house rules


let me get started, my name is tiffany im 18 years old im a freshman in high school and lets just say i live in a very upscale neighborhood.   my Mom left my dad when i was 7 because she said he was always working and never was home, and since he was never home she also suspected that he was cheating on her. i havent really heard from her since.   I have an older brother named eric hes 23 and still lives at home (our house is a 6 bedroom mansion on a hill so i dont really blame him for not leaving) he works for my dad in the mail room at his office. my dad is 49 and is an investment banker and is close to retirement and one of the most controling dads i've ever met.  
anyways back to me since i was young ive always been a little ahead of the curve as far as maturity and growth. black hair and C cup boobs with an ass that bubbled like a baloon that i saw every guy looking at and i think that is why ive always been one of the popular girls i had my first boyfriend in high school when i was a freshman, his name was kyle and he was a junior at the time.   he was the one i lost my viginity to.   we had been having sex for a while and got comfortable enough to do it at my house with my dad home i mean my house was big enough to be screaming in one room and no one would hear you. but one day came when we got cought by my dad. we were fucking in my room and as kyle was pounding me from behind he grabbed a hold of my hair pulling my head back and said in my ear "whos your daddy bitch?" he said it only loud enough so i could hear but when i replied our neighbors could probably hear me.   i just started screaming "your my daddy - fuck me daddy"  and on that note my dad slams through my door screaming grabs my boyfriend throws him on the floor and tells him to get the fuck out and as hes walkin out of my room he looks at me naked on my bed and just says "fuckin slut.

. "  about two weeks later my dad said he wanted to talk to me about it.   he told me that he was fucking pissed and that if i ever tried to do that again in his house he'd kill the guy that i was with.   he knew that it was about a week from halloween and knows that all girls dress like sluts and whores on that day so he said that if he cought me drinking or dressed like a slut that i was gonna have hell to pay so i agreed and walked away.


   the day of halloween i got my coustume it was a slutty nurse out fit, but to trick my dad i got a tie die shirt and sweatpants to cover it and act like a hippy.   the hippy outfit got me passed my dad and in my friends car on the way to our high schools halloween party i transformed from hippy into the slutty nurse i planned on being.   the party was awsome i got sooooo drunk and i hooked up with one guy but it was nothing special, when we were dancing he started fingering me but after that it was kinda boring. it was getting late and i knew my crefew was getting closer so i asked for a ride home from like one of the only guys there who wasnt drinking he agreed to but as we got in his car he said "now to get from me your gonna need to suck my dick" being that it was getting late and i knew my dad would kill me if i was late so i said i would.   i said i was running late so i asked him to drive while i blew him so we did.   my head was bobbing up and down the whole way home and this guy i didnt even know came down my throat about a block from my house so i cleaned up and ran inside about 1 minute before my cerfew. when i opened the door my dad was standing right there looking at me. he looked me up and down and just says "nice coustume", fuck in all the comotion i forgot to change back to the hippy outfit!!. . . to be continued