His Twin Girls - 5


All four got up in the morning after 9:00, and immediately began straightening up the house. Bill and the girls were still in the nude, but he figured it was time to begin acting like normal people again, so he decided to talk with the girls.
“I know that we’ve been having a lot of fun since yesterday, staying naked, skinny-dipping, having sex” said Bill. “But Jackie will be here in a little while, and I don’t think it will be good to greet her at the door naked. If she wants to take her clothes off, that’s one thing. But we’ll leave our clothes on until and unless she says something. ”
“OK, Daddy, we promise” replied the twins. They ran off to their bedroom then, along with Lori, to do whatever girls do in their room with friends.
‘That was easier than I thought it would be’ thought Bill. He then went about tidying up, his mind more at ease than just a few seconds before.
In the bedroom, however, the girls were giggling at Bill. “You’re dad worries too much” said Lori. “He must have forgotten that what I said--that Mom and I stay in the nude most of the time at home. And she did give him permission to be naked with me already. ”
“Yeah, he does worry about those things. He doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea” stated Mollie.

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   “He always thinks that someone will call the police and get us taken away from him. I’m not sure he could stand that. ”
Lori smiled. “That’s sweet of him to be so concerned about your relationship like that. And he’s probably right. If anyone found out what we’ve done, he probably would be arrested. Now, tell me the truth. And I promise not to tell even my mom. Have either of you fucked your daddy?”
Mollie and Abbie looked at each other, trying to read what the other thought should be said. When Lori saw that they were uncomfortable, she continued. “I’ll tell you something first…Mom and I have been lovers. It’s true! We’ve used mouths, fingers, even vibrators, and made each other cum and cum. ”
At that revelation, Abbie said “Yeah, Daddy has fucked both of us, but he never forced himself on us. We both wanted to all along. He even put us on the pill so that we wouldn’t get pregnant.

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   He’s always trying to protect us like that. ”
“And we were the ones who kept pushing the idea” added Mollie. “He never wanted to, but we knew that, if he let us go naked in the house, he wouldn’t be able to say no to us when we pushed things. ”
“He sounds so cool” gushed Lori. “I wish he were my daddy too. ”
Mollie smiled. “We were hoping you’d say that, Lori. We were talking before you ever got here about maybe our parents getting together someday, and it looks like it’s going to happen even before we’d planned. This weekend could be great for all of us, don’tcha think?”
“Yeah” replied Lori. “And I don’t think he’ll be able to resist my mom if she goes skinny-dipping. ”
“You’re probably right” said Abbie. “But don’t make it too obvious that we want this, or we could ruin everything. Just let it happen, OK?”
“Agreed” said Lori.
Jackie arrived at about noon, looking every bit as beautiful as she had the day before, when she dropped Lori off. She was wearing a white cut-off T-shirt, shorts that were so tight that he didn’t see how she even got into them, and flip flops.

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   Her nipples were obvious through her shirt, meaning that she again was braless. Her beauty and sexiness caused Bill to catch his breath at the sight of her. He met her at the door, and ushered her right in. “Have you had lunch?” he asked politely.
“As a matter of fact, no” Jackie replied.
“I just put some hot dogs on the grill, and we have macaroni salad already in the refrigerator. Chips are on the counter. By the time you wash your hands, it will all be ready. ”
“I’ll go wash up now. Where are the girls?”
“Oh, they’re in the bedroom, last one on the right. Bathroom is the last door before that one. ”
Bill watched her ass sway as she walked down the hall, and felt his dick begin to grow. ‘Oh no you don’t’ he thought. ‘No hard-ons to show Jackie, or she’ll think you’re some kind of creep. ’ So he concentrated on getting the food ready to distract himself.

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Jackie and the girls soon came up the hall, and the food was served. Bill and Jackie immediately seemed to hit it off, and the girls just grinned at each other. While the adults shared wine coolers, the girls had some soda, and lunch was soon finished. Jackie said to Bill “I understand you have a pool. Why don’t you show it to me?”
“Be glad to” replied Bill, and the five of them all went out to the deck. “It is five feet deep in the far end, just three feet here” said Bill. “Not deep enough for a diving board, but I’m not sure I want to chance injury with that. ”
“How warm is the water?” asked Jackie. She walked over to dip her foot into the water.
“About 80 degrees” replied Bill. He followed her over to the edge of the pool. Just then, he noticed some commotion. By the time he looked up, all three girls had run to where they were, and shoved both parents into the water. Bill was afraid that Jackie would be angry, but he noticed that she came up laughing.
“I’ll get you, Lori” she threatened teasingly.

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   Lori just stuck out her tongue and laughed.
“Sorry, Jackie” Bill said.
“No need to be sorry. Kids will be kids. ” Bill then noticed that her white shirt left nothing to the imagination, and when she squeezed some of the water out of the shirt, one boob was on exhibit momentarily.
“Would you like me to get one of the twins’ shirts, Jackie?”
Jackie just laughed. “If it doesn’t offend you, I’d be just as comfortable without one. ”
Bill thought ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven. This beautiful woman wants to show those sexy boobs to me.
“No, it doesn’t offend me at all. Remember, there are no secrets between the girls and me since yesterday evening’s swim. ” He thought ‘Maybe she’ll take the hint. ’
Jackie ripped her shirt off and threw it to the deck, exposing her boobs. “That’s nice, but it could be better. ” And then he noticed her taking down her shorts under the water.

