Her Eyes


I was flipping threw that channels being a Sunday afternoon nothing was on but a few sitcom re-runs. I heard, a not really loud but a long moan come from some where in the house figuring in that it was a old house I didn’t think anymore about it till it happened again this time I had to find out what it was. I shut the TV off and listened very carefully for it and sure enough there it was again, this time I heard it coming from up stairs. Thinking about the saying curiosity is what killed the cat I snuck upstairs; when I got to the top I heard it again this time very loud and long and coming from Anna’s room. I should have forgotten about it and go back down stairs but I had to find out what it was. I tiptoed over to the door, which was open, enough so I could see in and what I saw took my breath away, there was Anna on her bed she was completely naked one of her nipples in her mouth and her fore and middle finger buried to the knuckle in her pussy. I jumped back from the door thinking I really shouldn’t of saw that but some thing pulled me back to the crack in the door and decided to watch what was going on. I couldn’t help my self it’s like sum thing took my hand and put it on my dick, which was almost to full length and I began to rub it threw my pants. What I saw next almost made me cum right in my pants; she was holding a picture of ME. She was staring at my picture with a lust and desire in her eyes that usually only happens to, two people who about to make love to each other for the first time, this threw me over the edge I shot my load in my hand which found its way into my pants I leaned up against the wall to catch my breath. I closed my eyes the only thing running threw my head was Anna’s eyes. My eyes flew open when I heard her screaming I moved over so I could look back into her room sure enough she was having an orgasm. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open and the only thing coming out of it was my name she kept saying it over and over again. I decided that I better leave before I get caught so I went to the bathroom to clean up using paper towels that way she wouldn’t hear the water running then I went back down stairs quiet as a mouse. I turned the TV back on and ended up watch an I Love Lucy re-run. I heard the ceiling creak I followed the noise from Anna’s room to the bathroom a few minutes later I heard her walk back across.

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  Hey Spencer, she yelled. Yeah, I yelled back. Could you come up here? I need your help. “Yeah I will be right there” With only the thought of the way her eyes looked as I got up and walked up the stairs. When I got to the last step I saw she was standing outside her room leaning up against the doorjamb. The evening sun with its dull orange and red color was shining threw the window on to her body even though she was just wearing shorts and a tee shirt she was still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She wasn’t looking my direction when I said, “Yeah what do you want?” With a smile on my face, which was always there when, I was near her. She jumped as I was saying that then she laughed and said, “Sorry I was deep in thought”“Could you help me with this math I just don’t get it?” she asked me“Sure I don’t know how much help I could be but I will give it a try” I answered Now what struck me as odd was why she would ask for my help with math, my worst subject and she knew that, also that she would do pre-calculus in her free time what could she possibly need my help with but when the sight of the way she looked not 18 minutes ago ran threw my head again I went on in to her room. “Go on in and have a seat I’m going to use the bathroom” she told me I sat down on her bed right where she was when I saw her; I still felt the heat from when she was lying there. I was looking around her room I noticed her stereo and c. d. collection so I got up and was looking at them trying to find a good one; she always had my taste of music so I figured she would have one that I didn’t. “Find any thing you like,” she said as she walked inI didn’t answer when I saw that she was closing the door and locking it, acting like I didn’t notice I finally answered her with a “ No not yet but I’m sure there is something in here I don’t have”She let out a little giggle and started clearing her bed, which had all of her books and things on it. I said “hey I thought I was going help you with some math”She let that giggle out again this time I smiled back. I couldn’t help but notice some thing sticking out from under her pillow.

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   She must have saw my eyes focus in on it and said“ You probley want to know what that is” she asked me I didn’t answer because I knew what it was, she must have sensed that I knew and said “ Yes it is that picture of you I was looking at earlier when you were watching me threw the crack in the door” I gasped thinking great she is going to hate me so I just looked at the floor, she walked over to me and pulled my head up and looked straight into my eyes this time not the lust and desire that I saw in them earlier but this time with love and compassion that seemed to melt away all my fears that I felt at that moment. After what seemed like an eternity looking into her beautiful blue eyes she leaned forward and kissed me not a deep French kiss but just a kiss on the lips all the same. I broke the kiss off and looked back into her eyes trying to find out what she was thinking but I didn’t have to look long when she finally said, “I love you” “I told her of course you do you’re my cousin it’s natural” but as soon as I said that her eyes changed. She said “no not like that I love you as a person not a relative.
    I have been in love with you for the past two years” To hear those words come form anybody else wouldn’t have affected me like they did when she said them. I told her to come here and sit on the bed we have to talk about this. So we did for about an hour we talked about all of our secret desires that we had towards each other how we both wanted to kiss each other and go out, be just like a normal couple. Every thing was normal there wasn’t any real awkward moments till I asked her about what I saw at this moment her whole body changed and not for the better she suddenly scooted farther away me and looked away from me. There was a very long silence, the whole time I was thinking great I blew it the person iv longed for most of my life has just confessed she felt the same for me and I pushed her into some thing she didn’t want to talk about but all of those thoughts went away when she told what she has done. I just sat and listened when she started talking she told me she wasn’t a virgin and then proceeded to tell me why: she slept with a few guys trying to get the thought of me on top of her instead of these guys but it never worked she never felt anything when these guys were fucking her. She wanted me but she was afraid to tell me because she thought she would lose me as a friend and that she thought I would think she was disgusting for even telling me about it. She finally turned to me with tears in her eyes and continued to tell me about how she felt how she didn’t want to be with any body else but me for the rest of her life. I couldn’t take this any more I reached over grabbed her and pulled her onto my lap where we just sat in each others arms for about 18 minutes. She leaned back up and kissed me to feel her tongue slide in and out of my mouth was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt and still to this day no girl has ever compared to that. She broke the kiss off and told me she wanted to full fill her wish to be with me.

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       I looked deep into her eyes and saw the lust and desire back in them all I did was smile. These being my first story go easy on the comments but tell me if you want the second part. To all the people that read this story to get a good jack off session I’m sorry there wasent any action but the second part will have it so if u want it tell me ~~~~ More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.