I made my mother in law my bitchpart 2


 I made my mother in law my bitch

Part two
When we got back to the truck she said she was sorry but there was no way my cock was going to fit inside of her. She said she hadn't been laid in so long she is afraid I would rip her apart. . I am only 7 long but I am pretty thick about 6 around. But she went on to say her husband was 4 inches at the most and said about as thick as my thumb so she said she is afraid of it. . I told her I wanted to eat her out till she came so it would be wet enough to get it in and she said she hadn't been eaten out in over 35 years since her marriage. . I thought damn has she ever been deprived. .
 It was two days later when I was over at their house again, This time with my wife. My mother in law looked nervous but I think she seen how calm I was and she calmed down after a few minutes. .   As I was playing darts with my father in law my wife and her mom came into the garage as well with a drink, Her mom had changed into a summer dress and OMG did she ever look hot. As we were playing darts I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. A few minutes had passed when my wife asked her father about a tv at his store and he said it was still there if she wanted to see it.


  . We were looking for one so I said go ahead and go look at it. . I just wanted them out of the house. Just as they were heading out I looked at her mother and she downed her drink. . I walked over to her and leaned down to kiss her. . She turned her head to the side and said I cant inhere and I said yes you can watch and kissed her deep. She did all she could to avoid it but soon she was kissing me back. I took took her hand and pressed it against my cock and though she wanted no part of it she started stroking it till it was rock hard. . I stood up and took it out and she tried to get up. I looked at her and said I know you have been thinking about it all week because I have to and now suck my cock. .

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   She leaned forward and opened her mouth taking my cock into her mouth. She started off slowly and I let her get use to it before I started pushing it in a lottle farther. . I didn't want to scare her away yet so I let her do it at her pace. It wasn't going to be long before I was going to cum so I was polite and warned her first. . I don't know if it was the drinks or she wanted it but she closed her mouth over my cock and swallowed as much as she could. She did almost gag once with the amount she swallowed I was surprised she didn't but the cum that did escape her mouth she wiped it off with a hanky.    I told her how I was going to eat her pussy when we heard the door close outside. . She jumped up and left the garage and I went back to throwing darts.
When I was driving home with the wife she was actually in the mood and started telling me how good her mom looked and I said yes she did look good tonight. When we got home I went upstairs with the wife and she started sucking my cock. . That is something she hadnt done in over two years and I was surprised she wasn't tasting the cum that was on it from her mother sucking my cock 40 minutes before.

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  .   I ended up fucking my wife like there was no tomorrow. Every minute I was picturing it was her mother I was fucking.
It was about a week later when I picked up my mother in law to help me clean my wife's house that was up for sale. When we got into the house  I took her in my arms and kissed her deep. We were in the hallway when I started to unbutton her blouse and kissed my way down her neck to her small tits inside of her bra. . She pulled her bra down and mashed my face into her tit. Suck it suck my tits she said so I did switching back in forth between each one. . I was now on my knees and she was holding the back of my head grinding my face hard switching from one tit to another. . While I was down there I started to unbutton her jeans and pulled them and her panties down with one swoop.   God the aroma was amazing as I guided her to the couch where I pushed her down. I dove my face between her legs tasting her pussy for the first time.

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  . I couldn't believe how much she tasted like her daughter or should I say how her daughter tasted like her mother either way I was eating my mother in laws pussy.   She started to pull my face into her pussy like she did with her tits. . My  fingers tweaking her nipples as she started to cum violently. She was moaning loud to the point where I was worried the neighbours would call the police. . Then she came. . And she gushed all over my face and the couch and it lasted about 30 seconds before she stopped squirting.   Before she could come to her senses I slid her off the couch till her legs were hanging over the edge and with one thrust I shoved my cock into her to the hilt. She let out a scream but god did it feel good and how tight it was.   I held it there deep inside of her and she looked dazed. . I started to fuck her slowly looking at her face.

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   She didn't want to look at me but I told her to look at me when I was fucking her. . I said how does your wife's husbands cock feel in your pussy. She turned her head again and didnt say a word. . I said I fucked your daughter the other day with this cock and I thought about you the whole time. . I pictured you there sucking my cock I pictured your legs in the air as i pushed my cock in and out of your daughter and now I am fucking you for real. How does it feel? How does your daughters cock feel in your cunt?  She started to cum again as she moved her hands behind my ass and thrust me into her fast. .   It wasn't long before I looked her in the eyes and told her I am going to fill her up with cum and make her mine. She said no your my daughters husband and we shouldn't be doing this. . I said to late mom and I thrust one more time. I could feel my cock as it pulsed inside of her then at that moment her body shuttered as she had another one.

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  . When I pulled out I went to the bathroom and set up the shower.   She started to cry in the shower saying how wrong it is what she just did. . I told her hey your not getting it I am not getting it lets keep it in the family. . She said why didn't you try to seduce one of her sisters and I said I wanted you. . I didn't tell her they were on my bucket list as well.
The drive home was a quiet one when she said what we did was so wrong but she felt so good. I told her to think of the pleasure not the thoughts. . She said what if my daughter finds out my family would disown me. . I said lets make sure you don't tell her then.

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   Because I wont.
End of part two