful role as an alternate or back-up wife when mother's unable (while away or otherwise).   Although parents open to discuss any topic, she's too shy to confront them which so personal a proposal.   She was unaware that recently parents considered joining local (secret?) swinging club, to discreetly rejuvenate and widen their love lives (they were sexually active with multiple partners before marriage, yet decided to maintain monogamous image until daughter moved out on own).   They expected hormones, pressures from classmates, perceptions of celebrities, and immoral men sorely tempt attractive teen’s delicate celibacy, and about time for an updated open session on benefits and consequences of adult interactions.   Due to daily priorities (and hesitating to insinuate an improper influence), all wait until favorable conditions present holistic gathering for introducing and discussing elusively erotic topic (as acceptable to explore, to enjoy ecstatically via right dynamics, yet disgusting if lover feels wronged).   Daughter's sexual urges push her to try indirect approach on father.   For months temptress teen wore one of Dad’s tattered T-shirts (faded image & message of interracial intercourse innuendo, found in box from his younger years) as her sole morning attire when fixing their breakfast as Mom’s busy at business (using step-stool to reach item on top shelf as asking him to get something from nearby bottom cabinet). Story:       Early one summer Saturday morning, after five hard work days, a physically fit black father (nearly 40) awakens, holds towel around waist as walks down hall to bathroom, when 18 year old white daughter sleepily stumbles from her bedroom, holding towel around her blossoming body (she'd been out until after midnight, partying with friends, new to covertly indulging in alcohol socially).   Collision causes both to drop towels, reaching to catch her fall.  Kitten clumsily lands sitting so both feel his big toe abutting between her creamy clam & neighboring naked rectum (each hole itching to be taught via sensually skilled sentimental sire; this extremity straining her intimate posterior only inspires her).  Since her innocent face indecently an inch of Pa-pa’s impressive prick, dazed daughter's dainty digits delicately drift along adored dark dong, as decadent dreams dawn as about to come true; draws half-mast heads dubiously closer; resulting in each awakening to rise for first kissing contact, as continuing to increase incline cock lifts lass’s upper ooh-aahing lip; next nudging nymphet’s nose (she smells master-of-home's manly aroma), for instant guy’s ‘one-eye’ to teen’s two (cross-eyed, too close) stare, then plumping penis points past navel on nearby man-of-her-dreams bare body.  
Erection exposes sagging sac of two egg-sized nuts; infatuating her imagination on how these family jewels supplied sperm shot through this sturdy ebony cannon of a cock double decades ago, surely changing her mother's life, to create her ;) now she sought to personally recreate such miraculous memories to rock her small world (wanting to explore potent parent, until propels impulsive imp to paradise, or risk expelled from future with father faithful to wife). 

    Gentle giant (half-asleep) can't believe his decadent dream's come true; as cherished child licks his chocolate pop-stick (inflated too fat to fit between fascinating teen's teeth).   Recent several months were hard suppressing secret incestuous desires for dynamite daughter, daily (teasing?) enticing intense incessant tensions of living with her generation's tempestuous version of his very vivacious white wife (away a week); now early surprise down & direct display of nude daughter lewdly licking his dick as if devoted dream-girl; with toe twitching into Kitten’s (wet?) pussy.   Suddenly, spurting spunk splatters her blond hair, as glazes her gleaming face {some dripping onto teen’s jutting jugs, & down to daughter’s nude nooky}.           Twice teen’s mass, he (big hands under her shoulder sockets, so father’s fore-arms incidentally cuddle daughter’s incredibly swell developing udders) easily lifts little lass to her feet.   Cum-covered-face fem, licks lips says softly to herself: "yummy”, then (with looking up with eyes often used to seek sympathy) to him “Sorry about accident. Looks like we're both heading for common goal.   I'm eager to share shower and get better acquainted as adults" (trying to sound as if this wasn't pre-arranged, and natural for both being buff) as she turns, bends over to pick-up towels, her swaying unbridled bare butt boldly abuts his semi-sagging slugger.   As she straightens up, girl again begins to become unbalanced.   He instinctively moves forward to help, awkwardly grabbing both breasts, while his re-growing ebony boner buries between cherub’s soft, shapely cheeks’ welcoming, warm valley (damp not only due to dripped deposit of quick dick, but from leaking lusting vaginal lubricative fluids?).   She admits being a bit tipsy from partying, asking his help to the bathroom and assisting in shower to wash away cock’s cum she sadly couldn’t all swallow (both hoping bathing brings natural nurturing of offspring to numerous nymphomaniac matings).
A man can only take teasing so long, and this impish pixie's nude nudging ignited his undeniable need for nooky.   As a loving father, his goal is to care for daughter's needs, plus allowing her efforts of doing good for Daddy.   His massive, masculine frame gallantly scoops petite womanly figure as if groom carrying bride over threshold, with lots of close buff-black to soft-white skin contact.   As his erection erratically (+ erogenously) knocked at her back door, angled arms lifted voluptuous virgin’s "V" (emitting unique estrus aroma) & teen’s tittie-tipped jiggling jugs closer to father's flustered face (too tempting, he sucked nearest nipple in, and nibbled).   That sequence shocked her eyes wide open, then coyly smiles, saying she's ‘Pa-Pa’s playmate, willing to share whatever woman-with-man joys we both would love’.

