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My older sister and I were very close she used to take control and help me out, it was something I always used to rely on. Then I noticed something about her that I'd never seen before, her gorgeous body. A keen tennis player has seen Lizzie progress through the ranks at the local Tennis club and it was time for her to go away for a year in Europe and the US with the club. When she left she kissed me on the cheek and I smelt her perfume, it the first time she'd ever kissed me in ages and it felt very nice. Mum and Dad drove her to the airport and left me on my own. As soon as I was alone I suddenly got an erection and proceeded to my room, I passed Lizzie's room, I peered in and my heart leapt as I saw her linen basket open a little with white silk thong hanging out, I went over and stared at it, I picked it up and my hands were trembling as I brought it to my nose and gave it a sniff, it smelt sweet and my cock felt hungry. I opened my fly and jerked off rubbing her thong on my cock. I kept the thong in my room and some times I would sleep with it on, I became a little obsessed as I rummaged through her clothes while she was away, my favourites were her bikinis. I used to sit alone and pretend we were an item, wearing her underwear and imagining her body inside it. The day she came home it was a hot summers day I was in the garden swimming around and Lizzie came out on the phone, I looked up she was wearing the sexiest black tie bikini id never seen, she looked awesome and she gave me a smile, she looked tanned and very healthy, her boobs were pert and bouncy as she walked, and she walked with such confidence. Her long brown hair flowing down her back, she sat at the edge of the pool, her long tanned legs swaying in the water. I looked over and felt my cock going hard, I would have to keep this vision for later…She came off the phone and called me over, we spoke and she said she told me of her romance with Matt which was her first proper boyfriend, I was mortified and we were never the same after that, how could she replace me so soon. . I was always her boy!Mum and Dad threw me an eighteenth birthday party shortly afterwards with lots of family and friends, Lizzie was there and had loads of admirers, including me. Lizzie wore a slender white silk dress and she looked the fittest girl there she's made a great effort and her hair looked great, a few mates from school came and she became jerk fodder for them too I imagined. She was with Matt and Lizzie had been begging them to let him stay over the night of the party.

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   They agreed and my heart leapt her room was next to mineThe party was finishing at around 2am and Lizzie was dancing with Matt, he was kissing her neck and whispering in her ear, she was smiling and I wanted to be him so much. We all went to bed and I got up and listened at my wall, I could hear laughing and giggling, Lizzie was drunk and so was Matt, I heart was on fire, id love to be in there, god I would see her naked in all her glory. I could hear nothing so I went back to bed and began to toss off thinking of Lizzie taking her dress off, then I heard and pant from Lizzie, then another, then another. God they were having sex!!!!Her panting got quite frequent and then I heard Matt's muffled voice saying "yeah"This went on for 20 minutes although I'd cum in the first 2. I woke up the next morning hard as ever, I heard matt's motorbike speed off and I went to the bathroom, and opened the laundry bin and saw a curled up white silk thong, my heart was pounding, I always loved finding a freshly worn pair. I pick them up and sniffed them, god they were still warm. My cock began to rise again as I sniffed and licked the gusset. Imagining her pussy was rubbing against these minutes earlier made me really horny. It tasted sweet and I was jerking with my eyes closed thinking of Lizzie. I took off my boxers and laid on my bed, I was naked and hard and I began to jerk imagining Lizzie bouncing on top of me, I got into a good rhythm, my eyes where shut and I was murmuring her name as I jerked my cock with her knickers, the soft silk made my cock hard. "Come on Lizzie give it to me baby, that's it, that's it ohhhhh Lizzie!" I said as I began to cum. I shot my load deep in the silk thong it felt great to get release, but I could hearLizzie coming up the stairs and heard her knock on my door. "Hello?" I said pulling the duvet over me her knickers still on my cock. "It's me Lizzie can I come in?""Sure. "Lizzie walked in a white silk gown, she again looked stunning.

