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Eventually we children learned that we didn't do certain things during our infrequent trips to the main island where our parents bought supplies and we children would explore the shops and beaches. Well, getting back to the reason your reading this story, as I said, sex was an intricate part of my life from a very early age. I was probably licking my mommy's pussy and my daddy's dick by the time I was 5 or 6. I enjoyed the slick velvetness of my mother's inner lips and one of my favorite pastimes was licking and rolling my tongue around and over the bumps and veins of my father's 8" penis. I hadn't experienced a climax until around the age of 8, (not that I didn't experience great pleasure during our lovemaking prior to that age) but WOW that first climax. I remember daddy was licking my tiny hairless pussy and I was having such a wonderful time when suddenly it seemed the whole world exploded inside my pussy and my head. Mom and Dad had a mini celebration afterwards and I was toasted with Champaign. I wanted to do it again and mother obliged me while I licked daddy's cock. That was the first time my daddy climaxed in my little mouth. At the peak of my second climax ever my daddy spurted gobs and gobs of his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I had seen my mother take his cum and had often tasted it on her lips and in her pussy but this was a new and enjoyable experience to me. It is a favorite taste of mine. Ofcourse the whole community was told the story and everyone was congratulating me and asking if I wanted to do it again (well ofcourse). The other children and I talked about it for days afterwards. Asking me how it felt, did I know I was climaxing? Could I teach them? We sucked and licked each other for what seems like hours for days afterwards. Tommy, a year younger then me was the first cock I ever had inside me.

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   He was small, his dick was hairless and prepubescent as was I. I remember we used suntan lotion to help get it in me and it hurt when he first penetrated me but we soon got in rhythm and fucked like that for what seemed like hours. Soon all the children of our little community were fucking and climaxing. Schooling was provided by Albert's mother and father. We learned all about math and the sciences, reading and writing and the ways of the rest of the world. We weren't allowed to play sexually while in school but we made up for it each afternoon. Fucking and sucking was a normal way of life. I learned the rhythm method of birth control before ever having my period and easily began practicing it through my teenage years. By the age of 18 my father had penetrated me vaginally and I suppose that by age 12 I had had sex with everyone on our little island. I've never had a bad experience with sex even when at the age of 18 my dad took my butt hole. I had asked daddy to penetrate my virgin butt and he finally agreed. Mommy and I had been enjoying each other's vaginas, licking and sucking each other's clitoris and daddy was naked and rubbing my butt when mommy stopped and asked me to come with her to the bathhouse for an enema. Yes, we had a community bathhouse. Mommy filled the enema bag with warm water and slowly slid the appliance up my butt. The whole idea and preparation was contributing to me getting hotter and hotter.

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   I held the warm water for a few moments then emptied my bowels in the toilet as mommy kissed and fondled my face and body. I was then ready for my daddy. We returned to the bedroom and mommy had me straddle her face exposing my vagina to her lips. Straddling mommy and positioning himself behind me my daddy asked me to spread my butt cheeks and just before he pressed his dick against my virgin hole my mommy deep throated him. By then I was ready to be entered and daddy slid his dick slowly into me. I admit it hurt at first. It hurt like hell but daddy went slowly as mom lay beneath me licking my pussy. After several moments of adjustment I couldn't wait any longer and pressed my butt toward his groin. As I did, it seemed like my ass just swallowed his dick whole! I knew then why mommy loved having her ass filled so much. Starting out with a slow rhythm, Daddy started enjoying himself more and feeling more at home deep inside my now quivering butt. " Fuck me daddy, fuck me" I cried, "Fuck me deep daddy, fuck me deep" Mommy continued to lick my pussy as best she could what with daddy banging me and me slamming back to get more of him inside me. I couldn't believe that my daddy's huge cock was buried deep in my butt! And I was asking him to fuck me harder! So deep into me! His dick was so smooth and hot inside me. I could feel daddy rising to a climax and I was soon screaming so loud I thought I would wake the dead. With a final powerful thrust my daddy climaxed in my butt and I rushed toward my own climax. I collapsed on mommy's face as daddy held his dick inside me and I felt his dick throbbing deep inside my bowels.

