His Twin Girls - 3


Bill and his twin girls, Mollie and Abbie, decided to head out to the pool in the back yard. All three were in the nude, as had become the custom at their house. An afternoon of skinny-dipping seemed like a good idea, so all three headed for the water.
Bill decided just to watch the girls for a bit, while they splashed and swam with each other. He was letting his legs hang in the water, while watching their sexy bodies move around in front of him. The girls, on the other hand, were in just waist-deep water for the most part, making it easy to see their boobs. It had gotten quite hot that afternoon, and Bill decided to take a dip to cool off for a while. He slipped in unnoticed, and swam up behind the girls. Since they were identicals, he had no idea whose ass was who’s as he got nearer to them.
When he reached them, Bill grabbed one ass and gave it a squeeze. Abbie let out a scream, and when he reached the surface, Abbie said “DADDY! You scared me!”
“Poor baby” replied Bill, as he reached out for Mollie’s ass. He gave hers a tweak, and she jumped also, as though she had been shocked.
“DADDY, I’M GOING TO GET YOU!” shouted Mollie. Bill started to swim away, and just barely escaped her grasp. He climbed out of the pool, having cooled off, and laid down on the edge again. Bill noticed that Abbie and Mollie were talking in hushed tones to each other.

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   Since he couldn’t hear them, he decided just to bake in the sun for a while.
After a few minutes, Bill felt a couple of hands stroking his cock. Soon, both sets of hands were working with each other, stroking his cock to its full 7” length. Bill reached out on either side of him, and began stroking his girls’ boobs, eventually settling on their ½” long nipples atop their 32B boobs. He still hadn’t opened his eyes, so he had no idea who was on which side. One of them did move back into the water, and situated herself between his legs, while the other seemed content where she was. The one in the water reached out with her hands, and continued stroking his cock. After a short time, she put his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. The one out of the water positioned her feet on either side of his lower torso, facing his face, and started inserting his cock into her pussy.
Bill had to open his eyes then, and saw that the one on him was Mollie, and she was moving up and down on his fully erect cock. Abbie came out of the water, and sat on her father’s face. Her pussy lips were open wide, and her pussy was already wet, allowing his tongue to slip inside easily. Abbie reached out to her sister, pulling and twisting her nipples, and Mollie quickly sat down on her daddy’s torso, moaning “AAAAHHHH” before pulling his cock out of her pussy as she came, spurting her juices all over his lower body. Bill began sucking on Abbie’s clit, while reaching up to fondle her nipples. Abbie soon stiffened up, and her pussy sprayed Bill’s face with her juices.

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   He tried to drink them all up, but the spray was too wide for him to completely cover. Then Mollie returned to his cock, putting it into her mouth. Abbie joined her sister, and within seconds, Bill was shootinghis cum. They allowed his cock to shoot cum all over their faces, then cleaned each other (and their daddy) with their tongues. Abbie stood up, and jumped into the pool with her sister. Bill was still breathing hard on the side of the pool. After a couple of minutes, Mollie sat up on the side of the pool, right beside her dad. Bill slipped into the water, and moved in front of Mollie, spreading her legs as wide as they could go. He reached out behind her and pulled her as close as possible, then began licking her pussy from one end to the other. While this was occurring, Abbie reached through Bill’s legs and began stroking his cock again, and within minutes, he was coming in the water.
Mollie’s cunt was completely soaked inside, and Bill’s tongue excited her even more. He finally started concentrating on her clit, licking it back and forth and up and down, trying to make her cum again.
At the same time, Abbie released his cock and climbed out beside her sister. Bill reached out to Abbie’s cunt, and began stimulating her clit, keeping his finger on it constantly. Bill continued licking Mollie’s clit, and she lifted her ass off the deck and began to spurt all over Bill’s face.

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   And when Abbie saw her sister‘s performance, she began squirting her juices on her dad’s hand. Bill then moved over to Abbie’s pussy, taking a long look at her soaking wet insides, and her parted and protruding pussy lips. He began licking her sweet juices with his tongue, and sticking it deep into her hole. He then stuck a finger into Mollie’s pussy, and began stroking it in and out. He did this several times and felt Mollie begin to lift her ass off the deck again. In mere seconds, Mollie was spurting a second time. Bill's concentration then moved back to Abbie, sucking her pussy juices before moving up to her clit. Once there, he gently used his teeth to squeeze her clit, and she started gushing again.
Both girls jumped into the pool again, but reached around their dad and grabbed his already erect cock. Mollie began gently fondling his balls, while Abbie concentrated on his cock, particularly the head. After mere moments, Bill began shooting his cum, and both girls moved up to stroke his cock head. They took turns sucking and licking his dick, cleaning his cum completely off his cock. Then Mollie turned her dad around, put her legs around his back, and his cock into her pussy. She began moving up and down, stroking his cock each time, until her pussy exploded once again with her juice. In short order, Bill started his own orgasm, and shot his cum into Mollie’s pussy.

