Honry Boy


I woke early squeezing and stroking my hard cock thinking about how my friends teased me about wanting to fuck my little sister, Tracy.   I had been thinking the same thing. I let her wear what she wanted and promised not to tell our mother, Debbie. Tracy hung with me because it was summer and I had to watch her. Tracy promised to keep her mouth shut about me smoking and drinking with my friends, so she was with me all day, everyday. Tracy loved the way my friends flirted with her nicely, but they would whisper to me how they would love to have Tracy sucking and riding their cocks. To be so young and compact, Tracy had an awesome shape.
I was staring at the ceiling thinking of fucking Tracy when I heard Debbie go into her bathroom. Debbie hated to be called mom. She said that it made her feel old. I hopped out of bed and slipped into the laundry room to peek in at Debbie and she undressed to take her shower. I had been spying on her like that two to three times a week for about five months. The guys who installed the new water heater cut the hole in the wall and wanted us to pay for the repairs. Debbie refused and its been my peephole every since. It was a good view and I was able to peek in on Tracy too.
Wanting to fuck Debbie made me want to do more to help out around the house and keep my eye on Tracy.

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   Debbie had a little extra weight, but it was all over and only made her look sexier to me. Loved the way she kept her pubic hair trimmed, it looked like an exclamation mark over her shaved cunt. Debbie did go out every now and then, so I was sure that she was screwing someone while she was gone. I was just glad that she didn’t bring guys home.
I stroked my cock studying Debbie’s naked body until she got in the shower. I then went to the kitchen and made her a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee. It was an excuse to be in her bedroom and talk to her while she dressed. She had enough mirrors in her bedroom that I could get a full frontal no matter which way she turned. Tracy didn’t get up early because she stayed up late at night to hangout with me.
I made Debbie a beacon and egg toast sandwich and took it into her bedroom. Debbie kept her bedroom door closed but never locked it. My cock was pushing out the front of my boxer briefs as I was able to catch Debbie drying off. My heart pounded as I thought quickly to stand eye-to-eye with her while she was naked. I sat down the plate and carried her coffee into the bathroom.
“Here’s your coffee,” I said holding the cup out to her.

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   I could tell that I startled her.
Debbie was facing me completely naked with her hands up wrapping her hair in a towel. Her shock turned to a smile as she took the cup from me. “Thank you Danny,” she said and took a sip. She watched me eyes closely as if to see if I would look down at her exposed tits or crotch.
My mind raced to try to make her feel comfortable being naked in front of me even though my heard cock was pushing out. “I’m going to take Tracy to the beach today and hangout,” I said.
“Thank you for taking care of your sister,” Debbie said. “I’m sure it gets in the way of you being with your friends and girls. ”
I saw her eyes drop to my crotch and there was a smirk as she turned to face the mirror. “I like hanging out with Tracy, we have fun together,” I said.
“I hope not too much fun,” Debbie chuckled and glanced at me throbbing cock.
I was too busy trying to control my heart beat to catch what she said at the time. “Everyone is use to seeing Tracy with me and they don’t mind her hanging around either,” I said.
Debbie chuckled and began putting lotion on her skin.

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   I knew that pre-cum was soaking my underwear where my cock was pushing against it, but I tried to ignore it and maintain eye contact with her. Debbie kept glancing down at my cock which seems to make it harder and harder.
“I’m glad that you don’t mind having Tracy hanging around with you,” Debbie said. “I surely couldn’t have her staying alone and she’s too old to have a babysitter. ” She gave me a kiss on the cheek as she squeezed passed me.
Her naked tits brushed against my arm and it was all I could do to keep from grabbing hold of them. I followed behind her while she laid out her clothes allowing myself to enjoy her curves. Before I knew it I was staring hard with my mouth draped open.
“Does Tracy have a crush on anyone?” Debbie asked.
That woke me out of my trance. I chuckled. “They all have a crush on her,” I said. “They all think she is so hot. ”
“I hope you are keeping a close eye on her,” Debbie said.
“We talk about what they want from her,” I said without thinking.

