Hot fun in the Summer Sun


It was a nice hot Summer afternoon in the restuarant where three nice young people were eating dinner. A wife, her daughter, and her daughters boyfriend were just sitting around eating lunch when the daughter had a big announcement to make.
"Sorry, guys, but I have to go off to work now. See you later and have fun. "
So the daughter took off with the daughters boyfriend and the wife looking at her like she was nuts. So they thought nothing of it and decided to go back upstairs to change into their bathing suits. As they were changing, the wife saw the boyfriend sitting and undressing being all naked and when he stood up, she saw his nice cock. As she looked away, she started to put on her nice green metallic wet looking string bikini and as she was she started moaning to herself because the fabric of her bathing suit was beginning to rub up against her perfect 38 C size cup breasts. As she started to get in the water, the green metallic wet looking string bikini started to ride up her pussy so she slid it off without the daughter's boyfriend knowing. As she started swimming they crossed paths again, and boy did the look on her daughters boyfriend made his eyes bug out at the sight of her nice, firm, trim athletic body. He looked her up and down, and down and up and felt a hard on coming on through his red and blue striped swimming trunks. As she continued swimming he had reached down to smooth out his shorts and try to hide his erected cock.
Little did he know that she had swimming goggles on and everytime she got, she saw it through the green blue depth of the clear beautiful sparkling ocean. As they once again crossed paths she had a short cramp and she jerked involuntarily until he came up and wrapped his arms around her and walked her back up to the shore.

Once they got to shore, they layed down next to each other with his leg on top of her abdomen and she felt his nice hard, erected cock on her leg. He decided to see if she needed CPR and as he got closer and closer he decided she was breathing fine but decided to give her a kiss anyway to see if she would protest.

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   As he put his lips on top of hers she didnt protetst and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply back.
As they were kissing his hands started to wonder on her neck, and he made his way down very slowly, stopping at her erect breasts and erect tits. He stopped kissing her and decided to put his mouth on her breasts and tits and suck them for awhile. While he was sucking her tits, his other hand wandered down to her abdomen and rubbed her stomach for awhile. Then his hand wandered down to her wet juicy pussy it was warm inside and the wife said dont stop. So he continued to finger her pussy and clit until it was nice and wet. Then he decided he loved the smell so much he decided to eat out her pussy.
So, he got off of her, knelt down on his knees and put his face in her crotch. Slowly yet surely he spread his tounge out and started on the inner part of her aching swollen pussy lips. Then he started moving his tongue up and down on her nice, round, pick, hard clit. Slowly and surely at first, then harder and faster until he felt like he was going to cum.

    As he was doing this he kept hearing groans and moans from beneath him. She was having a nice orgasm and she kept telling him she was going to cum. So when she came he got up and started to climb right on top of her and straddled himself just so that his nice, hard, erected cock was touching the outer part of her pussy.
    A few minutes later, she was still so hot and horny that she said "honey, just stick it in there and fuck me".

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       Just fuck me she kept saying. So he took his hand and wrapped it around his cock and started to slowly then pick up speed as he started to rub it up and down her clit. When she said she was going to cum again he took his cock and stuck it nice and deep into her slick, wet, pink pussy.
    He kept pushing it in nice and hard, and then nice and smooth until he could no longer contain himself. So as he was about to cum in her he was scared and she sensed that he was scared she told him baby dont worry just cum in me you will feel so much better when you do. So he thought nothing of it and decided to cum right then and there.
    As his nice, hot, gooey cum went deep into her pussy all dripping out all over, she moaned and groaned and just started kissing him and said, thanks for the greatest afternoon of my life. Now I know why my daughter is so lucky to have a man like u.
    As they kissed, their breathing slowed down and together laying next to each other they cuddled and kissed and talked about wondering when they would have this awesome opportunity to do this again and they decided that they could as long as the daughter didnt know , so to this day they sneak around and have fun, and nobody knows but them.