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I looked at him closer. He was covered only by a thin blanket. Carefully I pulled back the sheets. I exposed his upper chest first. Marty started to use his father's old gym equipment when he was ten. His chest was toned and chiseled. So soft, so smooth, his pecs were hairless. His stomach was flat. Then I continued, hotter, wetter, I breathed hard and my heart pounded. He breathed steadily. And then, at last, but I was let down -- he was not naked -- his best parts were under his white boxers. I had the impulse in me to expose him totally but I didn't. I waited, looked squarely between his legs. My face hovered over the outline of his penis that I made out through the folds of his underwear. I wondered if he masturbated. I wondered if he could ejaculate yet.

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  I wanted him awake so I gently shook him. At first he thought it was time for school. "I'll get up, mom," he said. "You don't have to, sweetie," I said. "It's not time for school yet. ""Mom, it's two in the morning. ""Are you groggy?""No. Not really. ""Cold?""No, it's a warm night. "I straddled him and kissed him on both cheeks. He was surprised. I sat on the bed next to him while he lay on his back. I let my hand rub against his chest a little. Then with my fingers I began to fondle one of his nipples. His breathing only increased a little.

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   "You know it's been a long time since I've seen you naked. ""Mom!""Oh, come on, sweetie! You're not embarrassed that I saw your little soldier are you?" He turned red and looked away. "You know I would still wash your penis when you were six and seven. And your balls were so soft! I used to kiss you all over between your legs after your baths. ""Mom!""I don't mean to embarrass you, Marty, but I was thinking about it and I just thought you might, I don't know. " There was a soft pause. I didn't want to repel him from the idea. "Have you ever shown your penis to a girl?""No. ""But you think about it, don't you, sometimes. ""Sometimes. ""Any girl in particular?""Not really. ""So you like thinking about it. How do you think about it? How would you approach a girl if all you wanted was to show her what you have between your legs?""Mom, come on. ""I mean it, honey, I don't have a penis so I don't know what goes through your mind. ""I don't know.

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   I guess I would just come up to her and, you know, pull my pants down. I might ask her if she wanted to see a boy's penis or if she had ever seen one before. Then I would just pull it out. ""Pull it out. How would it look like? Would you hold it in your hands like if you were going to pee or would you just let it hang out. ""No. I might touch it, but it would hang out and stiffen, and it would stiffen right up like pole. ""Stiffen. ""Yeah, my penis stiffens allot. ""Does it get bigger?""Yeah. " I only casually looked down but I knew he might be ready to cream himself at any moment now. "How does it feel when it's stiff?"He smiled. "So good but strange. My penis will start to feel funny. Like if I was going to pee but nothing comes out.

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  ""So now that you have your big, stiff shaft out in front of her what does she do?""I don't know. ""Would you like her to touch it?""Mom!"I giggled a little. I stroked my hands across his hair. His black shiny hair that came to rest right on his shoulders. Then I kissed his cheeks again. We hugged, kind of, until I thought his penis was back to normal. "Marty, why don't you pull your shorts off and let me see your little soldier. " I expected him to protest. It sure took him sometime but he did pull off his underwear. I saw clearly for the first time what he had grown into. His penis lay limp over his testicles. His gorgeous sack dangled in soft and warm skin. I saw the shape of each ball. There was so little hair on him. "Has anything changed down there?" he asked playfully spreading his legs so I'd have a better view.

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   He put his hands around his gentiles as if he was about to cover them but only accentuated his manhood. "You have gotten so much bigger. you're penis is so cute!""You want to kiss it?""Yes, Marty and can I play with your balls too?""Be careful, they can hurt. ""I would never hurt you, especially down there. " I kissed his cheek again, then I set to work on those parts that really mattered. I cupped his testicles and with my other hand massaged his skin very softly. I kissed his balls, each of them. His penis almost at once shot straight up in the air fully erect. His foreskin began to peel back but before it had completely exposed his head I kissed his exposed tip and with my fingers pulled his skin all the way back. I massaged his penis first. Up and down his shaft, I felt his stiffness then I began to fondled the head. He could have ejaculated right there. That was when I began to kiss it every where. He giggled uncontrollably. He had never felt those pleasures.

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   I wanted to suck him but before I had had the chance he came. His throbbing penis shoot out his semen like a volcano. My face was covered in it. "Oh, mom, I'm sorry," he said. "No, Marty, that's OK, that's what boys do when they orgasm. Did it feel good when it happened?" He nodded. "Marty, do you touch yourself sometimes?""Sometimes. " I kissed his deflating penis and it stirred a little. "Next time you feel like touching yourself you come to me and I'll play with your body.
    ""I'm still feeling like touching myself mommie. ""Teenagers! You're so horny aren't you? Why don't we do this, at home you don't have to wear clothes around me and I'll rub you or kiss you or what ever you want me to do anytime. Would you like that? You're not still embarrassed, are you?""No, ma'am," he said playfully. "That's a good boy. "We hugged. He got up out of bed and stood in front of me.

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       He hugged me while I sat which meant that he pressed his penis and testicles up against my face then he very carefully sat down on my lap, legs wide open. His genitals pressed up against my body. With my hands I rubbed him. I masturbated him until he came again right between us. He didn't have much semen like last time and he got tired. I let him go back to bed. The next morning I gave him a bath as soon as I woke him up. I got him to the bathroom naked. His morning erection made it hard for him to pee. While I bathed him and paid special attention to his throbbing he ejaculated. Off he went to school. I busied myself with house work. Then around three he returned. I heard him say he was home. I said something and he followed the sound of my voice.

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       He came up to me from behind. His shirt was already off. His pants were unbelted and unzipped. He asked if I wanted to see a boy's penis and I said yes. He pulled out his manhood and right before me it inflated. I tore all his clothes off so I could marvel at his body in the glaring sun light. I cupped his balls in my hands and moved him closer to me. I sat in front of him and licked his throbbing penis until it glistened. His muscles flexed, rippled and then tensed. His whole body stiffened while I kissed and fondled his maleness. His body couldn't take anymore. He started to buck his hips. I give him a blow job until he came in my mouth. "That beats touching myself, wow! I've never felt anything like it mom, when I ejaculated in your mouth. That was awesome!" That's how we spent most of our time.

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       Instead of measuring how tall he got I took out a stick and began to measure how big his penis grew, ten inches by the time he was sixteen it got no bigger but a little wider. I taught him how to sex a woman and after high school he got a job as a mechanic until we moved to a remote place out in Arizona. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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