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“What exactly do y’all talk about?” she said as she stepped into her panties.
I thought, hell she was parading around naked in front of me, I might as well be a little blunt with her. “About the guys wanting to screw her and stuff like that,” I said.
“Do I need to have another little talk with her?” she winked at me.
“No, Tracy is smarter than that;” I said “We talk about blowjobs and different positions. ”
“Did you tell her about all of this, or did she pick it up from your friends?” Debbie asked.
“I guess she picks it up from everywhere,” I said “She is way more mature than her age. You should see how guys drool over her, and she takes it in stride. She knows what they want. ”
“Yeah, but soon she’ll be wanting to give it to them,” Debbie said. “Speaking of sex, when is the last time you’ve talked to a girl. ”
“There are not many around, and besides I rather not go through the drama of a relationship right now,” I said.
“Well, you’re going to have to do more than spy on me to get your needs met,” Debbie said jokingly.
It was so subtle that I chuckled without realizing that I had been busted. I was looking directly in her eyes when it hit me.

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“It’s ok,” Debbie said “I’m flattered actually. It makes a woman feel good to be desired. ”
I exhaled.
“I’m guessing that you spy on Tracy too,” Debbie said. “With both of y’all running around with raging hormones, y’all might clash. Lust is a hard thing to control. ”
I took it as a warning, but I wanted to fuck Tracy and her too. I didn’t want to control my lust; I wanted to bathe in it. Debbie rarely barked do’s and don’ts to me. She usually gives me advice which let me know of her expectations. I had it in my mind that I was going to fuck Tracy.
Debbie finished dressing and shelled out some money for food and a little extra to get Tracy a new bikini. I hopped in the shower soaping up and stroking my cock thinking about fucking Tracy. Thoughts of fucking Debbie crossed my mind too, but I had know idea how to approach it with her. With Tracy, I figured that all I needed to do is to start talking about sex and let Tracy get all excited about it.

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I put on my long swim shorts and went to Tracy room to wake her. I made up my mind to make it a sexually charged day for us. Tracy was asleep on her stomach. I sat on the side of the bed and slid my hand under the covers to her panty covered bottom. “Time to wake up sex ass,” I said in a soothing tone rubbing and massaging her butt-cheeks.
Tracy moaned turning her head towards me and opened her eyes. “Why so early?” she asked.
“Because we are going to the beach and I got money to get you a new string bikini,” I smiled continuing to massage her bottom. “You can show off these sexy buns. ”
Tracy stretched seemingly not minding my hand massaging her shapely ass. My cock was so hard I wanted to take her right there, but I didn’t want it to all be about me. I wanted her to want to fuck me. I stood up making sure that she could see my hard-on pushing out the front of my trunks. She looked and processed it before pushing her covers off.
“Take a quick shower and we’ll split,” I said.

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Tracy’s feet hit the floor and her panties road up between her butt-cheeks. Each of her butt-cheeks was big enough to fill my hands. Her bubble-butt drew plenty attention. I waited for her to close the bathroom door before I went to the laundry room to spy on her. Her boobs were very well developed and she kept her pubic hair cut into a nice little triangle. I stayed their admiring her young sexy body until she stepped into the shower.
I made haste cleaning up Debbie’s bathroom and bedroom; getting her clothes into the wash, and then I cleaned up Tracy’s bedroom. I didn’t bother giving Tracy a hard time about cleaning up behind herself. It was easier for me to do it and get it over with.
When Tracy got from the shower, she was excited and ready to go. She wore her cut-off shorts and tank-top with flip-flops. As smooth as her tanned skin and shapely little body was she would have look hot in anything. She wore a lot more makeup than she would let Debbie see her with on.
“You look fucking hot!” I said as we started to leave.
Tracy smile brighten and I was sure that her eyes were gleaming behind her sunglasses.

