His Twin Girls - 2


Both girls were full of ideas for tomorrow. Abbie said “We need to talk to Daddy about what we did to him tonight. I don’t feel right keeping secrets like that. ”
But Mollie was not so sure. “Don’t you think he’ll get mad? I’m not sure that’s a good idea. ”
Abbie replied “We already told him that we don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think he’ll want to do this with us when he’s awake. ”
“And that’s another thing, Abbie. I’m not sure he wasn’t awake last night. Think about it--could you sleep through an orgasm? I don’t think so, and I don’t think Daddy could either. ”
“Even better, Mollie. If he truly was awake when we made him cum last night, he must not have had any problems with what we did, or he would have stopped us, right?”
Mollie thought about this for a moment, then said “I guess you’re right. And I would like to have sex with someone other than you. ” When Abbie got a hurt look on her face, Mollie said “Don’t get hurt, Abbie. I just mean with a man in addition to you. ”
“Oh, that sounds a little better.


   I’ll take that” replied Abbie. “So what are we going to do first next morning, Bill was up before the girls. He poked his head around the corner of their door, and they were still wrapped in each other’s arms and legs. Abbie woke up and saw her dad in the hall.
“Hi, Daddy” she said sleepily.
“Hi, sweetie” he replied. “Are you doing OK?” His cock was already beginning to respond at the sight of his two beautiful twin daughters naked in bed together. Abbie noticed this and had to make fun.
“Daddy, are you having a problem?” she asked, pointing to his cock. “Maybe I can help. ” And at that, she reached out and began stroking his cock, making his erection inevitable. The action on the bed caused Mollie to stir, and when she rolled over and saw Abbie’s action, wanted to join her sister.
“Let me have a turn, Abbie!” demanded Mollie. Abbie moved her hand down to her dad’s balls and legs, and Mollie took her place on my cock. Bill knew that if this kept up, he would be coming again soon.


   “I’m about to have an orgasm, girls” he warned. “That’s OK, Daddy, we want you to” replied Abbie. With that, Mollie put Bill’s cock head into her mouth, and began giving him head, while Abbie continued playing with his balls. Bill couldn’t keep his hands off his daughters, and reached down to play with their boobs. Their nipples quickly became erect, and both moaned with the stimulations. Abbie soon left her dad’s balls, and switched from facing him to lying on her back, with her long legs spread wide. She then began to dip a finger into her lightly hairy cunt, spreading her lips apart. Bill could see her pussy juices coating her finger, which turned him on even more than he already was. Abbie reached beside her with her other hand and stuck a finger into Mollie’s pussy, which provoked a groan from Mollie.
Then Abbie put the next stage of her plan into action. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and reached out for her daddy’s hand. Abbie then put one of Bill’s fingers into her pussy, and moved her hand back and forth, moving Bill’s finger in and out, which excited her even more. Mollie’s stimulations on Bill’s cock head were doing their job, and Bill soon realized that he was beyond the point of no return. e
“Keep stroking my cock. I’m going to cum, Mollie!” And quickly, his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum all over Mollie’s face and boobs.

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   When Abbie saw this, she squeezed Mollie’s clit, and Mollie began spurting on Abbie’s hand. And with Bill’s finger fucking Abbie’s pussy, her own spurting began, covering her daddy’s hand with her own spray.
“GOD, DADDY! That felt so intense!” exclaimed Abbie. “I could do that all day. ”
Mollie added “Me, too! I love to feel your cock whether it’s soft or hard. But hard is a lot sexier, since that means you’re about to cum. ”
“Mollie, you should feel Daddy’s finger inside you. He really knows which places to touch to make you feel intense. ”
“Daddy, will you do me next please? It’s not fair that Abbie is the only one you’ve made orgasm. ”
Once again, Bill had conflicting emotions over what had just happened. But it also seemed that the more he did it with his girls, the less conflicted he became. Once again, he was in the nude with them, performing a sex act with them, but now, the questions were fewer. Finally, he just gave in.
“Yes, Mollie, I’ll make you come also. I’ll make you both cum, and we’ll find more and better ways to make that happen, too.

