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Let me give you a little background to the actual events in this story. Rob was (and still is) really cute, about 5'8, blonde hair and blue eyes, with a slim body, not exactly athletic but is pretty fit. As for me, well, I'm 5'4 now, with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. Back when I was fourteen, I was really skinny and around 5' tall, my boobs had just started to develop but I'd hardly suggest that I'd have put instant bulges in a guys trousers. I was what you'd call a typical young girl, almost a tomboy but as nature took over, curiosity over all things sexual began to enter my head. I'd go to bed early most nights, so I could try and catch a sneaky glimpse of Rob and his girlfriend Amy or listen to the strange noises they made. I used to think he must of been hurting her or something, from the way she moaned and whimpered, I'd no idea what they were doing. She was a bit of a bitch to me, always wanting me out of the way but she was a pretty girl, I could see why my brother was with her. A few months before my fourteenth birthday I got lucky. Mom and dad were out late night shopping and I'd been round at my mates house but because she got into trouble with her parents, I'd decided to come home early. I'd not given Rob or Amy much thought but then as I opened the door, I realised that she was there, so, shut the door as quietly as I could, took off my shoes and crept as quietly as possible, once at the top of the stairs, I nearly jumped out of my skin for joy, seeing his bedroom door slightly open. My heart was pounding as I crept along the landing, getting closer to his door. Oh my god! They were naked, Amy was on her back, her legs wrapped around Rob as he was bouncing up and down on top of her. She was moaning and through her groans, saying,     "fuck me Rob, fill me up with you cum!" I stood motionless watching the scene in front of me, my panties getting wetter by the second as I got more turned on. Then, Rob began to thrust harder onto Amy, her now screaming more than moaning, I guessed that he was cuming in her. So, I continued on to my room, virtually tore my clothes off and fingered myself silly.

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  I don't know if they knew I'd seen them but every time I saw him after that, he'd go bright red and try as hard as possible not to make eye contact. After a few weeks of that, I was beginning to think that he hated me and felt very self conscious. One night, I had gone to the loo, I walked from the bathroom towards my bedroom. Rob's door was slightly ajar and could hear him moan and as I went past his door, I could have swore he said,     "oh yes Jo, that's good!" I pushed his door a little, so I could see what he was doing. It was 4 a. m. , so, was just getting light, allowing me to see the covers were down enough for me to see his bare chest but I could see them rise and fall by his crotch. I hurried back to my room, forgetting to shut the door, sat on my bed, took off my nightie, throwing it on the floor, lay down and pulled the quilt over me and closed my eyes. All I could see in my head was Rob on top of Amy and wondered what she felt like, the more I wondered, the wetter and more turned on I became. Before I knew it, my hands were caressing my breasts, fingers teasing my nipples, pinching them, pulling and twisting. The bed was getting wet as juices flowed from my pussy, my legs opening in anticipation as my left hand moved towards my vagina. As my fingers found my pussy lips, I let out a gasp of pleasure. I'd never really put my fingers inside before but as if wanting to know how Amy felt with Rob's cock in her, I plunged a finger inside.     "Oh ggggoddddd!" I moaned as the pleasure radiated through my body, my fingers finding a rhythm in and out of my pussy, my legs opening wider, knees raising, allowing better access, to satisfy my need. I'd forgotten what time it was, that my door was open and that I was making more and more noise the faster my fingers moved and closer to orgasm I was getting.

