House To Myself Part2


well if you didn't read part1 this is what happen my parents and sister and i had the house to myself untill my aunt Rose came over for the weekend, I got to fuck my aunt Rose and when i woke up my sister Jane was in the doorway looking dead at me and aunt Rose and that where i left off.
I was so shocked to see my sister here looking at me and aunt Rose the first words was what do we have here big brother sham on you taking advantage of poor aunt Rose.I asked her was she going to tell mom ane dad she said maybe,maybe not then she took out her phone and took a picture of me and aunt Rose I woke up aunt Rose she got dress quickly and left she was so embarrassed.I asked my sister what was she doing here so early she said that mom dropped her would always do things like this she was so evil, what do you want from me Jane,alots of things okay ill give you 50 dollars if you would delete the picture in her phone I don't your want my 50 bucks okay ill do your chores for a mouth I don't want that either then what do you want then mom and dad came though the door ill tell me later and she left to her friends house so i went to sleep when i woke up it was 5:00 she was on the couch watching tv come and watch this movie wit me with me so i did started watching the movie wit her when i notice that it was a porn movie.Why are we watching a this movie,I like this movie it was a incest movie im not watching this she said yes you are,unless you want mom and dad to find out what you been doing with aunt Rose so i sat back down she said that the sister and brother sceen was her favorite part the guy in the porno bent the girl over the table and started fucking her doggy style Jane asked me have i ever did some one doggy style before yeah once or twice.what do you want from me Jane i want you to fuck me right here on the couch just hering here say that got me a hardon, what are you crazy your my sister so aunt Rose is your aunt.she started massaging my dick i t felt so good but i couldn't do it i pushed her hand off and went into my room and went to sleep the next day i got up to go make some breakfast Jane was at the table eating bowl of ceral dad was in the kitchen reading the news paper i sat down across from her she was stroking my dick with her feet under the table I was lovin ever second of it but i acted like i hated it i was ready to cum when she stopped i got up and left.I was about to call my girlfriend Jamie to see if she wanted to go to the movies but jane told me that she wanted to go to the movies I told her no im not taking you to the movies O well i guess mom and dad is going to have to know what you and aunt Rose did,fine ill take you to the movies.

we got there she wanted to sit in the front row when the movie started she leaned on my shouder and in the middle of the movie i felt her hand rubbing my dick i started to get erect she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and started sucking me right in the movie i wanted to say stop but i couldn't it felt so good i was moaning and she was sucking me like a expert i came all over my little sisers face it felt so good.we got home and went in to my room i couldn't even stop thinking about Jane i couldn't even wait to fuck her i decided to go in to her room late tonight and fuck the shit out of my little sister.It was 1:00am i got up and walked down the hall iwas outside her door when i herd moans coming from her so i opened the door and saw some guy fucking my sister i was so mad was about to kill that guy but my sister just told him to leave i was almost broken hearted she came up to me and asked me why was i going into her room for i told her that i want to fuck her as much as she wants to fuck me.She came closer and started stroking my dick with her hand i thought i was about to cum right then and there i started sucking on her tits she told me that she wanted to suck my dick again so i shoved my dick in her mouth i started to moan real load, she got up off her knees, I pulled her panties to the side and started  teasing her wet pussy with my dick then i shoved it in she yelled FUCK ME BIG BROTHER!!!FUCK YOUR LITTLE SISTER PUSSY she yelled FUCK ME DOGGY STYLE!!! then she turned over then i started pounding the shit out of her she was yelling FUCK ME HARDER !!FUCK ME HARDER!! I yelled IM ABOUT TO CUM!!!!!! THEN I LET MY LOAD OUT ALL OVER HER ASS THEN SHE LICKING MY DICK CLEAN