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   In a moment, he saw her wring the water out of them, and throw them at her daughter, smacking her right in the face. “Now we’re even!” crowed Jackie.
“Not quite” said Bill, as he began taking his shirt off. “Jackie, we have some unfinished business!” Jackie took the hint, and both of them got out of the pool. The girls were still trying to figure out what was going on, when the adults ran straight at them, grabbing whatever they could get hold of, and proceeded to toss the girls into the water, clothes or not.
After huge splashes caused by each girl, all were soaked. Bill removed his shorts, revealing a hard-on caused by seeing Jackie’s ultra-sexy body in the nude. Her figure was 34B-24-35, with flawless skin, erect and very sensitive nipples (chocolate brown in color), no sagging in either her boobs or her ass, and her pussy was indeed clean shaven, just as Lori had said. Jackie took one look at Bill’s hard cock, and pointed to it, saying “I’ll take that as a compliment!” She smiled a killer smile, then turned to the girls.
By then, Mollie, Abbie, and Lori were removing their soaking wet clothing, and Jackie was surprised to find three naked pussies. She then turned to Bill, who was also shaven of all pubic hair, and asked “Is this your doing? Or did you have some help?”
Lori jumped in and answered for Bill. “It was our idea, Mom. We drew straws to see who would shave whom. I got to shave Abbie, she shaved Mollie, and Mollie shaved Bill, and he shaved me. You should have been here--it was lots of fun, and very sexy, too!” Lori smiled a shy smile at that last revelation.


“It sounds like it” replied Jackie.
“I hope we didn’t cross any lines” said Bill apologetically. “We kind of got caught up in our fun, and the nudity didn’t hurt, either. ”
“Well, if she had been forced or coerced, I would be upset” answered Jackie. “But to the contrary, she seems to have had a great time, so I’m happy for all of you. That said, I’m getting jealous, because we’re standing here yapping instead of including me in the fun. So I guess I need to get things going myself. ” And with that, she reached out to Bill’s mostly erect cock, and began stroking it slowly, paying special attention to the head, and bringing him to a full erection. Bill reached out for Jackie’s firm boobs, and cupped one in each hand, quickly moving to her already erect nipples, and causing a quick moan to escape from her lips. The girls began playing with each other, at first standing, then all three fell onto a quilt on the deck. Lori laid on her back with her knees spread, and Abbie immediately fell face first onto her pussy. Mollie pulled Abbie around to where she was, spread her pussy lips, and began sucking her sister’s moist cunt. Lori took the opportunity to begin tonguing Mollie’s cunt, and the girls had a time with each other’s cunt.
That sexy sight was not lost on Bill and Jackie. Jackie sat on the edge of the pool, with her knees drawn up to her shoulders, and her pussy in full view.

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   Bill took the cue and quickly sunk his tongue into her moist vaginal folds, causing Jackie’s ass to rise up off the deck. Bill then moved up to her clit, and began circling it, teasing her like she’d never been teased before. Once again, her ass began lifting off the deck, and in just a few seconds, her pussy started dripping juices all over Bill’s face and onto the deck as Jackie had her first orgasm with a man in years. Bill sucked in as much as he could, before moving back to her clit and sucking it between his lips. Jackie yelped, and slammed her pussy hard onto Bill’s face, with a new stream of juices for him to enjoy, before her ass settled back down onto the deck.
Jackie then took Bill’s hand and escorted him out of the water. She then laid down, facing the girls, with Bill right behind her. All three girls were coming at about the same time, with moans and groans coming from all of them. Obviously, all three were enjoying orgasm after orgasm, and when they came up for air, both parents noted wet faces on all.
Jackie then pushed Bill onto his back, and settled her pussy on his face. She then motioned for Lori to move over to where they were, and told her “I think it’s time you lost your virginity, honey. What do you think?”
Lori squealed with glee. “Mom, I thought you’d never say that!” and she gave her mother a long boob to boob hug and a kiss.
Jackie continued with the warnings about pain, blood, etc. But Lori said “Mom, I think my hymen is already gone.

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   I have been using one of your vibrators for a while, and the first time I stuck it inside my pussy, I bled. So I don’t think that will be a problem. ”
So she said to Lori “OK, you’re probably right. So just sit on his cock, putting just
the head into your pussy at first. Get used to it being in there, then go for it!”
Lori eased the head of his cock in, and went “MMMMM” as his cock slipped in easily all the way to the hilt. Bill was also enjoying her tight pussy, but realized that another pussy needed some attention. He began eating Jackie’s pussy again, licking slowly from clit to asshole and back again. He spent a long amount of time licking her clit from every angle, then once again sucked it between his lips like a piece of candy. Jackie squealed again as she came, her juices nearly drowning Bill underneath her.
When Jackie had recovered, she began instructing Lori again. “Now begin going up and down on his cock. You may have to lean forward some to help with balance and with the motion. ” Lori was a great student, and quickly began bouncing her pussy up and down Bill’s cock, while her mother reached out to her little tits and began stroking her nipples. As Lori got closer to orgasm, she began making noises sounding like “MMMPH…MMMPH…MMMPH” with each downward thrust.
Jackie began nearing her own orgasm again, and when she did, nearly drowned Bill once more with her copious pussy juice output.

