I am sitting here thinking about how I got to where and who I am today. I am turning 18 thinking about the good times and bad that I have had since I was a younger teen. That was one of the bad times. My mother and stepfather was always fighting. It wasn’t until I was 18 that my stepfather told me what had happened. They had started swinging and things were going good between them then my mother started doing drugs. As her dependency on drugs strengthened she started whoring when Paul was at work. He suspected what was going on and I remember the day he came home early grabbed the video camera and left not saying a word to me. He had seen Miryan on the streets working. He came home a couple of hours latter all pissed off. Mom came in about an hour after that. Then all hell broke loose. They divorced and Paul won custody of me. On my 16th birthday he told me what had happened and showed me the tape.

It showed mom getting into cars with total strangers they would drive to a wooded area and she would fuck or suck them for money or drugs. Paul told me that he told her not to come around me or him again and she hasn’t.

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   I had always wondered why she just left. He has been a father and mother to me all these years. He told me about sex, he helped me when I had my first menstruation never giving me a thought as if he wanted to have sex with me.

On my 16th birthday he had a cake for me and we had a long talk. Watching the video of mom fucking all those me had moistened my pussy. I was starting to get urges about sex. That night I couldn’t sleep thinking about mom and I heard dad on the computer in his room. The door was cracked and I could see porn on the screen he was naked and was stroking his meat. my eyes were glued to his erection I had never seen one live before. I started rubbing my pussy and must have moaned with pleasure and he heard me. Dayana come in he said. I walked in in just a tee shirt and panties. He asked if I would help him as he hasn’t been with a woman since the divorce. I walked to his side and told him to teach me. He stood up and took me in his arms giving me a deep kiss.


   I started having those urges again. He lifted my shirt over my head revealing my round firm dark tits. He bent down kissing them and sucking on my nipples. I reached and felt his throbbing rod and started masturbating him. Without saying a word he picked me up and laid me on the bed taking off my panties. I was wet with anticipation as he started rubbing my clit I was in heaven at that point. He started to kiss my pussy lips and eased his finger into me. It wasn’t long and I was soaking wet. He told me to kneel on the floor I knew what was coming it would be the first time I have ever handled a penis. I took it in hand and slowly I moved it back and forth. Starting at the tip I began kissing Paul's 8 inch rigid cock. I licked the pre cum from the end and slowly started taking him into my mouth. As I became used to having a dick in my mouth I went up and down on it. Dad started moaning and finally pulled me off of him. He told me it was time to become a woman and asked if I was ready I nodded yes and laid on the bed.

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   He pulled me to the edged and placed his member between my wet lips, he told me to tell him when it hurt as he would slide it in and out slowly getting deeper. He had his cock in me about 2 inches and I knew he was at my virginity. He stopped entering at that point and worked it in and out making me jump every time he hit the point of loosing my virginity. After about five minutes of working on me he pulled out and laid on the bed saying to get on top. You are going to pop your own cherry. I straddled him guiding it into my pussy and working it like he did to the point and then I lowered my self totally on his 8 inches. Oh it hurt I was digging my fingersinto his chest as I just sat there waiting for the pain to quit. He brought me to him and began to kiss and hug me as he started fucking my pussy. The pain slowly went away as my pussy became accustom to his cock. I was enjoying his dick and suddenly a feeling I had never felt before came over me. It felt like I was pissing but I was cumming for the first time in my life. I shook as it lasted about a minute and hugged daddy hard. He slowed down and got off of me and put my head over the edge of the bed. He lowered his dick into my waiting mouth and started fucking it. The taste of my pussy and his pre cum was wonderful.

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   He started to moan and pushed it deep into my mouth. His cock started jerking as it exploded down my throat and filling my mouth. He pulled it out and said clean me up and I cleaned every drop of my pussy juice and his cum from his dick and balls. We then just cuddled naked and fell asleep not waking until the sun was high in the sky.

I woke up before dad did he was wrapped tight around me with a hand cupping one of my tits. I slowly eased out of bed and went into his bathroom and showered my pussy was sore and there was traces of blood in my hair. As I washed it I thought about what had happened that night and started to get wet again. It wasn’t long and I was having a self induced orgasm for the first time. Dad had triggered something in me because that had never made my self cum before. From that night on I vowed to take care of dad. He told me he had the best sleep in years that night. Weslept together from that point on as he let me experience sex. The next day he took me to a doctor and put me on the pill they evidently worked as I never became pregnant.

We used condoms for the first month and one night he as we were fucking he said I am going to fill you up that excited me for the first time I am going to feel his jism fill my pussy, it was wonderful his cock started jerking and I could feel it shoot in me. He stayed in me until he went limp giving me a multiple orgasm.

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   A few months later I told him that there was a boy I liked and would like to fuck him. He looked concerned but I told him I would always be his as I released his cock and started giving him a blow job. It wasn’t long and he filled my mouth as I swallowed all he gave me. He pulled me from the floor giving me a long kiss and we went to bed.

The next morning he told me to be careful but to try new things. A couple of days later I brought home Evan a tall muscular black my age. We all sat and talked and dad went to bed. I sat on Evans lap an started kissing him. I could feel him getting hard as I sat on his lap. . I stood up and did a strip tease for him and from the bulge in his pants I could tell he was ready and larger than dad. I took off his shirt and started kissing him going downtowards his dick. Undoing his pants his cock sprang out at full attention. As I took off his pants he asked about dad and I went to check. He was at the door watching.

