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I grew up on a farm with my twin sister and both my parents. The farmhouse is a nice big cottage in the middle of big open fields and woods that are miles in every direction. Back in the woods is a great big pond that nobody knows about and sometimes when we were younger my sister and I would sneak off and go skinny dipping in it.

There was nothing sexual about it. We both just liked the feeling of being naked outside and swimming. We are very close, my sister and I, being twins and all. Our mother would sometimes joke that we were conjoined at birth and that’s why we’re so close, like we have a psychic link between us. Anyway, it’s really no big deal that we saw each other naked a lot and that’s probably why.

So we’re a bit older now and we haven’t skinny dipped together in years. We actually haven’t even talked about it at all until this one afternoon when we were sitting in the living room together watching some documentary about a nudist colony.

"I think I’m a nudist" my sister blurted out.
"Hmmm," I said, "I think I might be too. ” We sat in silence and watched the show for a few more minutes until my sister laughed to herself and turned to me.
“Remember when we were younger and we used to run around naked late at night when Mom and Dad were asleep?"

Yeah," I laughed, "That was a long time ago. "
"Yeah," she said, "We should do that again. "
“You mean right now?"
"No, not right now, but sometime.


“Yeah," I said, "That would be sweet. "
Another long pause. . .

"But you know," she finally added, "Mom and Dad aren’t going to be home for a couple more hours. "
“Yeah," I said, "but it’s the middle of the afternoon. "
“So what! There’s not another house around for miles! Nobody will see us. And it is a nice day out. "
“This is true," I said, "I’ll do it if you do it. "

“Ok," she said, "Fuck it, let’s do it!” We both got up and ran to the front door. Before we opened it we looked at each other for a minute.
"Same time?" she said.
"Ok," I said, "Ready. . .

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In a few short moves we both had all of our clothes off. Now we were just standing at my front door looking each other up and down. She looked absolutely stunning, which says a lot because she’s kind of a nerd and has a way of hiding her hotness, but there was no hiding it with no clothes on I’ll tell you what. She looked down at my cock.

“You’ve grown since I last saw you like this. " she said.
I looked at her nice medium sized breasts, "Yeah so have you. "
I opened the door and we both stepped outside, cautiously looking around to see if the coast was clear. When we were positive that we were alone we both took of towards the field yelling "WOOOO!!!" and "FREEDOM!!!" as we ran at full speed.

The sun was hot on our skin but the breeze was nice and refreshing. Perfect weather for nudity. It’s kind of funny to watch somebody running naked, even two skinny people like me and my sister.

“Your boobs are bouncing up and down like balloons!" I yelled to her as we ran.
“Yeah?" she yelled back, "Well your dick is spinning like a propeller!"
We both laughed and collapsed finally in the middle of the open field. We were both out of breath and were lying on our backs.

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"That was fun," she said.
"Yup," I agreed. "Now," she said, "Lets get crazy!"
We both got up and started doing cartwheels and somersaults and any kind of frantic movements that might make is feel more free than we were. At one point my sister did a somersault and I caught a glimpse of her entire spread. My cock jumped a little at the sight.

"I just saw your asshole," I laughed.
Oh yeah?" she said, "Well all I see is one big asshole. "
We both laughed and layer down on our backs next to each other. For the next hour or so we sunbathed, mostly in silence, rotating every few minutes or so. I looked over at my sister’s skinny naked body. It was so nice I just wanted to mount her right then and there.

I started to get a boner though so I tried not to think about such things. To distract myself I grabbed a blade of grass. My sisters eyes were closed, so quickly but quietly I brought the blade of grass up to her vagina. I lightly fluttered it on her clit and she gave a yell and sprung up.

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“Oh my God!" She yelled and punched my shoulder, "I thought that was a bug you jerk!" "Hahaha!" I laughed, "Sorry I couldn’t resist!”
"Oh yeah?" she grabbed hold of my dick and pulled herself closer to me, "Well don’t let it happen again!” My dick throbbed in her grip.

“Oh my God, it moved!" she yelled and let go.
"Yeah," I laughed, "well that’ll happen when you grab it like that. " I said sarcastically. When she looked down at my cock, it was almost double it’s size already.
” So does that mean you’re getting a boner?" she asked.

