How did we get this far ?


It was the summer of my 17th year and as a young man small in stature between the legs, but attractive looking as many had smiled at me but no one I knew would want me being so short.   I had a few chances and none paid off, one even laughed me out of the car before I got mad and took her home.   Then came the day when things changed.
It was early June and I had loaded my father’s lawnmower to go help out my great aunt.   I mowed her lawn once a month for her for the grand sum of $5.   It was warm that morning so all I had on were sneakers and short pants – the old denim kind that been made from blue jeans worn out.   I worked in the early sun until almost eleven that day and finished her yard by raking it and trimming the weeds around her flower beds and house.   When I finished I place the mower under a shade tree and relaxed near it wiping the grass and sweat off my face and legs.
My aunt had brought me a couple of glasses of water and  the towel I was using but nothing had happened to give me any warning of what was about to.   She was nearly 5’ tall and weighed about 150 pounds, standing a good half foot higher I was lighter by 18 pounds than she. I had let my hair grow long and wavy brown and with my natural sun tanned skin I stood and let her wipe the sweat from my back as she dressed in her red flowered housecoat stood behind me.   The feeling I had was that she was just happy someone came to see her; you see she was retired and almost 70.   She had white hair that was curled tight to her head and pair of bright red painted lips.   She wore makeup all the time and as she moved out from behind me into the sun I saw it glow behind her and I could almost see through her housecoat and the fact that she had absolutely nothing on under it.   I knew she saw me stare and I was ashamed I did it for my small little member betrayed me quickly.   It raised poking outward and bulging my pants and she giggled as she looked at me and said, “You should clean up before you go home.

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    Come in and I will fix the shower for you. ”
Now it wasn’t uncommon when I did help out for me to clean up before going home.   It wasn’t that rare that she offered me a shower, what as uncommon was the way she smiled at me when I went inside and flopped my shoes off on her patio.   She looked at me and then calmly said, “You should let me wash your shorts while you shower, and of course your underwear. ”
I replied back, “I’m not wearing any underwear. ”
Then with a semi evil smiling grin she walked over and looked into my eyes and said, “As you could see earlier, neither am I. ”
Her robe was held together by only two buttons as I looked down her body.   Somehow in a manner of seconds she had loosened the remaining five.   I could see her white pale skin and inner breast, large white and plump and as the final two buttons loosened by her hand she exposed the remainder of them and her incredible 48EEE boobs with a sag to them and two utterly magnificent nipples that were erect and poking out a good inch and a half each.   They were red firm and large as she pushed her robe off her shoulders.   Her pudgy belly was wrinkle free, as she never had any children and was only married to one man for a total of eight months.   The most amazing thing was her legs and butt were worn by age but still looked and felt soft as silk as I found my hand led to her hips by her.   As my hands touched her bare ass, we were moving into a very intense new area of our relationship and even more amazing was that we were doing it out in the open of her patio in the back of her house.   I let my hands wander along her hips and up her side and then as they found her mounds, her mouth moved to mine.   We kissed slowly at first until I roughly fondled her left breast then our deepest wettest kisses exchanged and in a passionate lustful moment I was stripped of my shorts by her and then led to the indoor outdoor carpet to meld into a wild embrace of lips arms hands and flesh.

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    Se knew my weakness as she had seen me naked a few times when I would shower, I had spied her walking in on me, yet she seemed glad to accommodate me now.   I was convinced no one would ever want me so I was easy prey to her loving sexual touch.   By the time my mouth was guided to her ripe large nipples I was lost in her and yes, I was not about to stop.   I devoured each one over and over and when I heard her first moans and pants I slid my hand between her legs and found her shaven bald wet pussy was soaked and squirting as I dabbled my fingers along the outer skin and folds of it.   Her legs opened wide and in one movement I was guided between them and as they wrapped around me it was as of she were forcing me to thrust into her as deep as my four would go.   She bucked me like a wild mustang and I hunched her madly until I felt the juices from us both flow freely and in great mass.   Then as I cried out in ecstasy, she cried out in the same and we shuttered and shook and crumpled into a mass of wet satisfied flesh on her patio as the after noon sun began to greet our bodies.   We kissed for many passionate lusting minutes before my head was pushed downward to her wet cum soaked pussy.   I did not really not what to do but with her gentle voice she instructed me, “Take you lips and kiss me where we made love and if you will lick me as if I were candy melting in your mouth. ”
I did as she asked and soon I found and felt her hands hold my head tighter as I went wild lapping her wet inner folds until she drenched my chest and face and open mouth with even more juices.   Then she took me from the patio and led me to the shower and hand bathed me herself.   When we finished she towel dried me and then I her naked body and we went to her bedroom where she placed me on her bed, and then knelt over my small cock to kiss it and lick it and when she started to suck me, I went wild.   It took her only five minutes to make it cum again and when she finished she made me kiss her fully and deeply.   She took great pleasure in swirling our juices in our mouths.   She reclined beside me and caressed my bare chest with her finger tips and as she did I was fed her incredible nipples one at a time.

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    Then as the daylight began to fade we noticed that time had passed for us and she knew as I did that I had to get home.
I dressed and walked outside and loaded the mower.   When I was just about to go, she surprised me by walking out and taking me into her arms and kissing me fully.   Then she whispered into my left ear, “Anytime you want more of me, come back and get some. ”
With those words she led me to my car as I sat at the wheel; she fondled my bare chest and crotch and even gave me a free peek at her boobs a few times.  
Well needless to say we made love many times after that and only when I had to move away for business did it stop.   I have had no one else since then and though she is now 80, I still wonder if she wants me.