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I always thought my mom was a pretty good looking womanjust comparing her to her friends and other women that I knewbut I never thought about her in a sexual way, even a little bituntil an incidence that happened last year. I was out on a date on Friday night, with my girlfriendJanet.   We'd been going out for awhile but it seemed to me thatshe was about to dump me, but in the meantime I was going tomake the best of it.   We'd gone out to a movie that night andwe'd come back to my house for awhile.  We were sitting out on the porch, sitting in the swing, justrocking back and forth and talking.   Janet seemed to be in apretty good mood for a change, all the beer we'd snuck into themovies probably had a little to do with it.  As we sat there, I put my arm around her, and I was slowlymoving my hand down her arm, inching ever so close to herbreasts.   She never had any real sex with me, but a couple oftimes she'd let me stick my hand down her dress and feel herup, and one time she'd even played with my cock through my pants. But tonight Janet was leaning real close, with her handlaying on my thigh, maybe it was my imagination but I thoughther hand was creeping up my leg.   If it was my imagination, Iwas sure enjoying it.   I slid my hand down around Janet's waistand started to stroke her side and pull her closer and closer. I was a little drunk myself, because I felt myself gettingbolder than I would've imagined. I brought my hand up and quickly filled it with her morethan ample breast.   I pulled her close and laid the most passion-ate kiss I could manage on her.   I whispered in her ear that Iwanted to make love to her, right here on the porch, all thewhile squeezing her breast and fondling her nipple through herclothes. She looked at me kind of quizzically at first then shegrabbed my head and pulled me close for a passionate kissof her own.

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    Her tongue found her way into my mouth and Iremember wondering if that meant she'd said 'yes'. I threw all caution to the wind after that, I broughtmy other hand up between her legs and started to push itagainst her pussy.   She was wearing jeans and a pullovershirt so I ran my hands up the back of her shirt and loosenedher bra, it came off and was quickly deposited on the swingnext to her.   Now I fondled and squeezed her bare breasts underher shirt.   She had awesome tits and her nipples were gettingvery big and very hard. Our house had a lot of big trees in the front yard coveringthe view so I wasn't very concerned about being seen from thestreet.   You practically had to get right up on the steps tosee anything, especially in the dark.   So I immediately threwmyself into the situation, determined to finally get into Janet'spants for real, and not with my just my hand.  I pulled up her shirt to expose her breasts and they wereeven more impressive than I had thought.   My tongue quicklyfound a hard nipple as I teased her, biting it and sucking itwetly into my mouth.   Janet pulled me against her and in arough whisper begged me to play with her pussy. Well who was I to disregard such a beautiful girl's request. But I tried a different tack than I probably normally would have. I pulled her hard nipple from my mouth and told to unbutton herpants for me.   I wanted her to show me her pussy, I was going tomake her work a little for what she wanted.

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  Shockingly, it worked.   Her hands eagerly undid the buttonon her jeans.   I told her to lower her pants around her anklesso I could get a good look at her, and her pants quickly joinedher bra on the swing beside her.   I reached down with one handand moved one hand slowly up her inner thigh, I could feel theheat coming from her pussy as I drew closer and closer.   I cameinto contact with her silky panties and I cupped the cleavagebetween her legs with my hand, just like I'd done before, butthis time there were no jeans between me and her pussy. I moved her panties to the side and my finger found herslit, it was wet and hot and I couldn't believe how turned onshe was.   Slowly I ran my finger up and down the swelling lipsof her pussy, teasing her, slipping my finger a little deeperevery time I moved it up and down.   She begged me to stick itin and finger fuck her.   Who was I to argue with a requestlike that.  My finger sank into her wet pussy slow and deep.   Janetgave off a deep, growly moan and pulled me closer.   I startedto move my finger in and out of her tight cunt.   I moved mylips back down to her breasts and continued to bite and lickher nipples while my fingers slid into her moist pussy.   Iwas really enjoying myself but I suddenly decided that I wantedmore.   After all, this might not ever happen again with Janetand I definitely wanted to get my tongue on her hot pussy whileI still had the chance.