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Mollie then sat on the edge of the deck, allowing Abbie to spread her legs and clean their dad’s cum out of Mollie’s cunt. Abbie sucked her sister’s cunt so well, that another spurting orgasm hit, spraying Abbie with Mollie’s fluid as well as Bill’s.
Bill then sat on the steps leading out of the pool. “Abbie, come over here and sit on my cock. ” Abbie was glad to cooperate, and was soon sinking his cock into her cunt. Mollie walked over to her daddy, and stood in front of him, pussy right in front of his face. She spread her cunt lips wide, and Bill immediately began licking her cunt. Her sweet juices started flowing like a creek right into his mouth. Abbie continued to raise up and down on his cock, despite the fact that he couldn’t completely maintain a hard-on. It was still enough to stimulate Abbie’s cunt, and cause her to spray him once again. Bill then moved his tongue from Mollie’s cunt hole to her clit, and shortly, she began making her trademark noises. “OOOOOOO” she said, then her juices were pouring out of her cunt and all over Bill’s face. He ran his hand up her body to her nipples, and when he pulled on them both, still licking her clit, more fluids spurted out of her. It seemed like they couldn’t get enough of each other.
But they eventually had to stop.

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   All three ambled into the house, and all headed toward the bathroom. Bill began washing himself first, but the girls would have none of that. They began washing him from head to toe, concentrating on his cock and ass. Despite not being able to achieve a full erection, he was still able to have an orgasm, with the girls bringing him around.
Bill returned the favor. He soaped them down, starting with their boobs, then moving to their nipples. He played with their nipples for a long time before moving down to their legs and working his way up. Working on both girls at the same time, Bill washed their thighs, then moved up to their asses, spending a lot of time on their fleshy orbs. Then, he stuck his hands between their legs, and scrubbed their outer pussy lips thoroughly. He went around to the front of both, and shampooed their pussies, before moving back to their lips again. He rubbed his fingers between their lips, not sticking them into their pussy holes quite yet. After some minutes of lip rubbing, he then began sticking a finger into each pussy as far as it would go. Once his finger was in, he used his thumbs to apply pressure on each girl’s clit, and both had their spraying orgasms only seconds later. After their shower, all three had dinner, then hurried to Bill’s bed. The problems that Bill had earlier with fucking his daughters don’t seem as large any morning rolled around a little too fast.

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   Both girls were sleeping like babies, looking so innocent completely nude on his bed.
‘Innocence? I guess I’ve robbed them of any of that now’ Bill’s conscience said to him. Pangs of guilt started stabbing his heart as he tried to go about his morning routine. He decided to take a shower--maybe he could wash his guilt down the drain if he tried hard enough.
In his bedroom, Mollie and Abbie, his teenage twins, were talking. “Do you think Daddy’s acting a little weird, Abbie?” her sister asked.
“Yeah, like he didn’t even know us when he woke up. What do you think’s going on?”
Mollie furrowed her brow for a few seconds before saying “Maybe he’s thinking we’re doing something wrong. Or maybe he’s afraid we’re going to tell someone, and get us all in trouble. ”
“You may be right. I think we need to have an honest talk with him when he gets out” said Abbie. We need to make him relax a little more.
In the shower, Bill is thinking the same thing. He has always connected with the girls’ thoughts better than most dads, and today was no exception. He turned off the water and toweled off, then headed back to his room to talk.

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When he walked into his room, the girls were sitting at opposite ends of his bed. They were both still naked, and both had two fingers in their own pussies. Then he heard Abbie say “Let’s pretend our fingers are Daddy’s cock, and we’ll get off a lot quicker that way. ”
Mollie jumped right in. "Daddy, put that cock into my pussy. That feels good, Daddy. I’m going to cum real soon, if you keep pumping my pussy. ”
Abbie chimed in with “Yes, Daddy, I’m about to cum, too. Just keep it going now, faster…faster…”
Abbie was the first to start spurting, and Bill didn’t think she was going to stop. She moaned a deep moan, and said “RIGHT THERE, DADDY, TOUCH MY CLIT!! I’M COMMMINGGGGG!!!”
This seemed to spur Mollie on to her own orgasm. “NOW TOUCH MY CLIT, TOO!! NOW I’M COMMMINGGG!!!” Both girls began spurting over and over again, soaking the already soiled bed. Both had two fingers in their cunt, and a thumb on their clit. Their spurting had to last at least 30 straight seconds. Then Abbie slipped closer to her sister, so close in fact that their pussies began to touch. They began mashing their clits together, and rubbing their pussies against one another.

