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Its been 2 weeks since i had sex with my slut for a sister. My parents decided to let me see my cousin,which i was naturally close with . I decided to take a train,because i no longer trusted airplanes. . for obvious reasons. I was suppose to meet my aunt half way,just to make sure nothing bad happened . I was thinking of a lot of things during that train ride. . . .
It was towards the middle of fall,and cold weather was only starting to appear. After the sexual experience with my sister,i thought. . . there was something that was building inside of me. I diddent know what it was.

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  . . but it was something that was nearly on my mind all the time now. The day before i was to leave,i spent my time in my room,packing up a few pairs of clothes,mostly summer clothes. I was going to a warmer place in the country,so winter clothes weren't needed yet.
My mother arranged for her sister to meet me at a train station stop half way to my cousin`s house. My mother`s sister,was my aunt,and we had a good relationship. My father always told me that a close family,was a good family. This was generally shared among my family,so you could remember how angry i was when my own sister was a slut in the previous tale. My father gave me a hug,and my mother kissed me on the cheek as they saw me off,my sister couldn't come because she had school work to do. But my mother said she meant well.
I would be back in 2 months,so i hugged them back,and got my suitcase,and boarded the train. As i walked through the corridor i saw people sitting down and preparing for the long ride,i managed to grab a private booth with a bed and everything. I left my suitcase against the side of the stall,as i sat down and raised the blinds for the window. I looked outside as i saw the city pass,and soon grassland with a telephone pole every few mintues.

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  The sun would dance and sparkle as i looked up at it,as it hid behind the clouds and dodged through the telephone polls.
I had time to think,and i thought of the time i had sex with my sister. This wasn't one of the stories i read on the Internet about how sex with a mother or sister changed your life,"no,that`s just the stories" i thought,"that doesnt make sence in real life" i almost laughed to myself as i thought about it. Soon i began to have the bad feeling again,like a lump in my stomach or some pain in my chest,it was some. . feeling. I tried to wonder what it was,and why it always came when i thought of women or sex.
I could have sworn i nearly had the answer when the compartment door opened,and a girl came in. Unlike my blue shirt,with white undershirt with dark blue sweat pants. She had on a nice pink open blouse,with a t-shirt with a large flower on it. She had on a white skirt,,which showed off great legs. Like the legs of a girl who was a runner,biker or swimmer. She looked to me with blue eyes,and used a hand to curl a length of blonde hair behind a ear.
"There`s no more compartments left,do you mind if i stay here for the trip?"I eyed her for a moment,then looked into her eyes. Nodded,and said "Sure,i don't mind.

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  "She smiled"Thanks" as she put her travel bag down,next to my suit case,and sat on the stall on the opposing side of mine. She would take a breath and look to me,then to outside the window. I heard her sneakers bumping against each other and the wood of the stall.
I tried to think of what was bothering me again,sure i could have stared at her,but this was really starting to bother me. What what this?What the hell was this feeling?My face felt like it turned angry for a moment,as i then heard her voice "something wrong?You look angry. " i stuttered "N-noo. no. Im ok. . just. . thinking. "She took off her pink blouse,and stretched her arms "Ok,i just wanted to make sure. " my left eye narrowed as i checked her out. Her eyes were closed as she stretched her arms.

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  Her breasts were large,even larger than my sisters.
I felt angry again,it was doubtful that i would find out what was bothering me with a girl like this sitting the the train booth next to me. I decided to talk,because the more i thought,the more this feeling made me hurt. I needed to get my mind off this. "So. . . where you headed?" she looked at me "Going to visit my uncle before winter starts. "I did my best to look interested "Im heading to visit my aunt. " she looked surprised "Look at that,were basically traveling for the same reasons. " she laughed,and i felt the feeling inside me start to go away.
We talked and got along well,the train ride lasted a week. By the end of that week we knew a pretty good amount of things about each other. Soon the time had to come,when we had to part. We switched phone numbers,and she told me that she was heading east.

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  She wanted to hear from me again,so she made me promise to call her as soon as i got home. I decided to call her back,i felt great. She gave me a kiss on the cheek,and left the cabin.
I got my stuff together as well,i got on my sneakers and left. The trainstation was in a country outlet,no buildings. Just a small station with a few allies around it,looking through the crowd. I couldnt find my aunt,i waited for 18 minutes. Soon my thouhts began to wander,as i thought of the girl i met on the train. I also remembered a few nights where she was comfortable enough to walk around in just her bra,skirt and panties. I tried to sneak a peek,but i mostly got caught. She only laughed,as i thought. Count to think of it. . .
I haven't jerked off since before i left home,i got the urge to.

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  Knowing all gurs have to jerk every so often,i took my suitcase and headed for the public bathroom. I stoped outside it,blinked and said "yeah right" as i then headed for somewhere else. I ducked behind a corner,and dropped my sweats. I took out my cock and began to jerk,it felt great.
Anything would feel great when you haven't jerked in a week. If people looked around the corner hard enough they would have found me,but i diddent care. When a guy wants to shoot a load,he doesnt care what he has to do in order to get the load out. Pumping my cock for a few minutes,i felt it become hard. Harder than normal,actually. I heard footsteps,as i continued to jerk.
After a few minutes,i would look to see my aunt standing a few feet away from me. She had blonde hair,cut short. My mother always said her sister was a feminist,she always liked to do things her way. As her brown eyes looked me over,wearing a black coat,with black skirt. She had fancy black dress shoes,as she shook her head "I was wondering where you went.

