Hot summer day


My name is Zack. I always hung out with my cousin. We grew up together so her and I have always been very close.  I would often spend my summers over at her house.   She was 18 and my aunt was 38 at the time. I was never really attracted to my cousin even though she already had 32C breasts,5'3",115lbs and a shapely bottom.   We liked to go swimming a lot and excercise.   My aunt on the other hand was a little rounder but she would jog with us quite a bit so she started to slim down. She has 36DD breasts, 5'4",125lbs and ass that looks like two perfectly round cantaloupes.   The more I spent time with them the more I noticed my aunt's figure.   To protect their identities I will call my cousin Jen and my aunt Cindy.
One morning I woke up and was walking towards the bathroom when I saw my aunt come in from her morning jog.   It was still early around 6 am to more exact. I smile at her and froze for a second because I could not believe my eyes.   She was wearing a sports bra that clung tightly to her breasts causing her nipples to press hard against the fabric and some jogging spandex shorts that showed off her curvaceous ass flawlessly.   Being that it was so early I had a very visible morning woody.

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"Good morning. I see you're not the only one awake. " Cindy said jokingly while looking down at my 10 inch hard-on.   I quickly ran into the bathroom feeling my face get really hot. After I was done I tried to go back to bed but I could shake the thought of my aunt's glorious body out of my mind.   I was staying in the guest room so I just layed in bed and watched a little T. V. before I heard my cousin and my aunt talking in the kitchen and cooking breakfast.   I came out of the room and I looked at my aunt who smiled and asked me "would you like something to eat or are you going to stand there the whole day?"  I guess she must have ignored the incident and so I sat down for breakfast.
Jen and I changed into our bathing suits and jumped in the pool while my aunt cleaned around the house a bit.  We swam some laps and horse played.   We got out and we each layed down on some lounge chairs to tan a bit.   It was really hot that day so I didnt last long before I had to go inside for a drink.  As I walked inside I heard someone crying and I figured it was my aunt so I went over to her room and the door was cracked and I peeked in.   She wasn't crying she was moaning I stood there for what seemed like hours as I gazed at my aunt's figure.

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   Her tan skin glistening with beads of sweat all over her body. She pinched her right nipple with one hand while using the other hand to play with her pussy. My cock felt like it was going to explode. I pulled out my cock and began to stroke it while trying not to get caught. Her breathing got heavier and she was bucking her hips harder as I saw her begin to orgasm I couldn't hold back and I began cum all over the wall and I got some on the floor.
Once she climaxed she started to come back to reality and I panicked so I ran to the back yard and jumped in the pool.   I completely forgot about the cum I left behind. Jen was still on the lounge chair tanning when I came out of the house. She had seen me come out of the house rather quickly. "Zack what's wrong? Why did you come running out of the house like that?" Jen asked.
"uh, uh, I wanted to scare you by doing a canon ball into the pool. " I said to hear in hopes that she would buy that poor excuse.   She just laughed at me," You're a dork sometimes you know that!" she got up and she jumped in with me before we decided to go back inside and watch t. v.   We both just sat there in our towels as I saw my aunt Cindy come out of her room.

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    I didnt want to look at her in the face so I just pretended I didn't see her.
"Jen I need you to go to the grocery store and pick up a few items so we can have something to eat later. I need to go for my afternoon walk. " Cindy said.
"Mom you just went running this morning. " Jen replied.
"You know I have been running in the morning and evenings. I like to walk in the afternoon. " said Cindy.
"Whatever mom! I'll go" Jen snapped.
"I'm just gonna hop in the shower while you ladies do whatever you gotta do.   That heat today has really wore me out. " I said.
With that Jen changed and left to go to the store and my aunt left for her afternoon walk. In the shower I pictured my aunt's naked body.

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   My cock began to get hard but I was already so hot so I turned the water colder and just relaxed. I liked to masturbate but it was really hot that day and I guess I must have had a bit of heat exhaustion. After I was done I put on some shorts and just sat down in the living room again to watch t. v. I heard the door open so I thought Jen was back from the grocery store but it was my aunt who came in.   She was wearing another sexy and racy outfit. She was all sweaty and I guess she must have noticed me staring.
"Um, you ok?" She said smiling.
"Yeah why?" I nervously replied.
She sat down next to me sweaty and I could see ever curve of her body as her spandex clothes clung to her. "No reason, but by any chance where you in here earlier today when you were supposed to be outside with Jen?" She questioned.
"I. . I. .