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   With my body writhing, my quilt fell off my body, leaving me clearly visible. I was desperate to climax as my fingers and thumb found my hardened clit, working it furiously, feet now off the bed, knees open wide, then seconds later, my body froze as my pussy contracted hard.     "Ohhhhh wowwwwwww!" I groaned as the first wave of my orgasm hit, body bucking out of control as the second and third waves hit, until my body finally relaxed. I opened my eyes, looking for my quilt and suddenly felt very self conscious as I noticed a shadow in the hallway but tried to act calm, covering myself and going to sleep. I woke up the following day wondering who it was that had seen me masturbating the night before, put on my dressing gown over my naked body and headed down stairs for breakfast and with my bowl of Weetabix in hand sat down at the kitchen table. Dad was reading his newspaper as normal, mom was busy washing up but as I looked at Rob, he could barely contain himself, he had the biggest smile on his face, he must have been the one who'd seen me. I couldn't help feeling a little bit turned on, knowing that he'd been standing there watching me, had he had an erection because of me. He continued to look at me as I ate my food, even as I stood buttering my toast, I could feel his eyes surveying me. Eventually, I got up to go back upstairs and as I walked past him, he winked at me, when I looked down, I swore there was a bulge in his shorts. The next few day were full of embarrassed glances between myself and Rob, with me trying to avoid eye contact, just staying in my room doing homework and listening to music but once Amy arrived, it was impossible to concentrate on anything because it was never long before the unmistakable noises of teenage sex escaped through the walls into my room and my ears. I'd immediately become turned on and wet and however hard I tried to resist, I'd end up naked, lying on my bed, masturbating with unrestrained passion and lust, wishing that it was my body being pounded by my brother and not his girlfriend. It was almost as though their love making was trying to seduce me, the noises had far more passion than they ever had before Rob had seen me. I had long since forgotten that my thoughts were incestuous and wrong but I didn't care, I wanted him to make love to me. Friday night arrived, the now usual scenario had taken place, I was lying on me bed exhausted after an orgasm but it was too early to go to bed, especially as the weekend had started, so, I decided to go and relax in a nice warm bath. I picked up my towel and walked to the bathroom naked, I guess, hoping that I'd be seen by Rob and Amy but his bedroom door was firmly shut.

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   Once in the bathroom, I started to run the bath, sitting on the edge, the water rising over my feet and up my lower legs, until it was deep enough for me to lower myself into it. I lay down slowly, watching the water rise up my body, past my stomach to where it lapped gently around my boobs, standing proud of the water, like two islands in the sea, my nipples standing proud, still hard and sensitive from the attention I'd given them as I'd masturbated earlier in my bedroom, sending pleasant shock waves through my body as the hot water. It seemed like my world had been put on standby as I lay there relaxing, until, finally I got up and sat on the edge of the bath. Everything was prepared and ready, I picked up the soap, lathering it between my hands, opening my legs, I applied the lather to my pubic region. I hadn't got what you'd call a thick bush of pubes, although, I'd never shaved before, I had a fluffy mound of soft curly hair but I wanted to be smooth, I'd heard allot of guys talking at school about how sexy they thought shaved girls looked and I wanted to be sexy. I reached out and took the razor in my right hand, opened my legs even wider and began to remove my hair, working from the top down, outside to in. The more I removed the more excited I became and as the fingers of my left hand protected my pussy lips from the blades of the razor, it was all I could to resist from plunging my fingers inside and giving myself another orgasm. I sat for a few seconds, looking at myself, admiring how nicely smooth and virginal I looked, before I lowered back into the water and washed myself, ready to get out and dry off. I felt much more relaxed and had dried off, so, draped my towel over my arm and sauntered back to my room. Rob's door was wide open but nobody was there, so, a bit disappointed, I kept walking until I got to my bed, brushed my hair, put on a nightie and dressing gown and headed off to watch television downstairs. My nightie was light blue, with two thin shoulder straps, the fabric fell in a gentle v shape to between my boobs and as for its length, it barely covered my bum and without wearing knickers, would hide nothing but I still would never put any on. My robe was light pink and was made of very thin cotton, almost see through and traced down my body to half way down my slender thighs. As I entered the living room, mom and dad sat either side of the room in their own arm chairs, with no sign of Rob, I sat cross legged on the sofa and settled down to watch TV. It was 10. 30 p.

