I was supposed to be baby sitting


I had been asked to bay sit this family as their regular sitter was not available. The family was two kids about 4 and 6 and 2 more that were 18 and 14, It was a remarriage and the older kids were boys from his first marriage. The younger ones went to bed around 7. 30 but the older ones were allowed up till 10.
I was doing some study as the boys were watching videos. i was in the dining room and they were at the back of the house in the family room. They were all quiet and they were no trouble at all. I went out to make a cup of coffee at about 8. 30 and as I went into the kitchen the TV was quickly turned off. To me that was a signal that they were watching something they shouldnt so I enquired what they were watching. The older one said 'it was a kids movie that had just stopped miss'. I could tell from the look of the younger one that it was alie as he was looking very guilty about something. As I went in to look at the video cover I could see they both had hard ons poking up in their Pj's. There was nothing innocuous about the cover but I knew something was up. I myself have often ben found out doing something I shouldnt and I can recognise the symptons. I turned the tv back on and the tape was still running and wow the screen was filled with a girl giving a guy the best head I had seen.

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   Then he came and his cum spurted all over her face and she had her mouth open wide trying to get as mauch of it into her mouth as possible.
I looked at them both and I have never seen such a guilty pair in my life. I said where did you get that and the younger one said they are Dads. I said are there more and it didnt take much to see two other tapes nearby. I opened them and again it was porn. I said well then I think you had both better be going to bed. I dont want you watching that while I am here. You can do what you like when your parents are home but not with me. They prostested and they both complained that it was ok. They had seen them before, it was cool. I said I dont care not with me in the house I could end up in gaol if anybody found out I allowed you to watch that. Go on get up to bed and play with yourselves if you want I told them. They really went without a complaint, but as the eldest one left he turned and said bet you would like some of this miss, and he had his hard cock in his hand stropping himself. I said no, not from you. The younger one said we both do it you know with the girl next door.

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   We have it off with her a lot. Weare not virgins.  I said get to bed, and I will come up and turn the lights out shortly. Any more trouble and your parents will hear about it.
After they went I made my coffee but I couldnt take my mind off that girl giving this guy head, i wondered what followed. I noticed a pair of headphones in the cabinet, made myself comfortable and turned the TV on, and the headphones had muted the tv so they wouldnt know I was looking at it.
The movie was fantastic, really high quality photography and great sex, real professionals doing it. It only took me a few minutes and I was touching myself under my skirt and began to rub myself through my pants. The girl was fucking this guy from on top and it was really close up and the sound of his cock in her cunt was really loud through the headphones and her converstaion not just moaning which the porno movies have so much of was a real turn on as she enjoyed the fuck. It wasnt long and I had my pants off and my finger was doing to my clit what his cock was to her. I didnt last as long as she did and I came after a couple of minutes. During this time the coffee got cold and I was red hot. Even my orgasm had not cooled me off like i can do. I went back to the kitchen and warmed it up in the microwave. Then I went back to the movie and by now she had finished on top, so I rewound it to see what her orgasm was like, and the picture was a great close up of his cock pumping up into her with all the veins protruding and his cum running down it as he filled her up and she kept pumping and then had her orgasm.

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   She was fantastic and I thought I must try that myself as I had a regular boy friend with whom I had great sex with about once a week and that wasnt often enough.
When that movie finished I was about to pu on another one, and thought I must check on those boys. I hid my pants and went up to their room. They were not there. Hell I thought where are they and then I head noises from downstairs. I went back down and the two of them were both naked and had my pants and were sniffing and licking the wet patch I had made earlier. Come on miss we saw you finger fucking yourself, come on lets do it, you taste great as he licked my pants. I was shocked and the younger one said come on lets have a threesome. We have them all the time with Sue next door, she is cool. I said how old is Sue and they said 18 and she is the best fuck around.  I said how often does she do this with you and the oldest one said at least once a week and often more if she doesnt get it off her boyfriend. We even have a foursome with him sometimes.
I couldnt believe what I was hearing and they were both well equipped for their ages and evey now and again would masturbate. The movie had started as obviously they had started it and again it was great sex with a guy fucking this young girl with his huge cock and she was making out it was huge and hurting. I doubted it from the way she was using it.

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   Come on miss show us your tits said the young one and by now with the mixture of the videos and these two horny youg guys talking about sex like I couldnt believe and obviously experienced I though; why not. I hadnt ever had a threesome before and even though they were young for me and brothers I couldnt help myself and said ok, just a quickie, who wants to be first. The older one said I hope you are on the pill we can both fill you up you know. I hadnt seen either actually cum and hadnt thought about the fact they were past puberty. Their hair was quite wll developed on the older one and still had some way to go on the younger one but it was obvious both could ejaculate.
Right said the younger one you go up her cunt and I will go in her ass. I said no way I dont do anal, and they said well you will tonight its our speciallity. No I said its just a fuck or nothing. By now I had stripped down to nothing and I was bare butt naked. The older one said gee you have great tits, better than Sue hers are droopy compared to yours. I was off guard and the older one said come on you can go cowboy on me. I said what, and he said come on get on top of me, I can play with your tits while you fuck me. I was completely out of control and they were actually calling the shots and I was doing everything they said. I got on top of him and lowered myself onto his cock, which believe it or not felt good going up into my now soaking wet pink cavity. He put his arms around me and tried to kiss me.