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  ” He couldn’t believe he was saying this, or even that they were asking for this. “What exactly do you want me to do with you?” This might be a good time to see how far they wanted to go.
Abbie responded first. “It’s not complicated, Daddy. Is it, Mollie?”
Mollie replied “Not at all. We just want everything. ”
Abbie jumped back in. “Including your thing in our bottoms. ”
“Well, lets get some terminology straight first. Number one - I don’t have a ‘thing’, I have a cock or dick. Number two - your ‘bottom’ will be called a pussy or a cunt from now on. Number three - when my cock spurts and your pussies spray, we are cumming. Adult terms are so much better than the babyish ones you’ve been using, OK?” The twins were already on the pill to control their periods, so that was not a concern.
“Daddy, can we make it a permanent thing that nakedness is OK both inside and at the pool?” asked Abbie.
“Yes, that’s OK with me” responded Bill.

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   ‘Why do I get the feeling that I’m losing control over my own household?’ he asked himself. ‘But if I have to lose control, this is the way I would want to do it’ he answered himself. “Now tell me, what do you know about sex? Have you done any sex act with anybody else?”
Both answered “No, Daddy, you’re the first. ”
“Then what have you done with each other?”
Mollie responded here. “We have masturbated with each other on many occasions, and we’ve just recently started touching each other’s bottoms, I mean pussies, too. ”
“We’ve only used fingers so far” added Abbie. “No vibrators or anything else, mainly because we don’t have anything like that. ” Bill thought to himself ‘We’ll have to take care of that problem soon. ’
“How do you know about sex and masturbation?” Bill asked.
“Mostly from what you’ve told us already, but some came from school, and some from talking with friends” reported Mollie. “But some of our friends have been doing it with their fathers or brothers for a while now. ” Another startling revelation. “I think we have some catching up to do, and we both think that we are more than ready. ”
Abbie chimed in now. “We were talking last night, and the first thing we’d like to do is oral sex with you while you do it to us at the same time.

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“Sounds like you mean a 69 or even a daisy chain. Do you know what those terms mean?”
Abbie again. “A 69 is two people doing it orally at the same time, but I don’t know about a daisy chain. ”
“A daisy chain is three or more people doing it to each other at the same time. ”
“That sounds like fun, too, Daddy” said Mollie. ‘Another file for the memory banks’ I thought.
“So, why don’t you tell us what you want to do, Daddy?” Bill lay down on their bed and said “One of you come and sit on my face, with your ass toward my head. The other can sit on my cock, but don’t put it in your pussy. Just rub your pussy on my cock. ” Abbie jumped onto his face, with her sexy ass pointed toward his eyes, and he quickly stuck his tongue deep into her pussy, making her squirm. Mollie straddled her dad’s lower body, and her pussy was right over his cock. Both girls reached out to stimulate each other’s nipples. Bill started moving his tongue in and out of Abbie’s pussy, spreading her wetness on her pussy lips and hair, then diving back into her drooling pussy. Mollie began sliding her pussy over his fully erect cock, going back and forth for maximum stimulation. Bill let her continue her motions, and moved from Abbie’s hole to her clit.

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   One long lick, and his tongue went back into her pussy hole, then back up to her clit once again. This time, he sucked her swollen clit between his lips and released it suddenly. That caused Abbie to catch her breath, and when he sucked her clit into his lips again, she released her breath, as well as her pussy juices, spraying her dad with her spurts. Bill caught as much of her juices as he could, but her spray was just too much to catch.
When Mollie saw that her twin was coming, she began moving her wet pussy lips faster over his cock, and soon, Bill felt her warm spurts all over his cock and midsection. At that, his own cum began, shooting stream after stream all over his chest and belly. Both girls noticed this, and began to immediately lick up the cum, sharing it with each other by deep French kisses. They quickly changed places, with Mollie sitting on his face and Abbie rubbing her pussy on his cock. He used his tongue to stimulate Mollie the same way he did Abbie, and her spurts began very quickly, flooding Bill’s face as her sister had done. Abbie began spurting as well when she saw her sister’s ecstasy. They collapsed against each other, mashing their tits together and panting like they’d just run a marathon.
By now, their bed was soaked, as was Bill. Their pussies were still dripping, and he tried to get all of their remaining juice with his mouth. They both tasted so sweet, and he couldn’t get enough. Abbie suggested getting a shower, but Mollie said that she would rather let their juices stay in place as a reminder of how good this was.