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  m. before my brother came in from walking Amy home, as he walked past me, he rustled his fingers through my hair and cheekily said,     "hello sexy, what are you still doing up, you should be in bed!" I stuck my tongue out playfully at him as he lay full length on the floor. Before he'd come into the living room, he'd obviously been up to his room to change because he was now wearing only a pair of boxer shorts and t shirt. I couldn't help letting my mind wonder as I ogled his muscular legs and tight arse, which filled his shorts in a way that amplified the luscious curves of his cheeks and could feel the moisture building between my pussy lips. Minutes later our parents looked at each other and stood up.     "We're off up to bed, don't get staying up too late and remember, we'll be going out early to the shops, so, you'll be fending for yourselves until dinner time. " We both nodded in their direction and returned to watching the television. I straightened my legs and lay down on the sofa on my back, head propped up on pillows and arm of the sofa, my dressing gown fell open, revealing my thighs. After a while, Rob turned onto his side looking at me. He was smiling, the feeling of self consciousness flowed within my body but this time, didn't cover up, merely smiled back. He laughed and said,     "last time I saw you lying on your back, you were naked and making my day!" I blushed but somehow, it made me feel sexier than I ever had before. I jumped up and walked over to him, giving him a playful kick in his side,     "how long were you perving for, you rat bag!" He laughed and as I went to kick him again he grabbed my leg causing me to lose my balance and to fall. He put out his hands because I was about to land in an uncontrolled heap on top of him, breaking my fall, allowing me to ease down gently, straddling his body. We both laughed but then I looked him right in the eye mischievously,     "I've got you now Robbie!"     "Oh really, well, that makes me really scared squirt", he scoffed but I knew that he was really ticklish, so, began to go to work on tickling him, fingers teasing his stomach, chest and sides mercilessly. He was giggling and writhing beneath me, I was almost unaware that my dressing gown had moved, allowing my bare wet pussy to be pressing against his boxer shorts, the belt on my robe had worked loose, so my thighs were fully exposed.

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  The more I tickled him, the more he wriggled about under me, his boxer covered cock was constantly rubbing my sensitive pussy lips. He was relaxing more with each passing second, his face getting more serious, I could feel his cock stiffening beneath my pussy, until it reached full erection. We both froze, almost with fear but I just smiled at him, stopped tickling him and began slowly grinding my hips onto his hard shaft, my pussy lips socking his shorts, opening around his bulge.     "Jo, what are you doing?"     "Close your eyes Robbie and think I'm Amy", I replied.     "No, I want to watch you Jo!"I was shocked by what he'd just said but excited beyond my wildest dreams, this hadn't been planned but feeling his hard cock, pressing against me was like I was actually fucking him and what's more, he liked it. His hips were starting to respond to my movements, bucking up and down, his cock throbbing under me. We were both breathing harder, becoming lost in the moment, wanting to please the other. I was starting to moan as my rhythm speeded up gradually, I was desperate to orgasm and was now on auto pilot. Reaching down, I slipped my left hand under my nightie, searching for my clit. Rob watched in awe as I rode his cock, now teasing my clit expertly with my fingers, him pushing harder into me, both closing in on climaxing. Rob put his hands under my robe and onto my thighs, I moaned with excitement as they moved higher, under my nightie around to cupping my bum as I ground onto his cock faster and harder, becoming more lustful with every thrust. He was bucking hard into me, we had long since lost control, he was groaning in the same way I'd heard him doing with Amy. I was tingling inside and building very quickly, pussy pulsing, breathing transformed into groans, almost screams. Suddenly, my body froze, unable to breathe as my climax prepared to release, then, whoosh, the first wave of orgasm hit, my pussy pounding hard onto Rob's cock as I let out a scream of pleasure. Rob's cock had worked through the slit in his boxers and was soaked with my juices, sliding smoothly against my pussy lips, a second, third and fourth wave hit before I began to relax.

