Home Again, Home Again


  I had lived with my mother for six months, since the divorce. At first I agreed with the wisdom of my brother living with our Dad and I with Mom but things weren’t working out. Mom would have her boyfriends over and inevitably her headboard banging against my bedroom wall would keep me awake. It also creeped me out, after all she is my mother. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I told her I wanted to move back in with Dad and she reluctantly agreed. Dad had purchased another home; after the divorce, and it had a lot more room than the two-bedroom apartment Mom and I were cooped up in.
 Dad’s house was larger than our old one and he never was much of a housekeeper. I soon fell into the routine of fixing the meals, picking up the house, doing laundry. Dad was so pleased with my performance that he actually paid me for the housework I did. He also bought a car for me so I could do the shopping and run any errands he needed done. My brother Jerry was out more than in so he wasn’t any real problem to live with.
 Every evening Dad and I would get ready for bed and cuddle on the couch and watch TV. We would talk about my day and he’ld knock back his beers until he eventually fell asleep. One evening while we were watching a game he asked me to get him a beer, which I being a dutiful daughter did. As I got another beer from the refrigerator I looked at the pile of cans that he had already accumulated it dawned on me that Dad might have a drinking problem. When I returned to the couch I purposely set his beer on the coffee table just out of his reach and turned to glare down at him.

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   Puzzledly he looked up at me and grinned shaking his head as he leaned forward to grab his beer. I put my arms around his neck and straddled his lap as I sat blocking his path. “Daddy, I love you but I think you may have a problem,” I said in my sternest voice. He gave a chuckle, while shaking his head and leaned forward, hand outstretched in a vain attempt to grab his beer. I grabbed both his hands and pulled them to my chest while pleading, “Daddy you have got to listen to me!” His bleary eyes glared into mine and I felt his fingers trying to wiggle free. I bent my forehead to his and asked again, “Daddy, are you listening?” That’s when I realized his fingers hadn’t been struggling to get free but were rubbing my nipples as his hands grasped my breasts.   I thought to get up but his arms had encircled me and he drew me close to nuzzle my breasts through my nightgown’s cloth. I tried to rock from side to side to break his grip but felt something nudge against my vagina. It’s not like I hadn’t had sex before but this was my Dad. I had to admit it had been a while and his touch was evoking desire I shouldn’t have. I squirmed more and than felt that stick of his poke into my now leaking hole. I heard him groan and lifted my arms as he pulled off my nightgown and sank his lips around the nipple of my breast to suckle first one than the other. I pushed the sleeves of his robe across his broad shoulders and down his muscled arms to bare his chest that I might press my naked form against his. We both shuddered and I kissed him, as lovers do. The cock, now buried deep within me as his arms held me, ceased to be my father and become that of a man.

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   I found my body had a will of its own as it rose and fell on his lap rubbing his cock against my now swollen clitoris, stealing my breath away. I loved the feel of my bare breasts rubbing against his hairy chest. I could feel my muscles tense as they struggled to achieve my pending orgasm. Still this wonderful man’s cock continued to grow. I felt his hands grasp my ass and he stood, terrifying me that his cock might fall out I locked my legs behind his back while still humping his lap. He staggered to his bedroom and he fell atop me as we dropped on his bed momentarily knocking the wind out of me. Now he was in charge of his cock’s motion as he began slow ramrod strokes in my pussy. Each stroke of his body was so hard it caused my body to shake the bed and my breasts to move in wide looping motions. I had to cry out, “Daddy you’re fucking me so good!” As I felt the head of his cock swell deep within me I squeezed my cervix muscles as tight as I could. I felt his cock explode its load deep inside me and melted away as he collapsed on top of me. We lay, gasping for air, for several minutes locked in one another’s arms. I soon realized he had fallen asleep and pushed him off me. I smiled as I closed the door to his room behind me and went back to the living room to retrieve my nightgown. I searched the room but couldn’t find my nightgown. As I was puzzling over this mystery I decided to return to my room and grab another.

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   I strode into the hallway to the bedrooms but found my path blocked my brother’s naked form, his outstretched hand held my nightgown. Leering at me he said, “Looking for this, Sis?” I strode up to him and snatched it out of his hand snapping, “What are you looking at!” His hand shot out grabbing my wrist tightly causing me to drop the nightgown and than pulled my hand to his body placing it on his rigid cock saying, “That’s some mighty fine pussy you got there, Sis. ” I tried to pull my arm free of his iron grasp saying, “Are you crazy?” With that his other hand grabbed my chin and turned my eyes to meet his saying, “This is how it’s gonna be sis. You are gonna fuck me whenever and wherever I want or I’ll tell Mom that I saw you and Dad doing it. ” My struggles ceased as I realized the implications of what he said. I shook loose his hands and smiled coyley as I stepped toward him wrapping my arms around his neck pressing my body against his saying, “You think your man enough to satisfy me?”
 His arms pressed on my shoulders till I sank to my knees in front of him.
      He grasped my hair with one hand to guide my head and his cock in the other, “Suck my cock, Sis!” I opened my mouth to protest and his hard dick rammed in my mouth and down my throat evoking a gag out me. “That’s it slut, suck it,” he demanded. I swirled my tongue around his shaft while my fingers massaged his balls. He yelped his approval. I slid my lips up and down his heavily veined shaft, bobbing my head slowly as I sucked. “Christ, Sis you’re a natural,” he groaned. He pulled me erect and guided me to the kitchen where he scooped me in his arms to lay me across the table. He spread my legs and knelt between them and I was puzzled by what he was going to do until I shuddered as his glorious tongue licked my pussy. No one had ever done this to me and it felt absolutely amazing.

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       I sat bolt upright to grasp his head and hold it firmly against my yearning pussy. His tongue ran from my rectum over my now puckering hole and only to swirl around my clitoris drawing a groaned, “That’s so nasty. ” A flood of juices streamed from my orifice and he eagerly lapped up every drop. Than he did the most maddening thing he sucked my clit in his mouth and began to scratch it with his teeth sending jolts of pure pleasure through me. I felt my pussy juices run down my crack and pool on the table under my ass.
     He rose from the floor pushing me back on the table his hand firmly grasping his turgid cock to jam it in me. I pushed him back knocking his hand away from his cock so that I might grab his cock and place it in my now hungry pussy. The head of his cock had no sooner pierced my pussy than he drove its entire length into me sending a shudder through my body. From his first stroke I loved it. It was dirty, it was wrong and it felt astounding. He grasped my ankles and lifted my legs to tilt my pelvis up to meet his slow deliberate thrusts. He took his time savoring every ripple of my cervix along the length of his shaft moaning, “Oh, Yeah! That’s right!” I came twice before I felt his sweet savage cock blow his thundering load into me. His arms released their grip to allow my legs to fall but I locked them behind his back and pulled him to me pleading, “Don’t go, not yet. ” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. I just wanted to have this moment last forever.

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       I could feel the beat of his heart through the cock deeply imbedded in me. He whispered in my ear, “Sis you’re the best!” I squeezed my cervix muscles against his invading cock and said laughingly, “Anything you want, Bro. ” His head drew back from mine and he looked me in the eye with a wry grin, “Anything, Sis?” 



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