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   I told Evan he was asleep and engulfed his waiting cock. I couldn’t get but half in my mouth but I gave him a blow job to the end. I was so wet and wanting to feel his dick in me I laid on the couch and spread my legs telling Evan to take me. His dick didn’t take long to get hard again as he rubbed the growing head on my pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled him into me. It was so big filling me up. As he began to pump Istarted to cum for the first time that night. He started banging me harder holding my legs in the air. His nuts were beating my ass as his 18 inch dick fully entered my cunt. I was moaning he was moaning and then he filled me up. I could feel his juices coming out from around his dick as he continued to pound my pussy. We got up and I took him to the shower we cleaned each other up and he turned me around and with one push he was in me again. He pumped me hard not taking long he filled my pussy again with his seed. He got dressed after that and left. I went to dads room where he was waiting for me.

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   I climbed on his waiting rod sinking to the bottom. He told me he always like fucking Miryan after she was fucked. His dick was smaller than Evans and I felt a little empty and I worked his dick. It wasn’t long and he was adding his load to the others. We cleaned up and went to sleep I said thank you giving him a kiss.

I came home from school one day and a friend of dads was there having a drink with dad. I started supper and asked if Joe was eating with us dad said yes. I went to my room and was changing cloths when dad came in and asked if I wanted to try 2 cocks tonight. I gave his a kiss saying yes. I put on a short dress and a armless loose tee shirt. I continued cooking refreshing their drinks for them letting joe have a view of was he was about to fuck. Putting the plates on the table I called them in to eat. Joe couldn’t take his eyes off of me as we ate. The talk turned to sex as we finished and I could feel myself getting wet. They went to the living room as I put away supper.

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   I stripped and entered the living room asking why they were still dressed. It wasn’t long and all were naked joe was in front and dad was in back. Joe was groping my tits and pussy while dad was working my ass and kissing my neck. Dad said dayana was better fuck than Miryan. Joe had done a couple of 3 somes with mom and dad.
Joe and dads cocks were about the same length but Joes was as big around and a beer can. I went to my knees and started sucking both of them. Dad told me to get on the couch and joe started eating my pussy saying that it was sweeter than Miryan I was good and wet and told joe to fuck me. He buried his shaft in me ad fucked me slowly like dad does. It wasn’t long and I squired my first load. Dad was sitting in the chair working his dick just watching. Joe got up sitting on the couch and pulled me on him. Dad came over and started eating my pussy while joe was fucking me I was Cumming again. He stared licking my ass hole using his finger to lubricate it. I was cumming again and I thought older men know how to fuck.

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   Then I felt the head of my dads cock on my virgin ass. He pushed it injust the head letting it stay there. I jumped but joe kept me in place as he fucked my pussy. Dad slowly started to pump my ass getting in rhythm with joe. I felt full as dad pushed his way again taking my virginity. The pain subsided as they fucked me harder. The friction of the two cocks in me gave me another orgasm again providing more lubrication for my dad and joe. Joe finished first filling my cunt full of seed. about the time he came out of my pussy dad was really pounding my ass and he filled it up. I could feel my juices combining with theirs running from my used holes down my legs. That night I slept in between them both. I got up first took a shower and started breakfast. Joe was up next and came into the kitchen naked with a hard on. He came up behind me and started kissing my neck and rubbing my pussy and twisting my nipples. I didn’t have on any panties just a tee shirt so he had easy access.

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   He turned me around and laid me on the table bending down to eat my fresh cleaned pussy. I was just about to orgasm when he stopped and aimed his dick for my pussy. He easily enter and fucked me at a steady pace. He brought me to the brink of cumming again and stopped saying not yet. He started lubing my ass with his tongue and the juices from my pussy. I was still sore from the ass reaming my dad gave me but he said it was his turn for some ass. He entered me with one shot I screamed and tried to get up but he held me down. He started fucking me while he played with my clit. The pain was turning to pleasure as he started pumping my pussy with his fingers. I could feel an orgasm starting. I closed my eyes enjoying the fucking I was getting when joe fisted me. He had put his whole hand to the wrist in my pussy and was rubbing my clit with his other hand. The shock of his hand entering me set of my orgasm I was shaking and moaning like never before. In the mist of this I felt his cock jerking as he emptied his load in my well used ass. About that time my dad walked in as was surprised as I was shaking with a fist in my cunt a dick in my ass and joe hollering take that bitch take that bitch.


   Joe then pulled out of both holes went and got dressed and left. I just laid on the table worn out as dad fixed his breakfast plate sat down and started eating. I turned my head and told him I am fucked out. He asked how did it feel to be a slut. I looked him in the eyes and said wonderful. Just like your mama she loved to fuck as he finished his food.

That brings us up to today. I have brought a few boys home from school to fuck. I still sleep with my dad and sex as he has taught me is good. Yesterday he told me that Miryan was coming by and after 9 years of her being gone I don’t know what to think. Part of me wants to keep things as they are the other wants to see us as a family again. Paul,Miryan, and Dayana.



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