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   "How are you this morning sleepy?" She asked. I wiped my eyes. "Err fine thanks. "Lizzie sat on the end of my bed. "I can't believe your 18 now, you look so grown up. ""Thanks, I've missed you since you went away. ""Arrhhh did you hun, I missed you heaps, I used to love our games and chats, and do you remember what we said as kids?""No remind me. " I said lying. "We said we'd be married by the time you were 18" Lizzie said with a smile. "Yeah I remember now, seems like ages ago now. " My heart was pounding!I looked at her tanned legs and imagined her naked. Lizzie looked at me and shuffled up my bed. "Do you remember we used to lie in mum and dads bed and pretend we were together?"I gulped of course I remembered, I still do pretend in my head I thought. "Yeah that was ace. " Lizzie let out a laugh and stroked my hair "We used to make a good team.

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  "My heart pounded as she touched me and I looked at her face, my cock began to rise. "I love you bro. " She then kissed my forehead. "I…I love you too sis" I said with a stutter. "Can I come in? I want a cuddle" She then said. OH GOD WHY AM I NAKED"Errr errr not in here it's too small. " I said quickly"Come to my room then, I have a double. "She walked off and I slipped on some boxers and hid her thong under my pillow. I felt sick with nerves, what if I got a hard on?I waked into her room and she was by her closet "Get in ill be in a sec. " I got in, I'd do anything to be close to my sis. She shut the door and undid her robe,I just stared as she had a white silk negligee on with white lacy knickers. I felt really sick now, as she walked slowly to her bed. I was speechless as she got into bed beside me and cuddled up to me, the soft silk rubbed against my skin, I could feel her warm smooth skin beneath the silk, and as she moved her boobs rubbed against me. My cock was in limbo, one touch ant it would go hard. "This is nice, just like it used to be.

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  " she said"Yyyyyeah. "She looked up at me and kissed my lips, I was stunned and nervous and I kissed her back, her lips so soft and warm. Lizzie smiled flirtatiously and undid a small silk bow on the front of her negligee. She tossed her hair and pushed her boobs outI stared as I could see her tanned cleavage, god she was confident in her body I gulped. She looked back at me and whispered "You want to do what married couples do? Matt has been teaching me all year. " Then giggledI was short of breath and I was very hard. I looked at her and nodded, she giggled and knelt on her bed in front of me like an excited kid. I felt sicker but I was also so excited. Lizzie pulled back her duvet and saw I was hard"Take off your boxer's babe. "Id never shown anyone my hard cock before and as I pulled my boxers down she seemed impressedLizzie grabbed my cock and began to rub it, her warm hands sent a shiver down my spine, I couldn't believe it, and she began to jerk it harder "Ohhhhh, ohhhhh. " I began to moan. Lizzie smiled as I got more excited, she grabbed my balls and cupped them with her other hand and began to squeeze, I was surprised not to cum there and then but I held out, at least until she bent over me and started to suck me off. Her warm lips were tight around my shaft, her eyes met mine and as she started a slow long suck her wet tongue was running along my shaft. As she came up to my helmet she stopped and sucked on it, the extreme warmth of her wet hot lips and her warm hand jerking my wet salvia covered shaft, made me cum, hot sticky cum shot onto Lizzie's gums, and some dribbled down her chin, she slipped my cock back inside her mouth and sucked more cum out of me, gently squeezing my balls. She was looking right at me when she mopped up her chin and swallowed my cum, then smiled as she left my wet cock flop to one side.