"Ummmm, well. . . " but before I could answer I felt her fingertips lightly caress my shaft as she looked into my eyes. My heart skipped a beat, and then there was the sound of a car coming up the dirt road.

"It’s Mom and Dad!" I yelled. My sister got up and darted straight for the woods. I quickly followed. My heart was pounding as I looked behind me and saw our parents car pulling up into the driveway.

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   When we were safely behind the trees we crouched down and looked back.

Do you think they saw us?" she asked.
"I doubt it," I said, "Lets go further in just to make sure. "
So we started walking buck naked in broad daylight further into the woods towards the big pond. My sister was walking ahead of me and I just couldn’t resist staring at her very nice ass as it rhythmically bobbed up and down, side to side, up and down, side to side. . .

"Are you staring at my ass?" she looked back and asked.
"You’d be staring too. " I said, nothing to hide. "Well you’re starting to get a boner again. ” She was right. I was at about 50% at that point. “Well," I said, "Not much I can do about that. ” We stopped at a large flat boulder and sat down on it.

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   As I sat my cock went straight up in the air.

“Wow," she said looking at it, "You officially have a boner!"
"Like I said, not much I can do about it. ""Well," she said, "Looks like we might be here a while. You can jerk off if you want. I mean, it doesn’t look like that thing’s going anywhere for a while. "

"Eh, it’ll be gone in a few minutes," I lied. I could only feel it swelling more actually. We both just sat there and watched my cock grow by the second.
"I can’t believe I’m sitting here with my sister watching my cock grow. " We both laughed. "Yeah," she said, "Well just jerk off then, I don’t care!"

No way, not in front of you! "Wouldn’t be the first time I watched you jerk off," she blurted out. "What?" I said surprised, "When have you seen me jerk off?"
"A few times actually," she said smiling, "You need to learn to close your blinds when you watch porn. "

Yeah," I said, "Well I watched you using that green vibrator of yours a few times too. ” She laughed awkwardly, "Ok so we’ve both watched each other masturbating. Lets just do it! I’ll even start!"

And before I knew it my sister had three fingers swirling around her clit as her head rolled back.

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   I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening and I soon felt my own hand on my rock hard cock. "Yeah, that’s good," she whispered, now looking at my cock, "Stroke it for me. . . "

I held down the base of my shaft with my left hand and started jerking up and down with my right. My sisters eyes were glued to my cock as mine were glued to her pussy and there we sat in the middle of the day, my sister and I masturbating on top of a large flat boulder.

"Harder. . . " she said under her breath and I jerked harder.
"Like that?" I whispered back. “Oh yeah. . . " she sighed and plunged her fingers deep inside her pussy.

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   She suddenly got up and sat down on the ground directly in front of me.

She opened up her legs and continued to finger herself. I arched my back so my cock was directly above her and I watched as she watched me jerk off from below. I think she liked how my balls swung back and forth with every stroke.

I felt a small amount of cum at the tip of my cock. Just enough to lube it up for a big finish. My sister must have been getting wetter too because I could hear juicy squishy sounds coming from her pussy. In fact all we could both hear was our own squishy sounds and our own moans and groans.

We both quickened our pace and were getting really into it now. Nothing else around us seemed to matter anymore. It was just me and my sister locked into a sort of orgasmic bubble. The moans and groans we both made only took us closer and closer to climax.

"I’m gonna cum. . .

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  " I moaned. And before I knew it, streams of pearly white came pouring out of my cock and splashed against my sister’s chest. "Oh my God!" she yelled as her one hand smeared my cum around her breasts. One last stream shot out of my cock and streaked across her face.

"Ah!" she spit, "It got in my mouth!” Sorry," I said, panting. "It’s cool," she said standing up, "It just made me come quicker. ” Really?" I said, "You came?" "Yeah," she said looking at me and smiling. Me too. " I said
Well yeah, duh!" she said "It’s all over me!""Well," I said, "you got in my way. "

Hey I’m not complaining," she said and she kissed me on the cheeked.
"Hey you got cum on my face!" I said. "How’s it feel?" she laughed.