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  I pulled my finger from her cunt and she quickly begged tokeep finger fucking her, that she was almost ready to cum.   SoI dropped to my knees and leaned close between her legs, thesmell of her turned on pussy was overwhelming.   I leanedcloser, pulled her panties back to the side and then my tonguewas running up and down her lips where my fingers had been onlymoments ago.   I couldn't believe how turned on Janet was, herpussy was practically dripping wetness down her thighs, andin only a few minutes of eating her cunt, my face was completelysoaked.   I pressed my face tighter against pussylips, lickingand nibbling her clit.   I'd seen enough PentHouse magazines toto know about a women's clit, in fact most of what I knew aboutsex came from PentHouse magazine.   I was determined for a littlefield maneuvers to test my theoretical knowledge. My theoretical knowledge seemed to be holding up so far. Janet had her hands on the back of my head now and was pressingmy face against her hot pussy as I licked and sucked her.   Shestarted to thrust her hips back and forth and I realized that shewas coming.   I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I couldpressing against her clit and she bucked against me on the swing. She held me tight and then finally, she relaxed back intothe swing released her grip on my head.   I moved up and sat downnext to her, caressing her breasts and stroking her hair.   Sheleaned against me, completely limp, her heavy breathing wasabout the only movement she made. She suddenly looked up and gave me kiss on the cheek andsaid that that had really felt great.

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    I was still feeling boldso I took her hand and brought it down and pressed it against thebulge in the front of my pants.   Then I told her it was her turnto make me feel good as I ground my crotch into her hand.  She gave me a curious look as if she was trying to decidewhat to do, then she slowly reached up and slid down the zipperto my jeans.   I closed my eyes as her hand snaked into my pantsand came to rest on my hard, throbbing cock, still trappedinside my jockey shorts.   I gave a little grunt as her handsqueezed my hard cock, and then she pulled it quickly out ofmy pants and out into the open. She leaned over and looked at it closer, cooing and gigglingat how hard it was.   Of course it was hard!  She was the firstgirl who had ever played with my cock much less seen it hard andout in the open.   Her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft asshe whispered in my ear about how hard it was and how she didn'trealize how big my cock was. My cock wasn't that big, but I was bigger than most of theguys in gym class, but I never really thought about it being big. Her telling me how big my cock was returned a little of theboldness I'd had earlier.   I knew what I wanted, so I put myhand on the back of her head and slowly pushed her down towardsmy cock.   She hesitated for a bit, maybe she thought I'd settlefor a hand-job, but my cock had felt my own hand too many timesto ignore a situation like this. So I told her I'd gotten too hot licking her pussy and nowI needed a little relief of my own.   She was leaning over now,just inches from my cock, so I lifted my hips off of the swingand slowly pushed the head of my cock between her lips.  
Apparently she only needed a little encouragement becauseshe quickly sucked the rest of my hard rod into her mouth.

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    Iwas already turned on enough by eating her cunt but her slurping,smacking noises on my cock were really getting me hot and I knewit would only take a few minutes before I shot my load down herthroat. Now Janet was bobbing her head up and down on my cock,sucking me into her mouth and running her tongue over my shaft. My cock was really throbbing now as Janet leaned over my lapand sucked my cock.   I leaned back into the porch swing andenjoyed the sensation she was giving me.   I felt my balls startto tighten and I knew I was going to cum.   I told Janet I wasgoing to cum and she squeeze my balls roughly and held my cockdeep into her mouth. My cock twitched and my first load of cumlanded in Janet's mouth.   She jerked her beautiful head back asthe first spurts of sperm went into her mouth. And in doing soreceived several shots of cum on the front of her shirt, beforetaking my cock back into her mouth, and licking up my remainingspurts of jism. Wow!Now it was my turn to collapse against the swing.   Aftera few minutes my head cleared and I sat back up to composemyself.   But suddenly I got a real shock. . . .

