Hiking with my daughter


HI I love in the great start of tn and I love the mountains,my daughter is 24 and all the guys want her, shes sexy, cute ,smart,charming,and takes care of her body like her mom !,after commng home from work last fri, my daughter beth asked me if i would like to go hiking with her to the smokies because all her frinds were busy and she was really wanting to do this,I said sure, well anyway, let me tell you about Beth, shes 24 yrs old and wow and knock out, shes 5'7 and about 120 if i had to guess her breasts are a 34B and her tummy is Flat as Flat !! her eyes are blue her hair is long and Dirty Blonde, her smile will melt your heart,well after getting ready that sat morning we left, we climed in the truck and starting driving to the mountains, well let me tell you that just the ride there was fun, beth was wearing shorts that showed the cheeks of her butt and those are some very sexy cheeks, her top was loose fitting and somewhat lowcut.her hair was in a ponytail and her eyes were so pretty that day,after driving for about a hr beth said she should have wore panties instead of a thong because they were bothering her,I jokingly said well take them off and put on a pr of panties, she said I did not bring any just these,she lifted her cute butt off the seat and preseated to pull down her shorts, I was schocked, but at the same time very happy to see her sexy pussy and its shaved area, she pulled it off and then slipped her shorts back on while looking at me telling me that she felt much better.while looking at her throng i saw that it had a large wet spot on it and asked her if she was wanting to wear panties becasue of that she said no she was just a little horny this morning and her boyfriend did not do all his job the night before. we got to the smokies and just starting walking up this path for about 400 yards when it became steaper and beth was almost about me, while looking up i was looking stright up her shorts looking at her wonderful pussy,well shes sliped and her butt was right on my head and my face stuck in her pussy or with in a inch or so , well I smelled her women like oder and it turned me on alot,as i was trying to hold her so i would not slip to i lost my balance and we both slipped and fell about 18 feet not far but just enough to have my dayghter land on top of me,she so how ripped her shorts and the middle area that were her crotch was was ripped open making them a skirt ,she said ohh damm, and took out some sissors and cut the middle area out making them a skirt,well after about 20 mins of sitting there talking we satrted over and went back up, after reaching the top itwas very pretty and of course no one around us,i just sat there taking it all in and watching beth as she walked to the edge and just looking , she bent ove to pick up a rock and I saw what was the sexies pussy in my life, WOW,I said beth , I can see your stuff while your bending over and she said thats ok daddy I am your daughter and I dont mind,well my shorts starting to fit tight as my cock begain to grow and grow it did,beth walked over to me and sat on my lap facing me telling me that this was a great day and she did not want it to end,as she was sitting on my lap she must have felt my cock because she said daddy whats making you so hard, I said you were baby, she said does mommy take care of you in the area and I said well not ofr a long time no,,she said why then? i told her that moms having some female trouble and it hurts when we have sex, ohh she said, well can I help in anyway daddy, I am on the pill and I would love to make love to a man who is the best man in my life,I said baby is not right and I am kinda of big , she said well can i see it,maybe we can do somthing else. i took out my cock and as i was doing that beth was staring very hard, she reached down and starting feeling me and said daddy i want you inside of me, as she lowered herself toward my very hard leaking cock,as she parted her pussy lips I felt her very wet tight pussy slid down onto my cock,  i said beth its so tight, she said I know and I have to have you in me daddy,as pushing harder and harder I said  are you a virgen baby, she said well yes, I went on the pill 2 weeks ago and I was waiting for my boyfriend to make a move and he has not yet, as I felt my hard cock break passed her hymen I told her sweethear I just broke your hymen, your a your lady now as I felt her pussy slide lower onto my large cock, as she was slowly moaning taking it all inisde of her, it stopped as it bottom out deep within her,she said Oh my god that feels so good daddy,she starting to slowing ride me and her pussy was wet tight and i felt sucking on my cock as she would rise up to the tip of my cock I would feel my balls getting harder and I was so close to shooting, I tild her baby I am very close as she looked in my eyes telling me to cum deep insode his baby and she wanted his seed deep in her,as she was riding me I felt my cock twitch and i said baby I am getting ready to cum,she started to kiss me and I could not stand it any longer I unloaded a load of cum that shot deep into my daughters womb gush after gush filling her up until my sack was empty caughing my daughter to have a the biggest orgasm in her life she squirted and i felt her warm juices flow all down my balls all over my legs like she were peeing,I was in heven telling her that I have never felt anything so wonderful,she started kissing me and lifted her top exposing her very sexy breasts asking me to suck them as she was cummng again,after about 18 mins of this we just sat there and I asked her if she had taken her pill this morning and she told me no she did not saying that she saw no reson for taking it, after relizing what she had just said she was like daddy I might get pregant because of your cum in side me, I told her her that we would have to have this baby and she told me that OH my daddy I woul dlove to have a baby by you,as we made love again for 2 more hrs filling her again with my seed cauging my baby to cum all over me 3 more times,that was the best camping trip I had ever had in a long time, as for beth well her tummy is a little bigger and is as sexy as I can ever tell you, her mom was not to uphappy saying that her boyfrind should have known better and that we were moving up the mountain to get away from the city where we could raise her right,beth and i will never tell her mom or will I never stop loving her,just last night we make love again and I filled her one more time with my wonderful hot seed and she loved it,now were a big happy family,  



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