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  " is all I could say.
"It's ok. I know you were in here. You left a little evidence behind. " She winked.  I didn't know what else to say. "I know boys your age have raging hormones and its nice to see that your old aunt still has it going on. " she jokingly said.
"Aunt Cindy you're gorgeous!" I blurted.   It took a second to sink in but then she scooted closer to me and grabbed my hand. "Zack you are such a dear. Thank you. " She then did something I only dreamed about and she leaned in and kissed me.
"I'm so sorry. I dont know what got into me.

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   I guess I haven't had a guy compliment or look at me the way you do in a long time.   I know its wrong I'm so sorry.
    " She nervously replied.
    I guess lust and hormones must have taken over because I grabbed her and kissed her. She hesitated a bit before she finally gave in and her lips parted like the red sea and our tongues began to play.  She got up and we were both engorged with passion. "You can't tell anyone about this Zack!" She said a little out of breath. She straddled me on the couch as we began to kiss passionately once more. I felt her breasts press against my chest as her nipples tried to pierce my skin. I pulled her sport's bra off and let her luscious breasts-glistening and lathered with her sweat-free. I felt my cock rub up against her hot pussy which was now pulsating against my cock. I continued to make out with my aunt Cindy. She then got up and slid off her spandex shorts while slowly bending down in front of me.
    I grabbed her ass close to my face as she put her hands on the coffee table and I began to bite her ass cheeks, lick, and play with her asshole.
    "Oh! God Zack that feels so good! Lick your auntie's ass.

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      " She groaned. I then slid two fingers in her ass and began smacking her ass while she play with her clit and fingered her pussy. We were both now deeply engulfed in our hormones. She turned around and slid of my shorts. "Oh my! That is definitely one huge cock!" She said. she grabbed my cock with both hands and bent over and began to slide her tongue all over it. Then she began to take her sweet lips and slowly slide up and down on my cock.  
    I could see her pussy dripping with her sweat and wetness. I couldn't take it anymore so I took her head off of my cock and pulled over to me. As I pulled her she got up on the couch and straddled my face. I began to tongue fuck her pussy while fingering her ass with one hand.
    "Oh yessssss!fuck my pussy Zack! Fuck your aunt's tasty pussy! Oh God yes!. Ohhhhhhh I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Oh yessssssssssssssssss!" She screamed as cum flowed out of her pussy and into my mouth.
    "I want you to fuck me aunt Cindy! I want you so bad!" I pleaded. With that she slowly slid down on top of my cock and she began to taste her cum in my mouth as she kissed me.

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    "Oh god! Your cock is so big! fuck me harder! HARDER!" She yelled as she bucked her hips all over my cock! I nibbled on her nipples and fingered her ass as she fucked the hell out of me.
    "Oh auntie cum on my cock! Cum on my cock aunt Cindy!" I groaned. I got up as I was holding her and laid her on the coffee table as her hips hung over the edge and I fucked her harder and harder.   She started to smack and pinch her clit.
    "Oh Zack! Oh Zack! I'm gonna cum! Oh yessssssssss! Your auntie is gonna cum!I'm cummmmmmmmmmmiiiiinggggg!" She screamed.   I couldn't hold it any more.
    "Oh yes aunt Cindy! I'm ccccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiing!" I groaned as I erupted gallons of cum into her sweet pussy. Letting our juices flow all over the floor.
    I pulled her off of the coffee table and we both sank into the couch as she rubbed my now softening cock.
    "That was great!" She said smiling as she slowly licked off some drips of cum off of my cock. Then we suddenly heard plastic bags hit the floor and we looked up to see my cousin Jen standing with her mouth open in disbelief.
    "W. . . .

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      h. . . . . a. . . . . tttt?" is all Jen could say.
    My aunt and I both looked at each other and she smiled at me, got up, walked over to Jen-who was standing there frozen-and grabbed her hand walked her over to the couch.
    "I want you to stop being childish right now and you are going to fuck him the way I did! You have been telling how great he looks and now that I he fucked me first you're going to act like this!? I want you to get undressed and I will guide on how to fit that huge cock in that tight pussy of yours!" Aunt Cindy demanded.
    Not only was I in shock, but Jen was in more shock that she was before. But that is another story.

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    If this story was ok and you want to hear more then email me at aboveaverage1234@yahoo. com  Thanks


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