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   Abbie thought that was a grand idea, and they all just basked in the wonderful afterglow.
“Time for a rest, or we’ll all be too sore to continue” Bill advised. All three went to the kitchen for a bite to eat, all full of ideas for the future.
Bill and his naked twin girls were in their kitchen, with Bill preparing breakfast for them. Just as he began to feel a bit funny nude in the presence of his girls, Mollie began to feel horny in the presence of her nude father. She wanted something in her pussy, but fingers just didn’t seem to be enough. She began looking around, and found the perfect answer: a banana. She took the skin off the fruit, and began sliding the banana between her pussy lips, taking care to slide it over her sensitive clit as well. Bill was unaware of Mollie’s actions, but Abbie was turned on, and began sliding her finger in and out of her cunt. When Mollie got a little hornier watching her sister masturbate, she began sliding the banana into her cunt, just a little at a time, then deeper and deeper until she hit her cherry. Abbie tried two fingers in her cunt, and seemed to increase her own pleasure. Both girls had a clear view of their father’s ass the entire time, and this only added to the pleasure they were feeling.
But soon, Mollie began to moan, and attracted Bill’s attention. When he turned around, and saw both girls in the throes of self-pleasure, he was shocked, but immediately, his 7” cock began to respond to the sight of his two twin daughters fully aroused and dripping wet. Abbie then had her own moan, and it was soon apparent that they were near orgasm.

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   Bill couldn’t help but stroke his own sex, which excited the girls even more. “MMMMM” said Mollie as she came first, spraying around the banana, and soaking her legs and the chair beneath her. “I’m coming too, Mollie!” said Abbie, and quickly her hand was completely soaked with her juices. Bill was only seconds behind, and shot his cum all over his hand and the floor with a guttural groan of his own.
“Now look at the mess you caused!” Bill teased. “What do you think should be done about this?”
Abbie replied “I guess we’ll just have to clean it up, right Daddy?” And with that, both Abbie and Mollie were on the floor, licking up their own juices as well as their daddy’s. When they were done, both girls cleaned Bill’s cock and hand of his cum, and then exchanged a long French kiss with each other when they were finished. Their boobs were mashed against each other’s, and both were massaging each other’s ass. Bill decided that he had seen enough, and joined them in their group kiss. Mollie reached out and began stroking Bill’s cock, which quickly began growing to its fullest length again. Bill reached down to each daughter’s pussy, feeling their cunt hair before sticking a finger into each pussy. Both girls began moaning again as their father brought them closer and closer to their orgasm.
“OH GOD, DADDY!! THAT FEELS SSOOOOO GOOOOD!! I’M GOING TO CUM…CUM…!!!” And with that, Mollie spurted her twat juices all over Bill’s hand, followed closely by Abbie.
“DADDY, I’M COMINGGGGG TOOOO!!” exclaimed Abbie, as Bill felt her juices run over his hand. He pulled his fingers out of their pussies, and let them calm down a bit.

