How it all begin............


Hi, my name is Gillian but my friends and most of my family call me Lily and I'm 20 years old. I want to share my story with you about how my housing arrangements changed my life when I was 18 years old. To start I should describe myself , I´m 5 ft 2 and I have always had huge boobs I´m petite but i was 38 DD atthirteen so I always felt uncomfortable on my on skin. My parents, well let´s just say that work came always first, social life second and travel third, me? not even fourth. You see I was the product of too many drinks and an broken condom, but my family came from money and we lived in a very nice mansion, I went to a very good school and all that stuff. Its pretty clear that I never spend too much time at home so I always stayed at my best friends houseMandy. We grew up together and her dad John was my dad too, her mother died in a freak accident when she was 1 year old.
So nowyou have a little of my background and now let me tel you how things changed:

It was the day ofMandy´s 18 birthday, we had a cool party and dad (Mandy's dad) let us do anything we wanted. I was going to stay the weekend and I had everything in my pack so I went to our room to change into my PJ's.

When I was up stairs I heard the door bell and I hurry up and came down stairs to see who was it. To my surprise it was Mandy´s uncle Jim, he and dad were talking about some stuffs and sharing glances at us from time to time. Mandy was really excited I didn't know why or what was happening because she didn't tell me anything.
When it was time to bed dad and uncle Jim gave us both hugs and kisses and send us to bed. It was around 3 am when some weird noise woke me up and I start searching for Mandy but she wasn't in the room with me. The noises kept getting louder and louder and they were so strange, I started towards the noise trying to quiet when I came to dad´s roomI froze. Mandy was in dads bed spread eagle with dad and uncle Jim.

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  Dad was sucking her cunt, he had her spread with his fingers and was licking and sucking her hard. Jim was sucking her breast and playing with them. Mandy was gasping saying YES, YES, YES DADDY!! MAKE ME YOURS DADDY! I couldn't believe what i was seeing. Then dad, was fingering her and was telling her that now since she was 18 she was going to become their woman. That they will possess her make her theirs. She was going wild grunting, gasping moaning and then dad open her legs wider and position the head of his dick in her cunt and pushedinside her hard, Mandy moan loud and then he started fucking her at first slow and then he became frantic, he fucked her hard and deep you could see the bed shaking from their fucking. Suddenly Mandy came with a cry and then her dad fill her with his sperm. After he was done uncle Jim came and took her fathers place. I had never seen a cock before in my life but uncle Jim and dad they are huge, 9 inches and almost 3 wide. Mandy cried again when uncle Jim pushed inside her and then the moaning started again. They started fucking and they were both telling her that she was theirs now, her mouth, her tits her, her cunt, her ass, were theirs.
    Uncle Jim wasn't too gentle, he put her legs on his shoulders and fuck her deep then he put his thumbs on her clit and Mandy came hard she screamed and uncle Jim pumped her once, twice and came spilling his seed inside her. When they were done, they both kiss her deeply and then they turned her and lay her on her stomach, dad came with a black dildo and put some oil in it while uncle Jim told Mandy to offer herself to them. Mandy used her hands to spread her ass cheeks and then uncle Jim started rubbing something oily in her anus, then he push a finger inside her and was fucking her with it then there were two, and then dad came with the dildo and started pushing inside her asshole. Mandy was breathing hard and saying that it hurt but uncle Jim told her to accept it and spank her ass while dad finished pushing that thing inside her.

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       When it settle, they turn her around and told her to get dress, when she was ready they both hugged her and kissed her and told her that now she was their bride, that tomorrow when theytake her ass and cunt at the same time she will become their wife.
    I turned around before they notice I was watching through thedoorand i rushed to my room and pretend to be asleep whenMandy came in. I was shocked but I was also tingling inside, my panties were wet and my cunt hurt but I didn't do anything.
    The next day I couldn't help to act and look at them a bit weird, and when Mandy asked me what was wrong I told her that I saw everything that happened early this morning. Mandy told me that they knew that I was watching and that they want me to become their bride and then wife when I turn 18 two weeks from today. That they already love me and that I loved them. They will protect me and care for me and love me and we will become a family.

    to be continued. . . . .