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On that particular day as I was bathing in the sun, Susan made her way to her own backyard and headed into the pool. As soon as she came out of the pool, her boyfriend Greg came out and pulled her close to his already large buldge in his swim trunks. They made out passionatley for a few minutes as I, myself felt my groin stirring. How I had wished at that minute it was me she was kissing and not that pathetic thing she called her boyfriend. Greg was a 5'5" weakling, thin as a 12 year old girl, but he had one thing I did'nt, his own successful firm. Yes, my family had money, and plenty of it, but I did'nt own my own company and that meant a lot in these part of the woods. As they were kissing I started to rub my cock and soon i was taking long strokes. I did not hide my masterbating session from anyone, at any moment someone could walk in or look over the fence. Yeh, i'm real brave, I knew my privacy was not in jeopardy,everyone was away and Susan and Greg were too involved to even notice. Suddenly I heared my sisters voice saying "do you need any suntan oil for that". I was in shock all I could do was quickly release my grip on my dick and try to hide my erection. Turned out that Alyson decided against the school in Boston, and with three more days of hotel room stay my parents decided on staying while Alyson head back home. I was now speachless and Alyson was heading my way. She spoke quick and sure of herself,"It's alright Sam, It's only natural, I do it all the time".

I could'nt believe my ears, my own 18 year old sister telling me she masterbates. Now I know how this should end, but the events that transpired suprised even me.

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   Instead of losing my erection, my cock started to throb at her words. Alyson had matured into a beautiful young woman. Her breasts had probably measured a 36c and she had an ass to die for. She had noticed that I was uncomfortable but she also noticed how big my dick was. She came close to inspect me, she said "my my you sure have a large cock, much larger than the ones i'm used to. Wow, i could'ny beleive it the ones she's used to, how many has she seen or been with. At that point I could take it no longer, I knew I had to fuck her. I looked up at her and told her that I was sorry she had to see what I had been doing, but since she took so much interest in my cock, maybe she would like to take sample of it. She got on her knees by the beach chair where i had been sitting and without a word she started sucking my cock. It wasn't the fact that she was sucking my dick that made me so turned on it was the fact that she devoured me whole, it was the best blowjob i had ever received. I quickly undid her tight jeans and as they fell to the floor, I could see that she was not wearing any panties. Her Pussy was clean shaven and at that point dripping wet from excitement. She turned her body to straddle my face as i lay back on the beach chair. Alysons back was facing me as she sat on my face, while sucking on my shaft. My little sisters pussy tasted amazing.

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   Soft and sweet. I was about to unload my seed into her mouth but decided otherwise. I pulled her soaking pussy off my face and told her to go inside to the house and meet me in her room. As she went inside i took in the events and could'nt believe it. I told myself it was wrong but I knew she would not mention it to anyone, she was such a willing participant. At that point I knew i had control, she would do as I say and I wanted to try out this new toy. I went in the house heading for the kitchen, That's were we keep all the dog food.
    I took a bowl full of Iams and headed up to the bed room. As I climbed up I called for our dog J. J. He hurridley ran to me and when we reached the top of the stairs Iput the bowl down for him to eat. I grabbed a few pebbles of food in my hand and went to the bedroom. Alyson was there waiting for me. She had stipped naked and was lying on the bed, spread eagle. I nuzzled between her legs and lapped at her tasty vagina for a number of minutes, she was in heaven, her breathing was heavy and the words coming out of her mouth were so dirty, the bitch was in heat.

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       I placed a handful of the food between her legs and made my way up the bed for a blowjob. Alyson took me in her mouth again and i had forgotten about the world for a minute. Suddenly J. J. came in and found the food between Alyson's legs and started at it. When he was done he started licking at Alyson's pussy, the aroma must have hooked him in. Alyson's mouth tightened around my shaft and she started to suck harder and faster, I could not manage to last longer and spewed deep down her throat. She swallowed all which I gave and then proceeded to moan while J. J. was licking her good. She closed her eyes and spread her legs wide. I was enjoying the show and managed to get hard again. I had planned to fuck her good, but J. J. was quicker than I imagined he got up on the bed and in 2 second he plowed into Alyson.

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       It was magical, she met his thrusts like a professional. J. J. was panting heavily and was about to come. Suddenly Alyson turned on her stomach and ordered me to take her from behind. I hadn't realized it but she thought that it was I who was fucking her. I took the position behind her and pushed J. J. away. I started putting my meat in her tight twat and pounded away. Each thrust harder than the next. Alyson was yelling "fuck me, fuck me, harder,harder, fuck my pussssssyyyyyyyy, ohhhhh,ohhhh, you are so big". She then drop on the bed quivering from her immense orgasm. We fucked all 3 days our parents were gone. Till this day she has no idea that J.

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      J. fucked her. The next few years she had no interest in gymnastics, the only type of excercise she did was on my cock. When i went away to college she would visit me and we would get real wasted and fuck like dogs. Today I am married with a kid on the way, but I will never forget the times we shared. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.