I Probably Shouldn't Have Done This . . . Part 2


I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach.    I couldn't believ how much trouble I just created for myself.    Exposing myself to two teen agers, masturbating in front of them, having sex with my own sister.   If word got out I could be arrested, kicked out of the Navy, go to jail.   Shit I really fucked up big time.
When I woke up, Dakota was up against my back with one arm over me.   I guess she woke up while I was trying to figure out how to get out of this mess because I heard a soft little girl voice ask "how are you this morning sweetheart?"  I told her she shouldn't call me that but she said she always wanted to and now she could, besides, she knows that no one can hear it but us.    Then she asked what was wrong.    I grunted nothing.   She told me to roll over towards her and I did.    Now, facing her she asked again.    Looking at that sweet little face with a button nase and blue eyes and . . . well I  melted and started to tell her everything I was worrying about.
After I finished telling her, she just smiled and said nothing is going to happen.

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    Morgan certainly won't tell, she's been her best friend since kindergarten.    As for Dakota, she said she wanted to marry me when she was little, now she knows she can't and she just wants to be with me.    None of this would have happened if she hadn't pushed it to.   She kissed me, and then told me to stop worrying.    Then she asked if I wanted to make love to her again.   I confessed yes, but I had to pee pretty bad.   She laughed and said she needed to too but when she raised the covers to get out of bed, she wrinkled her nose and said we should probably clean our "naughty parts", they smell.
As we headed for the bathroom I told her she could use the toilet first, she just said, let's do it the way you usually do and she started the water running in the shower.    She said that all the times she was in her room when I took a shower she never heard the toilet flush so she figured I went in the shower.   I turned beet red, she laughed and said she does it that way too, she wanted to do it like me so that I'd like her, now it's just a habit.
We got into the shower and as she wet herself she said "look between my legs" and as I did, a thiick stream of pee started to hit the floor, I have to admit, I never saw a girl pee and this was a bit exciting.    Then she asked "what about you?"  I told her to stop moving and spread her feet a bit and I aimed for the drain.  
Dakota wet and put shower gel on a scrubbie and handed it to me while telling me to wash her back.    I didn't stop there.   Her back really is nice, well muscled, nice shap but I love her butt, just a little rounded and then her legs, nicely muscled and soft.

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    It's easy to tell she's very athletic.   She turned around and I worked my way up her legs to her pussy, just beautiful, her labia sticks out a little bit past her pussy lips and that little patch of blond hair is so sexy above her pussy.    Then up that tight little flat tummy to those firm mounds of breast.   Her nipples were very hard, I think all of this attention was getting to her.  
After she rinsed she washed me.   We got out of the shower and dried when she announced we were making love right now.    There is something that she has dreamed about, and we are going to do it, maybe from now on, it all depends.   When I said I might not want to, she gave me a stern look and said I will want to and I will like it.    Then she smiled and said "won't you?"  I agrred to try it.
We went to my room and laid on the bed and started kissing.    I moved quickly from her lips to the nape of her neck, she smelled and tasted so sweet and her skin was so warm and soft and smooth.    This was unbelievable that such a cute young girl would want me.   As I got down to her breasts I kissed each one and sucked on the nipples for a while then moved down to her tummy.   When I got near her navel she shuddered and moaned but I kept going.   Slowly, I worked my way down one leg, then up the thigh, kissing and licking the whole way.

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     Then I did the other leg and thigh.
When I got to her pussy I spent time licking all around that beautiful hot spot.   She was wet and it had been oozing out onto her thighs, I cleaned them the best I could.    Then I moved up to her pussy and slowly licked and sucked each side of her labia.   Next, I was about to explode, I spread her pussy open with my thumbs and moved my tongue between the labia and into her pussy, she tasted so sweet and she smelled a little musky, I was totally turned on.
Dakota told me to come up by her and I did.    We kissed and she said she could taste her pussy on my lips, she went on to say it turned her on.   Then she told me to lay on my back and as I did so, she got up on top of me and slid down so her pussy was on top of my cock.   She wiggled a little bit getting her labia on either side of my shaft then she started to rub up and down, she was rubbing her clit on the head of my cock as she moved up and down.   l couldn't believe it, she was using my cock to masturbate and it was driving me nuts, it felt to good.   Her pussy was hot and wet on the shaft of my cock and just when I thought it couldn't get any better it happened.
My sister, slid up a little farther than before and when she slid down she pushed my cock all the way into her pussy, I think we both moaned at the same time.   She told me to reach down and rub her clit while she got me off.   I couldn't believe she was talking like that, but I did what she asked me to do.   Damn it felt good, her hot, tight, young pussy wrapped around my cock.