We both sat back down on the boulder and rested for a few minutes, both of us watching my cock finally go limp. We decided we would wait until it got dark and then try to sneak back into the house unseen through the basement.

"Well" my sister said finally, "We’re both still naked and I still have your cum all over me, so lets head down to the pond. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

  " I led the way this time, my sister staring at my ass now. I turned around a few times and giggled that she still had a streak of my cum across her face.

Well it’s not like I have a roll of paper towels on me or anything. " she said.
"The leaves are your paper towels!"
"Yeah right," she said, "I’m not getting poison ivy on my face just because you came on me. ”Suit yourself, jizz-face!"
"You really do have a nice cock by the way," she added as we walked.

"Thanks, I get it from Mom. " We both laughed You’ve got a nice set of tits there yourself," I said back. "Thanks," she said, "I get them from Dad!"

When we reached the pond we both dove right in and immediately swam towards the middle. "WOOOO!!!" we yelled as we came up, "It’s cold!" The water was a little shocking at first but it was well worth it.

Skinny dipping can feel so liberating it doesn’t matter what the temperature is. As we swam back towards where we could touch the bottom my sister swam in front of me. "Hold on to me," she said, "I can’t touch the bottom yet. "

She put her arms and legs around me and we embraced. It was a whole lot warmer so we stayed like that for a few minutes.


   Suddenly I realized that my cock and her pussy had made contact. I could feel her trimmed pubic hair tickling my shaft and my cock began to slowly swell again. I slowly rocked my hips from side to side gently smashing my growing cock into her vagina.

Are you getting hard again?" she whispered into my ear. ” I think so" I whispered back. ” Put it in me. . . " she said, and we started making out.
My cock immediately came to full attention and it slid all by itself deep into her pussy. "Oh my God. . . " she trembly whispered into my ear, "fuck me. .


  . "

Her hips began to roll up and down in a circular motion as her tight pussy lips swallowed my cock and let it go again over and over, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Our faces were stuck together as our tongues swirled around one another. Water began splashing up between us as I began thrusting upward, using my legs now instead of my hips to throw her up and have her land right back down on my big hard cock.

"Yeah!" she moaned and kept repeating, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your sister! Yeah, just like that!""You like this?" I moaned back, "You like being fucked by your brother?""Oh yeah!! Fuck me hard, brother!! Fuck your sister harder!! Harder!! HARDER!!!!"

Finally she turned around and grabbed my hand. "COME HERE!" She yelled and we both ran up to the beach. She then jumped onto the ground on all fours, stuck her ass up at me and looked back at me with a look of pure wanting.

I fell to my knees behind her and crammed my cock back into her pussy. The slapping sound that came from me fucking her doggie style must have been heard for miles. Her ass made waves as I slammed it forward and it came springing back. I felt myself about to come again and tried to hold out a little longer.

"I’m cumming. . . " I sighed behind her.

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"Ooooh, me too, Oo!!" she whined!
Suddenly her whole body tensed up and her pussy lips began to squeeze the life out of my cock. She shot about three feet away from me and spun around, landing on her back.

She had finished but I wasn’t quite done yet. I began beating off, using her pussy juice as lube. I was still on my knees as she crawled up to me and began jerking me off as we stared into each other’s eyes.

"Yeah baby," she said jerking me harder and faster ,"You like getting jerked off by your sister, don’t you. You’re gonna come aren’t you. "
"Yeah. . . " I managed to say, my body beginning to cringe uncontrollably. I was almost there. Just then my sister took my whole cock in her mouth and gave it one real good suck. "Oooooooh yeeaaah" I yelled.

She didn’t even spit my cock out when I came.

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   The suction in her mouth kept it locked in there and my cum when straight down her throat. She stayed right where she was, moaning and swallowing every little bit of cum until I couldn’t take it anymore. St- stop!!" I yelled, "Stop! No more!"

And I collapsed next to her on my back, breathing louder than I ever did before. She laid down right next to me and we both just breathed heavily for a few minutes, not saying anything.

Then we looked at each other in the eyes for a minute or so before we both started laughing uncontrollably. .