I finally got her!


This is my first story so please be gentle.


Today started out jus like any other day except my cousin Mary was staying at my house for the week because our moms were leaving for a week and she didn’t have a car yet and I did.   Let me describe myself I’m 6’3 wit black hair and very toned because I play basketball with a solid 9 ½ inch dick.   So when my alarm went off I got up to go take a shower jus like any other day but when I was out Mary was walking in and there I was standing naked in my bathroom with my cousin and she was only wearing a towel, and damn did she look good in that towel!  Now let me fill u in on what my cousin looks like she about 5’6 with 34C tities and the fullest ass I’ve ever seen! But back to the bathroom when she seen me she screamed and turned around and left saying she was sorry for not knocking be for she come in.

  Needless to say I was awake by now.   We got in my car and headed off for school with no conversation only the radio playing.   I couldn’t wait for school to be over so I could go home and swimming.
      As the bell rang to end the day I found Mary at her usual spot and told her I wanted to go home and swim but she said that she was going to the mall with some friends and she’d be back later so I hopped in my car and raced home towards the pool.   When I got in the water I was perfect and I swam a couple laps because our pool was pretty big but I must have lost track of time because I heard Mary walking around in the house and when she came out she was wearing the sexiest two piece swim suite that I’ve ever seen!  Mary said “I hope this cold water didn’t cause and shrinkage!” and started laughing. I told her “swimming through the artic couldn’t shrink what I got!”  she looked and me and said “lets see it then” I couldn’t believe she just said that so by the time I got out of the water my dick was already half hard and getting ready for action. I said “see I told you so” then she grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and said “that’s what I wanted to see” and immediately dropped to her knees and put my dick in her mouth.   All I could do was moan I felt so good! She was working my huge dick in and out her mouth like a pro while most girls can’t even get half of it in their little mouths.   She was sucking me so good I had to sit down so I pulled up a beach chair and let her continue.   Then she stared to get real nasty with it, she was spitting and my dick and deep throating me repeatedly and couldn’t take it anymore and I told her I was about to cum!  She didn’t even stop she jus kept bobbing her head faster and faster until I blew my load deep in her throat.  She swallowed every drop like a champ!  Mary told me that all she could think about at school today was coming home to this.  I told her if I knew I was this good we would have stayed home today!  “James I need this big ass dick inside me now! And I was happy to give her what she wanted.

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        Mary sucked me back hard again then climbed on me and slowly lowered herself onto my dick he pussy was so tight I couldn’t believe I was going to get this all week! As she began to ride me I stared to meet her downward thrust wit some of my own and we really got moving fast and I could hear her moaning in my ear and telling me how much she loved my dick. I told her to bend over the chair and get ready for the fucking of a lifetime!  When I entered her form behind she was already encouraging me to fuck her hard and that’s exactly what the fuck I did.  I grabbed those sexy hips and fuck her with all my force I was fucking her so hard u could here the SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Of her fat ass hitting my hips mixed with her constant moaning and screaming.  She was so nasty when she fucked saying things like “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!. . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . . pull my hair!!. . . . .


      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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      . . . . don’t stop beating my pussy up!!!  Hearing say things like that was so much for me to handle and I blew my second load deep in her pussy and fell on top of her exhausted after our 45 min fuck session.  All she could say was “this is gong to be the best week of my life!” and I said “you can beat your bottom dollar I will be!”

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    Please leave any and all comments and If there good I’ll finish the rest of their week together