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I guess I should begin this by telling you this is a true story.   Sometimes I'm amazed that this happened, but most of the time it makes me horny to think about it. My brother sam and I are identical twins, we were about 18 when this happened.   We are both athletic (a lot of sports in school) and in keeping with this story being true, we are both somewhat endowed, good six inchers, uncut, on each of us.
There is a little bit of a prestory to this. You see both of us had by now realised how to 'have fun' with our pet dog Toby, a male black lab. This is how it would work, Anytime the parents were away and it was just Sam and I home alone, making sure that Sam wasn't able to see I'd pull out my cock and show it to Toby, let him catch the smell of cock and precum and sure enough he'd come following where ever he was led.   Then you'd lead him to the bathroom, lock the doors, and pleasure each other.
Well both Sam and I had known for a while that each other was doing this. It wasn't a big secret when the parents weren't home and you would walk by the locked bathroom to hear the fan running, no one taking a shower, and the distinct jingle of a dog collar.  
Bringing this up now is making me horny and wishing I could go back to the day.   In fact, I want to let you in on just went on in the bathroom during one of the 'love-making' sessions with my dog.   Well you already know how he was 'seduced' into the bathroom, once there my clothes came ripping off so i could be just as naked as my sex toy of a dog.   Then I would let Toby lick my cock, slurping up any precum and making sure I was as hard as I could be.   Then I would move my hand down his body to his semi hard cock. Just the taste of my cock would get him horny.

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    slowly stroking his dog cock, he would begin to grow to his full size, a good 5 inches from the knot.   Nothing its hornier than that big knot swelling at the base of his cock.   Once his cock was fully exposed I would lick it a few times before plunging it into my mouth and going down on him, flicking my tounge agsint the tip of his cock from time to time.   Once i felt him begin to come close to orgasm I would switch to jerking him off.   That way I could get a good view of him animalisticly humping my hand while I jerked him and myself off.   When he would cum I would position myself so that he came all over my stomach and cock. You should see the way a dog cock jerks while it is spewing cum everywhere. Loads and loads of it.   Once he was done trying to impregnant my stomach and cock, he would lick his own doggy cum off me while I finished myself off, cumming all over myself as well so that he would have a mixture of doggy and human cum to lick off me.   And that was what went on behind locked doors before this day came.
This day was different, maybe I was exceptionally horny or maybe I was getting bored of the usual. Or maybe I was just tired of not knowing exactly what went on when my brother was the one in the bathroom.
You see I was walking out of my room and I heard a familiar sound, the bathroom fan running, the bathroom lights on. and I stopped and listened for a moment and what I heard made my pants tighten a bit: a dog collar jingling and the panting of a dog.   O shit, that made me horny and I thought to myself, 'this is the day.

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  . . ".   So to feed my already growing horniness and to buy time while my brother was 'busy' with the dog I began looking up porn online. All kinds, lesbian, straight, beastiality, dickgirls.   I had a raging hard on, feed by the background noise of animal sex in the bathroom, by time  Sam came out of the bathroom with toby. Luckily Toby was not satisfied and as soon as my brother had headed to his room I led toby downstairs into the bathroom. The only thing separating the bathroom and sams room was a door. He had to hear.   In seconds I was naked with Toby, stroking myself, stroking him, making as much noise as I could. Taken completely by surprise, the next thing I hear is the door open and in a complete panic of someone seeing me naked with my hand on a dog's cock, I just looked right at the door.   It was Sam, he mumbles something about 'you should close the door all the way' and turns around, closing the door.
I snap out of the surprise and walk to the door he has just closed, re open it and say 'may I don't want to. ' and leave it again, cracked open.   At this point I am a little let down, figuring maybe Sam isn't interested.

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    So i continue with Toby, admittedly less enthusiastic as before.
    And then all the sudden I hear the sound of moaning, the sounds of sex.   I realize that Sam is still in the next room, cranking porn on the computer. My heart skips a beat and my cock pulses to a raging hard on again.   I decide it is time to grow some balls, and maybe suck on some.
    I open the door to where my brother sits, I am completely naked, raging boner flying in front of me.   I walk into the room right in front of him, I can feel my hard cock bouncing as a walk. I get to the center of the room and wait for Toby who is following me.   I get back down on the floor and repeat what has been going on in the bathroom for months right in front of my twin brother who is watching silently.   For what felt like hours I watched toby lick my cock, I stoked his, I made love to him. All as a show to my brother. I have never been hornier, never been harder.
    After a while I bring Toby back to the bathroom, thinking that if anything was to happen I wanted it to happen in the bathroom, where it has been, though separately until now.   But Toby did not follow me instead he found his way to the next room and I was left alone.   But then I heard a noise in my brothers room, right next to the bathroom.

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       I jingle, dog panting.
    I open the door and the is toby licking the cock of my completely naked twin brother.   I am not thinking. I push toby aside because I want my turn. I study his cock a second before plunging it into my mouth. I notice the differences from mine, his bends upward while mine bends downward. His cock is not completely exposed from the foreskin like mine is.   But that is small details and right now I am feeling the diffferences in my mouth. I am loving the feel, the texture, the taste. I can heard toby panting beside me, my brother must have been jacking him off, maybe sucking on him. Idk.
    Then I happens, I feel my brother tense up. Give out a slight groan. And Cum begins spilling into his twins mouth. Spurt after spurt.

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       I swallow because I want to not because it tastes good. It ends up down my throat, in my mouth, on my chin.   I look at him and can tell his is satisfied. He begins to return the favor while Toby is licking his cock now. A dog hungry for cum.   I watch my brother's head go up and down, sucking noises filling the room, hungry sucking noises.   It isn't long before I feel my cock tighten and explode in my own brothers mouth. he too swallows because he wants his brother cum in him.  
    We both lay back on the floor, my panting hard, him wiping his mouth of my cum and letting the dog lick it off his fingers.   His cock is already half soft and my is catching up while Toby is cleaning off both of us now.   I look down at Sam's cock, which now looks familiarly close to mine and tell him.
    'we're going have to do this again some time'.
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