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   Less than a minute later, both girls began spurting again, this time all over each other. When the orgasms were done, they switched to a 69, and licked each other’s pussies, cleaning their female fluids off each other.
Bill had long ago dropped his towel, losing any sense of modesty his guilt feelings had brought out earlier. He pumped his hand on his cock while his ‘little’ girls pleasured each other, and when they had their second orgasms, began spurting from his cock along with them. The girls were so lost in their own pleasure that they were completely oblivious to his presence. When he finally spoke, he knew it was already a lost cause.
“Good morning, girls” their daddy said.
Both Mollie and Abbie shrieked when they heard Daddy’s voice. They were so lost in each other that he completely scared them both. “I’ve never had that kind of reception before” he joked.
“You SCARED us, Daddy!” said a trembling Abbie.
“Yeah, we didn’t know you were there” added Mollie.
“Sorry about the scare” said Bill. “It was an accident. But I think we need to talk about things.

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  ”“We thought something was on your mind today” said Mollie. “So spill it. ”
Bill sighed. “I just wonder if what we’ve done this weekend is the right thing. It scares me to be fucking my own daughters. What if someone finds out? I would get arrested, and may never be allowed to see you again! I could go to jail, I would lose my job…”
“Daddy, Daddy, OK!” said Mollie. “We’ve thought about that, too. But we both promised each other that this is our family secret, and nobody else has to know. Besides, you have to remember one thing--you haven’t forced anything on us, right?”
“I guess” Bill reluctantly agreed.
“And if anyone doesn’t want to participate, he or she is free to say ‘no,’ right?”
“Yeah, but…”
“So the long and short is that you have nothing to worry about, Daddy” said Abbie. “We’re not going to talk, and we know you’re not going to, so what’s to worry about?”
“But isn’t this just plain wrong? Isn’t it morally wrong for a father to have sex with his own daughters?”
“Since when has this family been that concerned about morals?” asked Mollie. “Sometimes, I think morals are rules thought up by people who just didn’t like to have any fun, and thought that nobody else should either. ”
Bill had to smile at that line, because that’s just what he thinks of most societal rules himself. He hasn’t expressed that to his daughters, but they seem to know his thoughts sometimes anyway.
“So stop worrying, Daddy” concluded Abbie.

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   “Everything’s cool. ”
Bill decided that he needed some relaxation to let his mind clear, so he said to the girls “Why don’t we get dressed for the first time this weekend, and go for a hike? We really do need to take a break from all this fun. ”
At first the girls were against the idea, but later decided that it might be good to get away from the house. So all got cleaned up and dressed, ate some breakfast, and headed out.
At 10:oo in the morning, the day was humid, and the temperature was headed to 90 degrees, so a mountain hike was agreed upon. It would be a little cooler in higher altitudes, and would make the hike more bearable. Bill knew of a relatively easy hike on a nearby mountain trail, so off they went.
They arrived, put on their backpacks containing mostly water and trail mix, and off they went. As they made it up the mountain, all three became quite sweaty, and had to be careful to ration the water until they reached the top of the mountain. There, Bill know of a crystal-clear pool where they could refill the water. The trip up the slope was uneventful, and except for soaking their shirts with sweat (revealing that neither girl had worn a bra), they were all in good shape when they reached the top. Just a short way off the trail, they found the mountain pool, and refilled their bottles. They had seen no other hikers on the trail today, so they decided to go for a swim in the water.
The girls took their shirts off and rinsed the sweat out, then laid them out to dry a little. Then they quickly stripped off their pants and went into the water for a nude swim.


   “C’mon, Daddy, the water feels great!” bubbled Mollie.
“Yeah, Daddy, nobody’s around. It’ll be all right!” called Abbie.
So reluctantly, Bill doffed his clothes and joined his daughters in the water. All three had a refreshing swim, and once out of the water, did a little nude sunbathing by the pond. Soon, though, Bill noticed that the sun began playing a game of hide and seek, going completely behind a dark cloud. Soon, they began feeling the large raindrops of a summer rainfall. Allie then said to her dad “We’ve got to hurry! We’ll get wet if we don’t! Get dressed, Mollie!” Allie didn’t realize how ridiculous she sounded until Mollie got the giggles.
“What’s so funny, Mollie? You’re going to get soaked soon!”
Mollie got control of herself and explained her giggles. “Abbie, we are going to get wet no matter what we do, so why worry about clothing now? It’s going to rain, but we were just in the water naked! We’re about as soaked as we can get already. Now the water is going to come from the clouds rather than the earth. Just relax and enjoy it. ”
Their dad agreed. “Abbie, let’s all just relax and wait out the storm here. Wet is wet, no matter where it comes from.