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As she went up and down on my cock she would tighten her pussy while going up and relax on the way day.   I was just wondering how I was going to keep from cumming when she let out a big sigh and started to orgasm.    Her pussy was undulating in spasms on my cock, she was moaning and I started to cum, one shot after another.    Once we had both climaxed she told me what to do next,  I wasn't wanting to, but she told me I would and . . . well I did.
Dakota pulled off me while tightening her pussy.    She turned around and I guided her pussy over my mouth with my hands on her ass.    As soon as my tongue touched her pussy she relaxed and a big glob of mixed pussy juice and cum slid out and onto my tongue, she had told me not to swallow.   As I licked at her thighs and pussy to clean her all up she squeezed more of the mix out of her pussy.   While she did this, she had my soft cock in her mouth licking me clean.
Next, we layed together and started kissing, she parted her sweet little lips a little and I felt her tongue exploring inside my mouth, I let some of the mix of cum and pussy juice make it's way around our tongues and some of it went into her mouth.   We kissed and played with the love mix for about five minutes when she closed her mouth, pulled away, smiled at me and swallowed.   She told me to swallow and I did.

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    Then she got a big grin and said it was better than she thought it would be.
       From now on, any time we make love I am supposed to clean her out so we can share.   l started to object when she gave me that stern look and just said, "I know you will do it" then she gave a big smile and thanked me for being such a terrific lover.    What was I to do, I think I'm in love.
    We went about our routine naked for most of the morning, breakfast, cleaning up what we messed up.    In the afternoon, Morgan wanted her to go to the mall with her and her mother, so I had time to visit with some of my friends.   Dakota tried to get Morgan to be able to stop by after the mall, but her parents were going out that evening and she had to babysit her brothers.
    When Dakota got home she asked if we could have pizza and beer for supper and I agreed, I even let her have two beers with me.   We cleaned up and while we were doing dishes she started to cry.   I asked why, she said mom and dad would be back tomorrow and all of this would come to an end for a while.   I held her in my arms and just couldn't believe how much I wanted to be with my sister.   Then she pushed me back a little bit and started to pull off her top while saying, come on, let's make love right now.   I objected and said not in the kitchen, she pulled me towards the den and told me to get undressed, now.   I started taking my stuff off as we went to the den, we left a little trail of clothes and by the time we got to the couch we were naked.
    We sat down and started to make out I was reaching for one of her breasts while she was going for my cock.

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        It was like we were both horny teenagers.    Kissing and grabbing at each other and both of us really horny, maybe it was the beer, mostly, I think it was just us.   Dakota slid down the couch and told me to get on the floor with her.   She knelt on the floor and leaned on the couch and told me to go in from behind.   I couldn't resist.   Her pussy was already wet as I slid my cock into her, her back and ass looked amazing.   l was wondering why she wanted to do it this way, when I felt her hands, she was using her hands to masturbate her clit and rub my balls.   I started to tell her how beautiful her back and ass were when she started to climax.   Needless to say I couldn't keep from shooting everything I had into her again.  
    When we were both expended and I was getting soft I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she said, "you know what to do. "   I pulled out and got on the floor, she moved over to straddle my face and I marveled at how beatiful her pussy was  and how it smelled and felt, then a big glob of cum and pussy juice fell into my mouth and I had some cleaning to do.   l felt my sisters mouth on my cock and when we were both done, we got up onto the couth and kissed.    This time we only played with the cum and pussy juice for a couple of minutes before swallowing.   Dakota smiled at me and told me the best part of making love with me was sharing afterwards, then she added, we are always going to share afterwards.
    The night was over and so was our day.

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         We picked up our clothes and went upstairs.   Dakota asked if I thought she she sleep in her own bed since mom and dad will be home tomorrow.    I told her they aren't even landing until 10:00, I'd like her to spend the night with me.    I've never seen her smile so big, damn she is just too cute to be my sister.