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   I saw my mother'sface silhouetted in the dark front room window.   I don't knowhow long she'd been there, but there was no way she could missmy cum covered cock hanging out in the open, with Janet sittingnext to me in her panties, her hand still playing with my cock. I sneaked another look toward the dark window and she wasgone. . . . I was sure I'd seen her there, I wasn't THAT blown awayby having my cock sucked.   I quickly tucked my cock back into mypants and helped Janet back into her pants.   She only liveda couple of blocks away so she said goodnight and headed offdown the street. Hesitantly I walked into the house, but everything wasquiet.   I sneaked upstairs and looked into my mother's roombut it was dark there also, she seemed to be sound asleep. It didn't take too long to convince myself I was seeing thingsand I quickly forgot about the incident the next day.   NotJanet mind you, I couldn't forget my first blow job and Iwas determined to repeat our performance of last night assoon as possible. Janet went to the lake with her parents that weekend soI didn't see her again till Monday.   She agreed to go out with meand we went to the movies again.

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    But this time we didn't takeany beer along with us.   After the movie things progressed asI wanted and we ended up on my porch swing again. But when I reached over to stroke Janet's breasts, shemoved my hand away.   I pulled her hand over to my cock, whichwas nice and hard in my pants in preparation for what I thoughtwas to come.   Janet pulled her hand away and said she didn'twant to do that again, she said she'd had too much to drinkbefore and that we shouldn't have done what we did.   Shejumped up and disappeared down the street, leaving me with athrobbing hard-on and empty hands. So I dejectedly walked into my house and headed upstairs. My mother had already gone to bed so it was quiet.   I quicklyjumped into bed and tried to sleep, but my still hard cock wasgoing to make things very hard for me to sleep. I don't know how long it took me but eventually I driftedoff to sleep.   Sometime later in the night I stirred in bed. I thought I was having an erotic dream, dreaming about Janetgoing down on my cock again, I started to move my hips back andforth, driving my cock into her warm mouth again and again. But I suddenly realized that I wasn't dreaming, I was awakeand someone actually was sucking on my cock.
    I felt in the darkness and realized again that the bodythat was leaning over my bed, the mouth that was stroking upand down on my cock, could only belong to one person, and thatperson was my mother. I started to get up but my mom only pushed me back downon the bed again.

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        Then she moved up to sit beside me and kepther mouth moving on my cock.   My cock was solid rock, the thoughtof my mother giving me head had jarred something in me and Ilet loose a tremendous load of come into her mouth. I thrustmy hips up and buried my cock all the way between her lips untilmy stomach was pressing against her chin and emptied the rest ofmy cum down her throat. It was all I could do to stay conscious, I slumped backon the bed and practically collapsed. Then my mom moved upand lay down beside me and pulled me close.   She told me abouthow she had heard me and Janet on the porch last Friday, shedidn't mean to snoop on us but when she saw Janet sucking andlicking my cock she couldn't take her eyes off of us.   In factshe had seen almost the whole incident and she admitted to methat she had played with her pussy the whole time she was watch-ing me get my cock sucked. She said that she knew this waswrong, but that she couldn't think of anything else since thatmoment.
    She took my hand and moved it between her legs and I couldshe was as wet and hot as Janet had been the other night.   Thenmy mother told me how horny she had been lately and that shecouldn't help herself tonight.   She'd waited downstairs againtonight and she'd seen Janet run off leaving me and my hard cockwaiting on the porch.   So she had quickly run upstairs and jumpedinto bed so I wouldn't find out she'd been spying on me. She still had my hand and was running it up and down herpussy.   She was really wet and her pussy lips were really big andmeaty.   Then my mom leaned over and kissed me and asked me if Iwould eat her pussy like I'd eaten Janet's pussy.