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  Your cousin and i was starting to worry. "
I was still in the mood to jerk off,so i turned and pumped at her. My aunt turned and looked around the corner"Where she went off to now?You remember,your younger cousin right?"I stoped for a moment "Yeah. "My aunt might have been a feminist when she was younger,but she was a good person. Another good family member,she actually adopted a girl a few years back. We all treated her as one of the family. "She`ll find us later. "
My aunt looked to my cock,which was firmly hard. She walked over,the steps beneath her shoes echoing in the corner. She looked down at my cock,i shrugged. About to cover myself up,my aunt looked me in the eyes "Its ok,it happens so often. Your uncle and father did the same thing when they were younger. "I shook my head "What?" My aunt grabbed her coat,and reached down for her skirt. "Your mother told me about it. " my aunt`s face flew down towards my cock.

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  I felt a urge,i felt more horney. More than just the urge to blow a load.
My aunt took her right hand partially held up her skirt,i saw her thigh. Worn by age,but the largest though i ever saw. My aunt then got on her knees "A man should never have to do this by himself"My aunt pushed her coat`s sleves back,and took my cock into her hands. I felt her warm,slightly wrinkled hands against my skin. It felt different,i remembered the hands of my sister. A new experience,i looked down at her. "You shouldn't do this,what if someone sees?"
My aunt shook her head,her right hand`s finger would gently guide across the bottom of my hard cock,her left hand would gently squeeze my balls for second,then rest against my lower stomach. "You worry about thing too much. No one`s going to find out. "My aunt pressed her face to the side of my cock,smelling it,and looking at it,inches from her face. A old tease,she grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand,and used her right hand to slap it "These young cocks,i forgot how hard it can be to get one of these hard"
I closed my eye,and actually felt weak in the knees for a second. She looked up,as i saw both of her hands massage my cock "You like that don't you,well im glad. Im just trying to see how much you can take.

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  "My aunt would give my cock head a lick then pushed her mouth all the way down her throat. I felt her tongue and teeth,as she then started to suck. Her hands massaging my cock as she sucked,she would suck,then give my cock a massage.
This was the first time i had gotten a real blowjob,i was able to keep the cum back for a 18 minutes. Before my muscles strained and i couldnt really take anymore,my aunt would then stop sucking,and jerk my cock off with her right hand. Ajusting her legs,she would look up at me. Giving a smile,i thought of all the love she gave me,and i felt myself shoot a thick load of cum. She had a look of slight lust,as she continued to jerk my cock for a moment,i was still hard after she was done.
She got up,and took a rag out from one of her coat pockets,cleaning her face off,and putting another layer of lipsick onto her lips. She then put the lipstick and rag back into her pocket,i jerked my cock at her. She licked her lips "Ive been wondering what a teenager`s cock feels like these days. . " as she then bent over and put her arms onto a crate in the ally.
I looked at her ass,it was worn. It was soft,yet showing signs of slight age.

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  Her thighs were lean,from her youth,as she then pulled down a pair of panties. Jerking my cock hard at her ass,she saw the look on my face. Shaking her head,and turning back,i got behind her,and pressed my cock against her pussy,which was shaven. Something my sister also did.
My aunt licked her lips,as i pushed her skirt and coat up,so her bare ass was infront of me. Pushing my cock against her pussy,my cock would slowly push though. We both moaned,as i felt my cock enter her slick hole. A little bit looser,but i wasn't complaining. I pushed my cock until i felt my balls touching her ass.
My aunt`s eyes narrowed,and had the look of pleasure. Like this was better than she thought,while people were talking and trains were rolling i rubbed my hands along my aunt`s ass before i grabbed them and started to fuck her. I felt my balls slapping gently against her shaven ass,and my aunt archd her head,and moaned. This felt better than i thought,true it was a bit loose,but i felt my cock push in deeper than i felt before.
My aunt adjusted her legs,but still allowed me to fuck her. Soon little footsteps were heard as my adoptive cousin came into the ally,she was a small girl.


  Of young age,having long black hair and eyes,with causcian skin,she looked to her and me. "Mommm,i was waiting and you diddent come. "My cousin looked up to see me fucking my aunt hard. My aunt would look to her,as i held her ass cheecks apart. I took my cock out,and was jerking it. "Im busy with your cousin. Sit down,and wait until were finished. "
My cousin would kick a pebble on the groumd,and look at me as i pushed my cock back into my aunt`s pussy,and i began to fuck her again. My aunt hung her head down and went back to enjoying the fucking. After a few minutes my cousin would look to see my hard teen cock fucking my aunt`s worn middle aged pussy. "What`cha doing?" my aunt would look back to see me,i was worn out and about to let another load go.
She looked to my cousin "just catching up on old times. Ill tell you later. "My cousin nodded and walked around. "Oh,ok,.

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  " as  she walked around as there was fucking going on right infront of her. I eventually cringed,and took my cock out of her cunt. Jerking it,i shot a small load. But i tried to make it look like alot,my aunt laughed again and cleaned herself up. Once my sweats were back on we left,and headed for my aunt`s car.
My cousin was out of hearing distance when i looked to my aunt. "Did she understand what we did?" "No. When you get to be my age,you learn to appreciate life. Dont hold back,you will only regret it. " i spent a few minuts thinking about what she said as i got in the car and helped my cousin to buckle her seat belt,after i put my suitcase into the trunk. My aunt took the keys and turned the ignition.
The car roared to life,and soon we were turning onto a country roared and i looked out of the window. My cousin was fast asleep as my aunt looked to me from the mirror atop the dashboard "Did you have a good train ride?" at that moment i took out the piece of paper from my pocket in my sweats. It had th number of the girl i met on the train,i nodded "Yeah,i did. .

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  " my aunt put her foot onto the gas pedal. "Your older cousin,is looking foreward to your visit. " i would slowly nod. "Me too. . . "
The End
Copyright Eric Luna-2006
No aspect of this story can be reproduced,altered or changed in any shape or form.


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