I Probably Shouldn't Have Done This


Hi, my name's Alex and my sister's name is Dakota.   She's six years younger than me and growing up that was a pain in the ass for me.    It seemed like ever since she could walk, she wanted to be with me.    At first that wasn't too bad, but by the time I was in middle school, it really sucked.    Thank goodness mom and dad kept her back quite a bit, but every once in a while I had to take my little sister with me.
After graduating high school, I joined the Navy.   Off to boot camp and then on to A school.   I was away from home for almost 18 months.    In boot camp I could only call a couple of times and mom, dad, and Dakota came down for my graduation and we spent a day together before I had to head out for A school.   It really wasn't too bad having Dakota around, she was growing up and she was still my sister.    One thing didn't change, she wanted to dominate everything.    She was still a bit pudgy, mom calls it baby fat, but she was kind of cute, even if she is my sister.
At A school, I probably talked to Dakota more than I did the whole time I lived at home.    Thanks to free mobile to mobile calling and free nights and weekends, we talked just about every two or three days.    She was full of questions and she was very supportive of me.    The school I was attending was hard and I had pretty bad study habits.

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     I kind of skated through school doing the minimum necessary.    That had to change now, my career depended on it.   I have to admit it, having her supporting me and encouraging me really made me feel better and I was really changing my opinion of her.    She was no longer the pain in the ass little kid, she was my supportive little sister.
After graduating A school, I decided to take 21 days leave and go home.    After that it was on to a ship and who knows when I'd see the family again.    Everyone was excited about me coming home and my little sister seemed the most excited, she wanted to show her big brother off to her friends.    Now she was talking about joining the Navy when she gets out of school in four more years.   I'm almost 20 now and she just turned 14.
Nothing at home had changed, my room still looked the same, only cleaner.   Dakota said she had been keeping it clean for when I got home.    Mom and dad were still the same, both workaholics putting in 18 to 12 hour days.    Dakota had changed, no more baby fat, nice looking legs, flat tummy, a very nice heart shaped butt, perky breasts, good Lord, this was my sister getting all grown up.    How could I tell all of that about her.    When I went into the house she was wearing very short hip hugger shorts and a tight tank top that exposed about 3 inches of flesh around her middle.

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     On top of that, her face had gotten cuter, I guess it was the lack of baby fat and she had been letting her hair grow out, it was shoulder length now and she is a natural blond with very pretty blue eyes.
The first week was pretty normal.    We spent a lot of time together in the evenings catching up on everything.    Dakota seemed more interested in me now than in the past, I guess it was the Navy, since she wants to join.    Near the end of the week, mom and dad announced that with my permission, they were going to take a little weekend getaway, compliments of his job.   They wanted to make sure I didn't mind watching after Dakota, since I was an adult now.   It seems that they weren't sure if they should take the time off, but finally gave in when I got home.
I had never been really the guy with lots of girls.   In fact, I've only had sex three times, although I've had a lot of oral sex.    I've just never been that comfortable around people in bars and stuff and while going to school, it didn't give me much of a chance to meet women.   Actually, having a room mate made it a bit tough to even masturbate and I was at a very horny part of my life.    At least at home I could masturbat, as long as I was quiet, or do it in the shower in the morning.
That is how I got into this little mess of mine.    Mom and dad were gone for the weekend and Dakota had asked if she could stay with a girlfriend for the night.    Mom and dad approved so on Saturday after they left, Dakota packed a bag and went to her friends house.

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    At last, home alone and I could put my horny body to use masturbating.   After Dakota was gone, I went into the den and had a couple of beers while watching a porn DVD I bought, that got me pretty horny and since no one was home, I took off my clothes.   It was time to make my cock cum and I couldn't wait.    I didn't have to be careful to make any noise and I could just let it go.
I was really getting into the porn video while slowly stroking my cock.    I wanted this to last a while, I love the feeling of being close to cumming.   The volume must have been a little to high or I just wasn't paying attention, but I did hear some giggling and a girl say "I've caught my brothers jerking off before, but not like this, his is way bigger".   I just about died.    It was Dakota and her friend Morgan.    Morgan was really hot for 14, long straight brown hair, dark eyes, really large breasts, at least in comparison to Dakota.    Both girls were in shorts and bathing suit tops.   They had been hanging out at Morgan's pool and had come home to get more sunscreen.
There was no place for me to hide.    I had been caught and both of the girls were just standing there smiling at me.    I guess Dakota knew how flustered I was and told me to stop it.