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       I didn't have to think very long to decide what to do.   Ithink my cock had a mind of it's own so I moved down to the endof the bed and slid between my mom's legs.   She spread her kneeswide and I had complete access to her hot, wet pussy.   The lightfrom the pole in the back yard was casting shadows throughout myroom so I could see pretty well.   I leaned down and ran my tongueup the inside of my mom's thighs.   Her skin was silky and smoothand I continued my track up her leg and towards her wet pussy. I kept my tongue running up her slit and then I sucked her clitinto my mouth.  She let out a groan and pushed her hips off of the bed andpressed her pussy further into my face.   I pressed her down againand started a wet, slippery assault on her sopping cunt. I sucked each of her cuntlips into my mouth and nibbled on themone at a time.   Her hips continue to bounce back and forth underme and I started to drive my tongue deep into her pussy as faras I could go. I was really enjoying eating my mom's pussy but I wantedto try something a little different.   I pulled her up as shestarted to protest but I quickly lay on my back and pulled herover me.   I told her I wanted to her ride my face, so shemoved her hips over me and then I felt her pussy sliding over mychin.   As her cunt passed over my mouth I stuck out my tongue andparted her cream covered lips.

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      When she came she practically smothered me, pressing herbody down on my face as I forced my tongue as far into hot pussyas I could.   I felt her body spasm again and again as she came,my tongue still deep in her cunt. She finally stopped coming and then fell back on my bodywith her legs spread around my head.   Her pussy was still lewdlyclose to my face and I could only think of how good she hadtasted.   Mom rolled off of me, with her face close to my cockshe lay in the dark, breathing heavily and playing with myhardening cock. She moved her hands up my body and then turned around tillshe was laying next to me, my arms quickly took her in and wekissed with a passion I didn't know could be found.   She lookedat me and told me she wanted me to fuck her.   She begged me tostick my cock into and fill her pussy with cum. Her lewd talk had spurred my cock to complete hardness andI pulled her on top of me.   I asked her to reach down and put mycock into her pussy for me.   I felt her hand move down my body andquickly grip my cock, rubbing it against her body as she moved herhips over it.   Then I closed my eyes and felt her pussy pressingagainst the head of my cock.   I groaned as her tight cunt slippedover my cock and pressed downward until I was completely encompassedby her silky pussy.   I'd never had my cock in any woman before andI was in seventh heaven.  Then my mother started to move her hips back and forth, notreally moving up and down, but rather back and forth in a waythat caused my cock to slide slowly in and out of her cunt.


      I could feel her muscles gripping my cock tightly as she movedover me.   Her movements increased slowly, until she was liftingher hips off of me and driving my cock into her pussy everytime she thrust against me, and whispering in my ear how bigmy cock felt and how much it filled her pussy.   She begged meto fuck her, to fill her with come.  I didn't realize my mother could be like this and itreally turned me on.   Keeping her impaled on my hard cock, Irolled her over beneath me and said that it was time for me tofuck her. She begged for my cock again and I pulled out untiljust my cock head was trapped between the tight lips of her cunt. Then I slid it deep into her as she let out a breathy moan as mycock filled her tight pussy completely. Now I was really turned on and I started to fuck her withabandon, driving my cock into her with deep hard strokes whileshe hung on with her arms around my neck, urging me on.   Icould feel her start to come as she gripped my body and hungon to me tightly as ripple after ripple shook her body.   Asshe clung to me in the last spasm of her orgasm I felt mycock serge and I could hold back no more.   I thrust deep intoher and the cum erupted from my balls with an excitement I'dnever realized before.   Again and again strings of cum shot frommy cock as I filled her cunt with a full load of juice.  I collapsed on top of her this time, completely exhausted. After a few minutes I rolled over on my back and we both layin bed, breathing heavily, unable to get enough breath to evenspeak. We both fell asleep that way, completely spent and wrappedin each other's arm.

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        My last thought as I drifted off to sleepwas how lucky I was to be living with such a sexy, wonderful woman. I guess mother's were good for something else besides laundryand making dinner.   I sure know differently now!