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   Daddy wrapped his arms around me and we rolled off mommy to lie on our backs with daddy beneath me and still buried deep inside my butt. He remained hard and I remained impaled by his dick as mommy licked and kissed my quivering vagina. I loved that position and still do. Sex during my teen years was fantastic; you couldn't keep a dick out of my mouth, my pussy or especially my butt. And I loved it when all three holes were filled (still do). I love the velvety feel of a cock or a pussy in my mouth. I love the gobs of cum from a man and the wetness of a woman's inner lips. And I truly delight in sucking a youngster's pre pubescent penis or hairless pre pubescent pussy. In my 18th year a 37-footer twin mast sailboat entered our little harbor. This was quite an occasion for our little colony because no one ever visited our island paradise. Standing proudly on the sundeck of the boat was a stunning blond. She wore a hot red string bikini and her hair reached past her waist. To say she was beautiful was an understatement. Myself and most of the adults were busy in the gardens. We lied down our tools and headed for the dock.

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  As the sails were lowered the blond threw the anchor over the side and waved to those of us who had gathered on the small beach. She called out a greeting and dived into the crystal blue green of our waters and swam to shore. Coming ashore and introducing herself as Dana she extended her hand in greeting as she told us her husband's name was Robert, and the two children aboard were Robert JR (Bobby) 8, and Tina the youngest at 6 years old. I extended my hand as well and introduced myself all the while wondering just how I could get that bikini off her butt. By now Robert was lowering their dinghy into the water and he and the two children were rowing ashore. All four were blond hair and bronze bodied from the sun. A beautiful family if ever there was one. My pussy absolutely quivered when I shook Robert's hand. He looked like one of those Greek Gods I'd seen in our history books. Fortunately the excitement of visitors to our island had brought all the children to the beach and although several were naked none were exhibiting anything sexual. This eventually proved itself an unnecessary concern but at the moment we were a bit apprehensive that our sexual culture and practices would be an affront to our new guests. Dana and I seemed to strike up a friendship almost immediately as I showed her and her husband around our little village. Cora, the daughter of Fred and Jenny asked if the two children could come play and Dana nodded yes. Of course my heart skipped a small beat at the thought of our children possibly offending Robert's and Dana' children but what could I do? Fresh fruit was offered and we adults seated ourselves under the dinning cabaña to get to know each other. We all wanted to know where they hailed from, of their adventures and their boat, and they in turn asked of our island life.

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   As I sat there all that was running through my mine was how wet my vagina was and just how was I going to get that bikini off Dana. I kept stealing glances at mom and dad and the other members of our group. I swear I saw lust in each one of their eyes. It was obvious to me that the only gardening that was going to occur that day was the cultivating of ideas and the growing of male members if you know what I mean. I felt it was time to get Dana alone, and if possible, nude. "Dana," I said, "Come see our island. I think you'll love it"I took her hand in mine and laughing like a couple of school girls we ran hand in hand across the beach, leaving the others to their conversations and murmurings. Once beyond the palm trees and out of sight of everyone, (or so I thought), we slowed to a causal pace as I pointed out the interesting sights and vistas of our little island. Wanting to show her a hidden little cove that created something of a cave like area below the rocks we laid down upon an outcropping of rock that hung over the cove. We were a good twenty feet above the floor of the cave. There below us were the children, nude and playing with each other. And directly beneath us was blond little 5 year old Deanna vigorously sucking the pubescent dick of Dana's 8 year old son, Bobby. Scattered about them were the other children, each being sucked or licked by another. Dana's daughter, Tina, was being vigorously licked by little Dennis who in turn was being sucked by Kara. What a sight!!!My mind reeled with what to do next, my god, I thought, our children had already started doing what everyone in the entire village was contemplating doing to our visitors!I was speechless to say the least, what could I say? What could I do? I looked at Dana and had absolutely no idea what to say next.

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  Just as I was about to either apologize or jump off the cliff, (I didn't know which), Dana stammered out an apology. "Oh my god," she said " Oh Lisa, oh my god, please forgive my children. They're just children, they don't mean any harm. ""Your children?" I asked. "Your children? " I repeated, "I bet our kids started that!!"Well you can figure out the rest of our conversation. Turned out that Dana and Robert were raising their children in much the same way we were raising ours. They too felt that sex was and is a good and normal part of life. The children below had not noticed us and we both resumed watching as they enjoyed each other. My pussy by this time had resumed its wanton lust. It was virtually quivering inside my bikini bottoms. I was ready to jump off that rock and grab one of those tiny pussy's myself when I felt Dana's hand on my bottom. I glanced at her and saw undeniable lust in those crystal blue eyes of hers. I rolled over and kissed her tentatively on her lips. She returned it with a hard passionate kiss and pushed me over onto my back. Bending her head toward my waist she pulled the ties to my bikini bottoms and exposed my vagina.

