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Every year for as long as i could remember all of my family would go to my uncles home in the South of France.   My name is Pete, i'm 18, and i grew up in London, England.   I was an only child but have a very big family.   My uncle owned a  printing company and so bought a house in the South of France and as generous as he is every summer he invites us there.   Last year was going to be wicked my girlfriend said she'd come but a few days before we left she broke her ankle and said she didnt want to go but said I should go anyway.   I was crushed it was going to be a week spent with my beautiful girlfriend alone together in the south of france, instead it would be spent mainly with my parents.   When we arrived we settled in fairly quickly as we had been there so many times but i was pining for my girl and so didnt enjoy the first few days.   On the third day my cousin Rebecca arrived with her new boyfriend Shaun. Shaun seemed o. k but was a little shy so i didnt talk to him much. The next day everyone was goin shopping but i couldn't be arsed so i stayed back. Becky told me i might have company because she said Shaun felt too ill to go and so would be staying.   About ten mins after they left he strolled out in his swimming shorts casual as anything but i couldn't help noticing his six pack and pecs. I did a lot of working out myself but i was no way near as fit as he looked. He sat down beside me and i asked wat he was doin and he told me he couldn't be bothered goin swimming and fancied a bit of a relax by the pool.

  I wasn't to bothered but because i didnt want to have to make conversation i told him i was going swimming.

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    Just before i dived in he said de i want to go to the steam room, i told him fine because I thought it would be awkward if i said no.   When we got there he opened the door and removed his shorts he said he enjoys it better that way and as he entered i managed to glimpse his hung knob and got a little aroused thinking nothing of it I slipped my shorts off and entered. I couldn't see any thing but knew taht he was sat to my right about a foot away.   We started to talk and it didnt take long to realise we had alot in common plus he was pretty funny and i found myself fantasising about us together. Luckily when the bell rang to alert us 18 minutes were up i had lost my stiffy but was still wondering why it had happened. We left and as i bent down to grab my shorts off the floor he spanked my arse thinking it was a friendly gesture i tought nothing of it and went towards the showers ny uncle had installed i turned it on and turned around to see him entering the cubicle. "Taht spank meant something you know," he said ina kind of whisper," i have wanted you since i arrived, i'm bi, and you know you want to be my bitch he exclaimed. I couldnt believe right there in front of me was this fit, attractive 22 year old with a massive hard on telling me he was bi-sexual and was demanding i let him shag me. And well i couldnt exactly say no as he lathered up his huge knob in shower gel. i Bent over and felt his knob enter me rough at first but thwe pain decresed instantly. I told him i wasnt ready but he wasnt listening as soon as he had eased it in he started  to pump into me faster and faster while he kissed my back and neck. It was unbelievable the pleasure was immense and he had such a big cock. The thrusting continued now with us both on the wet floor with me on my back him on his knees my hands against the wall as he thrusted in and out. He started to wank me as his face contorted then he came up my arse i told him to hold on as my mouth reached his knob the next few squirts goin down my throat. His wanking stopped as he stood up and lead me to the deck cghairs outside he knelt over them as i knelt behind him and started thrusting inside him.

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    He was very loose and so i knew he was felling no pain but the pleasure he got from it brought me to a sudden climax with all his moans as we both settled back and wrapped towels around us he promised we do it again if only to give me more practise.  



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