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    Some shifting through doorway brushed nubile nymph’s nipple across his chin (not as cleanly shaved as mound around viewed smooth slit), evoking her to cheerfully chirp, giggle, and nestle nepotistic head next to and soft-skin arms around monarch’s neck.   Full length mirror reflects contrasting color, gender, and size of magnetically attractive opposites (prolonged in-house proximity, and desire for forbidden, triggers memories of first time with white wife when two teens).   Setting her standing in the tub arranges his face at her heaving breasts, so he licks off a drop of his ejected jism.   As her swooning legs buckle, the hand that carried lower lass instantly moved between top of those thighs (^) to serve as if live bicycle seat, but shockingly (mis-aimed?) as thumb inserts into her (slippery!) slit, mid finger at ass, and most manly dark hand gropes girl’s downy derriere.   She gasps, shivers, and tugs to mash his head into her pillowy mammaries, as she hungers for more masterful manipulations as stimulations climb towards impending climax.   
Father’s fast fingers further from fanny kept frisky fem from falling aft, while his face decided to dine on her double Ds, surrendering to daughter’s seductions.   Stepping into tub to join her, moves girl’s back against tiled wall.   His mouthing miss’s milky white hooters allows hand behind to turn on warm shower to "massage - pulse".  Senior can then concentrate, composing his consummating gene-pool's congenial, charmingly compelling, and clearly consensually capable cheesecake (prematurely frontally coated by his special icing).  Prior to proceeding to potently seed Kitten’s fertile pussy (not wanting to misread recent actions), he asks if she's sure about wanting what's bound to happen if they play lovers roles;) as his supportive thumb thrusts within girl’s loins (libido liberates lustful lubrications), as stabilizing higher hand manhandles her buoyant breasts.   With caressing hands and nodding head, her eager face replies as ‘ready for dream to be fulfilled’ pleading for ALL he can give her and offering all she can give him.
         Freely lifting nubile nymph off her feet (thumb totally up twat and index finger fully friggiing rectum; higher hand holding her hair) into mid-air, with massage-pulse spraying her (very) lower back, he again asks to verify she really wants wanton incest.   She grasps both bulging biceps, spreads her knees up wide (: fully displaying bare beaVer (!), bravely answers "I  do, Daddy, do me NOW!" as her heals encircle to his hinny, to pull her hungry honey pot onto sire’s horny stirring pole.   They both focus to mentally record & savor vision and special sensation as his black beam's beveled brim breaches and squeezes into her wet white (pink) tight, yet pliable, virginal vagina. He lessens his arms lift, allowing gravity's gradual gliding her gracious cunt just inches down his converging cock.

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    With head of his hard dick denting her hymen, he gives her free reign as she wiggles her fanny, humps her rump, tugs with "giddy-up" heal action, and hugs to sandwich her white marshmallow melons meeting his hard chocolate chest (:) whimpers "s-more?" as her elastic sex-sleeve sinks almost fully onto his splendid shaft (she stifles scream, shuttering as girl’s seal splits).  
Sex-crazed Kitten French kisses chromosome creator who contributed so greatly to making her as she is.   Accepting her signal, she feels his fore-arms along her upper back, hands atop both shoulders, then suddenly his strong legs & torso muscles strut up & forward simultaneously as his ample arms compress her body down, as if in a trap (he grunts, she moans); skewering to overstuff her snug sheave onto final few inches of his broad black blunt sword.   Show-case sex-pot shivers as spectacular specimen bulges her skin from stretched slit to buff belly-button.  SHE  DID  IT !  Her tiny teen twat totally took up Pa-Pa’s impressive penis!  King-size cock’s crown charged inside, is kissing her cervix, and she's truly naked, tit-to-tit intimate with his muscular manliness.   He allows her time to adjust and enjoy new chance to accommodate complete coupling with colossal cock in her small, squeezing cavity.   Hugging closely, both feel each other's hearts racing from the exciting erotic experience (mixed with some fear, anxiety, apprehension of how other's reacting, and what's to come).   Her lecherous legs now snuggly straddle his waist to gently elevate, executing exclusive excursion; grinding her extended internal tunnel encasing his engorged invader {1} seemingly drilling to reach up to her tummy {?} as loosening her arms hug, multiplies sexual sensations by feeling peaked tits sliding across his hairy chest; while warm massaging-pulsating shower bombards her back and lubricates an entirely encompassing feeling of intimately close contact with her dear Daddy.   Her motions continue to mount in momentum, energizing their intercourse, increasing to uninhibited emotional highs and each uttering encouraging and appreciative sound-bites (he includes some playful pinching and nipple nibblings, enticing her enhanced ecstasy).  
Once she's more than comfortable with his formidable foot-long smoking sausage sawing deeply in her fresh (soon to be glazed) donut (do-it-to-the-nuts; holly YES) whole-y, he assumed active command by grabbing her sides (not finding much baby-fat or "love-handles") and relieves her as up / down power provider.   She pushes pair’s chests apart to hold his solid shoulders, freeing her boobs to bounce, and her thighs to spread wider, for a wilder ride on his upright horsey ‘pa’-go.   Their vibrant duo-dancing (2 feet firmly based, 2 kicking crazily, 1 appearing to disappear - exploring infectious confinement, craming to ferment female's forbidden fruit) pace rev. s, as romantic ram-rod pistons full range through her churning chamber;) chocked completely to capacity {F} pulling sole-siphoning suction () to rapidly repeat mating race to finishing tied (copulating couple sharing climaxes so extreme almost lose consciousness). With broken (shaking, passionately pausing for gasps and chirps of joy) phrases, she explains how'd longed to fuck him (; rather than selfish high-school boys, who'd brag and disrespect her / . .