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   My legs opened as she lowered her lips to my sopping pussy. The warm tropical sum basked us in its glow as Dana gently caressed my outer lips with her tongue. She traced a path around my vagina and delicately parted my lips exposing the velvetness of my cunt. I in turn removed her bottoms as she sucked gently my clit. She straddled my face and positioned herself inches from my mouth. The aroma of her womanhood was a mixture of skin and sun, pussy and ocean. Her lips quivered with the first touch of my tongue. My insides were aflame with desire. Her lips were full and wet and protruded almost half an inch outward from her pussy I began to run my tongue up and down her lips trying desperately to return the sensations she was giving me. Her juices flowed with the sweetness of ripe red cherries and ran over my tongue and down my chin covering my face with her wetness. My lips found her clit and drew it into my mouth. I could tell she had been and was as horny as I. She rocked her hips, screwing her cunt into my face. Then, quite unexpectedly, I felt additional hands on my legs and Dana moved her head to allow access of another to my pussy. She raised her head and arched her back, allowing me to bury my nose in her anus.

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   I breathed deeply allowing the aroma to fill my nostrils. A beautiful heady aroma of womanhood filled my lungs as a new tongue licked my pussy. Her waist length blond hair brushed my forehead as I arched my back to allow the new tongue deeper access to my twat. With a sudden arching of her spine I felt the onrush of her climax flooding my mouth with her wetness. I still didn't know who was deliciously licking my cunt and was surprised to see my husband Tommy buried between my legs. It felt fantastic but I knew it wasn't my pussy he wanted at that moment, it was Dana's. I was relieved to see that her single climax wasn't stopping her from further fun as she lifted herself off me and reached for Tommy's very hard dick. She scooted under Tommy and sucked that dick of his deep into her mouth. At that moment I exploded with a heart-stopping climax and washed Tommy's face with my juices. Tommy held his face to my cunt and pounded his manhood into Dana's eager mouth. I was pleased to see that she could deep throat his 8 " with all the ease of a pro. I slid out from under Tommy and returned to Dana's cunt but Tommy had other plans. Pulling his dick from Dana's mouth he turned around a buried himself in her sopping vagina. Slamming home and drawing it back for another thrust. Dana pushed back and picked up the rhythm with each thrust.

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   As I lie there basking in the delicious after glow of a powerful orgasm Tommy and Dana furiously fucked doggy style in front of me. Her blond hair hung down each side of her face obscuring my view of her facial expressions but from the sounds emitting from her throat I knew she was quickly heading for another climax. At that moment Tommy pulled his dick from Dana's gaping pussy and with barely missing a beat slammed all 8 inches deep into the bowels of her butt. Dana's scream was both from the obvious pain of such a forceful violation and the ecstasy of that same forceful penetration. As I relaxed while watching Tommy violate Dana's tight ass one of the children appeared. It was little 8 year old bobby, nude and beautifully tanned. He knelt beside Tommy and his mother and slid under his mother's stomach as Tommy continued to pound her butt hole. Bobby turned so that he could reach his mother's dripping pussy and licked her twat with a most beautiful tongue. His little pre pubescent penis was standing proudly. I just had to get it in my mouth. I slid up to him so that his penis was now in front of my mouth. Continuing to lick his mother he released his pecker from his grasp and I slid it into my waiting lips. It was hot, it was slippery, and it was so damn good! I tasted sweet pussy juice on his dick and knew he had recently had his little dick in one of the children's pussies below us. He started pumping his delicious little hairless butt plug into my mouth and he pumped hard. His violent pumping was bruising my lips against his pelvic bone.

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   Just then Tommy's dick slipped out from Dana's ass hole and without missing a beat Bobby sucked it into his mouth. A few pumps into bobby's mouth and Tommy pushed his manhood back down Dana's butt hole, totally enjoying the anal massage. In almost a whisper he said, "Here it comes. . . " and exploded deep in Dana's bowels. Dana came in a violent climax as Tommy emptied his come deep in her ass and little Bobby began jerking and held his penis completely inside my mouth which told me he was in the throes of his own climax. I simply glowed inside knowing that he was climaxing in my mouth and only felt a little sad that he was too young to produce any seminal fluid to roll around on my tongue and suck down my throat. After resting a bit little Bobby slid between my legs and casually began sniffing at my cunt. In a sitting position I was able to spread my legs before me to expose more of my twat to his little boy tongue. I wasn't exactly horny at that moment but the sight of his blonde little head between my legs quickly changed that. Tommy and Dana were reclined before me and were enjoying the view of this 8 year old licking and playing with my dripping vagina. At 8 years of age it was obvious that he had lots of experience working an adult woman's pussy. He knew just where to lick and just what to suck on. I was turned on and climaxed in less than a minute.


