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Topic: Home With My Little Sister 5“Yeah,” I replied a little ashamed, not knowing how she would take it.
“Good, I thought you might not have liked it. ”  The way she said this turned me on so much.
“Ok so do you want to touch it?”  I said hopefully.
“Yeah, and by the way Jake… I’m horny right now too. ”  This almost sent me over the edge once again, and she noticed how happy it made me.   She moved close to me as the water from the shower poured down on us and made her body glisten again.   She got on her knees so that she could view the new spectacle face to face.   Her legs were another perfect quality of hers, they were always so smooth.   She looked so hot on her knees right in front of me, she couldn’t have weighed more than 115 in her 5 foot 4 inch body.   “Wow, yours is big.   They told us in Health class that they are usually like 6 inches.

  This is like 9 inches.   Wouldn’t that hurt in a… pussy?”  Once again she said this and it was evident she was testing new vocabulary.
“You know how big they usually are, but you don’t know what a boner is?”
“We never really got that far, that is for next year. ”  I chuckled, talk about a cliffhanger.

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“Well, do you know what sex is?”
“Kinda… I know that’s how babies are made.   How does it happen?”
I was delighted to answer this question for my cute sister still on her knees.   “Well, a guy puts his dick in a girls pussy and he moves it in and out until both of them cum.   Cumming is what happens when you have an orgasm, it is a white liquid that girls usually say tastes good and it comes out of a guys penis.   An orgasm also is the best feeling in the world. ”  She giggled at my liberal use of all these forbidden words.
“You said come a lot,” she said as she laughed.   Then, out of no where, she started to touch my dick.   She moved her soft hands up and down my shaft, every once and a while touching my sensitive head as I moaned.   The loved my trimmed pubes and every now and then tested the springiness of my long, hard dick.   “Why did you moan, Jake?”
“Because it feels really good when you do that. ”
“Really?  Well I like making you feel good.   Did what you were doing when I came in make you feel good?”
I tried testing the waters once again.   “Yeah it feels great, but it would be so much better if you did it. ”
She smiled at the opportunity.

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    “How do I do it?”



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