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   I think it’s fun. ”
“OK, OK, I get it” replied Abbie. Just then, she was pelted with a blob of mud, courtesy of her sister. “What…Mollie!!??” And the battle was on. Abbie grabbed an handful of mud, and threw it back at her sister, and Bill snuck up behind Mollie with a handful of his own, and smeared it on her boobs and stomach. Mollie turned around with her already muddy hands, and both girls tackled their dad in the mud as the rain poured down on them.
By the time they were tired, the mud coated all of them from top to bottom. Even Bill’s cock was caked with mud, since he had been pushed face-down in the slop. For his part, Bill made sure that both girls were caked as well--their boobs were covered, and their asses and cunts had a chocolate look to them now. All of them had a head of mud rather than hair, and they looked like monsters that had just found their way out of the water. As the rain let up, they all decided to clean up, and all found their way into the water for a nature bath. When they were rinsed off, the rainstorm had passed, and they began to get ready for the hike down the mountain.
“Since we haven’t seen anyone else on the trail, why don’t we hike down in the nude? We can keep our clothes handy if we do hear someone coming. Please, Daddy?”
Bill saw all sorts of problems with that plan, but hiking with both girls in the nude was too much to resist. “I think we need to hurry, though, since it will be getting dark before too long.

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So the girls got up and put on their boots, but nothing else but their backpacks, and the three started down the trail in the nude. Bill looked at the sky again, and decided that they probably wouldn’t have any company, because it was getting too late for anybody to start the hike now.
Bill noticed that the girls kept looking back at his cock, as it swayed with his movements. He couldn’t find fault, though, since he was staring straight at their asses as they jiggled with each step. His cock had maintained a half-erection since they started down the mountain. He noticed also when he got a glimpse of their boobs that their nipples were doing a good job staying erect also. At one point, the trail became rather steep, and due to the recent rain, quite slick. Abbie lost her footing, slipped and fell right on her ass. Her butt was caked with mud, except for the crack in the middle. Mollie began making fun of her sister, so much so that she fell herself, and made an even bigger ‘Splat!’ when she landed on her butt. Bill had to use some of their water to rinse their butts off, getting an erection when he cleaned their asses. This brought both girls to giggling fits.
His erection did not go without notice by the twins. Despite the rain falling from above, Mollie reached for his cock and quickly inserted it into her mouth. She quickly began in and out motions, and Bill felt his orgasm was soon to come.

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   Abbie stepped between them, and Bill reached down to her pussy, inserting a finger between her already-wet lips and into her warm tunnel. Mollie continued sucking on her father’s cock, while Abbie began moaning with Bill’s ministrations. Mollie’s speed on his cock increased, and his finger in Abbie’s pussy also began faster movements. In just seconds, Bill started moaning “Mollie! I’m coming!” Mollie pulled his cock out of her mouth, and he shot his cum all over Abbie’s back and Mollie’s hand. At the moment Bill got off, Abbie squealed, and Bill could feel his daughter’s pussy spurting all over his hand and her inner thighs. Mollie stuck Bill’s cock back into her mouth, and quickly he recovered to another erection.
Bill had Mollie stand up and grab a young sapling with both hands. This caused her ass to stick out seductively toward her dad, and he reached down and stuck his cock into her pussy. Abbie helped her sister out by sucking on her nipples, pulling them out as far as they would go before releasing them with a pop. Mollie was moaning and breathing faster and faster, then with a final moan, began spurting her own come all over her dad’s cock and sister’s face. Bill had to hold on to his girl to keep her from falling down in the mud. Just a few more thrusts later, Bill pulled out and spurted his cum all over Mollie’s back and ass. Abbie again began feasting on his cum, reaching around Mollie to feed her some as she recovered from her own orgasm. After they recovered, all three got their gear back on, and began the trek down the mountain toward the car.
When they finally arrived, Bill opened the doors and all three piled in.

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   Mollie spoke first. “That was the best sex I could imagine! You were both great!”
Abbie added “I loved being the middle of a ‘sandwich. ’ Mollie sucking Daddy, Daddy fingering my pussy…it couldn’t have been better!”
“Well, you two were pretty exciting yourselves. I wouldn’t have believed that I could cum twice in just a few minutes. I think we all had a great day, even if we did get a little muddy. ”
“I think that might have been the best part” said Abbie. “Who’d have thought that we could all make love on a trail, as it was getting dard, with rain falling down, and still have the fun that we did? It was just super!”
They all headed for home, the girls still in the nude, having forgotten to get dressed once in the car. Fortunately, there was a warm blanket for each of them, and they wrapped up and went to sleep.
Once home, all three got into the shower, and washed each other off, from head to toe, and everything in between. ‘Thank heaven this is Sunday. The girls have school tomorrow, I have work to go to, and I think we all need the rest’ thought Bill. They all got something to eat after their shower, and when bedtime rolled around, no one spoke about the sleeping arrangements: all three rolled into Bill’s bed. Bill was sandwiched between his beautiful, sexy daughters, but this night, all three got a good night’s sleep for the first time in a while.