   Sucking down the juices of my cunt, Bobby cleaned my twat and then gave a farewell kiss to my pussy lips. "What a great day this was turning out to be. " I thought. By now all the children that had been on the rocks below had joined us. They were all smiling and giggling in their little children ways. We collectively picked up our discarded clothing and nude and naked we all headed back to the village area. As we neared the community area I saw Robert, (Dana's husband) nude and being sucked by my mother. David (another member of our group) was behind mom as she knelt between Robert's legs and was pounding away deep in her ass. The other people of our community were engaged in various sexual occupations and the children began to play amongst them. I saw my Dad being fucked up the ass by Sherl's husband Donald and Jeff was sucking the juices of his girl friend Linda. Dana went to join my mother and Robert and I sat down to enjoy the show as David pounded away at my mother's ass and my mother sucked away on Robert's dick.
    I, being very sexually satisfied at the moment casually sat down at the community table and just enjoyed the view of all this moaning, sucking and fucking. I was soon joined by Vic, a guy my age that loved his dick being sucked more than anything else. He stood proudly in front of me offering his dick to my mouth. I slowly sucked it into my mouth and down my throat and was shortly rewarded with a delicious load of cum.

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       I savored it in my mouth and on my tongue before swallowing it down my throat. Just as Vic had spent his load and removed his dick from my mouth another dick replaced it. I barely had time to catch my breath before it slid down my throat. A second climax and yet another dick found itself into my mouth. I think I sucked at least 12 dicks as I sat there on the bench seat. It felt like cum was coming out my ears as man after man spent their loads down my throat. Some of them simply stuck their dicks down my throat and enjoyed the suck before moving on to yet another mouth, pussy or butthole. Between dicks I glanced over to see Dana's 6 year old daughter Tina vigorously sucking one of the men and observed that she was quite adept at cock sucking. I wondered just how good her little twat would taste and made a mental note to be sure and suck that little twat sometime in the future. The fucking and sucking that day lasted well into the night. I had a fleeting chance to suck Robert's delicious dick sometime during the day and invited him to join Tommy and me for the evening. We left Dana who at the moment was enjoying a double pounding with a dick up her ass and another buried deep in her dripping pussy and retired to our cabana. I causally began sucking on Robert's limp dick as he sat down on our bed. My husband played casually with my butt hole, pushing first one then two fingers deep into my bowels. Robert took my hand and guided it to his ass hole and I slipped my index finger up his passage.

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       His dick slowly grew with my ministrations and I enjoyed his rigidness as Tommy sucked my twat. Tommy's dick was being left out of the fun so Robert casually rolled over to gain access to Tommy's 8 inches. The three of us just kind of slowly sucked and played with each other for a good 20 minutes. Tommy asked Robert if he would enjoy a sandwich and slipping Tommy's dick from his mouth and a grin on his face he agreed. I positioned myself over Robert's manhood and slid his steel pole up inside my dripping pussy lips. Tommy kneeled behind me and slowly slid his 8 inches deep down my butt. They then began moving in unison inside me as my mind was swept away with the fullness inside my pussy and ass. Just as I thought it couldn't get any better than this Vic appeared beside us on the bed and shoved his rigidness into my mouth. I didn't bother to wonder how long he had been in the room; I just enjoyed his dick along with the other two that were pounding my ass and cunt. Tommy stopped sliding his manhood into my bowels and I slipped Vic's dick from my mouth to see why he had stopped. Much to my surprise I saw my father standing behind Tommy as he slid his dick up Tommy's ass hole. We now had my father shoved deep into Tommy; Tommy shoved deep in my ass, Robert beneath me with his dick in my cunt and Vic's 6 and a half inches down my throat. What more could a person ask for?The family spent several months on our beautiful tropical island and I did eventually suck that delicious little twat of Dana's daughter Tina, several times before they eventually sailed away to parts unknown. Tommy and I married that summer and I gave birth to our daughter, Virginia. And the feelings I get when my own daughter now licks me and I her.

