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Well, getting back to the reason your reading this story, as I said, sex was an intricate part of my life from a very early age. I was probably licking my mommy's pussy and my daddy's dick by the time I was 5 or 6. I enjoyed the slick velvetiness of my mother's inner lips and one of my favorite pastimes was licking and rolling my tongue around and over the bumps and veins of my father's 8" penis. I hadn't experienced a climax until around the age of 8, (not that I didn't experience great pleasure during our lovemaking prior to that age) but WOW that first climax. I remember daddy was licking my tiny hairless pussy and I was having such a wonderful time when suddenly it seemed the whole world exploded inside my pussy and my head. Mom and Dad had a mini celebration afterwards and I was toasted with Champaign. I wanted to do it again and mother obliged me while I licked daddy's cock. That was the first time my daddy climaxed in my little mouth. At the peak of my second climax ever my daddy spurted gobs and gobs of his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I had seen my mother take his cum and had often tasted it on her lips and in her pussy but this was a new and enjoyable experience to me. It was a favorite taste of mine. Of course the whole community was told the story and everyone was congratulating me and asking if I wanted to do it again (well of course).

The other children and I talked about it for days afterwards. Asking me how it felt, did I know I was climaxing? Could I teach them? We sucked and licked each other for what seems like hours for days afterwards. Tommy, a year younger then me was the first cock I ever had inside me. He was small, his dick was hairless and prepubescent as was I.

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   I remember we used suntan lotion to help get it in me and it hurt when he first penetrated me but we soon got in rhythm and fucked like that for what seemed like hours. Soon all the children of our little community were fucking and climaxing. Schooling was provided by Albert's mother and father. We learned all about math and the sciences, reading and writing and the ways of the rest of the world. We weren't allowed to play sexually while in school but we made up for it each afternoon. Fucking and sucking was a normal way of life. I learned the rhythm method of birth control before ever having my period and easily began practicing it through my teenage years. By the age of 18 my father had penetrated me vaginally and I suppose that by age 12 I had had sex with full penetration by all the males of our little island. I've never had a bad experience with sex even when at the age of 18 my dad took my butt hole. It hurt like hell but daddy went slowly as mom lay beneath me licking my pussy. I learned to love that position and still do.
    There was nothing like preparing myself with a warm enema and awaiting my daddy's penetration up my butt. I remember how lovingly he would slide it into me and the warm full feeling it gave me. Sex during my teen years was fantastic; you couldn't keep a dick out of my mouth, my pussy or my butt. And I loved it when all three holes were filled (still do).

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       I love the velvety feel of a cock or a pussy in my mouth. I love the gobs of cum from a man and the wetness of a woman's inner lips. And I truly delight in sucking a youngster's pre pubescent penis or hairless pre pubescent pussy. And the feelings I get when my own daughter now licks me and I her. I began licking her pussy when she was less than three months old and have continued to this day. My father fucked her when she turned 12 but of course she had been sucking him sense age 4. She enjoyed sucking bumppa and mema her whole life until they passed away. Tanya is Tommy and my, (you remember Tommy) only daughter and although we tried (the whole community tried) we have only the one child. Tommy took her vaginally much in the same way daddy had me and although she doesn't like it as well as I do, her daddy has had her butt hole several times over the years. And I just love licking the cum out of her pussy after her daddy has had her. Well that's the end for now except to say that some of the kids eventually left our little island to see the big blue world but I've never ventured much beyond the main island in my entire life. .