I love my daddy! Part 1


My father was a single man ever since Last year. I remember he left my mother right before my sixteeth birthday and it killed me. I hated having him never around and my mother was so anal about everything. Not a single thing could be out of place like a picture frame or she would ground you in an instant. That is why I was always way more close to my father than I was to my mother.  

When my father moved out he moved into a small quiet house located on the other side of the city. He was always traveling so I could only stay at his out every other weekend so I was always missing him. I would always try and make the weekends I did spend with him worth it.

I remember one saturday morning I woke up early and found my father in the kitchen.

"Hey beautiful he said to me. " He walked over to me and kissed my forehead. I smiled and replied

"Hey daddy! Where are you going, you look dressed up. " And he was dressed up. He was wearing a dress pants and a nice button up shirt with a tie. He never dressed like this on a saturday morning.

"Sorry sweety, but duty calls.

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   I have a meeting set up at 11am. I will be back to hangout right afterwards okay?" I gave my dad a look like I was unimpressed. He gave me a hug and then he gave me a little goodbye and he left the house.

I decided it was time for me to start getting ready for the day.

I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my hair and then I was going to brush my teeth. But then I realized that I had completely forgot my toothpaste. My best option was to go into my dads bathroom and borrow his. I had never been in my fathers bathroom. I always just assumed it was the regular stuff fathers have like aftershave and cologne so I didn't expect any suprises. When I went into his bathroom I was right. There was nothing strange about it. But I couldn't find his toothpaste. I searched threw the drawers and the cubboards and then I came across something that did suprise me. Condoms.  

At first I was shocked and disgusted.

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   What was my dad doing with condoms? He didn't need them did he? He could not possibly be having sex with anyone, I mean he is a father. I then decided that he was probably just holding them incase. I reached for the box of condoms and read the outside. 'Ultra thin and lubricated. ' Reading this I got a shock of something through my body. I ignored it and opened the box. More then half of the condoms were gone. Did that mean that my father was actually using them? It must mean that. I closed my eyes and imagined my father fucking a woman and her crying out his name.
    I instantly felt aroused.

    I opened my eyes quickly and realized what I was thinking. Was I really getting aroused by my father out of all people? I quickly closed the box and placed it back in its original spot. I went into my room and then thought more about my father having sex with a woman. I imagined his cock and how big it must be. I felt myself start to get wet.

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       I laid down on my bed put my fingers down my jeans and in my panties. I felt my pussy and it was more than wet. I started to rub my clit and put my fingers into my pussy hole. It felt so good. I started moaning and trusting my hips against my hands.

    "mmm daddy. " I said as I touched and rubbed my pussy. I imagined my father fucking woman and then I imagined my father fucking me. I knew it wasn't something I was suppost to dream or think about but it made me go so crazy!

    "yesss. "  

    Pleasure was building up inside me as my fingers rubbed my pussy and then I felt the instant rush or pure pleasure fill my entire body. I was cumming and it felt so amazing!

    After my orgasm subsided I lay there catching my breathe and starring at the ceiling feeling a little guilty I just masturebated to my daddy. Then I felt like someone was watching me. I looked towards my door and saw my dad standing with an expressionless look on his face starring at me!