Home Part 4-Distant Relative


Things have been less than ordinary on my vacation to my aunt and cousin`s house. Ive been a little tired to say the least,since my cousin insists that we have sex every morning and night. But if you keep at it,your stamina will last longer,so i don't really complain . I guess were far enough down the line for a more formal introduction. You already know me,but a name would be less confusing wouldn't it?Call me Brian. My aunt?Her name is Emma,no doubt a British freedom fighter from the 1960`s. As for my sister,its Kathrine,but i haven't seen her since i left for the trip,and actually,im a bit glad for that. My cousin,is Susan,whom you know how close we are. Last but not least is my younger adoptive cousin,Carol.
Well,how this tale starts is by accident . Susan was actually doing some research on the computer in her room,as she typed in our family name. You know how we are with our family "Family Bonds Is Everything" its been told to me since. . . well as long as i can remember,and its true. I was sitting on her bed when,she actually turned in the computer chair to me ""I just found another relative from our family tree.

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  . . she`s our second cousin. A distant relative. " I then sat up on her bed and looked to her "What are you talking about?Second cousins are not distant. " everyone says that it has to be third cousins or later. Even though no matter how much,its always family. I don't know why people say third is the limit. "
"Even so. . im going to get my mother to tell me about this. . . " she then got up and left the room. I then thought about it myself,were a close family,and the thought of a family member outside of our knowledge actually insulted me.

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  My aunt and cousin came back into the room,as my cousin sat back into the chair,and my aunt looked at the screen. "I never thought it was true. " What is Aunt Emma?" I said,my interests were starting to rise. She would then look to me "I remember my grandfather. . . your great grandfather telling me about his first wife. She was angry that he enlisted to fight the Nazi`s during the war,your mother and i were in our teens as that time. She left him because of it. We never thought she was pregnant. "
I shook my head,we had to find out who this long lost relative was. "Susan,can you find any more info?"I heard Susan`s fingers on the keyboard and mouse clicks,then finally answers. "Yeah Brian,from what is on this website,our relative`s name is Wendy. Oh. .

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  this is so sad. "Aunt Emma got closer "What is it?" Susan pointed to the screen "Her grandmother died of Alzheimer`s disease,and it has effected her son,daughter and her grandaughter. Wendy is currently at a mental hospital institution not to far from here. "My aunt then shook her head,and started to walk out of the room "Im not going to have some relative of mine in some nut house. " Susan stood up "But mom,Wendy is mildly retarted. Its best if she stays there. " Aunt Emma looked angry "I don't belive in it,she`s going to come here and live with us. Ill make the arrangements,Brian you go to this nut house,and check on her. "
Susan slowly took a deep breath. I looked to her "Do you think this is a good idea?What if Wendy doesn't want our help?What if she`s doing fine?" Susan had a tear in her eye "I know,but you know my mom. Flower Power and peace. " All i could do is hold my cousin in my arms,and hope for the best.
I got dressed early the next day. Getting on a nice pair of pants from out of my suitcase,and used gel in my hair. I was sort of out of it,until Aunt Emma told me to get in the car.

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  She had on a nice blue dress also,my aunt would look to me as we were driving down the highway. "Your cousin`s getting the house all nice. I managed to make some phone calls,and found out that no one has bothered to visit Wendy since her father died. " I tried to shape my har a bit more "Isn't there some kind of plan to get in contact with her relatives in the case that he did die?"Silence. "There was,her father had a will in the case that if he did die,information about Wendy would have been given to his two half-sisters,your mother and me. " "So why weren't you informed?"
The van stopped at a red light,i saw other cars passing by,as i leaned my elbow onto the armrest. "Back in those times mental diseases were misunderstood . A person could have been labled crazy,even though they really were not. . . . if only the understanding of people today could have been here 18-20 years ago. . . " I heard the ticking as my Aunt made a turn,and slowly went up what looked like a forest path.

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  "So. . how old is she?"My aunt couldn't answer,she stopped the van in front of a gate. After explaining through a intercom,the gates opened,and we went through. "She`s 29. " I was taken a bit back,as the van finally came to a stop,and i got out,my Aunt got out also. We then walked up a gravel trail,butterflies in my stomach,as i saw patents,and hospitals staff all around the grounds. "I wonder what she looks like. . . "My aunt simply looked to me"Well,the both of us will know soon enough.
Both of us were greeted by a doctor. My aunt introduced herself,and did also. The doctor explained that Wendy had below average mind capabilities,meaning that she can feed,wash and clothe herself,but she was a bit slow on processing information. But mostly normal,i was glad.

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  The three of us then came to the inner courtyard,where patents could sit in the grass,or paint the trees that dotted the landscape. I could hear peaceful music from inside,as finally Wendy came out to us. The hospital staff dressed her up fancy also,she had short black hair,and eyes. She was not that bad looking actually,they had her dressed in a small red dress,with white flowers on it. It was buttoned from the front,as she looked stock. Slightly chubby,it looked like she was being fed well. Wearing socks and sneakers,any fears that i had of her being mistreated went away. My aunt also felt better,as the doctor gave me a picnic basket. My aunt looked to me"Im going to go with the doctor to sign some paperwork,you get to know your cousin better. "
"Wait. . i. . . "Before i knew it,both of them left and i was left with her.

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  She was not really paying any attention to me,as i then looked to her and spoke really slow"Hello. . . my name is Briain. What is your name?"She looked to me partially and said "I. . am. . . . . . . . .