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       I began licking her pussy when she was less than three months old and have continued to this day. I remember the first time she actually climaxed I had been licking down her body, stopping shortly at her bellybutton and ran my tongue around her tummy and down to her twat. . She let out a long wail as I found her clit. Teasing it, nibbling on it, and sucking it, I had her thrashing. I placed her ankles around my neck and holding her tiny butt I flicked her clit with my tongue. Occasionally I would run my tongue from her butt hole to her pubic bone and then back to her delicious 4 year old pussy. Suddenly she stiffened and shoved her pelvis into the air exposing her full twat to my tongue lashing. My tongue felt the convulsions of her tiny little twat as her climax engulfed her. Even after all these years I still remember the first time Tanya took her daddy into her mouth. Tommy and I had been sucking and licking her for years before it happened and Tanya had seen me suck Daddy's dick many times; but she was still a little girl and needed directing. “Just rub it slowly up and down, then use you tongue and run it across the tip of it and then let it in you mouth and slowly suck on it, can you do that?”Eyeing her daddy's cock she said, “I don’t think I can fit it in my mouth, it’s kind of big…” “You are about to experience the best cock on this island" I responded. " So give it a try sweetheart” Tommy gently stroked her hair. “Yeah…” I heard her say as she moved her mouth to his cock, her hand stroked his cock as she extended her tongue to touch the tip of his manhood. She gently moved her tongue over the tip, and down the length of his shaft.

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       “Oh yes, Tanya, that’s good” Looking pleased and excited she opened her mouth taking in her daddy's cock in slowly, only able to take in two inches or so she started to suck and bounce her mouth on it. “Oh yeah sweetheart, god that's so good, that’s so good, keep it up, keep it in your mouth honey. Let daddy come down your throat” her daddy exclaimed as his hand moved through her hairSucking harder and moving her tongue over the cock in her mouth Tanya moved her hands to his balls and held them as a thick stream of come began to fill her mouth. Take it all baby," Tommy said, "Swallow it for daddy. " Of course being only 4 years old she was unable to swallow all that cum, but even as she was gagging she held his dick in her tiny mouth as her Daddy emptied his seed. It spilled out past her lips and slid down his dick as spurt after spurt filled her mouth. Her deep blue eyes looked deeply into mine as her daddy emptied his seed down her throat. I believe she was 8 when Tommy first took her cherry. I remember how she had positioned herself over his 8 solid inches and lowered herself onto him. The head of his dick had some trouble getting in. Finally, as she pressed hard, the head of popped in. She gasped as it slowly spread her lips. 8 inches of hot solid meat isn't all that easy for an adult to take so you can imagine her discomfort. Tommy took it slow and Tanya slipped more and more of his meat into her until she felt it against her hymen. Tommy and I had explained to her about her hymen and I could see she was building up her nerve for the final thrust.

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       Placing my free hand on her hip, We waited for her and when she was ready she gave a mighty shove and impaled her on my husband's staff. She muffled a little scream as her hymen ripped and then held her breath while the pain subsided. She bent forward and Tommy held her in his arms as she accustomed herself to his penetration. Then she sat up straight and absorbed his entire 8 inches. Tommy helped push his dick all the way in. I was amazed that her little body could take his entire length of manhood. She pushed until his dick was all the way in. She began to rock back and forth as Tommy held her hips and I played with her face and neck, petting and soothing her as she experienced his dick inside her for the first time. She began getting into it and her face took on a look of concentration as she worked his dick with her tiny hairless little pussy. I pulled her to me and kissed her as I rubbed her body. I could see the pink froth that ringed around Tommy's dick. Tommy shot his load deep inside her and she collapsed onto her daddy's chest. Making what sounded like a pained noise I asked her if she was ok. "Yea" she said "It was just a bit more exhausting then I imagined""You were wonderful," I said and she smiled and then began to move again, rubbing her very stretched pussy against her daddy's pelvis. .

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       She smiled at me as I leaned in to kiss her. She pulled my head to her and returned my kiss. I assumed Tommy would begin to soften but to my surprise (and Tommy's delight) he remained hard and ready for more of that virgin 8 year old. ……………………………………. She enjoyed sucking bumppa and mema her whole life until they passed away. Tanya is Tommy and my, (you remember Tommy) only daughter and although we tried (the whole community tried) we have only the one child. Her daddy has had her ass hole several times over the years and although she doesn't like it as well as I do she still enjoys it none the less. And I just love licking the cum out of her pussy after her daddy has pounded his meat into her. Well that's the end for now except to say that some of the kids eventually left our little island to see the big blue world but I've never ventured much beyond the main island in my entire life. I hope you enjoyed yourself.



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