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i m Mark now 19 years my younger sister is 18 years her name is JEENA. She has 34-28-36. Our mother died when i was 18 so only my father me and Jeena lived in house . Dad also remain outside due his buisness mostly so we both remain in house we were very close to each other from our childhood we used to share every thing used to bath together upto 12 after that dad stop us to bath together but when he is out we used to bath together used take each other secert parts in hands that time we not know about them and not know about sex. when i was 18 my dad sent me to other province to study its very harsh for me and jeena to separate but dad forced i lived out side 3 years . i return home when i was 18 . when i reachead home and saw Jeena i was stuned she now become young sexy girl. i go give her hug i feel her boobs press again my chest we kiss each other but that was usual bro sis hug. after that we start to live normal life I ask many question to her and she ask to me about normal study and other things. I noticed that she not probebly used to wear bra inside bec her nipple easly saw able. i understand bec reain alone in home so she not need it but now it made me hot when i look at them. one day at morning after my shower i came for breakfast in my towel and set on table she came with bread and milk and put it in front of when she bend i see a awakning view of her boobs thats made little hard during break i look at her boobs her nipple seeing from her shirt. then i got a idea i threw a spoon on floor and with my foot i pushed it towards her and ask to give it to me when she got down i open my legs little my cock become full hard and hope she saw it because she get up not quickly when brought her head up i saw a apleasre on her face its also little bit red. after that we continue our daily work next day i again do it. on 3rd day i agian came in towel but that day she was also still in her short night gown which hardly covering her pusssy and in kitchen she looked at me and then bend down and O MY GOD what a view of my life my younger sister's pussy was in front of me after that she brought breakfast and set in front of me druning breakfast when i was thinking to throw spoon again on floor that day she trew it and ask me to . O No i m going down to view my sis pusssy .

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  i go down and hot wet pussy was in front of me like she also open her legs and give a nice look to when i return back she give a sexy smile . At that day when we r watching TV i ask her that in 5 years she now become alittle girl to a good looking young girl . she stand up and said"MARK LOOK AT ME HOW I M LOOKING:i said"NICE , GOOOOD . . . "she said "AND NOT MORE . . . . M I NOT LOOKING SEXY "i said "YES U LOOK LOOK WHEN I GO UR CHEST WAS SMALL NOW UR BREAST DEVOLEP. . . " she said "REALY HOW THEY LOOK". I said "GOOOOD". then she ask come on now u stand .

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  i stand in front of her she said"O U TOO NOW BECOME BIG A NICE GOOD LOOKING GAY . . . . . . O IS UR PEE HOLE ALSO GREW OR STILL ITS SMALL FINGURE SIZE. . . "I was shocked what she is asking i said "NO "she said "NO STILL ITS FINGURE SIZE. . . . . ?"i said "NO NOOOO I MEAN ITS GREW BIGGER "Now she give a nasty smile and said "O.

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  . . OK HOWS ITS BIG CAN U SHOW ITS BECUSE U SAW MY BREAST. . "I said "WHAT I NOT SAW UR BREAST". "I M JOKING I MEAN U SAW IN SHIRT AND U KNOW THEY GREW BIG THATS I MEAN"she said . i feel she is horny to like me. Next morning in same dress we on table i m in towel and she was in her nightie. when i take hand on spoon to threw it on floor she quickly sleped her spoon and go down from under table she said"U LIED TO ME UR COCK IS STILL FINGER SIZE BUT NOT ITS LOOKING LITTLE THAN FINGURE. . . "what the hell she is saying i m shocked. i said "WHAT NOT ITS BIG"she quickly came next to me and take over from my cock a my sleepy cock was in front of her. My blood start to rush in high speed . She said llook at it.

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  I said I KNOW BUT ITS IN SLEEPY POSITION"and then its starting to grow she said "O. . . O WOW NOW ITS INCREASING"i take towel agian over it but she again took its away and said"WAIT BRO I WANT TO SEE HOW BIG IT GREW"i siad i m ur bro she said then u froget in child we used saw play with each other parts . MY cock now in his full lenght she said O WOW NICE REALY ITS GREW BIG NICE BRO U HAVE NICE COCK"then she take it in her hand and said "NICE VERY SILKY AND HOT TOO OHH URS BALLS TOO GREW BIG OHHH. . . . "Now i take step and ask"OK NOW U SEE MY PEE HOLE NOW ITS UR TURN TO SHOW UR PEE WHATS CHANGES CAME IN IT"she laughed and said"1st ITS NOTE CALLED PEE HOLE ITS CALL FOR MEN COCK AND FOR WOMEN PUSSY SECOND U SAW MY PUSSY YESTERDAY OK"i said "OOO BUT I ALSO SAW MY COCK BEFORE"she said "YES I SAW BUT TOUCH IT NOT PLAY IT NOW I WANA PLAY IT "i said ok now she start to stroke my cock i slowly take my hand to her pussy and touch it it so wettttt . she said"OOOO"and now i also start to play with her pussy. both we start to scream and moaning in pleasure soon she reached to her orgasim and in few minutes i also load my huge cum in her hands . After few minuts silince she said OHH NICE SO NOW U START TO CUM TOO . i said "YES U TOOO"and both laughed. I told that in hostel i used to jerk about thing u she said she too here O GOD. Then start to kissing each other my cock again goon hard i told her that second game start on bed we both reached on bed i lied on bed and she sit over me after second of kissing my cock now touching her pussy lips and knoking at her door.

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   She said now that day come of loosing viginty come on bro take eat ur sister cherry. I said what u r VIRGIN" she said "YES I SAFE IT FROM MANY BOYS TO U ONLY"O GOD I spit over cock and slowly start to enter in her virgin love hole when it half enter now she start to scream i also feel that my cock reach to her heyman. she said "come on not take care of my pain just continue slowly bro i love u"So in little push i break her and she scream now my hole cock inside her and i start in and out now she also start to moaning"OO . . . YAAA . YES come on DO IT FAST BRO DO IT FAST OHHH MAN ENETR UR HOLW INSIDE ME NOT REMAIN ANY INCHE OUT SIDE PUT IT DEEP INSIDEE OF MEEE. . . . . . OHH HAA"now reaches to her first orgasim and it made my cock to move much easier in her fully tight pussy O GOD i m in hell then her 2nd and she had her 3rd orgasim my ball gone tighen i M NOW NEAR CUM . she said NOT CUM INSIDE ME CUM IN MY MOUTH I NOT WANT BECOMEE PREGNET SO SOOON"I take my cock out ans as i enter in her mouth its start to load JUGS OF CUM in deep her throat little cum come out from her lips and start to drop over her tits. after taht few minute both remain silinet then i said O HHH GOD THAT NICE TODAY MY DREAM COME TRUE"uickly she said "MINE TOOOOO"and then we start second round.

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