Incestuous Cousins


My cousins and I were always close, but we rarely got to see each other due to the fact that we live about 5 hours away. We only got together on holidays but got along like we saw each other every day. Over spring break we decided that we wanted to have a sleepover lasting three or four days at their house. It would be me, Josh, 18 years old, and my 18-year-old-sister Jennie. We had four cousins: 18-year-old Tom, 18-year-old Elizabeth, 18-year-old Matthew, and 18-year-old Karen. Every one of them had bright blond hair with an athletic build.   My sister and I both have dark brown hair, with similarly athletic builds. My cousins, along with my 40-year-old aunt and uncle, made up the closest family I knew. My parents drove us there and stayed for lunch, then left my sister and me with my cousins. "Hey, do you guys want to go swimming?" Karen asked, excitedly as soon as my parents left for home and their parents left back for work.
"Since when do you have a pool?" I asked.
"We bought it a few months ago. So d'you wanta go?"
"Jennie and I don't have any suits!" I exclaimed, "You guys never told us to bring 'em!"
"Relax, Joshy, you don't need 'em," she answered as she wiggled out of her pajama bottoms and top, as did all our other cousins. I watched in awe. Matt, Karen, Elizabeth, and Tom all took their clothes off and kicked them to the side in a pile. I examined their bodies closely.

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   Karen with a shaved blonde pussy, curvey hips, small breasts, and great legs. Tom with a completely shaven dick. Elizabeth with a small black bush and two big tits, and Tom with a small cock and his first pubes. "Well?" Elizabeth demanded as they all stared at me and my sister.
"Right," I said. Jennie and I looked at eachother uneasily.
We hesitantly pulled our clothes off. I saw my sister nude for the first time since I could remember. She stood there with a dark brown landing strip highlighting her pussy. She glanced at my cock outlined in trimmed black hair. "All right!" Matt cried, "Let's go!
We all ran outside and had a normal swim, just as if we had been wearing suits. The only difference was I paused a little longer to view the beads of water run off of my female cousins' sweet breasts. After a long while we were tired out and decided to head on inside. I stopped at the sight of my aunt, nude as the rest of us, her big brown bush hiding her cunt.
"O hey, kids!" she said with a great big smile.

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   "Towels are on the couch. "
As I dried off, I admired my aunt's body. She had shoulder-length brown hair, somewhat-large breasts that sagged only a bit, and a round ass. I realized my cock starting to grow, and was about to cover it when Elizabeth noticed it.
"Josh has a boner!" she laughed.
I grew deep red and looked around in shame.
"Well then we'll just have to take care of that, won't we, Elizabeth?" my aunt smiled. "So, Josh, who do you want to fuck?"
"What?!" I gasped.
"Who do you want to fuck?"
"What are you talking about?" I stammered.
"Well, you have a hard-on. There are four girls here. "
"I-- I. . . " I trailed off.

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"Don't tell me you've never fucked you sister or your mom before!"
"I didn't even know that was an option!" I yelled.
"Josh," she looked at me sternly, "are you a virgin?"
I looked at the ground and muscled out a meek "yes. "
She looked astonished. "And you too, Jennie?"
"Well, yeah!" she said.
"O my gosh! Josh, you are going to fuck me right now, and then your sister next. Jennie will watch us. Matt, Karen, Elizabeth, Tom, you four go into a seperate room and have a small orgy. We need some privacy. "The four siblings filed out down the hall. My Aunt Lucy looked at my in the eyes and put her arms around my neck. She pulled me down on top of her on the big livingroom couch.
"Now, Jennie, sit over on that chair and watch closely. " She redirected her attention to me. "Fuck me. " I didn't need to be told twice.

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   I grabbed hold of my cock in order to guide it inside my aunt, but ended up just poking at her bush. She giggled
"Here, Joshy, lemme help. " She stuck her fingers deep into the hair patch and spread her lips. Holding her pussy open with two fingers on her left hand, she pushed my cock in with her cold right hand.
"There," she smiled. "Now move in and out. "
I grabbed her ass while she grabbed and massaged her large tits. As I was pumping in and out as instructed, she offered up her nipple to my mouth, and I gladly accepted. I took her left nipple in my teeth and lightly nibbled on it.
"Mmmmmmm" she moaned. "That's good. "
As her breathing increased, so did mine. Her soaking cunt provided more than enough lube. With her nipple still in my mouth and my hands still on her ass, I came inside my aunt.
"Thank you," I said, breatheless.

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"Oh, you're more than welcome, sweetie. Now, let's get your sister some cock," she grinned along. "And maybe after that we can have a big family orgy.
"I'd like that," I smiled back.
"Good. By the end of this slumber party, you'da fucked so much that you won't be able to walk. "