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   I slumped forward, lying on my brothers chest, hips still grinding, wanting him to cum, his cock now pressed on the flesh of my stomach, him bucking hard up and down, until, with hard thrusts upwards, I felt his hot cum shoot between our body's over and over again. He pulled me up a little and put his lips next to mine, instinctively my mouth opened, allowing us to kiss passionately for the first time. We lay motionless for what  seemed an age, his hands running slowly up and down my spine under my nightie, I felt fantastic and wanted to be nude but before I could strip off, he said,    "We had better go to bed Jo, before mom and dad catch us!"As I walked into my bedroom, I left the door fully open, took off my robe, knowing that Rob was watching, still outside his room on the landing, then lifted my nightie over my head, leaving me naked and turned around, showing my self to him. He took off his top, threw it into his room, then pushed his boxers over his hips, letting them slide down his legs, his cock standing proud as I smiled, he blew me a kiss and disappeared into his room. I was so happy as I lay in bed thinking about what I'd done with him earlier, falling asleep, wet and dreaming of him. At 18 a. m. the following morning I woke up, walked in a daze to the bathroom, went to the loo and sauntered back to my room, stopping to look in Rob's room but he was fast asleep, so, went back and got into bed. It wasn't long before I started to think about the night before and how good Rob's cock had felt rubbing on my pussy, so, it wasn't long before my eyes closed and my fingers trailed down my body to my vagina, with my fingers slowly running up and down my slit. I was lost in my daydreams, not even noticing that Rob had come in.     "I hope you're thinking of me shorty!"I opened my eyes and beamed a smile at him, seeing him standing there totally naked, he smiled back as I moved to one side of the bed. He didn't hesitate, knowing I was inviting him into my bed, pulling back my quilt and lying next to me, gently pushing my hair away from my face. I moved forward and kissed his lips softly, just letting my lips linger on his for a few seconds before pulling away. He smiled, moving forward, he began kissing me, our mouths opening, our tongues intertwining, passions igniting as the kiss continued. Our bodies were pressed together but my left hand found its way between us, to find Rob's balls, which felt soft and warm and as my fingers explored around them, I could feel the surge of excitement in his body.

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   My hand moved to his cock, Rob rolled onto his back and moaned, pulling off the quilt and throwing it to the floor, my fingers squeezing his shaft and jerking it.     "Hey Jo, gently!"He moved his right hand and put it around mine, guiding it slowly, smoothly, up and down his hard cock in long rhythmical movements.     "That's better, take your time with it, it feels really good now!"I leaned over and kissed him on the lips as he took his hand off mine, letting me stroke him by myself and then watched his cock as my hand move on it. It looked huge in my small hand, feeling warm, was hard yet soft on my skin, the sack with his balls in appeared to be shrinking or something and a clear liquid was tricking from the hole in his knob. Rob turned slightly and began lightly running his fingers around my boobs, my nipples already hard and sensitised, so, as his fingers and thumb lightly teased one of them, I couldn't help but groan, the rhythm of my hand on his shaft speeding up, his hips bucking in response. He took my nipple between his lips, swirling his tongue around it, sucking it hard, pulling and releasing, over and over again, taking me to new heights of ecstasy, his hand now between my legs massaging my soaked pussy.     "I'm going to cum Jo, don't stop!"His hips now thrusting hard as he lay back on my bed, me watching in awe at how big his cock had become and how good it felt in my hand. Then suddenly, his hips sunk into the bed, his face contorted, then as he pushed up hard against my hand a spurt of cum exploded from his cock, landing on his chest. Over and over again, cum shot from his penis until he began to relax and breathe easier as his orgasm subsided. I knelt up beside him, licked his cum off my hand, bending over him I licked is cock clean and then licked the cum off his chest, swallowing every last drop. I crawled up his body, lying on top of him, kissing him passionately, wrapping my arms and legs round him, I had never felt so turned on in the whole of my life and didn't want the feelings to disappear. We kissed for ages, feeling his fingers run through my hair down my back and to squeezing my bum cheeks as his cock began to harden under my body. The sensation of feeling it growing under me, pressing into my stomach made me feel as though I was the sexiest girl alive. Rob finally broke our kiss, pushing me off him and onto my back, getting up and moving down the bed. He kissed each of my toes on both feet and then inch by inch from my toes up to my knees, first on one leg and then the other.