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    They already saw me and it's not a big deal.   Morgan said she thought it was pretty cool to see me doing that and they both wanted to know if they could watch some of the porn movie, neither one had ever seen one.    I was still stammering and trying to cover up when Dakota, very loudly, said calm down.   We want to watch and we won't tell anyone, so stop being a baby about this.
Well, how could I refuse, I was naked with my cock sticking straight up and no clothes in sight to put on.   Besides, they were just so calm and casual about me being naked, I did start to calm down.    In fact, this was turning into a fantasy of mine, I had a couple of girls to watch me and that was exciting.   Dakota asked if they could have a beer, I wasn't sure I should, Morgan called her mother on her cell phone and asked her mother if she could have beer with Dakota and me, she held the phone up so I could hear her say, "yes, but only one, you have to promise, only one", that settled it.    Dakota got us all beers and we settled down to watch the video.
The girls didn't seem as interested in the video as I was, in fact they both kept looking over at my cock.    Finally, Dakota asked me if I was just going to sit there, or was I going to jerk off like I was when they came in?   I blushed and my heart started to pound, I wanted to cum and I wanted them to watch, but should I do this?  Oh what the Hell, they were watching porn and they had caught me masturbating, what was I to lose?
I started to stroke my cock again, it was so hard it was almost twitching, the excitement of these two hot young girls watching me, me being naked in front of them while stroking on my cock, the porn movie.    Damn, I could hardly stand it.   Then as I'm stroking my cock they started asking me how it felt, and making comments about how much they liked the looks of my cock.  
OK, it's not that spectacular, but maybe for them it was.    My cock, fully erect is about 7 inches long and quite thick.

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    I too have blond hair, so my pubes are pretty blond as well so my cock is very visible.    I don't know why I started, but I shave my balls and the shaft of my cock, it makes my cock look bigger, I think.    Any way, I like the way it feels,   I want to shave my cock, but I don't know how I'd react with other sailors seeing me that way.
Really without any real warning, Morgan came over to me and reached for my cock.    She said she wanted to feel it.   I was really surprised at how matter of factly she did this.    She sat down next to me while holding my cock and she gently touched it all over while asking if this was alright, she wanted to feel my balls too.    She told Dakota she should feel it, it's really hard and hot.   Then she insisted that she feel it.    So Dakota came over and said she hoped I didn't mind, but she did want to know what a cock felt like.
Now I'm sitting there with a hot young chick on either side of me.   Both of them are stroking and fondling my cock and balls.    I was almost in a trance when I heard Morgan ask if she was doing it right, all I could do was whisper " ohhhhh yessssss" she had me so horny.   Morgan was gently stroking my cock and Dakota was fondling and tickling my balls and they were both smiling at each other and up at me.   
I was about to cum, I told them I was about to cum, they didn't stop or slow down.

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    In fact almost in unison they said let it go they wanted to see it.   One stream of cum after another came out of my cock, probably five or six all together,  I had to make them stop stroking my cock, I couldn't take it any more.   Then I heard what they were saying "you first, no you, are you afraid?   No, are you?"   Before I could figure out what they were talking about, Morgan scooped up some of my cum with her finger and told Dakota to get some and they'd do it together.    She did, and they both put their finger full of cum in their mouthes at the same time.    Neither one made a face, but they said it wasn't too bad.
They were both excited, they had beer, watched a porn video, watched me, helped me jerk off and they tasted cum.    All in the same day.    Dakota got up and went to the kitchen and came back with a paper towel and told me to clean myself up, can you believe it, she told me what to do, so I did.   Before they went back to Morgan's, Morgan said she wanted to do this again before I left, maybe a couple of times and she had a big smile like she really wanted to.   Dakota said she'd see me in the morning, tomorrow.   After they left, I just couldn't believe this had happened.
I spent some time with some of my friends from high school later that day and decided to get to bed early.   Since I wasn't expecting Dakota home early, the next morning when I got up I took my shower and went downstairs naked to fix some coffee and breakfast.    No reason to get dressed by myself, besides, I really like being naked, especially if there is a chance of being caught.
       As I walked into the kitchen I got a major surprise when Dakota said, "good morning, it's really nice to see you, all of you.