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   I said I kiss when I fuck and he said neither will Sue. Whats with you girls. I was flabberghasted. Then the young one said ok I am ready, get your arse up her sister I want to plug it. I said no. He said oh yes, you will love it. Then the older bloke held me tight onto him and said ok I have her, get it in. From where he got it I dont know but I felt his finger slip bewtween the cheeks of my ass and he was applying lube. It was all over in a second and I felt him climb on top of me and his cock being guided into my asshole. I had never had anal sex before and I thought it would hurt but his cock was not as big and he slid into me easily with the lube and his thin long cock. I gasped with the sensation, it was not hurting although I could feel that my ring was so sensitive and even with the lube it was beginning to burn a bit. I was sandwiched between them and the younger one was really fucking my ass. They began to compare notes and the older one asked how is she, and the younger one now having got his rythm was fucking me like a pro, long staedy strokes. She is about as tight as you he said, but she has better cheeks on her arse than you do, my balls are rubbing up and down and it feels great.  The older one had stopped and I could still feel his cock rubbing against my clit as the younger one pounded himsel into my ass.

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   Then for the first time the younger one recognised me and said how am I going miss, isnt it great being bum fucked. Are you liking it, i am. Then the older one said you had better take notes because I will be in there shortly and we want to know who is the best bum fucker.  As I was taking all this in the one in my ass began to grunt and he was filling my shit hole full of his cum. I had not realised he would do that and I could feel it all slippery and gooey in there now as he withdrew. as he did he slapped the cheeks of my ass and said you were great miss, one of my better bum fucks, we will have to talk to Sue about how good you are.
Now the older one said get a towl to the younger one I am going to turn her over and we dont want shitty cum all over the carpet. A towel was laid out and then I was told to roll over and he would do me from the top. I was by now absolutely compliant to them, I couldnt believe they had complete control over me and I wasnt doing a thing about it. He then got on top of me as I pulled my legs up to give him unrestricted acces to my cunt. he went right back into me and after a second or two t get himself comfortable he began to fuck me like a real professional. i couldnt remember anybody else being so competent. I said how often do you fuck Sue again, and he said about once or twice a week but we both bum fuck each other about every day or so. I said you two have anal sex together, and the younger one siad why not. His bum is almost as good as your cunt i assume.

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   By now the older guy was really woking on me and as his cock was not that long it was bouncing againdt my clit and I was getting hotter and hotter and mixed with the sensation of my ass hole still burning a little I was having the most amazing feeling betwen my legs both in my cunt and asshole.
    Then he held my nipples and squeezed and a shot of pain and pleasure went right through my tummy to my clit and I exploded in a second. Now it was my turn to become physical and I bounced and writhed and almost screamed with pleasure as his cock pounded into my cunt and rubbed my clit. My god I thought this is beyond belief. Never have I had so much pleasure when I should be completely distraught by having this done to me. Then he came and he pulled his cock out of my so sensitive cunt and shot his cum all over my pubic hair. I was out of it and I didnt care but there was still more madness and depravity for them to persue. He then got down and licked his own cum off me and his brother came around behind me and grabbed my legs and pulled them apart while the older bloke went right down on my now soaking wet cunt and gave me the most amazing oral workout I could ever remember and within a couple of minutes I was screaming with the pleasure and pain of him sucking hard on my cunt and squeezing my clit between his lips and  having another orgasm within a minute or so after the other one and he he wouldnt stop and i had two more before I screamed in pain and began to cry like a baby. i could not bear another moment of him on me. I had achieved four orgasms within athree or four minutes which were now feeling like hours. it seemed thay had been working me over for hours.
    They both left me exhausted and laying on the floor getting my breath back after my multiple orgasms.  By now the older one was giving the youngest one an oral workout, saying he tasted great, having been in my ass and cum there before pulling out. he stood feet apart while he had his cock sucked and his balls fondled and then he moaned and groaned as he had the cum sucked out of him. What happened next almost had me vomiting, the oldest one put his cum covered half dried cock in my mouth still covered in our love making and sweat.

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       I had no alternative, he was sitting on my face and the only way I could breath was to suck him and fortunately it only took a couple of minutes and he filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed as I always did, and then he got off me, pulled both my nipples and said you were fantastic miss.
    The younger one said there is only one more thing to do, she will have to get cleaned up after this and the oldies will be home soon. Then he told me to get up dog fashion and he went into me from behind, by now I had no will power and did exactly what they wanted. The the older guy went up his ass and the three of us were bent over each other being fucked. By now however they were getting tired and they were taking longer to cum, I had no desire to cum again and was happy to let them do what they wanted with me. First the older guy came in his brothers ass and pulled out, then the younger guy worked on me and pretty soon he came in me. Then as I was getting up they both came around to me and said you had better clean us up now and put their cock into my mouth at the same time. I sucked as best I could, not bothering to think where their cocks had been and finally got one to cum then the other and I had cum running down my chin over my breasts and down my throat at the same time.
    Then they said you had better get into the bathroom quick, and have a shower you look disgusting. As I did the older one got in with me and soaped me up all over. I hardly had the strength to do it anyhow. He made sure I had ben cleaned out internally as he had his finger well up both holes geting as much of their cum out as he could. He was very capable I am glad to say. When I got out the younger one toweled me down and then they got into the shower together and one said to the other who has not been bum fucked enough tonight and proceeded to have anal sex one with the other, I left them to it to go down and get dressed.

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    When their parents came home both were in bed and asleep, I was exhausted and collapsed on the lounge. Fortunately one sang out earlier to put the tapes away as I had completely forgotten them.
    The next day they rang me and said how wonderful I was and they asked their parents if I could be asked again. Next time we will get Sue over and we can watch two girls fuck each other. We havent seen that yet. Funnily eough I thought it might be fun.