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   . wanting real man who cares for her (^)  {%}  and would forever cherish secret bond +  sincerely teach  & to  G I V E  more than takes !  
Before going all-the-way  > @ > wanted to be taught by best = You !  * J  Upon hearing (stampeding slapping flesh sounds) this is daughter's (virgin?) first fuck, sensory overload bring both to climax; her spasming (undulating, quivering vaginal wall muscles greedily squeezes & sucks cock triggering shooting stream, then spurt after spurting squirts of his virile swarms of sperm inserted directly into her fertile (egg ready?) womb.   She shouts: "Oh - YES, Pa-Pa’s hosing me SO full of his bady-seeds {%} those love-tapping balls  @;  and GRAND gushing guy-sir shot-gun pumping <+> F I L L I N G  me  ({#}) . . . f e e l s  s o o   g o o d. "  She leans to combine their chests, as clinching cunt contently continues to thank tall throbbling phallus thoroughly thrusted by trusted troubadour.    Both felt overwhelmed by the sexual energy flowing between them; soaking in each other’s loving presence (almost forgetting they're in small shower space, thoroughly wet beyond sharing sweat).
      As they became calmer, he soon grows concerned about impregnating his daughter.   She eases his mind by proposing that maybe she'll give him a grand-daughter, who, in double decades, desire Grand-Pa-Pa’s initiation into such inherently holistic, transcending sex.   Her idea inspires him to turn off shower, and with her again willing to do as he pleases, quickly puts a hand to apply compressive cover over her yawning, first time rookie nooky, as he slides out his home-run hitter bat.   Again, brawny black father lifts petite white daughter, this time 90-degree tumbling her healthy hour-glass figure to form a 69 (with her light-skined smaller, sexy 6 held off floor by his mighty night-shaded 9). She adapts to her upside-down position as again faced with his (now hanging from near her neck to her forehead) slimy deflated 2" x 8" dick, in need of her oral attention (with practice, maybe enable to engulf?); and feels heavenly hung by handsome hero holding her womanly hips so she may handle this whopper of sauce-spiced meat, balls (genitals gratefully discharged into her genetically freshly plowed garden).   Her gentle exploring his manly private parts, now available for her lusty pleasure, is distracted by his unshaven face satisfyingly scraping her tender tush, as his talented tongue taste and tickles around and IN her raw, just pounded (#) cum-creamed cunt.   Her mischievous mind dreams of how frequent fascinating fantasies her father will share, and if their home-made con-cock-ins will put a fresh white infant girl or well-done boy embryo in her honored ovulating oven.

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    Now his turn to explain motives for odd post-injection inversion, in periodic phrases  pausing between tongue's pleasing priorities "!"  Such a creative follow-through should maximize her experiencing orgasms  (0)  keep searching sperm deep up (^ umop mou) to increase newly injected egg-nog's opportunity for pervading pregnancy to occur (@) and close-up exam if damages during extreme extra-effort interactions <&>   Often one too fast to fuck  -->0   yet better if foreplay 69 (+/-)  to check first-time partner for STD symptoms, before committing to share same :(  caution in case outsiders interpose ingenuous advances on intern's itchings.
      While deeply dining on debutante's deservingly dipped & deluged docking + delivery depot, he eyes (future target ?) next door of her no-longer empty nest (!).   Her curiosity continues as feels his huffy nasal exhales and nudging nose against her other bottom hatch (;) mixed with his delightfully dexterous tongue darting daringly, persistently patrolling precious pair (?) of previously personally private perforations.   In recent days she doubted her cute little cunt could accommodate prominent penis as prodigious as Pa-Pa’s; now she ponders if her puckered rectum possibly pliable enough also; and if promiscuous play proves prolific prologue for own parenting (suckling siblings?).   She's confident her diversely divine Daddy will answer and help solve all dilemmas diligently yet next month, when he’s away, she’ll discover how Ma-Ma’s mouth compares to Pa-Pa’s as parent # two’s seduced as successfully.
    In their fantasy world, trio enjoys many future frolicking together (fertilizing Kitten & four friends).   Some sex so extreme, our real world maybe unready to accept here (hopefully soon).  
     Consider safety, have fun, share sorrows & bonuses, +  keep promises *



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