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   Their nipples were as erect as his cock, and he moved his hands up to stroke their boobs and nipples for a while as they came down from their orgasms. “Daddy” began Abbie “…we both want you to really fuck us now. Not just with your fingers or mouth, but with your cock. ”
“Yes, Daddy, it’s time” echoed Mollie. “Where do you want to do it? I say let’s go somewhere more comfortable than the kitchen. ”
“OK, girls, let’s head to the living room” Bill said. All three landed on the couch at about the same time. Bill then said “We have two pussies here, but only one cock to please them with. How are we going to solve this problem?”
“We’ll just take turns, right?” replied Abbie. “I think we should just flip a coin to see who loses her virginity first. Fair, Mollie?”
“Fair” replied her sister. “But Daddy flips the coin, OK?”
“One other thing--neither of you is on birth control, so I can’t cum inside you and risk you getting pregnant. So until we get birth control for you, or condoms for me, I’ll have to pull out when I’m about to cum. ”
“Good idea, Daddy” said the girls.
Bill retrieved a quarter from a box that he kept loose change in, and said “Abbie gets to call it--she was the first-born, and should be first here.


  ” There was no protest from Mollie, so Bill flipped it, saying “Call it in the air. ” Abbie called “Heads!”, and the coin hit the floor and rolled around before landing. Bill looked at it and said “Tails--Mollie is first. Now lets all go to the couch. Abbie, you sit against the arm and take care of yourself for a while. And Mollie, you come to me. ” Both girls did as they were told, and Bill sat near Abbie. His cock was still erect, with both sexy girls so close to him.
“Girls, you have to understand that there will be some pain and blood the first time. It won’t last long, but be prepared. Mollie, I want you to sit on my cock, and ease it into your pussy. ” Mollie began inserting Bill’s cock between her pussy lips, but her breath caught when it hit her cherry. Rather than wait for any more instruction from her dad, Mollie forced the issue, and jammed his cock past her hymen. When she did, she squealed for a moment, and almost immediately began up and down movements on his cock. Bill reached out to her nipples and pulled and twisted them to add to the new sensations Mollie felt, and this only made her increase the speed of her up and down movements.


   Very soon, she began moaning, then Bill could feel her pussy squirting her juices all over his crotch, as Mollie had her first orgasm by a cock.
“OH GOD, DADDY, THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!” she exclaimed as she kept pumping. “AAAAHHHHH” she said as her second orgasm began, then Mollie fell on Bill’s chest, her lungs heaving, trying to regain her breath.
All this time, Abbie had been pumping first one, then two fingers in and out of her own pussy. When Mollie had her second orgasm, Abbie had one of her own. Then she said “OK, Mollie, let me have my turn now. ” Mollie reluctantly climbed off of me, and Abbie moved over to have her first fuck.
“Abbie, let’s do it differently” Bill suggested. “You lie on your back, with your legs off the couch and spread wide. ” Abbie assumed the position, and he put his cock right at her opening. He used his hand and moved his cock up and down her slit, getting it lubricated, before inserting his cock into her pussy. She was as tight as her sister, and every bit as hot and wet. He shoved his cock in until he reached her hymen, and stopped for a moment, but Abbie said “Don’t stop, Daddy, do it all at once, just like Mollie did!”
Not being one to disobey orders, Bill pulled his cock out a bit, then shoved it in all at once. When he broke her cherry, she shouted “OUCH, that HURT” but didn’t try to push him out. He then began pulling his cock almost all the way out, then back in as far as possible, increasing his speed.


   Then Abbie began moving back and forth herself, increasing the sensations. Suddenly, she gripped her dad’s arms tightly, and started moving faster than he could keep up with, before spurting her juices in her first orgasm by a cock. Bill felt his own orgasm coming, and before he knew it, pulled out and began cumming onto her pussy hairs. It began seeping down her ass crack, and then Abbie had another orgasm of her own, digging her nails into Bill’s arms almost to the point of bleeding, before she finally came down to earth again.
Mollie had been watching closely, getting hornier all the time. She retrieved her new best friend, and stuck the banana into her pussy once again. While Abbie and Bill were fucking each other, Mollie’s banana was quickly bringing her to orgasm again. When she saw Abbie’s fluid spurt out of her pussy, Mollie began fucking herself even faster, until she finally said “OOOOOHHHHH” as her pussy spurted even more of her pussy juice all over the banana, and then onto the couch cushion.
After Abbie and Bill were finished, he moved over to Mollie. Bill wanted to taste her fluid on the banana, and it was wonderful. He lifted Mollie’s ass up to get a better angle to his mouth, and sucked on her pussy to get the juices out into his mouth. Abbie, at the same time, climbed atop Mollie’s face, and Mollie began sucking Abbie’s pussy, cleaning her juices out also. When Bill pulled away from Mollie’s pussy, both girls proceeded to clean his cock of the girls’ combined juices.
After they were finished, Bill noticed that they were all picking hairs out of their teeth. Abbie said “There must be a better way than this.