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  She came over and kissed me, as she lent over me I could see her down negligee at her tanned boobs. I smiled as she tossed her hair and undid the rest of her bows, her negligee fell open a little and I saw her amazing tanned flat tummy and silver belly ring, I looked up and she opened it to reveal her perfect round tanned 34c boobs, I stared in awe at her pert brown nipples, she smiled and took the negligee off and moved closer letting her boobs rub against my bare chest, as she kissed my neck and ear.
    I placed my hand on her waist and pulled her towards me, her warm breath on my neck, her boob was hot as it grazed my chest, her whole body was against mine, her smooth skin felt so silky, and my hand was on her back. "Relax babe. " Lizzie whispered. She licked my neck and nibbled my ear, as I put my hand on her firm ass and squeezed it, she put her leg over mine as our legs inter-twinned, I looked down to see my cock was rubbing against her lacy thong, my helmet wad rubbing against her hot clit. Lizzie sat up and slipped off her knickers and chucked them a-side and returned to me, she put her hand on her shaven pussy and rubbed it. "Come here. " Lizzie took the back of my head and lowered it onto her clitFor the first time I tasted her pussy or real and not second hand through her knickers. It tasted so sweet and warm. Lizzie put her hand back and grabbed her boob and pinched her nipple. I let my tongue wander into her slit and gave it a nice long lick. He slit was wet and hot, and smelt so so sweet. She parted her legs and started to moan, her hot thighs clamed my head as I slowly sucked on her clit. I was hard and really horny, I had calmed down and enjoying every minute.

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      Lizzie pulled me back and we kissed and let me lick and fondle her amazing boobs, she let me slide on my back and she straddled over me and sat on my belly, I looked up and felt my cock rub her arse. She tossed her hair and her boobs wobbled she stared right at me "Wana fuck me?"I gulped and noddedShe rose up and took hold of my cock, it was very stiff and she rubbed her pussy with it, she then slid it inside her and put her whole weight onto it and slid down, it felt amazing and she was so tight, and her warm pussy surrounded my hard virgin cock. Lizzie rocked back and forth on my cock and I felt her thighs grip my waist. She leaned over me and kissed me, her warm firm breasts squeezing against my chest. Her hips were moving slowly against mine as we built up a rhythm, she rubbed my arms all the way to my hands and placed my hands on her chest, it was so sexy that she was taking control like she always used to. I rubbed her nipples as she slowly rocked away, and I started to explore her beautiful body. I stoked her slender midriff and ran my hands along her thighs, she tossed her hair and started to really bounce on my cock, the extra pressure on my cock makes me feel good, and I can tell she's starting to have real fun. Her boobs start to wobble as she bounces on-top o me, I suddenly realise my fantasy is coming true and I am still a little shocked, I have a huge grin on my face as my sexy sister grinds away on my cock, years and years of sexual tension and lust are coming out as we make love, my cock feels like its electric as it trusts deep into her pussy. I run my hands over her back and pull on her firm arse, she moans and starts to bounce harder. Lizzie leans back and I get a good view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I feel I want to cum but I try and hold backHer hips are trusting hard and her boobs are bouncing all over the place, she's smiling as she leans her head back, as I look down at my cock sliding into my sister, I can see its starting to glisten with her cum. "Lizzie?" I ask"Yes?" she says mid moan"Can I cum in you?"She leans over me and kisses me "You're so sweet, I love you, you ready to cum?" "Yesss. "Lizzie smiles and bounces harder on me and things get wilder as she kisses my neck and starts to moan, her boobs squeeze into my chest as she sucks on my ear and neck, I find this all to much to bear as I feel a powerful surge erupt from my cock. I moan out loud as I spurt my cum deep inside Lizzie's pussy"Oh my god Lizzie. " I say as I grab her arse and squeeze her into me.

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      "Arrrhhhhh Lizzie!!!!" I scream as my orgasm reaches its climax. My cock is so hard and I'm so horny I feel a I want to cum again, I feel a warm rush as Lizzie starts to moan, she rocks hard as she is getting ready to cum, she lifts up and really grinds my cock, she moans more and more and I start to suck on her erect nipples until eventually her cum covers my cock and she orgasms, her tanned thighs tight against me, and she moans really loud and I carry on sucking until she stops ridding. She sits up and runs her hands through her hair. "Oh Lizzie that was awesome. ""Yeah that was really hot Bro, Happy Birthday by the way!!" and she winks at me and my now red cock slips slowly out of her and she collapses next to me. .



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