How I made my mother in law my bitchpart 10 (the sister in law Karen)


How I made my mother in law my bitch 10(another sister)I had just dropped off my mother in law after I fucked her silly againtonight when I stopped at a bar for a minute to have a beer before I went hometo my wife. Knowing she would be sleeping I figured I had all night.

When I pulled into the parking lot I noticeda couple going at it intheir car. I love the voyeur stuff so I decided to park a little close tothem. What I saw was a woman giving her man a great blowjob well ok the back ofher head for starters but isn't any blow job a great one?After a couple minutes she moved up off of her knees and I am sure she wasabout to ride him when all of a sudden I realized that I knew who it was. . Icouldn't believe what I saw but one of my wife's sisters lifting her skirt andstraddling a man who was not her boyfriend. WOW here was my sister in law theone who teaches grade 2 students riding some guy in the parking lot. My cockgot harder seeing who it was and she never even looked my way as I was watchingfrom the seat of my truck. With my phone I was taking video as she started to ride the lucky guy upand down and back and forth. His hands caressed her little tits under her topbut soon she was lifting her shirt over her head. . Her hands grabbed onto hisshoulders as she was reaching orgasm. She much have cum a couple times before hehad her get off of him and he had her turn around so he could fuck her frombehind. .

What an amazing body she has she is 5'9 and about 118 pounds with the mostamazing ass you will ever see.

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  . Now I was rubbing my cock as his cock wasslamming into her hard. . The street light went out for a second and it got darkand I thought it was over but the light came back on just in time to see theyhad switched places and he was nailing her on as she sat on the chair. . I don'tknow what made her look overmy way but she did and all of a sudden she freakedout and started to panic. She was trying to push him off and grab for her clothand he looked totally lost. A couple minutes passed when she got out of the carand came over pleading for me to not say a word and she wont ever do it againand all the other crap people say when they get caught. I looked at her andtold her to shut up and get in the truck. .

 The guy in the car just took off so Iassume she told him who I was.

. When she got in the truck she was crying and she looked awful but sexy ashell. She kept saying how sorry she was and how she has never done anything likethat before. .

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  When I told her yea well your going to do it again right now. She pleaded with me that it was wrong what she did and how she cant do thatto her sister as I made the comment but its ok to do it to your BF?After aboutthree more minutes of her crying I said look you don't have a choice You don'tdo as your told and I will show your BF the video and then I will post it on theinternet so your school will see it so you really don't have much of a choice. I leaned over towards her to kiss her but she wouldn't kiss me back so Igrabbed her by the back of the hair and told her. . You can do this the nice wayor we can do it the rough way your choice. . She leaned forward and kissed meback. I wiped away the tears from her face and I started to take my pants offWhen i started to kiss her again I took her hand and placed it on my cock. . OMG its huge that wont fit. I told her she was going to try and in saying that I grabbed the back ofher head and guided it towards my cock. She did her best as her head bobbed upand down I was telling her how hot she was and how out of all her sisters Iwanted to fuck her the most. I don't know if that turned her on or what but sheseemed to squeeze my cock a little harder and take a little more into her mouth. I was feeling her tits with one hand and my other hand was running back andforth between her thighs and over her great ass. When I made contact with her pussy she let out a shiver.

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  She was soakedwhen my fingers finally stopped roaming and found the inside of her lips. . Shestopped sucking my cock for a second and looked at me with total lust. . Then hereyes closed as she squeezed her thighs and started to cum just like that on myfingers. I continued to finger her pussy making sure it will be easier for my cockto slide into her. . I don't know if she was trying to suck my cock like a champso I would cum before I fucked her but I wasn't going to take that chance. .

Ilifted her head off of my cock and told her it was time. Again she pleaded wecant and how she would suck my cock till I cum but I told her to straddle me. She did just that lifting her her leg over mine and taking my cock and guidingit into her pussy. . Slowly she sank down trying not to look at me. .

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      her handsresting on the seat but I could feel her feeling her pussy getting filled. Whenshe reached the bottom she sat there for a second waiting for her pussy tostretch to the thickness. . I could her her moan and mumble OMG under her breathbefore she started to ride up my shaft. I told her to look at me and shedidn't. . She was looking out the window trying not to enjoy it but it wasn'tlong before she actually started a rhythm. . Look at me I said to her again. . This time she looked right into my eyes and leaned forward and kissed me. Withinseconds she shuttered as she had another orgasm. I wanted to see her on her back and I wanted to taste her pussy for yearsnow so here was my chance. Eating her pussy till she came again but It wasgetting late so I shifted and laid her down. She was looking into my eyes when Istarted thrusting in and out of her pussy.

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       Her hands were now on my hips settingher own pace. . I told her it wasn't going to be long till I cum and she said tocum on her and not inside. Like I was going to listen. . I reached over and grabbed my camera and she pleaded no butI wasn't going to let this moment go away ever. . She pleaded but I didn't care Itook pictures of her laying there with my cock in her. I had her turn over so i could fuck her diggy style and to look at her ass and I told her next time I will be fucking her ass and to be prepared. . She started yelling about a next time as I told her to shut the fuck up and learn her place in my life will be to fill my needs now. . When I told her she was goingto swallow my load and she said she doesn't do that. . I told her you do now.

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      . With that I pulled out and grabbed her by the hair till her face was inches frommy cock. . My load shot all over her face as she sat there taking it all again. I told her Open your mouth and clean my cockso there isn't a mess. . So Itook another pick with her face full of cum and my cock in her mouth. God shelooked hot.

    . When she sat there she asked me to delete the picks and she would doanything I asked. I told her with the picks she will have no choice. I thentold her to sit back and spread her legs. (click, click) now finger your pussy Iwant to see them deep to. (click click click)I told her the hell with your BFseeing these could you imagine what the school board would say if they ever seenthem. .

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       She was crying again when i told her I will keep my word and not showanyone as long as she did what she was told. . Watching her with her fingers inher pussy I felt my cock twitch so I did make her suck my cock again. This timehaving her swallow it all. I drove her to her car and it was perfect her BF just pulled up and askedher where she was. . She said she went to the house down the street and called meto give her a boost. . Her BF knows nothing about cars so it went well. . Ipretended to fix her car and I told her I she was good to go. . Her BF looked atme and thanked me for taking care of her and I told him it was totally mypleasure. . She didn't say a word and got in her car and left.

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      . I went home and my wife was still sleeping. . I leaned over and kissed heron the cheek. M cock was hard again thinking about her sister as I pulled downmy wife's pj,sShe woke up and told me to fuck off and not to even try it. . Thank god for in laws. If it wasn't for them I would have to go outside thefamily.