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    She came home while I was in the shower and was making coffee for me when I came downstairs.    Dakota just acted like it was no big deal to see me naked, in fact, when she handed me my coffee, she told me how nice it was that I trusted her enough to go naked around her and that she really liked seeing my cock.   When I heard that, it started to grow, I couldn't stop it, my cock just started to get bigger and Dakota giggled when she saw it happening.   
    Then she did something that totally surprised me, while asking me what I thought of how she looked she took off her shorts and top and was standing in front of me totally naked.    Her breasts were beautiful and firm, her tummy flat and tight, her pussy was unbelievable, she had it shaved, except for a narrow patch on top, damn my sister was sexy.   All I could say was "damn"  she looked so good and I guess that one word comment and the look I gave her she knew and she started to blush.
    I didn't expect any of this, she stepped closer to me and told me that she has always really liked me and that she always wanted to be with me.   Then she put her arms around me neck and gave me a kiss.   At first it didn't feel right, she's my sister.    But then, it felt oh so right.    I felt the heat of her skin against mine, I could smell her, the taste of her lips and the feeling I got as her tongue started to probe inside my mouth was unbelievable.    It didn't matter that she was my sister, this just seemed so natural.
    Dakota told me to stop fighting it.    We were meant to be together, she knew it, even if I didn't.    She started kissing even more sensually and I felt her warm soft hand reaching around the shaft of my cock.

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        I reached down to her pussy, she was so wet her juices were making her thighs wet.    I didn't know girls could get that horny, even her clit felt hard.   She stopped kissing my mouth and worked her way down my chest kissing me all the way, then she stood up and took my hand and without saying anything, I followed her up to my room and over to my bed.
    We layed side by side kissing and fondling each other.   My fingers were working her clit while I sucked on her breasts.    Then she sucked on my cock and licked my balls, then she sucked my balls and licked my cock, unbelievable turn on.    I went down on her pussy, her labia and clit were engourged with blood and she was dripping wet.    I loved the way her pussy tasted and I especially loved the way her clit felt in my mouth.    She told me to suck her clit while licking it and I did.    Then she told me to stop and she wanted to kiss me.
    I moved back up to her face and as I did so she reached for my cock and pulled me on top her using my cock.    It wasn't long before my cock was buried deep inside her pussy, it was so hot and tight I didn't know if I could keep from cumming.    I felt her hand still by my cock as she was rubbing her clit, then I felt it.   Her pussy tightened around my cock and her hips were moving up and down and she was moaning loudly all at the same time I started to cum, shooting all of my cum into her young pussy.   I was still inside her after we both came.

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        Neither one of us wanted me to pull out.    I don't know how I got in this mess, but I think I'm in love with my sister.
    Before I went to the ship.    Morgan and Dakota did help me two more times.    We had fun, but it wasn't like when I was with Dakota, alone.    She did tell me that she started taking the pill two months before I got home, she was planning on this but didn't know how she would make it happen.   Dakota and I fucked just about every morning, after mom and dad went to work.    She is so hot, I'm lucky to have her for my sister.    We are already making plans for us to get stationed together after she graduates and joins the Navy.
    I hope you didn't mind me telling my story.    If you want to know what happened in the years after this, let me know.    By the way, Dakota graduates this year and she's already enlisted.   Part of her contract to enlist is that she gets stationed with me.    They can't guarantee the same ship or duty station, but they will guarantee the same Naval base.


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