I fucked my step mom


Topic: I fucked my step mom I suppose I will start off with descriptions of myself and my stepmother. I am 5’10’’ with brown hair and blue eyes. I have a decent build (I played many sports in highschool) and a somewhat impressive 7 1/2 ‘’ cock. In school I normally get A’s and B’s and I am being accepted to a decent college in my same city that I live in. I am 18 years old.
My step mother is 5’6’’ with brown hair that have blonde streaks in them. She has an amazing body with measurements of 36-24-32. She recently got fake boob for an unknown reason (except I think I know). I still don’t know how she managed to get such an amazing body. Her skin is slightly tanned. She is 33 years old.
My biological mother ran away when I was 18 years old. She ran away with another man. When I was 11, my father met my step mother (whos name is Priscilla) and married her when I was 12. I found it odd that he managed to find a woman so quickly, but who knows, maybe both my mother and my father were cheating, I don’t know.
Anyways, lets start off with how I managed to even get close enough to fucking this angel.

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It was a Friday night and my father, step mother and I were at home. We were watching a football game on the DVR. Then the phone rings. My father gets it.
Father- “Really? Ok, I will be right there. ”
He comes back into the living room, which is where the TV is, and tells us that he needs to get back to work because a huge virus was found on the computers. We both say goodbye and my step mom gives him a kiss on the lips. Within 30 sec she sits back down. Before, each of us were sitting on a different couch (there are 3 couches that are perpendicular to eachother, forming a sort of square with the tv at the other end), but now she comes and sits right next to me. I never had though of her in any sexual way before, but for some reason, my dick started to get hard. Luckily (or so I thought), my jeans and the shirt I was wearing managed to cover it up. We continue watching the football game and then she says.
Priscilla- “Hey Pat, do you want a beer?” (Patrick is my name, but she and most everyone else calls me Pat)
Me- “Uhm, but I’m not 21 yet…”
Priscilla- “You need to get used to the taste, here, I’ll go get you and me one. ”
She stands up and as she walks away, I immediately look at her ass. It is swinging side to side in motions that just made me harder.

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   She is wearing tight jeans and a yellow shirt. She gets to the refrigerador and opens it. The beers are at the bottom of the refrigerador so she has to bend down to get them. However, she bends over with her back so her big ass is sticking out.
Priscilla- “Do you want some light or dark beer?”, she calls. As she asks this, she moves ass slightling to the left and right. My dick kept getting harder!!
Me- “I’ll take a light I suppose” I say
She comes back and her hips once again are swinging side to side as she walks. She sits down a little closer to me and hands me the beer. I decide to just pop the top off with my hand and I succeed.
Priscilla-“Ohh, aren’t you strong, can you open mine please?”
She hands me the beer and I oblige. I open it and hand it back to her, but as she starts to grab it, she fumbles and the beers spills ALL over my pants.
Priscilla-“Oh damn! I’m so sorry Patrick! Here, lets take off your shirt so it doesn’t get wet also and I’ll go get a towel”
She takes off my shirt and I oblige, all the while fearing that she will see my hard lump in my pants. She leaves to get a towel and hurries back. She is jogging and her large boobs are jumping up and down. She kneels down in front me and starts padding my pants RIGHT ON MY DICK to dry my pants.

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   But then she pauses….
Priscilla- “Pat, what is that I feel??”
Me- “Uhh, uuh, I don’t know. . ”
Priscilla-“Well, if you don’t know, than I am going to find out!”
She immediately undoes my zipper and there lies my hard 7 ½’’ dick. She gasps.
Priscilla-“O wow Pat!”
I start to panick and start to stutter but then she starts running her hand up and down my dick.
Priscilla-“Its so big Pat! Oh my god! I have to have this NOW!”
She pushes me back, sits on my legs and starts to suck on my dick. OH MY GOD!! It was SOOO amazing! Her head was bobbing up and down and my dick was getting very wet from her saliva. I grab her hair (which is a little more than shoulder length) and pull it towards me.
She continues to suck my dick for about 7 minutes before I feel my dick hardening and I begin to slightly vibrate. She then deepthroats me and I can’t hold it in any longer and I let loose a large amount of jizz. She holds my dick there for a few seconds and then lets her head up with a little bit of my jizz dripping out of her mouth.
Priscilla-“That tasted so wonderful Pat. Now do you want to taste my pussy?”
Me-“I’d love to!” I said. I had lost all of my nervousness about a minute into her sucking my dick.

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She rolls back so she is laying on her back. I grab her legs, pull her into my face and start eating her pussy. I put my tongue in, roll it out, pull it out, push it back in. All the while, she is moaning.
Priscilla-“Omg…. uuuuh!. . . . uuuh!. . . omg pat! Keep going! Omg!”
I kept eating her pussy until I felt her hips jolt and some semi-salty liquid flew into my tongue and face. She sighed.
Priscilla-“uuuhhhh……that felt so GOOD!!”
Then I decide to take charge.

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   And without her saying anything else, I push her onto her stomach and lay right ontop of her.
Priscilla-“What are you doing Pat? AW!” she squeals as I stuff my dick into her wet pussy. At first she tries to get up but I hold her down. After 18 sec, she decides that she wants it and pushes her soft, big ass into my dick. We go back and forth, all the while, she is moaning.
Priscilla-“Pat, omg! Uuh! Uuh! Omg! Harder! Aaaawwwww yeeeeaaaaa!!!!”
I start pumping my dick into her harder and faster until she is screaming.
Then I felt that feeling that I was going to unload into her again. I asked her.
Me-“Where do you want my jizz?”
Priscilla-“In my pussy!! Jizz in me!”
The moment she said that, I let loose an even larger amount of jizz right into her pussy. I kept my dick in their while she collapsed and moaned in pleasure.
Priscilla- “You’ve done a lot of work, but now mommy wants to fuck you. ”
I know what she means I roll back onto my back and she immediately gets on top of me, positions her pussy over my dick, and SLOWLY lowers it down. It felt so amazing. I grabbed her ass as she moved up and down ontop of it. I then put my arms around her back and pulled her down towards me.

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   We began to French kiss even as she pounded away at my dick. She started to scream because I began to pound my dick into her pussy, but I muffled it by French kissing her harder. I felt the sensation of jizzing coming back. This time, I didn’t even ask her and let it loose in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet this time, it was amazing. She collapsed ontop of me and I felt her big tits resting on my chest. The the phone rang. Priscilla kissed me and went to answer the phone.
Priscilla-“Hello? Oh hi honey. Yes, everything is fine. Oh ok. See you soon, bye!”
She then rushed to the couch and said.
Priscilla-“Pat, get your clothes on now! Your father is going to be here in two minutes!!”
I hurried to get my jeans on and my shirt on. She was struggling with her tight jeans so I ran over and helped her. When they got on, I slapped her ass.

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   She gave a little squeal but I knew she liked it. She then pulled her shirt on right as we heard the door open.
Luckily the TV was still on and we both sat down on opposite couches. My father came in and said.
Father-“What are beers doing on the table?”    
I realized the mistake and was about to say something when Priscilla said.
Priscilla-“Don’t worry honey. I only gave him a little sip of my second one, he isn’t drunk at all. ”
Father-“Ok, good, well, he can have a beer next time I suppose. Just don’t drink too much son. ”
            Me-“Ok dad. ” 
            Father-“Were you two bored at all while I was away?”
            Me-“Oh no Dad, definitely not. The game was great!”
            I saw Priscilla smile at me (her face wasn’t facing my dad) and I knew that she couldn’t wait for another fucking.