Horney Cousins 2


My cousin Kari and I have been sleeping together every night sine our first sexual encounter. After my parents go to bed, she quietly leaves her room and comes into mine. If I'm working late, I usually find her in there when I get home. More often than not, she's in my bed masturbating to one of my dvd's that I leave out for her.
At 14, she's quite a little slut. She knows more about sex than I did at 18 Now at that I'm 19, this 18 year old woman is more sexually mature, adventurous and kinky than any woman I've been with before.
One night when I got home from working late again, I found Kari in my bed but she was reading, there was no dvd on. She sat in some loose fitting shorts, (I was able to see her pussy) and a see through tank top. When she saw me, she put the book aside and stood on her knees.
"Oh, Tommy, I so fucking horny, I didn't know how much longer I could wait. " She began rubbing her pussy through her shorts. As I got down to my boxers, I walked over to her and brought her face up to mine and we slipped our tongues into each other's mouth.
"Oooooo, yeah, you are horny. " I said as I felt one of her hard nipples and I played with her left breast. I than ran my hand along hers that was between her legs. Her short were damp.

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   My hand went up her leg and felt her pussy. Her clit was hard, she was getting really wet. She took my hand and licked her juices from my finger tips.
"Eat me, Tommy. " She slid off her shorts.
I laid down on my bed as she straddled my face. Her silky pubes were pushed into my nose as she forced all her weight on me. My mouth was buried in her cunt and I shoved my tongue into her as deep as it would go. Kari is one delicious woman. For 14, she's very voluptuous and her soft thight were locking my head in a vice grip and I grabbed her fleshy ass with my hands and I was in absolute heaven. My tongue ran along her folds, in her hole and then to her clit which was partially covered with hair. She started frinding on my face and she started babbling incoherantly.
As I ate her, I slid a finger up her ass and she screamed out. I shooshed her and left my finger in her. Slowly sliding it in and out.

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   When I was in all the way I wiggled it around a little and pretty soon she was coming in my mouth. I tried to swallow as much of her as I could but she comes a lot and eventually my mouth overflowed. She got off me and I was coughing up some of her juices. She brought her face to mind and began licking me all over the face, trying to get as much of her own come as she could. We shared a wet, sticky kiss but she never tasted so delicious before.
"That was beautiful," she said. "Sorry, I made a mess, I lost my mind a little. "
"Don't worry about it baby. Did you like that? My finger up your ass. "
"Mmmmm, yeah. Maybe you can put something else up there. "
I didn't need any more convincing. I sat back up and she positioned herself on all fours. I slid off my boxers pressed my dick at her asshole. I then thought better of it.

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   I didn't want to stick a rock hard eight inches up her without anything to make it easier for her to take it. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. I squirted some on her ass and spread it around her anus. I squirted some on my dick until it was well coated ans slippery.
"Ready," I said.
"Mmmm-hmmm," she said with her face buried in a pillow.
I slowly pushed at her little hole. I eased the head in and when it was in all the way I waited for her to relax. I slid in a couple more inches and then the rest of me was in her. She screamed into the pillow. "Ah, that fucking hurts like hell. " She said through gritted teeth. I started sliding out. "No, don't leave it in. Let me get use to it.

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  " I waited for her to relax. "Okay, slowly, be gentle. "
I started pumping her ass as slowly and gently as I could. Her ass was so tight and soft. I regretted not doing it sooner or with any of my previous girlfriends. Now I was doing this to my own flesh and blood, the first time for both of us. A girl that's 5 years younger than me, a minor. Oh, this was so fucking hot. As these thoughts raced through my mind I started speeding up my thrusting. I slid my hands up Kari's tank top and around to grab her tits. Her screams quieted down to moans of pleasure. As my pelvis hit her ass, her cheeks sent ripples of flesh down her thighs. With this magnificent sight of my cock sliding in her ass I was in a pure state of nirvana. I couldn't stop my self, I didn't think it was that long until I reach my orgasm and came inside her. Stam after stream of jism was shot into my cousin's ass.

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   I pulled out and shot a couple of time on her cheeks.
She reamined on all fours with her ass sill stuck up in the air. "Ah, motherfucker. I told you to be gentle. I don't think I can even sit down. " I rubbed her ass and planted a kiss on her left cheek and she let out a loud fart. Her faced turned red and she started laughing.
"Well, that was a second first for me tonight. First anal and first time a girl farted in front of me. I think we reach a new point in our relationship. "
"Don't go to sleep on me just yet. " She massaged my dick back to life. She got down on my in reverse cowgirl and started bouncing on me. She then lowered herself all the way, reached behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart and all my come trickled out of her ass and on to my belly. She rode we until another orgasm for both her and me.

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   She got off and for the secong time that night, licked come from my body.