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   Bill did his best to drink it all in, but there was just to much to take at once. Jackie climbed off Bill’s face, letting him see her baby girl atop him, pumping up and down on his cock. Lori nearly screamed when she finally came, and her pussy finally began drooling her juices all over Bill’s cock. With that, Bill finally had his own orgasm, shooting his cum deep into the recesses of her cunt.
“I can feel you coming!” panted Lori, and this realization brought her to another soaking orgasm of her own. Bill reached up and pulled on her little nipples, and she had her third while he was shrinking inside her pussy. She then collapsed atop Bill’s chest, and he reached around her and began playing with her ass and her butt hole.
“God, Lori!” exclaimed Jamie. “I didn’t know you had it in you, kid! That was great, and so sexy. ”
“Thanks, Mom. And thanks to you, Bill--I didn’t have any idea this could feel so good. ”
Bill replied “You don’t need to thank me. You did all the work. I was just here to help you along. ”
Jackie jumped in again.


   “Now, what about the twins? I bet they’ve felt a little neglected. Am I right, girls?”
“Not really, Jackie” said Mollie. “It was so sexy, watching Dad fuck Lori for the first time, and seeing her pussy soak him when she came. ”
“And I really loved seeing your pussy cum all over Dad’s face--that was HOT!” added Abbie. “So no, we haven’t really felt left out. But if you two are through with him…”
“That’s all you need to say” said Jackie. “Lori, get off their dad and let them have their fun now. ”
Jackie got off Bill’s cock with a plop, and the twins both began licking Lori’s juice off his cock. This served to make his cock harder and harder, until he was ready to perform with his own girls. Abbie climbed on his cock first, and began riding him with a vengeance. Bill pumped deep into her pussy from underneath, getting her wet and sloshy, while Mollie pulled on her twin’s nipples. Abbie leaned back, allowing her dad to pump into her even harder, until she started coming, amazing Jackie with her spurting pussy. Once Abbie had cum, Mollie switched places with her sister, but Bill had other ideas. He told Mollie to get on her hands and knees, and then Bill put his cock into her pussy from behind. Mollie’s tits were swaying as her father pounded his cock into her pussy.

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   Lori then positioned her pussy right below Mollie’s face, and Mollie dived right in, sucking her copious pussy juice out, while Lori squirmed with delight under Mollie’s busy tongue.
At the same time, Jackie moved over to Abbie’s pussy, and began tasting the teen’s juices for the first time, sucking her juices and licking her clit. Abbie’s ass began rising off the ground as Jackie brought her closer to orgasm. Jackie reached up to Abbie’s tits, and massaged her nipples, further adding to her pleasure. Abbie then climaxed, spurting her juices on Jackie’s face. Jackie pulled her face away to witness Jackie’s orgasm, working two fingers into her pussy to add to Abbie’s pleasure.
It was now Mollie’s turn to begin spurting, and she arched her back when shot her pussy juice all over her dad’s lower body. After soaking Bill, she went back to work on Lori’s pussy, sticking a finger into her soaking wet folds. When Mollie started sucking directly on Lori’s clit, Lori screamed and soaked her friend with the juices she shot from her own pussy. Bill was trying to hold back, but when Lori screamed, Bill shot his cum deep into Mollie’s pussy, and collapsed on her back. They both fell over then, and Mollie finally pulled her mouth off of Lori’s soaking wet bottom.
All of them were soaking wet, both due to sex juices as well as sweat, and they all decided a dip in the pool was in order. When they were washed off, Jackie moved over to Bill, and began stroking his cock again. Bill reached around her and lifted her onto his now hardened cock again, supporting her ass with both hands. As his cock slid into her wet pussy, he slipped a finger into her ass, and moved it in and out with the same frequency as his cock moved.

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   Jackie reached around Bill with both arms, and began moving her body in time with Bill’s movements, and within just a couple of minutes, began coming again, spurting her juices around is cock and under the water. Bill continued stroking in and out of her pussy until finally, his cock let loose with a tremendous cum deep within her pussy.
“It’s a good thing we did this in shallow water” Bill joked. “We probably would have drowned each other in deeper water. ” Both of them laughed at the mental image.
All five spent the rest of the afternoon cumming--in the back yard, on the back porch, and in every room of the house. Bill was in heaven, having four beautiful women to fuck, and they all had their turns with him. Bill and Jackie became a couple, and the two households soon merged. As time marched on, the twins turned out to prefer the sex of other girls, which was fine with Bill--this prevented jealousies with boyfriends. With all in one house, someone was sure to be having sex at almost all times,and no one was left out. Could this be the definition of heaven on earth? Bill thinks so. . .



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