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       I turned up the music and drove faster than usual out to scenic highway. We went to a surf-and-turf shop where she had showed me a few string bikinis that she liked. I had it in my mind for her to get the most revealing suit possible.
    “Get this one,” I whispered to Tracy giving her a yellow g-string suit on a hanger. “This is the sexiest one. You pussy and nipples will show when it gets wet. ” I showed her the picture on the tag.
    “Okay,” Tracy giggled examining the garment on the hanger.
    “Let’s get it and go,” I said “You can change in the back seat. ”
    I rushed us out of there. “Hurry and get your suit on!” I laughed as I sped down the highway. I squeezed my hard cock looking in the rear view mirror at her while she changed. I drove down to South Corner Beach where a lot of people go to make out. There are a lot of little in lets people used to have sex. I dared not take Tracy there before, but my intensions were fuck her.

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    Heads began to turn as soon as Tracy got out the car. The thin yellow string was barely visible next to her tan. Tracy began to notice the attention that she was getting as we went down the walkway from the parking lot. Even women were looking at her and smiling.
    “Didn’t I tell you that suit was sexy,” I chuckled.
    An older man whistled at Tracy and his wife waved at us as we passed them on the sand. Tracy was blushing and giggling like crazy.
    “All of them want to fuck you Tracy,” I said.
    “They do?” she said and giggled.
    “I better act like you are my girl before someone come and snatch you up,” I chuckled.
    “Nice ass you got there,” one guy said sitting up on his towel as we passed him.
    “Thanks,” I said putting my hand on Tracy’s bare bottom and squeezing it firmly.
    Tracy giggled soaking up the attention. We dropped our towels and took a dip. Couples who were in the water hung onto each other tight, so I pulled Tracy back against me.

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       Tracy pointed out some people who were making out and I pointed out some others. I turned her around and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders.
    “Makes you feel like you want to do it too, huh?” I said.
    “Yeah,” she said with no hesitation while she stared at a couple close to us kissing passionately.
    I was ready. I had both my hands on her ass. I watched her eyes waiting, and waiting; then she turned her eyes to me. I pushed my lips dead on hers and parted her lips with my tongue. She kissed me back as if she had lots of practice and squeezed me tight. I slid my finger between her legs to her clit and she moaned in my mouth. Nothing was going to stop me.
    I backed up in deeper water were I could bounce up and down without drawing more attention than anyone else around us. I continued kissing Tracy and holding her tight as I worked my cock out of my trunks. Tracy’s g-string bottom didn’t hardly get in the way as I brought the head of my throbbing hard cock to her pussy.
    It hit me as I tried to slid my cock into Tracy’s tightness that she was a virgin as far as I knew.


       “I’m I your first?” I asked her.
    “Yeah,” she said and continued kissing.   She wrapped her legs around my waist tighter.
    I kept working and working the head of my cock against her tight pussy. We grunted in each other’s mouths and strained. Tracy gasped when I finally broke through her hymen. It felt as if her cunt turned into a vacuum and sucked me inside.
    We bounced in the water as my cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. It felt like I came but my dick didn’t shrink. The more we fucked the more Tracy got into it, and the more she got into it the harder my dick got.
    We broke our kiss for a while looking around at other people while we fucked in the water. We decided to find us a spot along the beach to continue. Tracy held onto me tighter as we got our towels and headed down the beach. We passed by several people fucking in little sand coves before we found a good spot.
    I laid out our towels and lay down next to Tracy.

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       I rolled on top of her and pushed my hard dick back in her. It had been a good while, almost a year since I had gotten any and I was making up for all that lost time inside of Tracy. Tracy moaned as I fucked her harder, but I kept right on going.
    My cock is not really big. It’s about six and one-half inches and pretty thick. I could tell that I was wearing Tracy out, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. My cock seemed to have kept getting harder. It could have been that I just wanted her so badly. I had a feeling that she wanted to do it too. It was just the thing about me being her brother.
    Just before noon we left the beach and found something to eat before going home. Tracy stayed right up under my arm. By the time we go home, I was ready to fuck her again. We didn’t even speak of it. She led the way to my bedroom and got naked on my bed.

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       It was the first time that I had sex with anyone in my bedroom. My bed sounded like it enjoyed being fucked on.
    I had put so much energy into fucking Tracy to no end that we fell asleep in the aftermath on my bed naked on top of the covers.
    --to be continued if there is interest in hearing more



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