How I Turned Incest


People round us would admire seeing the afecton betwen us. I love my little sister the more, the reason I don't know why! she means something speacial to me; and she too feels the same for me. well, I haven't know the the thought of incest till i frst explored this sister. It all happened a sweet night -- When I am 14, my elder sister 18 , and my littie swathie 8. we, the children, saw a movie on the television, andset out for bed. usually I and my elder sister sleep in one bed, while my little sister sleeps with our parents. But some times my littie (let's name her now) swathi persuades me that she would sleep with me;and I would protest saying she kicks me in her sleep. But she would win over me at my parents and sleeps with me. ,to my loss as I could not masterbate that nght . But tonight is different , she said that she would sleep with me , and I didn't say a word,know not why! We went to bed as usual, as always my littie swathi sleeps between the two of us--me and my elder sister. we chatted for sometime and fell asleep. But at some point at night I woke up for water ,as I felt very thisty,to find my littie huging me so tight with her thigh over mine and her head over my chest.

I didn't know why but I got aroused feeling her thigh over mine. I slowly called 'swathi, sis. . .

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   ' -- came no respone. My mind worked dirtier, I caresed her hair,slowly slid my fingers on to her cheeks . . smoothed them for a minute and slowly moved further to her lips . . . my fingr quivered. . . I gatherd courage and moothly rolled my fingers over her lips. . . I felt she moved a bit coser to me. I waited fo a while and continued with the miasdventure. .

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  I now slghtly pinched her lips. This time I could observe clearly she huggeg me tighter than ever. I assured myself that she will not wake up as she is feeling the thrill. I moved my arm round her waist and pressed her towards me more tighter. she breathed heavily. Now got more couragious and adjusted myslf a bit to roll my thigh over hers so that he thigh will be between mine, and mine between her thighs. While doing all this I kept an eye on my elder sister "chathurya"to make sure that she is sleeping .
    I ,now got to a conclusion that my littie is enjoying this. So I kissed her lips . . . I could feel her hot breaths. . . I slid my tounge into her mouth .

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      . . she showed no sign of objection. I touched he toyngue with mine and encircle it . It felt like I'm tasting sweet! no,no something more which at that age i wouldn't know. I layed likewise for a minute or two and then moved my hand to her breass . . . 8 year old's breasts She hadn't an. But I mussaged her breast area and to this to my amazement my littie started gasping . I felt so excited that I took her in to my hands . . . one sq ueezing her buttoks while the other over her back and kissed her deply puhing her between my thighs. she adjusted herself in my arms like a n 8 motnh old babe.

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      we lied there like that for time unkown and slept as we were. And suddenly something like a thunderwoke us up. . . and it was my elder sis chathu. . . she was staring at us bewildered. And that is another story. . . . If you liked the first one ,then certainly more woul follow. Do post your comments on my story with no hesitation. .

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