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   These hairs are gross. ”
Mollie suggested “What about shaving them off? It won’t hurt anything, and besides, who’s going to know?”
Bill suggested some ways to get rid of their pussy hair (and some cock hair of his own), and they agreed upon shaving with a razor and shave cream. All three decided to leave most of their hair on their pubic bones intact, and just shave the girls’ pussy lips and Bill’s balls and cock. Bill was first, and both girls took part in shaving him. Shaving cream was generously applied to his cock and balls, and both girls went about the business of removing his hairs. They were both very careful, but still left a few nicks here and there.
Abbie spread her legs next, and Mollie and Bill put the cream all over her pussy. Mollie used her fingers to part her sister’s pussy lips, so that they had clear access to them. Both of them took their turn shaving Abbie’s cunt lips right up to the top. With Bill’s lighter touch, no nicks were noted on her young cunt. Then Mollie went through the same thing, and again, there were no nicks on her cunt. But Mollie went a bit further: she wanted just a little of the remaining hair left. So Abbie and her dad continued to shave her remaining pussy hair until it was only about 1” wide, then Mollie decided that was enough.
“Now that looks and feels much better” proclaimed Mollie. “I might just want to shave it all off soon.

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“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of myself” echoed Abbie. “But let’s try what we’ve got for now, then make a judgment later, OK Mollie? Now what should we do, Daddy?”
Bill replied “I think I need to rest up for a while. But would you two like to do a sixty-nine together while I watch?” Both girls immediately agreed to that, and then Bill had another idea. “What if I got my camera and recorded you two?”
“Oh, cool” said Abbie. “We can make our own X-rated movie. ”
Bill went to get his camera, and a new disc to put in it. When he got back, both girls were standing up kissing each other, so he started recording right away.
Mollie began playing with her sister’s boobs and nipples, stimulating them until the nipples were at full erection. Then Abbie returned the favor to Mollie, and pulled and twisted her sister’s nipples until both girls were leaking juices from their pussies. Bill made sure to get shots of their asses, and the juices running down their legs. Then Abbie moved her hand down to Mollie’s shaven pussy lips, and began rubbing back and forth, further causing more pussy juice to run down her own hand and Mollie’s legs.
Mollie pulled Abbie onto the couch, and lay down on top of her. While they kissed again, Mollie put two fingers into Abbie’s clean-shaven pussy, and began an in and out movement. This caused Abbie to involuntarily begin to raise her ass off the couch, and when Mollie moved up to Abbie’s clit, she started pulsing her juices all over Mollie’s hand and onto the couch. Then Abbie moved down to Mollie’s own bald pussy to return the favor.

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   Abbie immediately stuck her tongue as deeply into her sister’s pussy as she could, before sliding it up her pussy lips and onto her clit. She made one more pass with her tongue, then back down and into her hole, and slid her tongue in and out several times before returning to Mollie’s clit. Once there again, Abbie began to suck directly on Mollie’s clit until Mollie’s ass began to rise off the couch. Abbie then stuck two fingers into Mollie’s pussy hole, and Mollie nearly screamed when she spurted her juices all over Abbie’s face and shoulders. Abbie tried to drink in as much as she could, but the couch was again soaked with Mollie’s juices.
All of this was being caught on a mini-DVD by their father, who was looking at Abbie’s ass from behind while she went after Mollie’s pussy. Shortly after they finished, they went to a 69 position, with Abbie on the bottom. Mollie pulled her sister’s lips apart and began licking from her hole to her clit and back. Abbie returned the favor to Mollie, and started right in on her clit. After just a minute or so of Abbie licking her clit, Mollie said “OOOHHHH” before spurting her juices all over Abbie’s face. Once Mollie settled down from her cum, she began to rub Abbie’s clit over and over. Abbie quickly spurted her own juices all over Mollie’s face and the couch, and both girls seemed exhausted after that. They laid down on their sides, face-to-face, and both fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Bill caught all of this on the camera, and his final shot was of the girls lying next to each other asleep. Bill did a slow head to toe shot of Mollie from behind.