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   He stood up and moved to the end of the bed, my heart was pounding as I watched him open my legs, was he going to take my virginity, kneeling between my feet. He kissed my left knee softly and then with the very tip of his tongue, licked all the way up my inner leg and thigh into my groin, I was almost disappointed when he pulled away and did the same to my right leg. It felt so good, I was breathing hard, getting wetter and more turned on by the second, my fingers teasing and pulling at my own nipples as I watched him. He moved closer to me, bending over my body, his tongue circling my belly button, before probing in and out, making me groan in loud appreciation. Then his tongue slowly and agonisingly left my belly button, moving lower over my freshly shaved and by now very sensitive pubic region. My legs had instinctively opened wider, inviting him to have his way with me.     "Oh my god, oh yes, oh fuck, don't stop!"I screamed as his tongue found my pussy lips, trailing up and down my slit, my hips and body squirming under is touch. My lips parted as he applied more pressure with his tongue, licking under the folds of my flesh, teasing me beyond my widest dreams, probing deeper and deeper, until he could swirl the tip of his tongue, exploring my vagina, then rhythmically moving in and out. My pussy was wetter than it had ever been, juices dribbling from my lips down to my bum and onto the sheets, I was moaning so loud and bucking my hips, fucking Rob's mouth. As he began sucking my clit, I was beyond heaven and knew my orgasm was very close, my whole body was tingling, until I felt my pussy contract hard, clenching his tongue. I was unable to breathe, my body seemingly paralysed as Rob continued sucking, until, in a massive release my orgasm hit.     "Oh fuck, oh my god, oh, oh!"It felt like I was peeing in Rob's mouth as the juices pulsed from my pussy, wave after wave of ecstasy, my hips bucking hard, me screaming with pleasure, my climax exhausting my body until I began to relax. Rob sat up on his knees, his face dripping with my juices but smiling radiantly, reached forward with his hands holding  mine, pulling me up so he could kiss me passionately. I was totally drained, my orgasm sapping my strength. As we kissed, his hands went around my waist, lifting me onto his thighs, my eyes were closed but my right hand managed to find his cock and gently tease it with my fingers, up and down the shaft, feeling it throb under my touch.

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  Our mouths eventually parted.     "Are you ready for me Jo?I nodded yes but all of a sudden felt a sense of apprehension but more than anything in the world, I wanted him to be my first. I was just so tired. He told me to stand up, which I did, without hesitation, he moved forward slightly, to between my feet, kissing each of my thighs (god, how much did I like that, wow), then with his hands on my hips, he lowered me down so I was squatting over him. I have no idea how I managed to do this, my heart was beating so fast, my legs still shaking from the affects of my orgasm, his cock touching my pussy lips, his hands still on my hips. As he guided me lower, I felt my pussy lips open as the tip of his cock eased inside, bit by bit filling my vagina, me watching as his knob disappeared. Suddenly I felt he could go no deeper, he paused.     "Close your eyes Jo and relax". The anticipation was unbearable, it seemed like forever being held in that position but he was waiting for the right moment and with one swift jerk from his hand on my hips, he pulled me hard down onto his cock. My pussy felt like it was burning inside, the pain intense, my feet now off the bed, wrapping my legs around him. He held me still on his cock with one arm around my lower back and with his other hand, he tenderly brushed the hair out of my face, then leaned forward, kissing the tears on my cheeks and then kissing me, I responded as passionately as I could. I was getting used to his cock inside me as the pain disappeared, he pushed me backwards so I was lying on his legs. His fingers ran gently from my shoulders, down to my breasts, cupping and massaging them, fingers and thumbs then teasing my nipples, making me moan again. His left hand trailed down my stomach, over my mound and onto my clit, stroking it gently, I felt my pussy tighten around his shaft as he worked my clit harder, god, I was going to cum again. My legs were pulling me hard onto him, hips trying to buck but couldn't, still my orgasm came hard and strong.

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   He pulled me up and put his hands on my hips and began moving me up and down his shaft in slow long movements, it felt so good, I was so tired but wanted to buck on him, I wanted to feel him cum inside me. He was moving faster and I could feel his cock throbbing, he was groaning too, then holding me on him, he moved so he was lying on top of me, my legs wrapped tight around him, my hips now able to buck and fuck his cock. Again we kissed passionately but as our mouths parted, I knew this was it, he was now thrusting hard into me, I screamed as another orgasm hit, one wave after another but just as my body relaxed, he drew his cock back so just his knob was inside me, he froze for a few seconds, before he thrust hard into me as his cum began filling me, thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt, until he slumped on top of me. He rolled off me but pulled me on top of him, we kissed again, both happy, running his finger through my hair as I lay my head on his chest.     "Hey Jo, did you know that Amy fancies you!"He giggled. . . . . . . . . . .


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