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  . . Wendy. "I nodded a few times. "Family?. . . . Family. . . "I had to take her by the hand,into the courtyard. "Alright. . .

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  lets go over here. "There were more than a few other patents out here,so i decided for us to sit near a tree. Wendy would plop onto the ground,and just look around. I went through the basket "Lets see. . . some sandwiches and soda. Here,one for you. " Wendy took it,and just began to eat it. "And one for me" Wendy was a bit quiet at first,but after a while she began to open and talk a bit more. I was actually impressed at how much she could actually do.
Im not sure how long we spent talking,but soon thoughts of sex,and the fact that i haven't had sex for the past couple of days began to creep up on me. Finishing the last of my soda,i couldn't help but laugh "Man. . i wish Susan was here.

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  "i looked to Wendy,she of course,was already looking around and not to me. I then blinked,and thought of sex with her.
    I did not really think of it seriously at first,but then i looked around,and even behind me. People all around,i thought i should be more like my Aunt. Just doing what you want to do in life,i put the can down,and looked to Wendy. "Wendy. . get up. " she did not get up,i had to tell her a few times before she finally got up.
    Throwing all heck to the wind,i opened up her blouse,and licked her breasts. I thought it was odd that she wasnt wearing  a bra,but in a place like this where people mostly wear gowns,i diddent really complain. Wendy looked around,not really noticing me. I then stopped,and stepped back a bit. Starting to pull my pants down,i let them fall to my ankels. I jerked my limp cock,to try and get it aroused.


      In the meantime i told Wendy to pull up her skirt,or at least show me her ass. I had to eventually pull her skirt up,and tie it partially around her waste so it would stay up. My cock still wasn't hard,i looked to Wendy "Turn around and lean against the tree,turn. . come on turn. " "No. . " I had to turn Wendy around,and she finally bent over,and held onto the tree.
    Finally my cock was hard,and i got behind her. Looking around none of the patents really was looking,as i then pressed my cock against her ass,which was a bit more chubby. I was glad,more to hold onto. Pushing into her pussy,there it felt tight,yet slick. Wendy was a virgin,but i doubt she felt my cock inside her pussy. Only after pushing in and out a few times,did i finally feel some pressure around me. Wendy noticed,as i had to use a hand to push my shirt out of the way.

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      Using my left hand to keep her ass check open,i used my right hand to push my cock in further. "Uhh. . . . . . . . . . . . mn. .

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      . . . . . . . . uh. " i looked up,Wendy was feeling it,and it did make me a feel a bit better.
    Soon both my hands went to grab her large hips,and i thrusted in and out. Keeping a careful eye at times to spot if anyone really noticed us. Leaning a hand onto her back,i bent my knees partially so i could thrust upward a bit. I felt her slick,and soon i felt her hymen break. My eyes winded,as i nearly stopped,but i decided to continue.

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      Having sex in front of people did not really get me more aroused,but it was something new. I did not want to get caught in this,so i grabbed onto Wendy`s body and began to fuck her as hard and as fast as i could,i couldn't see her face but by her body i knew she was surprised.
    I felt pressure slowly build in my cock,as i continued to thrust into her pussy,and soon i thrusted longer,so i could see my cock pushing in and out of her pussy. I soon had enough,as i stopped,and took my cock out of her pussy. Using my hands to undo the knot around her waste,and letting her skirt fall down again,i wasnt about to let my load go away. Wendy then kneeled down to put the cans and sandwich rappers back into the basket. Wendy was not looking at me,as i brought her head up,and jerked my cock at her. Wendy did not bother to look,as i let go of a thick load. It felt great,as i almost lost my ballence. I took a spare napkin out of the basket to wipe Wendy`s face clean and make sure she looked alright,when we went back. I tried my best to look calm,as if nothing happened. Just incase we were seen.
    My aunt came out with some papers and looked to me "Did you both have a good time?" i nodded"Yeah Aunt Emma,Wendy and i got to know each other real well. "We would then start to head back out to the van. "Well everything is done,Wendy will be living with me for now on.

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      " i opened the van door,and helped Wendy inside. As we drove off,i felt real glad for some reason.
    The next day,in the morning i was having sex with Wendy again on the backyard porch was lying back,as Wendy sat on top of me,moving herself up and down. As usual,she said nothing,as i strained i was about to let another load loose,when i heard my aunt from inside "Brian,Wendy. . its time for breakfast. " Wendy then stood up,and walked into the house. I just sat there,and jerked my cock until i came. Taking a towel and cleaning up,Susan and Carol were already sitting down. Aunt Emma had given Carol some scrambled eggs on a plate,Carol would look to Wendy "You could have at least put on some clothes. " i sat down next to Susan,as Aunt Emma gave me a stack of pancakes. "I really am glad we took Wendy out of that nut house. "Susan spoke sternly. "Its not a nut house mom,its a mental institution. Aunt Emma gave Wendy some toast to eat,as Carol compared her breasts to Wendy`s by looking.

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      Emma spoke "Even so,being around people does wonders for the brain. Your seeing all this in the news,so this will be better for her in the long run. "
    I felt Susan`s hand reach under the table to squeeze my cock. I began to eat the pancakes,as i was happy again. No telling what would happen now,but i did know that my family was happy,and that was all that mattered.
    The End
    Copyright,Eric Luna 2006



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