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   Her legs were wrapped around Abbie’s waist, allowing him to pay special attention to her ass and wide-open wet pussy lips. He then moved from behind Mollie to a top view of both, getting shots of both their tits, moving slowly down to their flat tummies, and below to their sparse pussy hair. He moved further down again, this time seeing Abbie’s pussy and then her long beautiful legs.
Bill then moved over to Abbie, and began the same treatment. It was a little harder with her, since her legs weren’t as wide open as her sister’s, but he managed. As she began to get wetter, her inner pussy lips began to protrude from her outer lips. Bill stuck his finger into her pussy, and Abbie awoke then. She rolled over slightly, putting one foot atop the back of the couch, spreading her legs further apart. Then her dad then stuck his finger all the way in. With each in and out movement, Abbie began to squirm more. Then, she inhaled and held her breath, while her pussy squirted her pussy juices all over her dad’s hand. Once more for the camera, Bill moved his hand to his mouth, and licked both girls’ juices off his hand.
“That was great, Daddy” said Abbie. “It feels like I come stronger when you do it. Will you fuck me again?”
Bill moved the camera so that it could catch Abbie and him on his recliner.

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   Bill sat down first, then Abbie climbed on. He held his cock up, and Abbie sat down and lowered her pussy on top of his cock. She inserted just the head in at first, and then slowly lowered her pussy down on his cock. When he was in almost all the way, Bill felt her cervix, and Abbie then started pulling her pussy up until he was almost all the way out. Then she began a quick up and down movement. Bill could feel her getting wetter again, just like with his finger. He moved his hands to her tits, and began pulling on her already stiff nipples, adding to her pleasure. Then she stiffened, and he could feel her warm juices flowing over his cock, down to his balls and onto his legs and body. She collapsed onto his chest, and he reached behind her and rubbed her ass, even touching her asshole from time to time, then reached up to feel his cock still embedded in her pussy.
“What does that feel like, Daddy?” she asked.
“Why don’t you try it, Abbie?” he replied. She sat up and reached between them.
“OOHH, this feel cool, Daddy. I love feeling your cock inside me. ”
“Now it’s my turn” a sleepy-headed Mollie said.

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   Abbie reluctantly pulled off and gave Mollie a turn on her dad. Mollie sat on his cock, but with her back to him, giving him an excellent view of her pussy and ass. She began to move up and down on his cock, getting wetter by the second. Bill could see that his cock and hair were getting soaked. He reached forward, and began stroking her asshole lightly, and this seemed to get her more excited. Abbie moved in front of Mollie, and began playing with herself. Mollie’s movements on his cock became faster, until she went “AAAHHHH” and spurted her juices all over Bill and his chair. This brought about Abbie’s next orgasm, and she stiffened before shooting her juices onto her hand, legs, and the carpet, all for the camera to see.
Mollie kept pumping on his cock, and Bill said “Mollie, I’m coming. ” She slipped his cock out, and held onto it as he pumped what seemed like quarts of cum all over her boobs and tummy. Abbie didn’t waste a beat, licking it from her sister, while Mollie took handfuls into her mouth.
After they had recovered, Bill said “Girls, it is time to quit. I’m beginning to get sore and tired, and I’m sure you are too. We’ll come back later, but let’s stop for a while. Besides, we all have some cleaning up to do, so let’s head for the shower.

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Both girls ran ahead of him. Their asses jiggled as they went down the hall. Bill doesn’t know what he’d started, but he doesn’t think he‘ll regret it.



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